Texans place Jadeveon Clowney on PUP list

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The Texans’ team doctor said recently that linebacker Jadeveon Clowney’s recovery from microfracture surgery has been “spectacular” but that’s enough for him to avoid the physically unable to perform list to start training camp.

The Texans have placed Clowney on the PUP list, which means he won’t be practicing with the team until they’ve had more time to make sure his knee is ready for a full workload. It also keeps open the possibility that the Texans could put him on the regular season version of the list if he’s not able to practice this summer.

That option would keep Clowney from rejoining the team for at least the first six weeks of the year, which is obviously not what the Texans would like but it’s the most prudent approach for a player coming off that kind of procedure.

The Texans also placed linebacker Akeem Dent on the PUP list. Offensive lineman David Quessenberry is on the non-football injury list as he continues to recover from lymphoma and wide receiver Alan Bonner is on the non-football injury list. All four players can be activated at any point during training camp.

50 responses to “Texans place Jadeveon Clowney on PUP list

  1. Really looking forward to the opportunity to cheer this guy on, hopefully sooner than later

  2. The irony is Dion Jordan and Clowney both went down different paths and somehow wound up with the same productivity. What a waste. The NFL should have some kind of Refund Policy for these bad picks.

  3. Total disaster. At least with Washington, they got a few seasons out of RG3 so far. Would you rather waste draft picks for a guy who has gone downhill at quarterback with the number two pick, or draft a number one overall who played one total game so far?

  4. They are just being safe, let him heal up fully. Remember folks it’s July not September.

  5. You guys need to ease up. Way too early to declare him a bust. May not live up to expectations but that seldom happens anyway. The leap to pros is huge.
    That said, it’s been disappointing thus far for a guy that has all the tools to make a major impact.

  6. The Texans are going to regret not taking Teddy Bridgewater #1 overall!

  7. The mistake was not picking Clowney because of injury. . . .it was picking him instead of say Bortles . . . .it was picking Sula Fio . . instead of Carr or Garrapola. . .(or whatever his name was). . .

    The mistake is thinking Fitz was what he wasn’t for many years. . . for thinking Hoyer is what he wasn’t for many years. . . and realizing that New England let Mallett go. . .and kept the guy who will start for them. . .

    Everybody it seems but the Texans understand you need a quality QB. . . It’s odd. . . O’Brien has harsh standards for his players. . .big hands. . . tall. . .etc. . .etc. . . but doesn’t have the same harsh standards for his team. . . Start with a QB.

  8. Watched a lot of Clowney in college and when the kid gets healthy he is going to be a force in the league. People need to relax with all of the “bust” talk.

    Khlil Mack would look good though playing in that Houston 3-4 defense.

  9. Evaluating play is hard enough, but obviously, evaluating character is even harder. At least it is for a lot of scouts. Some scouts wouldn’t have touched this guy with a ten foot pole, but others loved him. This guy obviously had talent. He looked like the second coming of Deacon Jones. Your personnel chief better understand character, or you don’t stand a chance.

  10. vancouversportsbro says:
    Jul 27, 2015 6:52 PM

    Total disaster. At least with Washington, they got a few seasons out of RG3 so far. Would you rather waste draft picks for a guy who has gone downhill at quarterback with the number two pick, or draft a number one overall who played one total game so far?
    Bob has started 35 games, and is 14-21. The Redskins used a first round pick on him, and also traded two first round picks and a second round pick for the honor of drafting him. I would much rather miss on Clowney.

  11. Drafting guys like this in the top 5 is how you keep drafting in the Top 5.

  12. So many haters on any thread having to do with Clowney. The guy’s had one injury-plagued season so far, and already “geniuses” are writing him off.
    Can’t wait for him to get completely healthy and then start being a force, making all you people eat your words. But, of course, when that happens, all you know-nothings will claim you were always in his corner.

  13. ctiggs says: Jul 27, 2015 6:24 PM

    He has the potential to be the most hyped biggest bust ever.
    Nobody is a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. NOBODY!

  14. Clowney reminds of a Dallas high draft pick whose rep was based on one play – sacking the OU quarterback in a bowl game with a flying leap over the line. He (Roy Williams) didn’t last but at least he played a few games.

  15. Granted, the jury’s still out on Clowney, but it won’t be a good verdict if he can’t put in any quality starts this season. He *could* end up being the Greg Oden of the NFL.

  16. Whew! At least Clowney has as many sacks as Vernon Gholston does…

  17. Let me see, he played 4 games in his rookie year, perhaps 6 games may be in order this year.
    How do you spell bust, I spell it BUST.

  18. ONE HIT WONDER,HA!GOES #1,THAT’S THE TEXANS FER YA…they never knew JJ WATT would be this good,luck went into this pick,ha,ha!!,les4gmen

  19. This guy just gives off the impression that he’s not willing to work, or doesn’t want to work. It stinks! If he would get healthy, and then sit there and listen to Mr Watt…. He could be a force!, and that D-line could be awesome. But I bet he didn’t spend last season watching JJ. He probably was busy watching icarly or something.

  20. It never ceases to amaze me how many “experts” disagree with the coaches and GM’s that get paid millions of dollars AND get to keep their jobs, year after year. Most of the mavens commenting here saw one outstanding play over and over and feel they are qualified to make a value judgement. The sad fact is that the loudest voices come from people who never even played Pop Warner football. Didn’t play but are experts nonetheless. After Clowney’s first year in college he was double-teamed at a minmum and triple teamed yet he was accused of taking plays “off”. Why don’t you sexual intellectuals sit down and see if the people who get paid to make the heavy decisions are right instead of displaying your enfeebled intellect to the entire world. To be this negative just because Clowney elected not to play football for YOUR team is bush league and would not occur were it not for the anonymity of the internet.

  21. Getting an injury and taking a cautious approach to healing as instructed by your team makes you a bust now?

    We won’t know until he gets on the field.

  22. jimsnchz says:
    Jul 27, 2015 6:20 PM
    He will miss at least the first 6 games. Remember when people were questioning his desire to play- they were right.


    no, he won’t.

    this is the “preseason” PUP. they can be activated at any time during training camp.

    If he is placed on the regular season PUP he would be required to sit at least 6 games.

    This literally means nothing other than the fact that they are bringing him back cautiously.

  23. Starting TC on PUP is nothing new for players recovering from major procedures. It gives them more time to get back to football form and prepare the entire body and mind for the rigors of that job. It doesnt automaticaly mean they are not recovering well. Throwing them in live action day 1 is just crazy.

    Im not a big fan of him so far but give the young man a chance.

  24. My team has nothing invested. Why troll. I hope he gets healthy. I can’t bust on the Texans. Ravens have gotten some serious bargains for ex-Texans players. Forsett will prove to be the biggest FA bargain of them all in Trestman’s offense this season. Already looking forward to Kendrick Lewis playing at FS.

  25. All the people calling him a sure bust are really rushing to judgment. He got injured. It happens. It’s the sort of injury that can recur, so him and the medical staff are being cautious. There’s a big investment in him.

    He’s only 22, and is still the same age as most of this year’s rookie class. Give the guy a break.

  26. The Oakland Raiders would like to thank the Houston Texans for picking Clowney and not Khalil Mack..

  27. I don’t see a problem with holding him back until he’s truly ready. You don’t want to re-injure the knee or injure another part because he’s compensating. At least he doesn’t have this massive ego where he needs to “prove everyone wrong” and come back waaaay too early ala a certain QB in Washington DC and then suck the rest of the year because you can’t run.

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