NFL seeks “confirmation of arbitration award” in New York


What began with a 243-page report has culminated, for now, in a four-page lawsuit.

The short and simple complaint filed Tuesday by the NFL against the NFL Players Association in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York specifically seeks pre-emptive confirmation of the arbitration award reflected in Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to uphold the four-game suspension imposed on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

It’s a move likely without precedent. In past controversies, the NFL has issued a decision and then played defense in court. In this case, the NFL has opted to go on the offensive against the union and Brady.

The effort, on the surface, projects confidence in the league’s position. At a deeper level, it suggests real concern about how the NFL would fare in a forum more naturally favorable to Brady.

The document itself contains no clues or hints about the arguments that the NFL is anticipating. Instead, it seeks confirmation of the decision “under well-established principles of federal labor law.”

Inevitably, Brady and the NFLPA will file a lawsuit in a jurisdiction of their own choosing.

32 responses to “NFL seeks “confirmation of arbitration award” in New York

  1. Forum shopping, nice. Any chance Goodell can steal candy from a baby while he’s in NYC?

  2. Pork chops, bacon and ham are being served earlier than expected. I’m going to a Luau.

    ~Mark Cuban

  3. Do you ever get tired of blindly supporting Brady in your articles? Man is guilty, I know you drivel out a bunch of nonsense to distract from that, but the man is blatantly guilty. Destroying evidence to go w clearly giving orders to alter equipment in his favor during games for years. Quit going on crazy twitter rampages, it’s more unbecoming than Brady trying to fight this. In court he will have to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth or be held in contempt. That’s the advantage the nfl has. Time and time again they have dug up his pathetically phony lies

  4. This is hardly “without precedent”. This is actually the normal procedure following a private arbitration award. It is done every day in courts across the country when it will be necessary to enforce an arbitration award or decision.

  5. WAAAH!!! I’m Tom Brady WAAAH!!

    Take your lumps Tom…’re friggin’ guilty!

  6. The Kangroo Court have spoken! We cannot be made a Baffon be caused we spent $5 million to create a Finding to support the Goddell Kangroo Court. We want the U.S. Court deny the due process that the NFLPA is entitled to. We were not satisfy with The Patriots and TB response when they were unable to answer truthfully about the 11 of 12 NE balls were under inflated by 2 PSI each….

  7. I guess the commissioner knows that legally he’s on extremely thin ice, that’s why he’s trying to shop forums.

    The whole process has been a sham, and now the NFL is attempting to get preemptive confirmation of his totally biased arbitration process.

    I hope the NY courts laugh Goodell right out of court.

  8. So when the NFL PA goes forum shopping, it’s something to be extolled, but here it’s a sin huh?

  9. Finding “favorable” judges just shows how crooked the United States judicial system is.

  10. I think he is guilty as sin/ or he could be hiding an affair…I hope he realize in court it , if true, will come out, Tom, be careful of what you wish for. Bill

  11. Love it. The underbelly of humanity that calls themselves Boston fans take orbit the yaya. Worst waste products are no where to be found.

  12. magrampip says:
    Jul 28, 2015 5:01 PM
    This is hardly “without precedent”. This is actually the normal procedure following a private arbitration award. It is done every day in courts across the country when it will be necessary to enforce an arbitration award or decision.
    It is for the NFL.

  13. Still gotta love those who say “They’ll find bradys having an affair” “They’ll get real story when they subpoena his texts” This is not a criminal investigation folks, know a little something please. His texts will never be brought up in court. But there will be dozens who will still post anyway

  14. They just want a district court to give Roger Dodger the thumbs up so when Brady and the NFLPA destroy him in court he can at least say. Well the Jet fan judge thinks i did a good job. Roger Dodger knows he’s on thin ice. It’s precisely why he handled the appeal because anyone independent would have thrown out the suspension.

    Brady plays opening night.

  15. I didn’t see the NFL suspend Bret Favre in the investigation they made into him. All he got was a $50,000 fine for not being cooperative with the league. I hope Brady and the Players union sues to league to the hilt.

  16. NFLPA could call a wildcat strike, claiming the NFL has violated the CBA. If that happens, how long will Goodell survive as Commish?

  17. Anyone who thinks the Southern District of NY (aka the Sovereign District of NY) is a pushover or is someones choice for forum shopping if they are wrong doesn’t know the court. It is the special forces of the criminal legal prosecution world. It gets the cream of the crop for attorneys and they typically move on to jobs like mayor of NY, governors, and high level federal jobs. They prosecuted Madoff, 9/11 terrorists and any number of high level, high profile cases. The judges for that district are no dummies. NFLPA was going to file in Minnesota because it is friendly to labor. NFL is in NY, the arbitration was in NY, so there is at least nexus to the case in NY federal court. The same cannot be said of MN. If the NFL is wrong, that court will tell them. If Brady is wrong, same thing.

  18. If Brady had purposely destroyed his phone to hide evidence, there would have been no way in the world he would appeal because he would have known that would have come out during the appeal. Suspicious, yes, but not necessarily trying to dodge disclosing evidence. Any texts the NFL would want can be gotten from Brady’s cellular provider. Brady will take this to federal court and get it thrown out. Goodell has placed himself in an impossible position, and a lot of it is due to the incompetence of the people below him. Brady’s attorneys are going to have a lot of fun with this sham of a process in court

  19. nflpa signed off on this. if the courts side with the nflpa then the owners should declare the cba void and lockout the players…

  20. I think this officially puts an end to all that talk about Kraft and Goodell are buddy buddy.

    Also squashes the notion that the Patriots are a favored franchise.

    This is a very aggressive move that proves the NFL wants to level the playing field, at least the AFC East.

    If Rodger were truly a pawn of Kraft, he would have let the case go to court, roll over, let Brady win and then go back to Irsay et al, and say “I tried”

    And people laugh at conspiracy theories

  21. Any impartial, non-bribed judge, which im sure the NFL has already made a nice direct deposit, or a briefcase filled with a boatload of cash to the judge, would rip the NFL a new one for this sham the NFL called an “indendent” investigation.

    Oh if its so independent, why wouldnt Wells allow Bradys legal team to get information. Instead Wells cited attorney-client privilege. Lmao, i thought you were independent clown?

    The NFL needs to be fined $20 billion to make sure their corrupt league ceases its current ways.

  22. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY involved in this whole charade is at fault and quite frankly there is a part of me that not only wouldn’t care but almost wants to see this destroy the NFL.

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