Todd Bowles won’t hesitate to pull Geno Smith if need be


Perhaps the least-deserved vote of confidence this offseason came when Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey said it wasn’t really a competition, and the starting quarterback job was Geno Smith’s to lose.

New head coach Todd Bowles moved quickly to cut that talk off in May, and on the eve of his first training camp, made it clear he wouldn’t hesitate to pull Smith if he doesn’t perform.

“If you feel that his position or any other position is hurting the team, as a head coach, it’s up to you to do something about it,” Bowles said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “It’s not a year-long thing for anybody. You earn your keep by the week. You earn your keep by the day. . . .

“If somebody is not doing their job, it’s up to me to rectify the situation.”

The Jets have veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick in reserve, and his experience with Gailey gives the Jets a baseline expectation for what their offense could be. Smith has the physical potential to offer somewhat more, which is why he’s going to have to be a disaster in training camp or the preseason to not have the job in the regular season. But Bowles insisted it wasn’t a season-long appointment.

“A bad two or three weeks is relative,” Bowles said. “Whether it’s mental, whether it’s confidence or whether it’s physical. … All those things have to be [considered] and be determined. If you see progress among the mistakes, that’s one thing. If you don’t see any progress and you see a spiraling for any position, then it’s your job to make a move. . . . I’m always fair. . . .

“It all depends on how he’s not performing, whether it’s the first game, second game, third game. Is it consecutive? Is it just a bad game? All those factors play into it. Again, it’s not just the quarterback. It’s every position on our team. . . . Everybody has to do their job. The quarterback is an important part of it, but he’s part of the team. And he’s treated like everybody else is treated.”

The Jets have enough talent on defense to compete now, as long as their quarterback position doesn’t hurt them. And if it does, it sounds like Bowles will make a change, regardless past investments there.

12 responses to “Todd Bowles won’t hesitate to pull Geno Smith if need be

  1. Not to worry Jets fans, Bowles threshold for determining effectiviness is pretty low, look what he had to see in AZ.

  2. Of course Bowles will pull him. Bowles is from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. Quarterback is just another position to those guys. They get no special treatment.

  3. The Jets are the one team scaring me in the AFCE as a Pats fans this year. Not worried about the same old Miami “yay we won the offseason” team. Not worried about a Rex coached team in the Bills.

    But Bowles and the Jets have been keeping their mouths shut this offseason and working hard. Maybe its just because after years of Rex and the uncontrolled babbling of his players it seems almost unnatural to hear silence coming out of New York.

    That silence is giving me the creeps though and a really bad feeling that they might turn out to be a very good team this year.

  4. Jets fans have to be excited. Bowles is the best thing that could have happened for the team. Now, what worries me is your owner. But, if the owner can butt out, then the Jets might have a chance after a year or two. Then again, they will have to improve pretty dramatically to beat the Patriots on a regular basis. And that’s not going to happen with anyone in that quarterback room. But still, Bowles at coach has got to be exciting for Jets fans (probably for Cardinals fans too).

  5. All right, I guess you could pull your inconsistent QB for another QB that 4 teams have released for inconsistency and ill-timed interceptions. Or replace him with the rookie that’s learning pro-style offense for the first time. The Jets really need Geno to play well from the start this year and maintain that level throughout. There are no easy answers unless Petty takes a giant leap next offseason or the Jets are able to land someone really good in the draft, which could be difficult with the kind of defense they’re putting on the field this year.

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