Seahawks, Russell Wilson moving toward deadline


With six days to go until the artificial (but very real) deadline for pulling the plug on contract talks between the Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson, it’s still unclear whether a deal will get done.

The two sides have opted for silence regarding any discussions that are occurring. Word on the NFL grapevine is that the Seahawks have offered a package worth nearly $21 million per year, with significant guaranteed money. Whatever the current offer, Wilson, through agent Mark Rodgers, wants more.

The current high-water mark remains at $22 million per year, the new-money average given to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2013. The Seahawks currently don’t want to exceed that number.

However, there’s still a way to get there with a smaller total package that yield a much higher “new-money” analysis, given that Wilson is due to make only $1.5 million in 2015.

For example, a total contract worth $100 million over five years would amount to $98.5 million over four years, a record-setting new-money average of $24.625 million. Likewise, a total deal worth $120 million over six years would equate to $118.5 million over five years in new money, a new-money average of $23.7 million.

Friday’s comments from former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren suggests he knows the specifics and realizes that Wilson would be wise to swap out $1.5 million this year for the massive increase he’ll instantly receive. Ultimately, it’ll be Wilson’s call regarding whether to play for $88,000 per week in 2015 or a lot more than that.

For now, the only thing to know with certainty is that, if Wilson passes on the last, best offer made by the Seahawks before next Saturday, he’ll be hoping for a lot more than that come February, from the Seahawks or from someone else.

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  1. For all of the “God talk” this guy is constantly doing he sure seems to be getting greedy and is starting to come off as selfish. And this is coming from a Hawks fan.

  2. Make a fair offer, Seahawks. If you make a fair offer, Wilson will sign it. You haven’t made a fair offer yet.

  3. Seattle knows that once they have to pay their franchise QB like every other team in the league they’ll no longer have the edge. Playing field will be even. If I was Russell I sit out. Stats show that if a player is franchised there’s an overwhelming chance he will not return to the team the following year. Just sayin.

  4. For idiots
    How can it be the best division on NFL history when it doesn’t have three good teams?
    I would think that the late 70’s NFC east teams with Dallas
    And Eagles were better but a nouveau band jumper Hawks fan never disappoints

  5. Worse thing he ever did was dump Bus Cook. This Rogers guy is steering him wrong.

    Don’t think Wilson can come back now and start spouting he only wants to win championships when he has shown he only wants to be able to brag about some elusive “best/highest paid” contract. Appearing to be greedy and self absorbed. I’ve lost a huge amount of respect for him. Looks like just another prima donna. And I’m an a fan of the Hawks and WIlson

  6. Still counting down till we find him in a motel with crack and escorts. But hey, you know on Tuesday he will be at the hospital passing on something to the children.

  7. I’m a Seahawks fan, and I say if it’s more then 20 million a year let him walk. He’s a franchise quarterback and should be paid as such, but he is not top three.

  8. He’s got a contract. How can there be a deadline?
    I’v said it before, give him another “prove it” year. Don’t bet the house on him just yet.

  9. I was kinda beginning to like the guy, and then this whole contract thing came up and I realize he’s like almost everyone else; all he cares about is the money. I can understand it to a point, but if he wants to get paid more than Rodgers, he’s goddamn insane.

  10. “ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jul 25, 2015 1:51 PM
    The NFC West is the greatest division in NFL history.”

    Ummm, no. The N.F.C East in the early-mid 90’s produced 4 Super Bowl Champions from 1990-1995.

  11. I love seeing the Hawks fans sling mud at Wilson.

    They are now saying what everyone else said from the beginning. Wilson is not Tier 1 money.

  12. Wilson has always come off as somewhat of a fake. The syrupy ads for Nationwide are sickening. The Sea Chickens are going to pay this guy at some point. Let the exodus of talent begin.

  13. If it is true the Hawks are offering him $21M per year, and Wilson balks at that, then he’s an idiot and deserves whatever happens to his career should this year not go as planned.

    -Seahawks fan

  14. The 2014 playoffs exposed Russell Wilson as a fraud. He should take whatever he can get now because he’s due for a down season and he won’t be able to command anywhere near that kind of money during the next offseason.

  15. I’ve been a Hawks fan for over 20 years. I’ve also been a staunch Wilson apologist since his rookie year. His dedication to the kids at the Seattle Children’s Hospital is to be applauded as a genuine example of his character. But that’s looking at the football, business side of things I have to admit his “Go Hawks!”, team first persona is showing flaws. Sure he deserves a huge raise, I’d say even top 5 QB money. But if these numbers of 20-plus million average are accurate and he’s balking at them then I’m pretty disappointed with him. From John Clayton to Mike Holmgren, to many others, they all agree he’s being foolish not to take this deal. I also find it rather silly of him to demand to be paid as the highest player when they won the NFC championship game in spite of his horrid performance and lost the Super Bowl because of him. Bad call yes, but he made a poor throw there and has escaped almost blameless. Hawks aren’t low-balling him so he needs to get his head out of his Go Hawks arse and do the right thing already.

  16. As a Hawk fan, I see no good coming of this.

    He wants MORE????

    Once Beast is gone he’s toast. (Soon.)
    Jimmy can’t block. No. this won’t work.
    Schneider knows this and must be betting that the Salary cap is going jump big in the next few seasons.

    Franchise him and let him go in 2 years. That gives the Hawks time to find another ‘diamond in the rough’ and take in a couple of high round picks…

  17. Can’t believe Wilson is taking character hits . Never saw that coming but he deserves it if he is being this greedy. If his agent or God tell him to play for $1.5 million this year might be time for new agent or become agnostic. That interception to end SBowl I felt at the time would cost him about $2 million a year….. He is lucky the offer isn’t $19 million

  18. Wilson is a clown. Pigs get Fat and Hogs get slaughtered. I really hope he holds out or plays for $1.5mm. As crazy as it sounds, I’d like to see TJack play. @ Rams & @ GB. Then….

    John Schneider is the BEST GM in football with Ozzie Newsome a very close 2nd.

    John takes 3rd – 6th round Carbon, gives it to Pete Carroll and voila, Diamonds emerge in 2 years.

    Until other GM’s can draft like Seattle, the Hawks will be a top 5 NFL team for the next decade.

    That’s about all I want Wilson to take to the bank.

  19. ketch20too- I’m embarrassed for you just bc you said that… Let me say this again. The only reason this is a big story is bc RW had been the most underpaid person in NFL history. We can argue until our faces turn blue that he isn’t elite but he’s clearly top 10 and within that category the qbs seem to all be making 15+ million per year and he’s never made more than a little over a million in an entire season. There are qbs collecting million dollar weekly checks people,some of which are awful cough cough Cutler!

    I’m embarrassed for anyone who is doubting his character, he’s negotiationing his contract he has yet to publicly admit or refuse anything on any dollar amount. ketch20too- since other qbs are paid over 20 million dollars by your logic it’s safe to assume THEY DON’T WANT TO WIN? This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard, now since a player wants fair compensation he’s greedy and that means after signing he doesnt want to win or he would have taken a pay cut.. He’s already paid about 15 times less than his counterparts sperseason.

    We pay players for a combination of what they have done and more importantly for the team of what they will do going forward. Since Rw is the second youngest qb almost in an elite status he deserves to be paid elite money. Not only for what he’s done which is better than any other qb ever to strap a helmet on but bc by all accounts his team benefitted from his low salary to already resign key players and should have no issue staying relevant and among elite teams having most of their core youth locked up long term.

    Seattle has been afforded the opportunity to aresign nd restructure other teammates deals bc his salary, yes a big bump in pay will affect them but that’s not for some time. The hawks draft and develop ND resign their are some bitter dudes on here acting like the hawks are going on a spending spree on free agents every year which is completely false.

    RW is simply the next best qb who is signing which means he deserves the best contract which will immediately be followed by 4-6 other qbs who sign after him next off season. Then he’ll be very close to collecting a check close to his qb place as far as elite status.

    Not hard to understand at all and doubting his desire to win has nothing to do with him collecting his pay for what he’s done and what he’s going to do. Anyone saying otherwise does NOT understand sports contacts or money or fair compensation.

  20. If he doesn’t take the deal as described, one of three things will happen: 1) He will have agreat 2015 season and be in the driver’s seat with the Seahawks or some other team. 2) He will get injured and there will be a skepticism as to whethert he can come back or whether is is :RGIII’ed. The most he’ll get then is what they are offering him now. 3) He will have a bad season or at least less than stellar. His price goes down into Ben Roethlisberger/Philip Rivers territory. A combination or 2 and 3, and he really is in trouble. The smart move is take the money now.

  21. No team in the history of the salary cap era has ever won the SB while paying its QB more than 13.5% of the cap. That equates to just under $20,000,000 per year. History is not on the Hawks side if they go above that.

  22. Aaron Rodgers’s money is old money. New cap. If A. Rodgers was negotiating he would get more per year than he is now. Wilson’s average will be new money, new cap numbers, so the comparison isn’t completely accurate to say he shouldn’t get paid more.

    The salary cap is growing and will continue to do so.

  23. We can only hope they overpay him. It would be awesome to be able to watch the Seahawks fall because they can’t afford talent and Wilson can’t carry a team. Pay him double what elite players make! Woot!

  24. Seems alot of the “12th man” forget how life was like pre Wilson. The guy WON A SUPER BOWL!!!! How many of these “fans” would achieve the absolute pinnacle of their profession, while being paid the least amount compared to his counterparts, and not expect to be paid as such.
    You seem to forget five years ago when the state had you committed when you said Seahawks and Superbowls in the same sentence. So go ahead “12th man” draw the line in the sand at 20 million, let him walk. Welcome back to the good ol days, when 7-9 got you your playoff shot. The Seahawks were a joke before Wilson and will go right back to being just that without him, and we can stop hearing about the “12th man”

  25. If God has told Russell and his Agent that he should be the highest paid QB in the NFL and the amount is around $25M per season, then he needs to tell the Seattle GM as well. This should be a done deal very quickly.

  26. Wilson is smart enough to know that if you over pay 1 player it’s hard to field a competitive team. I’m sure the players union has something to do with his contract.

  27. Anyone who thinks the famous interception in the Superbowl was Wilson’s fault does not understand offensive football. And while he stat sheet showed four interceptions in the NFC championship game, two or three of those hit the receiver squarely in the hands and bounced off.
    That said, I believe Wilson wants to play out his contract and become a free agent with an eye on big increases coming in the salary cap and other ambitions that will take him far beyond what Seattle has to offer.
    As a Seahawk fan since 1976 I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  28. Alright, Russell Wilson fan here. I am surprised it is taking this long. It has to be something involving Bobby Wagner’s contract…which you hear nothing about. Do I think Russell’s elite? Unfair question since he s been in the league for 3 years, but he has a good stat….U CANNOT DENY THAT.

    I agree with people that he shouldn’t get the same amount of money as Rodgers, well right now. Yes, I said right now. He hasn’t proven himself that worthy yet, but he will. If you had Marshawn in your backfield I’m sure you would hand him the ball too! So why does Russell get criticized for that?

    All in all…..Rodgers throwing skills is better than Wilson’s for now, but Russells poise and leadership EXCEEDS Rodgers!

  29. I think he may be letting his ego get the better of him here if he turns down a $21M per year offer. Trying to get another $3-4M per year isn’t going to dramatically improve his life and would further hurt the Seahawks chances of keeping their run going. He may make more in the long run in endorsements by being a team player on a winning team. I think he’s getting bad advice.

  30. I think its funny how people say RW isn’t as good as some of the elite QBs in the NFL and how he’s nowhere close to people like rodgers but yet when you look at him and Rodgers stats on the NFL web sit you see RW has almost 10,000 passing yard and almost 80TD passes in just 3 years Rodgers had somewhere around 30,000 passing yards and abt 230 TD passes which he’s got in abt 10 years so please stop saying RW isn’t worth that money or good enough to be in the top Qbs category

    and to the ones who think if Russ didn’t have Seattle’s defense protecting him he wouldn’t have the success he has just remember all great QBs Like manning, Brady, rodgers have Great defences to help protect them to achieve what they have… Just pointing that out hah

  31. I know I’ve dogged a few Seahawks fans but a few questions have to be asked. 1) is RW a franchise quarterback? 2) what’s the going rate for a franchise quarterback? 3) what’s his resume look like?
    You have the richest owner in the league. He’s won a SB, been to another. The salary cap will rise. You have a very good GM. Franchisequarterbacks are extremely difficult to find! All I can hear is John Malcovich saying “pay the man his money”
    In case you are new to this whole NFL thing, the best player at his position isn’t always the highest paid. Rodgers got paid three years ago. Of course someone will surpass him, even though that player isn’t on Rodgers level.

  32. The majority of you should refrain from commenting on salry related articles. First off these numbers that the media is throwing out means nothing. 21 million could be 17 million but with esculators becomes 21 million. Being the highest paid player means nothing. Its just the number they need to hit to stay in the top 5 paid QB’s. What Wilson wants is to be paid as a top 5 QB two years from now. That 21 million looks more than fair right now but in 2 years it will be below a top 5 QB salary. For Wilson he rather deal with it all now than go through this again in 2-3 years. What is significant garuntees? 50, 55 or 60 million We don’t know. I do believe if Rogers wasn’t his agent it would be done by now.

  33. They made a mistake by not drafting Teddy Bridgewater. If he were the backup his value alone in these negotiations would have been worth the pick. But instead they tried to give RW another weapon, big mistake by JS/PC!

  34. It took the Seahawks more than 38 years to finally win their first Superbowl. Now after two appearances in a row, they decide to go CHEAP, on the one who got them to the dance?
    Don’t make a damn bit of sense to me!!!!

  35. Also, Bridgewater and RG3 ain’t even in same league with RW. Bridegwater in a moderate QB. RG3 will be released unless Snyder wants another terrible season, with his trophy QB.

  36. My, my…

    All the hate.

    It’s like other teams fans – both real and those pretending to be Hawk fans – fear this kid and the Hawks.

    For good reason.

    No QB in the HISTORY OF THE NFL has been as good as him through three years.

  37. No hate–just reality.

    He’s between the #5-#10 best quarterbacks in the league.

    He should be paid as such, and quietly realize that a large part of the reason he has been in a situation to be a Super Bowl contender these past few years is his dominant defense.

    The question: would he like to continue to compete for the title each year, or not? The chance could easily slip away if he doesn’t remain with this current team because he himself is not that dominant.

  38. ikeclanton says:
    Jul 26, 2015 12:11 PM

    No hate–just reality.

    He’s between the #5-#10 best quarterbacks in the league.

    He should be paid as such, and quietly realize that a large part of the reason he has been in a situation to be a Super Bowl contender these past few years is his dominant defense.

    The question: would he like to continue to compete for the title each year, or not? The chance could easily slip away if he doesn’t remain with this current team because he himself is not that dominant.

    But he’s the best QB in the history of the NFL through three years.

    Way better than Brady was three years in, or Manning or Luck or Brees or Montana or Rodgers or Favre or…

    Unless, of course, we ignore all the stats.

  39. God told Wilson he’s about to give the Cascadia Subduction Zone a big old shake, and the whole Pacific Northwest is gonna fall into the ocean. Rather than just beating feet, or doing the Noah thing and building an Ark, Russell is using the cover of contract negotiations to get out of Dodge while he still can.

    On Wall Street, they’d call this insider trading. Whatever. When the Big Guy talks, RW is smart enough to listen.

  40. I’ve been a Seahawks fan since the 1992 season. I was ecstatic when they picked up Wilson and think he’s a great QB. I don’t care for his God nonsense, but it helps to keep him on the straight and narrow. He’s a nice guy and he always volunteers at the local children’s hospital. He’s always portrayed himself as a team player until now.

    Like many fellow Seahawks fans, I’m really turned off by his level of (call it what you will) greed. The fact that he was offered such a great deal and he turned it down because he wants more money is just sickening. He clearly doesn’t care about his team or their success – he just comes across as arrogant and selfish. This whole ordeal has permanently tainted my image of Russell Wilson, and that’s sad.

  41. Team Wilson here.

    So this is hung up on a billionaire owner who “doesn’t want to” put money into escrow. And owner who, essentially, wants his laughably underpaid QB, who has taken them to two Super Bowls with crappy receivers, to take all the risk of a career ending injury.


    Wilson’s price tag will only go higher. Why? Because they don’t have any better options out there.

    You think he is replaceable? Fine. Then trade him straight up for Eli Manning, then pay HIM $20 million a year.

    What’s that? Jerry Reese just started salivating at the thought of it? Yeah, no wonder.

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