Keenan Lewis on Junior Galette: Give him a chance

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In a story about the Saints’ decision to release linebacker Junior Galette, Katherine Terrell of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that Galette had a poor relationship with his teammates that took a turn for the worse after Galette signed a long-term deal with the team last year.

One unnamed Saint said “the real Junior came out” after he got paid, which went along with a locker room fight to paint a picture that doesn’t make much of an advertisement for future employment. Cornerback Keenan Lewis had a friendlier appraisal of Galette when asked about his former teammate at Lewis’s annual youth football camp.

“You know, that’s a guy who I think is a good guy. Probably made a couple of bad decisions lately, but I don’t want people to judge him,” Lewis said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “Give him a chance, give him an opportunity. Wish the best for him. Don’t talk down on him and say this guy’s that. Like they say, don’t ever judge a book from the first two pages. Always read the middle.”

Safety Kenny Vaccaro was also at Lewis’s camp and stuck to Galette’s football ability while discussing the departure.

“I really didn’t follow all the stuff closely,” Vaccaro said. “Junior’s a great player, he played his heart out every game. It’s unfortunate that we can’t have him, because he’s a great pass rusher.”

The Saints felt comfortable moving on without Galette in spite of what they might lose in pass rush, but it doesn’t sound like cheers for his departure were totally unanimous in the New Orleans locker room.

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  1. I think they are being diplomatic. I don’t think he was the type of guy that is just horrible to his teammates and had a lot of enemies in the locker room, but I think his influence and negative attributes permeated the locker room and rubbed off on other players in a bad way. Even before his two incidents of being accused of violence against women, you could see he didn’t have the best judgment from his illiterate tweets to his comments in the media bashing a bunch of Saints vets. He was just not the type of guy you want as a leader in your locker room influencing younger players.

    But sure other teams, give him a chance. Maybe he won’t be suspended, maybe he won’t get arrested again, maybe he won’t spill all your team’s dirty laundry on Twitter after you cut him down the road. Try him out.

  2. Violence against women … well, there’s only one place he can go now. Hello Cowboys.

  3. Talent usually trumps baggage up to a point. Given that teams aren’t lining up to sign the guy, I guess the baggage is outweighing the talent.

  4. If the Cowboys get him, that will be the beginning of RUMORGATE…

    “Coincidentally” it seems when an old rumor about past indiscretions about a skilled NFL player starts to leek-out, somehow the Cowboys are always immediately ready to POUNCE… *Think about it:

    If the StLouis Cardinals can really hack into other teams for an advantage–u can bet a NFL team (Cowboys?) might get the idea to start rumors by digging up past indiscretions, videos etc…. about players THEY WANT FOR THEIR OWN TEAM!

    Say it aint so Jerry..

  5. the league seriously needs to put character clauses in a players contract. the only way a player can get paid and not put his body on the line is to act up off the field. greg hardy, junior galette, adrian peterson – the teams pay, the cap room is hit, and the player still gets his full money despite not deserving it. it enables and encourages bad behavior

  6. junior’s resume:
    – kicked off college team (temple)
    – undrafted because of character
    – twitter rant destroying old saints greats
    – domestic abuse against a stripper
    – domestic violence video against a woman
    – recorded a video cursing about his current coach and screaming about gold chains around his neck

    junior’s newest twitter rant:
    – mention the right tackle’s marital issues regarding infidelity
    – spill the beans on his coach’s addiction(s)
    – call out half the defense for ‘disappearing’
    – criticize brees’ turnovers
    – claim that this is what he wanted because he gets paid more now
    – insult scott fujita
    – insult new orleans fans for not having money
    – predict saints 6-10 record; his 15+ sack season with zero games suspended

  7. Our defense already stinks. I sure hope we have a plan cause whether Galette is a piece of crap or not, that’s a heck of a lot of sacks that need to be replaced.

  8. Wow. I know he just got a bunch of money from the saints but how he is handling this is costing him a bunch more money he could be making. It was only here say that you were a turd, now it is common knowledge. Where four or five teams may have been interested, now he will be lucky to get one for much more than the veterans minimum.

  9. First of all, nobody has played a game yet this season, so we really don’t know how any team is going to do. So let’s save the gloom and doom talk until there’s a reason.

    Second, I’m a diehard Saints fan, but after the twitter rant today, I’m no longer a JG fan. He just proved why the Saints moved on. The most disgusting, immature behavior I’ve ever seen from anyone. And while he’s still in his 20s, he is a MAN and needs to start acting like one.

    None of the other players we moved on from this off-season behaved in this manner.

    We helped make Junior what he was and we’ll do it with someone else on the depth chart.

    Saints will be fine. They wouldn’t have taken the cap hit if they hadn’t of known what they were doing, and after JG’s release and his subsequent behavior, they should be patting themselves on the back for getting out now.

    Saints will be much better off without him.

    Now let’s kick some butt Saints!!

  10. Some of y’all need to stop acting like you’ve never done anything wrong.

    Wrong? Going on twitter and absolutely blasting everyone and everything because you’re mad?

    That’s not wrong man, that’s just plain stupid and immature. He’s a millionaire in his 20s, he should know better.

    It’s a character issue, plain and simple.

    Character is what we reveal in the fact of adversity. And he just showed his LOUD AND CLEAR.

  11. jwade37 says:
    Jul 26, 2015 9:21 PM
    Some of y’all need to stop acting like you’ve never done anything wrong.

    I sure as heck haven’t done anything like he did.

    But sure, give him another chance. He probably is a good guy. Heck- half the commenters on the original story thought he was totally justified to beat a woman with a belt because she was in his face and “hit him first”.


  12. Give me a break! Keenan can be handled, personal and professional, and the SAINTS NEED HIS KIND OF DEFENSE. He has a big contract, so he can afford very close behavioral monitoring and specialized therapy. Make him an offer that, if he would submit to a full-time therapist mentor, preferably a cognitive-affective- behavioral approach. He needs social skills training, anger management, and cognitive restructuring, at the minimum. I suspect that he is manic bipolar with minimal impulse control, a strong libido, and a testosterone through the roof. But;
    we’re talking NFL defense and the NFL is a business that wins Super Bowls on defense that scares the hell out of offenses. Good grief, coach, make him the offer and hold him to the conditions. It would likely be Keenan’s last chance to having a life. If it doesn’t work out, you can still throw him under the bus. But if it does; wow! A scary surgeon leading the offense and an “closely managed, in control monster leading the defense could turn the Saints into the team of the 21st century.

  13. Especially after his twitter rants it’s obvious he is just another misunderstood athlete millionaire that is absolutely incensed that others would have a problem & an opinion of his behavior. He’s also made it clear that he is of the mindset that he wasn’t responsible in any way shape or form for anything captured on video.

    Junior is a victim in all of this. He was a great team mate, a good locker room presence & according to his attitude from his twitter rants.

    All the talent in the world with penny software running it.

  14. He just got $41+ million for basically one season’s work. He’ll be more than willing to sign a vet-minimum deal with anyone willing to take a chance.

  15. How dare you run a picture of that RACIST helmet. It is offensive and you should ban it from the site!

  16. Lewis is with the Ravens now and the Ravens have their own issues with domestic violence over the last two years so in order to keep things cool at his new job, he should refrain from commenting on subjects that negatively impact his new team.

  17. xinellum says:
    Jul 27, 2015 12:25 PM

    Lewis is with the Ravens now and the Ravens have their own issues with domestic violence over the last two years so in order to keep things cool at his new job, he should refrain from commenting on subjects that negatively impact his new team.

    What are you talking about? This article is talking about Keenan Lewis. The Ravens don’t have Keenan Lewis; they have Kendrick Lewis.

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