Junior Galette denies going on anti-Saints Twitter rant


Shortly after Junior Galette was cut by the Saints, someone took to Twitter and blasted the team, some players and coaches. Some websites published the Twitter rant and said that it was written by Galette, using his girlfriend’s Twitter account.

But Galette says that’s not the case.

“I don’t even have a Twitter. I haven’t used it since January. Neither does my girlfriend,” Galette told Nick Underhill of the New Orleans Advocate.

Galette has had plenty to say about the Saints since they cut him, calling the move the worst decision the Saints have ever made. Some Saints players have indicated that they’re glad he’s gone, while others have said they wish him well elsewhere.

If Galette really were behind that anti-Saints rant, he wasn’t just burning bridges, he was nuking them. But Galette insists that he hasn’t said anything about the Saints on Twitter at all.

36 responses to “Junior Galette denies going on anti-Saints Twitter rant

  1. Another photo of that offensive helmet? What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you believe that if one person is offended by something it should be banned and removed for the public square forever?

  2. Seeing how badly they played last year, you knew this locker room was an absolute mess, but if what he said is true? Man does this team have an uphill climb.

  3. He doesn’t have something he hasn’t used since January?

    So he does have an account?

    I tend not to believe Junior.

    Not that it matters. Social media is a pox on society.

  4. I don’t know at this point which party in this debacle is more of a mess — the Saints or Galette. But I’d be willing to call it a draw.

  5. Bad against the run, rarely made a sack that effected the game, abusive to women.

    As much as I dislike the Falcons and Panthers, their front offices are too good to take a chance on this guy.

    Please stay in the division and park your big butt in Tampa. You would fit well with that organization. Good luck with the staph, tampering charges, abusing women and league suspensions.

    Screen passes all day on this 1 dimensional overpaid lunatic.

  6. “I don’t even have a Twitter. I haven’t used it since January.”

    That means you have a Twitter account. Does this guy think before speaking?

  7. Either he is lying or the person who made all those tweets knows an awful lot about football.

    They also have the same terrible spelling, punctuation, and pent up rage.

  8. Not his comments……. just like it’s not him in beach brawl video. BS. IF you believe that, then let’s elect him president.

  9. cuda1234 says:
    Jul 27, 2015 12:38 PM
    Another photo of that offensive helmet? What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you believe that if one person is offended by something it should be banned and removed for the public square forever?
    The Saints helmet is offensive? Maybe if you’re name is Brett Favre…

  10. Saints were definitely a mess last season in all phases.
    At least we still had the Top ranked #1 offense

  11. Twitter only exists to expose narcissists and vapid idiots to real human beings. Ditto for Facebook. No one cares what you’re doing, where you are, what you think, or what you have to say.

    And he doesn’t have one, or he has one that he has not used since January?

  12. Yeah I know if I had the knowledge to hack Twitter accounts, that’s what I’d be doing… trying to make Junior Galette look bad.

  13. Yeah, Junior it wasn’t you. Just like it wasn’t you beating that woman’s face on the beach. Just like it wasn’t your fault on the domestic violence episode. I guess that wasn’t also you saying **** Sean on the video and whining because Cam Jordan got a bigger contract than you. It wasn’t your fault last year when you were freelancing for bonus sack money and leaving wide-open running lanes and it wasn’t your fault you got kicked out of college when you and your boys got caught stealing computers. Ooops “allegedly” stealing computers.

    This dude is going to be in prison with Aaron Hernandez within 2 years. It’s always the ones who think it’s never their fault, he’ll never change his act.

  14. I read the tweets and with the amount of anger indicated in them, there’s no way he didn’t write that. Payton a drug abuser? I don’t know if that’s true. If it isn’t, Payton could take him to court for that

  15. This guy needs professional help and needs to be out the league for a year to get his priorities straight. The more he opens his mouth the crazier he sounds. That wasn’t you making those remarks?? Then who else would say them after you just got released?? Cmon man. People aren’t as stupid as you want them to be.

  16. Listening to Galette-now you can understand why they call athletes “jocks” because 85 percent of them have sh.. for brains.

  17. jag1959 says:
    Jul 27, 2015 1:25 PM

    Another 40 million dollar talent with a 4 cent head

    Methinks that’s being way too generous. Probably more like half-cent head.

  18. Management to blame for this mess. Not the first time its been mentioned that Sean abuses pills.

  19. ““I don’t have an account. I haven’t used it since January.”

    That’s amazing.”

    Both can be true if he deleted his account in January.

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