Galette passes physical, heads to free agency


Former Saints linebacker Junior Galette soon will have a chance to sign with any team he wants. The question is whether any team will want to sign him.

Galette tells Nick Underhill of the New Orleans Advocate that the former Saint passed a physical over the weekend, paving the way for his official release.

Once officially released, Galette’s four-plus years of service will make him eligible for instant free agency.

So who will sign him? The NFL is still considering how to handle the aftermath of an arrest from earlier this year (the charges were dropped, possibly after a civil settlement was reached with the alleged victim) and a 2013 video showing Galette hitting a woman in the face with a belt during a beach brawl.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints waited as long as possible to cut Galette, in the hopes that the NFL would take action that would allow the Saints to possibly collect some of the signing bonus money previously paid to him. While the Saints realize they made a mistake in signing Galette to a new contract last year (and in converting a $12.5 million roster bonus to a signing bonus in March), they chose not to compound the mistake by keeping him around to justify the money already spent.

Galette was no locker-room darling in New Orleans; other players on other teams may not be thrilled about the possibility of bringing Galette to town. Beyond whatever opinions have made their way through the NFL grapevine from New Orleans to other cities, an apparent social media rant from Galette that emerged over the weekend could make a prospective employer less inclined to employ Galette.

Galette’s agent, Alvin Keels, has not confirmed that Galette made the statements, which some think were posed onto a social-media account belonging to his girlfriend. Keels may need to have a thorough explanation, if he’s going to convince someone else to take a chance on being the next team that becomes the potential target of Galette’s online ire.

Considering how Galette has treated a team that paid him $18 million since September, how would he treat a team that pays him a lot less than that?

44 responses to “Galette passes physical, heads to free agency

  1. hit a woman in the face with a belt and get rewarded by signing with a new team.. i dont think so

  2. I wanted this dude back on the whodats until I saw the trash he was talking bout whodat nation, unforgivable!

    Now I want him to sign with the Falcons so Strief can bulldoze him twice a year. He was saying crazy stuff about Striefs wife, smh.

    Plzzzz dude sign with one of these NFCsouth chumps so we can punish you!

  3. At least the Saints chopped him over keeping him on the roster in hopes of recovering some money.

    No team can predict what these large, violent, man children will do once they are in the league, but you can certainly cut your losses when they screw up badly. A lot of teams don’t do that and I applaud the Saints for doing so.

  4. Before I opened the article I knew there would be a couple “Cowboys on the line!” comments. I think people enjoy hating the Cowboys more than watching their on teams.

  5. kcchefs58 says: Jul 27, 2015 11:49 AM

    Waiting for the inevitable “Dallas on line 1″ comments…


    There is a reason you are waiting… and you actually didn’t have to wait at all.

  6. Meanwhile, the site could post an article detailing Galette’s insane Twitter rants against the team, but nah, let’s post another one whining about the mean ol’ NFL picking on Tom Brady for those sweet pageviews by conspiracy-minded Pats fans, waaaaah.

  7. Before we jump all over any team and speculate… Wait for him to sign and hammer the hell on social media on whatever low class scum team signed him

  8. He’s a total cancer and his twitter nonsense shows him to be mentally unhinged. Crazier by far than Hardy and has a victim/martyr complex to boot. If I am Payton or anybody on the Saints I am a little worried because who knows, him and his boys might try to do a drive-by on their house or something. He is that kind of nuts.

  9. The Steelers have a lot of questions at OLB, and this guy would seem to be just what the doctor ordered — but I wouldn’t want his malignant temperament polluting the Steeler locker room.

    Galette is to team chemistry what nitroglycerin is to a game of Jenga.

  10. kevo95 says:Jul 27, 2015 11:52 AM

    Patriots or raiders will take a chance or possibly the Ravens they all suck


    That’s such a strange comment.

  11. It’s getting to the point where unless they are actually in prison the NFL will have to let players play or they won’t be able to field 32 teams.

  12. niners816 says:
    Jul 27, 2015 11:49 AM
    I’m sure Seattle would like to bring him in. They are known for classless players and fans.

    And the niners are perfectly represented by you for the same reason

  13. kevo95 says:
    Jul 27, 2015 11:52 AM

    Patriots or raiders will take a chance or possibly the Ravens they all suck

    What really sucks is your punctuation.

  14. To the people complaining about the Cowboys on the line comments, if it weren’t true they wouldn’t happen. You’re the team that signed McClain, Hardy, josh Brent and even the u drafted rookie out of Lsu tied up in some murder investigation. If you don’t want those comments then pick another team to root for. Your team is full of legitimate criminals. Without even mentioning Dez Bryant

  15. What really sucks is your punctuation.
    Perfect sentence structure. That was absolutely perfect. Thank you! Thank you very much!!

    Awesome contribution today.

  16. sb44champs says:
    Jul 27, 2015 12:00 PM
    Galette, the worst a man can get



  17. There are good natured hard working Defeaive guy you can give a big contract to and they’ll keep playing like they always did, like J.J. watt or Justin Houston. Then there are guys like Junior Galette. Any team that signs this guy to any contract is a fool.

  18. To anyone that still thinks Raider’s in cases like this.

    Fred B is as close to the owner as any player/owner is. Fred B lost his daughter to domestic violence. It has been reported Mark Davis will never have a player with DV roots on his team, at least prior to being signed on the team. So every time a DV FA was rumored “to the Raider’s” it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

    The Raider’s perhaps today have one of the squeakiest clean teams out there, times have changed. I will say that perhaps “Good guys finish last” though, see Raiders/Pats Freaky Friday for example.

    Cowboys have no shame though…

  19. So what happened to the rule that the league will sanction teams that harbor trouble players? To keep teams such as Cowboys (for example) from ignoring bad character over talent. Protect the shield they said. Ha!
    Playing in the NFL is not a right.

  20. Bad, classless actor! He needs a 72-hour hold. Anyone? Narcissistic sociopath……

  21. I’m betting on Seattle, the Bills, or the Cowboys.

    They all have sleazeballs like Galette on their rosters.

  22. I don’t think this guy is going to be in anybody’s training camp this fall. The climate is really bad for players with his rep right now. I do think he’s going to be on some team’s roster before Halloween, though. All it takes is one team to have a run of injuries on the DL and his phone will start ringing again.

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