Jamaal Charles leads athlete oath at Special Olympics World Games

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Anyone who has watched NFL football in recent years knows Jamaal Charles can move.

But watching him move the crowd at the opening ceremony at last night’s Special Olympics World Games last night might be the biggest highlight of his career.

Charles took the stage at the Los Angeles event last night to lead the participants in the Special Olympics athlete oath — “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

And before he did, he took a moment to recount his own boyhood, when was diagnosed with a learning disability and competed in the Special Olympics himself.

“I was afraid. I was lost,” Charles said. ” When I was a boy, I had trouble reading. I found out I had a learning disability. People made fun of me. They said I would never go anywhere. But I learned I can fly. When I was 10 years old, I had the chance to compete in the Special Olympics. That’s right — the Special Olympics gave me my first chance to discover a talent I did not know I had.”

Charles has many talents, on the field and off, as the video linked above confirms.

It’s something every fan of Charles should see, and one that will create many more fans for the Chiefs running back.

27 responses to “Jamaal Charles leads athlete oath at Special Olympics World Games

  1. Wow, I did not know that. Way to go Charles. Not by any measure a chiefs fan, but I have a lot more respect for him now.

  2. Very Impressive!! I was listening last eve. His story really highlighted why these Special Olympics programs are needed and successful for so many.
    Eunice Kennedy Shriver did a wonderful thing when she pushed to develop programs for those with Intellectual Disabilities.
    Charles story and willingness to tell it was a highlight of the opening.

  3. This goes to show what humans can achieve when faced in difficult situations. Jamal C. Has a the heart of a champion. What an amazing athlete. The best.

  4. Adrian Peterson should be required to volunteer time doing things like this or similar. He should also be docked a season’s pay for what he did to his child. He could really learn a few things from a class man such Jamaal.

  5. What a great guy with great character. Much respect to Charles. We need more positive stories like this from NFL players. Not just the bad stuff that some of them do

  6. The video is well worth the 2:18 to watch. You can tell Jamaal is nervous because this means so much to him. It is personal. See a player as he truly is as a person.

  7. Another example of why Charles is not only the best RB in the game, but the classiest as well.

    He will go into the HOF as the best ever, yes, better than Emmitt, Jim Brown, Barry and the kid beater in Minny.
    He will also go into the humanitarian HOF.

    The Kansas City Chiefs are full of high character players like Charles. The classiest team in the league, full of players who go above and beyond to help in the community.

    Admire Charles and the Chiefs while they embark on a multi year dynasty run of multiple Super Bowl championships. Titles that will be EARNED and without asterisks attached.

  8. JC has always been noted for his elusiveness, his toughness and his world class speed. It’s probably safe to say that 99% of Chiefs Nation were unaware of his youthful diagnosis as “disabled”.

    He’s always been a fan favorite…but this should elevate even that opinion.

  9. ionlyrootforthewinningteam says:
    Jul 26, 2015 5:36 PM

    Adrian Peterson should be required to volunteer time doing things like this or similar.
    You can’t be required to volunteer for something. Being sentenced to community service is different than doing something from the heart. That said, props to Charles. If you’ve never been around Special Olympics, you should take a look. It’s a cool thing.

  10. Some of the finest athletes in the world. You just got to open your eyes.

  11. I’ve always admired the way this guy plays, speed, elusiveness, and power when needed. Now I admire him as a person as well. Well done JC.

  12. I already like Jamaal Charles as an athlete, not even as a Chiefs fan. This makes me like him as a citizen too, of which we definitely need more people like him.

    Hats off to you Mr. Charles, and best of luck to you this season.

  13. Always admired JC from afar because of his talents on the field. This just adds another layer to the legacy.

    Great RB, Great Man.

  14. Jamaal is such a special person and an amazing player.
    Hope he and the Chiefs take it all the way to a Super bowl victory in 2015.

  15. “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

    Those folks are all winners! I’ve worked with Wounded Warriors and their strength and courage beats anyone’s. They should be helping us…and well, it seems they do. Inspiring.

  16. Of course, Jamaal Charles is a great human being – he attended the University of Texas at Austin!

    In all seriousness, Jamaal Charles is a class act & a great human being! The NFL – let’s face it, the world – needs more people like him.

  17. @dwilkinson–Chiefs Nation also loves Derrick Johnson, who is also a UT alum.

    However, the people in charge there, through their high handed, short sighted efforts to dominate every thing about the Big 12, drove Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri out of the league, thereby destroying some special, long lived rivalries and lessening a conference which they had joined as refugees from the demise of the SWC.

    So forgive some of the natives if we seem cool to cheerleading anything about UT except the players.

  18. clashpoint says:
    Jul 26, 2015 10:54 PM
    As a Special Olympics coach myself, Charles is my newest hero. Thank you, Jamal.
    And you clashpoint are my newest hero! Thank you for support of thee kids.

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