Don Yee says shift to “destroyed” cell phone was expected

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On the same day that the NFLPA fired back at the NFL in court, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s agent went on the offensive, too.

Don Yee, who made some questionable arguments in the aftermath of the publication of the Ted Wells report, shared plenty of information in a discussion with Tom Curran of

“They shifted from PSI to the new shiny object, the cell phone,” Yee said of the ruling upholding the four-game suspension. “We expected this. Because this was the easy way to pivot off the junk science and get off the PSI issue. And we knew that from a newsworthiness standpoint, the general public might be easily fooled. But in the coming days — just like the Wells Report being picked apart after its issuance — the same thing happens with this.”

If Yee knew that the cell phone would become a red herring, it would have been smarter for Yee to get ahead of the notion that “Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone” before the NFL could unleash that mantra in masterful fashion, winning the P.R. battle with a one-punch knockout.

Then again, maybe Yee didn’t take the lead on the topic because he possibly would have been leading with his chin. Consider the explanation from Yee to Curran about what happened with the phone.

“What happened is this,” Yee said. “After Goodell decided to take the appeal and publicly asked for new information, we were under the authority of the actual Commissioner, not private investigators with dubious authority. We decided to provide him with the new information. This was in June. The information that Wells requested covered September 2014 to February 28, 2015. The first thing we did in June was say, ‘Holy cow, do we have a cell phone left from that time period?’ because Tom regularly cycles through phones. We happened to find one and we tested that phone and found it covered the period October through November.

“In a letter to Goodell, we told him that we don’t have any other phones that cover November through March. We believe Tom may have cycled through a phone. We were the ones that disclosed this issue. Meaning that if Tom Brady was trying to hide something, why would we voluntarily disclose that fact? . . .

“It wasn’t until February 28 that Ted Wells’ team sent us an e-mail asking for contents off Tom’s phone. They never asked for the actual device. Ted Wells, in his May 12 press conference actually said that — he emphasized that. They didn’t want the actual device. On March 2, we wrote back to Ted Wells and told him we considered his request for information off the phone and we declined his request. On March 3, they said they hoped we would reconsider. They knew going into the March 6 hearing that they were not going to get the actual device. They knew that.”

So, from Yee’s perspective, it doesn’t matter what Brady did with the phone after March 3, because he wasn’t giving it to Wells as part of the investigation.

“Why did Tom cycle through a phone that week?” Yee said. “It turns out he just got back to the country after taking a trip. Why did he cycle through the phone that week? The iPhone 6 was coming out. [Brady] happened to want a new phone and knew Ted Wells’ team didn’t want the actual device, they only wanted information from the device.”

That’s where Yee’s explanation gets a little wobbly. For starters, the iPhone six came out months before March 2015. (In fairness, it came out in September, so Brady perhaps decided to wait until after the season to get one.) Also, if Wells wanted not the device but the information from it, Brady should have retained the data card.

Yee explained that Brady nevertheless equipped Goodell with the information necessary to reconstruct the text messages.

“We compiled all of Tom’s personal cell phone billing records from his vendor from September through the end of February 2015,” Yee said. “The records detail every incoming and outgoing phone call. Every incoming and outgoing text. We submitted that to the Commissioner. They would then be able to determine were there any other communications with Patriots personnel that were not outlined in the Wells Report. Everything matched up perfectly with the Wells Report with the exception of three texts between Tom and [John] Jastrzemski on February 7, and that was only because Wells had given Jastrzemski’s phone back [on] February 7. As far as any texts prior to the AFC Championship Game, where any alleged scheming would have taken place, Ted Wells would have had any communications between Tom, Jastrzemski and [Jim] McNally. This personal phone billing record compiled by an independent third party shows that he had no communications at all with McNally.

“In an effort to be even more transparent, we decided to offer to the Commissioner to disclose the identities of everyone that Tom communicated with. We said that some of these individuals are NFL-related personnel and that the Commissioner has the power to compel a search of their phone to see if they have texts remaining on their phone from Tom. The Commissioner’s own decision in footnote 11 acknowledges this and says they thought it was impractical to conduct this search. The amount of NFL-related personnel that the league needed to consult, if they so chose, was 28 people. Which is not very many people. And a number of those people they had information from already. Tom texted from December 24 to February 24 these NFL-related personnel. Ten teammates, two current coaches, five former teammates, one NFL Network personnel, five front-office personnel and five other Patriots employees. A number of them, the league had the authority to say, ‘Check your cell phone, we want any text exchanges between you and Tom Brady from that period.’ They chose not to. I don’t know why.”

The answer could be that accepting this offer would rob the NFL of the “Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone” silver bullet, which delivered on Tuesday a conclusive win in the court of public opinion.

But the inevitable pushback has commenced, and this red state/blue state issue will continue to polarize fans until it is finally resolved in court. And beyond.

145 responses to “Don Yee says shift to “destroyed” cell phone was expected

  1. I guess he shouldn’t have destroyed it then, you know if it was expected. The NFL expected cooperation, not conveniently timing destoying the evidence.

  2. Rodiculous that this is even going to court. Stop your lawyer games Brady and accept responsibility. And Judge Doty needs removed, obviously this is a biased judge.

    The whole Union concept is just slimy. They should be broken nationwide. We would be better off without them. Then good workers could negotiate their own deal and the bad workers get what they deserve.

  3. Godell is a devious SOB. Classic misdirection.

    I am so confused about the truth, I hope this ends up with Brady having his day in a real court – not some NFL kangaroo court.

    Be nice to here from the ball boys, too.

  4. The phrase Yee uses to start his explanation, “What happened is this…” is always used when someone is about to lie.

  5. Actual games can’t start soon enough.

    Goodell and the Wells report is the most biased worthless investigation in history. How these morons make $5-$40 million a year is beyond me.

    Brady should have come out in the beginning and just said, look I like the balls at 12.5, the lowest possible limit. Do the ball boys measure it exactly I don’t know? Fine $20k and none of this nonsense transpires.

    Rodgers in on record over inflating balls.

    Mark Schlereth said on Tuesday’s Dan Patrick show he wiped Elways footballs with a wet rag, scrubbed them for 30 minutes with a brush, then threw them in a dryer.

    Every QB does something sketchy to the balls.

  6. “Why did Tom cycle through a phone that week?” Yee said. “It turns out he just got back to the country after taking a trip. Why did he cycle through the phone that week? The iPhone 6 was coming out.”

    To be perfectly fair, some people would consider returning from Minnesota after a win against the Vikings as “out of country”.

    Nice trip, see ya next fall!

  7. Brady & the Patriots act like we are all idiots, & that is unacceptable… Destroying a cell phone in the face of an investigation is guilty behaviour. At the very least it is obstruction of the investigation. We are all to believe that it was just his regular routine? C’mon, please don’t pretend you are smarter than everyone else. Only a complete moron would destroy his phone under the circumstances if he was innocent. People would respect you more if you just accepted some responsibility, but then again, we are all just idiots.

  8. Oh Don, your client is quiet the guy, destroying cell phones every few months. That is the part that surprises me, Maybe it’s just because I work for a living and the cell usually has to last me a couple of years.

  9. Eh. Yee’s argument is weak. Brady’s position is questionable. The league’s conduct has been deplorable. Enough with obfuscating. Every single party has talked about integrity. It is time for everybody to walk the walk. Brady has been suspicious here. The league wants transparency from others but does not offer any itself. Expose everyone. Who is dirty? Who is dirtier? Who is dirtiest?

  10. The longer this lingers – the more Pats fans are looking stupid.

    If Tom Brady and Robert Kraft came out tomorrow and said that the world is flat and not round – Pats fans would believe it.


  11. It’s not a narrative, it’s a fact: Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone. The NFL asked Brady for the phone multiple times and he went off and permanently destroyed it.

    The offer to give the NFL information to help them “reconstruct” the text messages after post-hearing briefing when they knew they were already screwed was completely disingenuous. They had months to do that themselves and they sat on their thumbs, instead hiding the fact that Brady had destroyed his phone.

    Not to mention that Brady got caught telling a huge lie about “always destroying old phones,” when, you know, his previous phone was alive and well. Incredibly, not only was it alive and well, but the cheater and his lawyers tried to submit it as proof that Brady didn’t do anything wrong even though it was outside of the key time period. How big of a scumbag can you be to try and do that? And the fact he claims the iPhone 6 just came out just shows how Yee is completely full of it just like Brady. These guys have no integrity or credibility left.

  12. If they actually got the phone calls and text message logs from the phone carrier, then it doesnt matter what Brady did to the phone. Bad timing is all. I had a dispute i had to resolve once and i got my phones text messages from my carrier because i didnt have them on my phone no more. the Text logs the carrier has won’t lie and what happens to the phone doesnt matter one bit. But again, only if its actually true the NFL or Wells got or were offered the actual text and phone call logs.

  13. Taking a shot at the ” general public” being easily mislead probly wasn’t the best idea. The more brady and his lawyers talk the worse they sound.

  14. As a fan of the Patriots, I’d rather see Brady win the case in federal court than in the kangaroo court of public opinion. I suspect Brady and the Pats feel the same way: get the four games back (which now, after reading the NFLPA filing, seems very likely).

    The NFL is clearly more concerned with winning in the latter, otherwise they would have taken up Brady’s offer. It makes sense, though, as the NFL and Goodell took majority “integrity” hits with all of the domestic violence issues from the 2014 season. What better way to polish the shield than gutting an easy target like the Patriots and attacking the once “untouchable” Brady. NFL comes out looking good in 31 markets, which is a hell of a lot better for them than appeasing 1, and a vast improvement over the 32 they had hating them after Ray Rice et al.

    As I was reading the NFLPA’s filing, it almost seemed like the NFL was *deliberately* trying to lose the case in court, because the PA has *very* compelling arguments as to the process and nature of the punishments levied (with or without the Peterson precedent) and the impartiality and unfairness of the investigation and appeals process. Seriously, retaining your so-called independent investigators as legal counsel *at the arbitration hearing about their investigation*?

    Maybe both sides are getting what they want in the end.

  15. Don Yee says the iPhone 6 was “coming out” in early March 2015 and that Brady wanted one. I believe the iPhone 6 was released September 19, 2014.

  16. This is junk and Yee trying to parse words and get the genie back in the bottle.

    BTW, if the science is junk why did the AEI rep in the hearing agree with exponent and Marlow’s findings? They did in fact account for timing and did experiments to test where AEI did not.

    All of this is irrelevant anyway. Bottom line is if Goodell followed the CBA which he did, there is no case. None. Not about phones or psi anymore. We are passed that.

  17. If the IRS (NFL) decides to audit (investigate) me I guess I can claim the Tom Brady ( I’m stupid) rule and go with whatever my most current in hand return (phone) is.

  18. I hope the next time the CBA comes up for renegotiation, the owners take it all the way to a lengthy lock-out until the players have to take whatever deal they were given. Owners can tell players to tell Yee and Brady to take them to court again.

  19. Every single prisoner on death row had a lawyer crying out about how innocent their client was. What did you expect. Don Yee gets paid good money to vibrate air.

  20. Text messages do not have to get over the cell network. There are plenty of apps that will use data to send the messages (which is not always captured by the cell provider.

  21. Sounds like Tom isn’t getting very good advice (at a minimum). You’d expect more for how much this guy gets paid. Pretty obvious problem form a PR perspective.

  22. So Tom & Yee wouldn’t cooperate with the text requests to Wells but once the appeal escalated to Goodell, he was in fact provided all of the text information requested from Sept. 2014-Feb. 2015 ??!!! Why didn’t TB, Yee or Kraft say this IMMEDIATELY after Goodell decision???!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I can’t STAND the Patriots but if this actually happened then Goodell is TOAST !!! ALL the text information was provided as requested prior to the appeal?? Wow !!!!!!! That’s pretty “F”-d UP !!!!!!! Goodell better learn how to ask customers if they want that order “Super-sized……………” If true this is scandalous !

  23. Is Yee implying the “alleged scheming” couldn’t have taken place via face to face meeting between Brady and Yastrzemski? If so, that’s weak. 4 game suspension was too much, but they’re grasping at straws now.

  24. “We said that some of these individuals are NFL-related personnel and that the Commissioner has the power to compel a search of their phone to see if they have texts remaining on their phone from Tom.”

    Not if they are anything like Tom.

  25. Don Yee must think all us in the “general public” are too stupid to grasp the facts. With all of his money you would think Brady would hire a better lawyer. Yee must be great in the courtroom but he just sounds silly every time he speaks on Brady’s behalf.

  26. According to a footnote in Goodell’s order, there is no need to care about Aaron Rodgers constantly trying to sneak illegal game balls past the refs, because that doesn’t affect the integrity of the game.

    Even though the Patriots lost to the Packers last year.

    And then once the Packers had to use regulated game balls, they could barely manage field goals and ultimately melted down in legendary fashion against the Seahawks.

    The league fixation on the Patriots is not only unjust to them, it allows the true cheats to skate on by.

  27. The problem is that a few days before the appeal, Brady’s chance to make his argument and present his case, Brady and his team showed up with a list of numbers and said “here, you figure it out.” On your day in court, you either have the documentation a ndevidence you want to present, or you don’t.

  28. Look over here simple-minded knee-jerk public! something about Tom Brady’s phone!! Don’t pay attention to the garbage science and the fact the balls appear to be right in the predictable PSI range, suggesting nothing was ever done to them. Just let Uncle Goodell pull your gullible strings and he’ll beat those pesky Patriots for you. Dance you ignorant puppets.

  29. Goodell is not a leader.

    He is a sleazy, vindictive, narcissistic operator who somehow thinks misrepresenting info, manipulating the public, and filing aggressive pre-emptive lawsuits agst a future Hall of Famer is good for the integrity of the game. He just cant fathom that its ok if the science destroys the thesis. He had his chance to say there is no evidence. Cant wait til the media digs into his editing of the Wells report, if true.

    Now he is in deep and it is headed in the wrong direction very fast. I would think Kraft will turn some other owners in the next few months and more people will question Goodell’s ethics. The science might be confusing but the leadership errors are becoming quite clear.

    The only thing that will help him is that every Patriots game will be heavily watched and Pats Colts will be the top rated non-SB game of all time. I already dread the media buildup.

  30. Hot take alert… Tom Brady has been miss led from the start. If he mans up from the start, says he was unaware of the severity of the infraction, say sorry then he gets a fine and we are talking about camp

    Tom took some bad advise.

    Now the hook… Graffilo wins all 4 starts and does what Brady did to Bledsoe all those years ago. Before we know it, Tom is qbing the Redskins and belicek gets 3 first rounders.

    Man this is some good stuffs

  31. ….lets just put an end to this…..are the 4 super bowl wins tarneshed?..yes……It would be awesome to have the Patriots replay the Rams, Panthers, Eagles and Seahawks AGAIN to prove they were the better team and not cheat.They the Patriots won by only 3 points vs 3 of the teams and 4 by the Seahawks. Thats a small margin of victory when u cheat. Unfortunately, the Panthers, Rams and Eagles would lose again….but at least they could preserve their legacy. As it is now…they will ALWAYS be know as cheaters.

  32. Any employer who asks for my personnel cell phone better have a warrant in hand or they are not getting it. The is a limit on privacy that no employer can cross. Not a Pats fan at all, but Brady was right to tell them no, there not getting the phone. You can have information off the phone, but your not getting the phone. In the meantime, I am putting on more popcorn for the unfolding drama.

  33. That sounds pretty clear to me. They had the info. Yet goodel still played the “destroyed cell phone” card. This embarrassment is going to cost Roger his job and it should..if the league had just don’t the right thing from the jump and fined the team 25 grand no one would even care. But super Roger had to be the big tough guy and has f’d himself. If the owners were smart they would fire this guy right now before he makes a mountain out of the next mole hill.

  34. “We said that some of these individuals are NFL-related personnel and that the Commissioner has the power to compel a search of their phone to see if they have texts remaining on their phone from Tom.”
    I thought noble Tom was fighting this so that the commissioner could not search players phones?

    So Toms lawyer is ok with every other phone in the NFL being searched, but not his clients. Makes perfect sense.

  35. Nice! IMessages sent over the network don’t show up on phone bills as messages. Convenient? I think not. This wreaks of a cover up, sorry for speaking the truth. We as fans are not stupid.

  36. Really, is anyone going to stop watching football after all this?

    Goodell wins in every scenario. He could lick donuts and scream “I hate America” and millions would still watch.

    That is the ultimate ace he has in the hole. Once games start no one will care about air pressure or cell phones just wins and losses.

    This little drama just adds to the ratings and the merchandise and the money the NFL makes.

    If you think integrity of the game is the motivation you’re delusional.

  37. Per Don Yee ” … the general public might be easily fooled.” Not me. I’m one of the general public. And it’s so ridiculously obvious that Shady Brady destroyed his cell phone because it held evidence that would have proven his guilt. I understand he did the same thing in grade school with his English paper when he uttered to his teacher “My dog ate it”. I don’t know what’s his greater trait, arrogance or stupidity.

  38. This is getting stupid. If Brady had nothing to hide he wouldn’t have thumbed his nose at the league and destroyed his phone when he did. End of story.

  39. Right because still living in the area would be mass suicide for these ball guys to just give up into… My god, a girl got
    Banned at bars for posting Twitter pics Edelman, what the hell would happen to these guys to voluntarily give this up..

    I also love how he shifts the blame to everybody else…

  40. It’s not the fact that a man destroyed a cell phone after he got a new one (yeah, because that happens). But it was blatant disobedience after his boss said that all of his employees would fully cooperate with the investigation. Flaws in the Wells Report aside, destroying evidence = perception of guilt.

  41. Don Yee – not a smart man. Certainly couldn’t work for me in any of my organizations. Deflection is worse than deflation (sorry for the non-funny, couldn’t resist). I know he has to protect his client but come on dude. People just don’t do what Brady did unless they are guilty.

    For me, this has long since stopped being about deflating footballs. Yes, the Patriots cheated (again) or at the very least bent the rules to gain an advantage (rather than say, playing the game with honor and winning the same way). That’s who they are. With all due respect to Kraft (who I think is an honorable man) and to Belichick (whom I do not), the fact is that Brady is going to great lengths to cover something up. That is what he is being punished for.

    If I were Kraft? I’d suspend him myself.

  42. Tom and this dufus Lee should just come clean so this can die. I know it means jack, but I’d have a lot more respect for the man and many others would, if he just came clean told the truth, and took his lumps. If America can forgive that buffoon Michael Vick for his horrid acts, they will forgive Brady for what is blatantly obvious…That he was aware of what was going on, and had a role in the ball’s altered PSI.

  43. “Yee’s explanation gets a little wobbly”? Oh dear, the increasing jokes about the site turning into a Pats Truther blog might’ve taken hold, lol, this is the first non-one sided as all Hell article in months.

    I of course say that hesitantly, as “the answer could be” that telling the NFL to go fish for Brady’s texts was rightly recognized by the league as a bad faith attempt to “cooperate” after getting rid of the phone itself and pretending the NFL plotted months in advance to have a “silver bullet” is the nonsense Truther conspiracy theory this place has indulged in regularly of late.

    However, thanks for actually fact checking Don Yee’s lying ass as to when the iPhone 6 was released, even if, in an attempt to keep the Pats fans coming back, you couched it with an “in fairness” that pretends as though anyone in Brady’s circle, like his personal assistant, the one who apparently got rid of the phone in the first place, could’ve easily gone to Best Buy when the phone DID come out if Tom wanted one so damn badly.

    Red state/blue state? More like New England states versus everyone not in New England at this point….bloggers who need pageviews and a strong pro- or anti-angle excluded, of course.

  44. is that picture Florio’s phone? that phone came out in 2003. I wouldnt be surprised if Florio still uses one.

    Still more modern than Seinfeld references

  45. Imagine how many superbowls Peyton manning would have won if he knew how to cheat lolol patriots will feel the wrath of the nfl, just like the saints did.

  46. After the fact, this statement is too self serving.

    I would believe it more if they had addressed the public beforehand.

  47. When you listen to Yee, you have to conclude their position is that Goodell has a personal vendetta against Brady. Why?

  48. Tom Brady should have fired this guy months ago… If not for his constant bad advice this would have been over a long time ago…

  49. I wish Brady would shut up and just serve the suspension. Even if the Pats go 0-4 while he’s out, there’s no chance they won’t win the dismal AFC East anyway.

  50. TB never “routinely cycled through phones” that who new held data pertinent to a current investigation and or alleged scheme or cover up. What reasonable person would destroy evidence that supports your innocence? But on the other hand it’s “routine” behavior that guilty people do to destroy evidence of their wrong doing. Yee knows that as well as the rest of us. Stop trying to play people for fools. The destroyed cell phone is the chip that just broke your clients back in the minds of Joe Q. Public. Nothing TB says is believable anymore. And that’s the result of TB telling one lie after another. TB chose to be a liar and a cheat. He alone is responsible for his fate, and not the NFL.

  51. It was only 28 people Commissioner, how long would that take to check their cell phone records? Not too long.

    You always said you wanted to take the necessary time to get this investigation right.

    Yeah right! You’re such a liar.

  52. Any competent lawyer knows the first thing you do when a proceeding is likely is to instruct your client not to destroy potentially relevant evidence, even if an.exciting new phone is coming out.

    If I were looking for a small, loud, abrasive animal to serve as a guard dog, Donald Yee would be high on the list. If I were looking for thoughtful, competent legal advice, he would not be.

  53. Please text me when this blows over. Season starts in 5 weeks. Probably beat the Stillers with Garrapolo at QB…

  54. So roger had the names and phone numbers of every team and NFL employee that Tom communicated with dating back to 2104 and Godell had the ability to get their phones (non-nflpa) and chose not to? He also was able to confirm that there were no additional texts with the equipment managers that may have been deleted?

    Just canceled my NFL ticket. Nothing else I can do….how sad Roger must be to be character assisinating over something he collectively bargained to be a 25k fine.

  55. So he gives the NFL ALL information from his phone in the form of cell phone records from his carrier? Then gives the identity of all people associated with calls and texts from those records? Where is the so-called smoking gun folks?

  56. It is true that the NFL could have checked every phone of every employee of the Patriots organization, searching for communications. They also could have requested all the records for the landlines. What they did ask for and did not receive was very simple. Give us the the cell phone of Tom Brady. He was, let us remember, at the center of the controversy. That the NFL could have gone a some hunt for messages doesn’t change the fact that Brady could have absolved himself by just handing over the dumb phone.

  57. Nice re-direct Goodell, let’s talk about destroying cellphones. I guess this is about gamesmanship. Unfortunately, the NFL has yet to even prove the balls were intentionally deflated to begin with, so proving who was involved would have to be secondary to proving it even happened.

  58. Is anyone else completely sick and tired of the nonstop spin from both sides on this matter? Both sides seems to be spewing half-truths to sway public opinion. It seems very obvious to me. It has gone on too long and it is really getting annoying. Not a Pats fan, but at this point I just want this thing to be over one way or another. Let a judge make a decision, then move on. No matter what the judge rules, people will have their own conclusions about this that will never go away. But please just end this whole thing quickly and move on!

  59. There is no way for Brady & Co. to spin that where that’s a good look for him. They must have kept that under the rug hoping Goodell would cave, overturn the suspension and not go to court so the discussion in the appeal hearing would never become public record.

  60. What an elobrate scheme to cover their tracks. They talk about cycling phones like this is something they do once every 3 months when it reality, they are creating a smokescreen.

    The other thing, “we were under the authority of the actual Commissioner, not private investigators with dubious authority” This sort of attitude explains a lot. To think that the Commissioner would pay an investigative service $5 million dollars and then have Brady and his agent regard them as dubious points to the total lack of respect they had for the whole process and this goes to the central heart of the matter. That Tom Brady doesn’t think the rules apply to him, somehow he is above it all. Sad, just plain wrong and he is about to find out that cheating, as minor as letting the air of the ball, is still cheating in the final analysis.

  61. TB was required to provide text messages he decided not to then tried to put the onus on the NFL. Isn’t part of the suspension all about noncompliance?

  62. Regardless of the outcome of DeflateGate there is one underlying fact that the Patri*ts and their fans just don’t seem to understand.

    America is sick and tired of Patri*t scandals.

    Even though most of these scandals were technically within the rules at the time they happened it speaks volumes that many rule changes immediately followed them.

    There is, always has been and will continue to be an unwritten moral code in our society that people adhere to the intent of the law.

    I know it’s true that there will always be people who will violate this moral code. Our professional sports teams should not be among them because of the influence they have over our children and society in general.

    The events that the Patri*ts have been involved in can be spun, massaged or explained away in any way you’d like. However, in the end it doesn’t change the fact they have continually violated our moral codes and intent of the rules time after time.

    Just because you can “get away” with something doesn’t mean you should.

  63. “we believe tom cycled through a phone at that time period”. You know your client destroyed his phone- much different than ‘cycling through’. And he happened to keep his cell phone prior to that one? So he DOESNT routinely destroy his cell phones- just the one? Oh ok, that makes much more sense, thanks Don.

  64. I honestly believe Brady.
    Goodell never does anything right.
    Only people who believe Brady cheated are AFC foes who can’t beat him.

    I’m a Giants fan.

  65. .
    It’s true that the PR move of changing the topic from the total non starter Well$ Report to ” Brady Destroyed his Cell Phone” won the day (aka the battle)

    However, the NFL won the “11 out of 12 balls were more than 2 lbs under game weight” battle too, but ended up losing that war.

    Being a PR man Goodell goes for the big media splash. But federal court is usually unimpressed with public opinion or spin doctoring. On the other hand, we’ve heard nothing from Jeffrey Kessler, and very little of substance from the Brady team overall.

    Also, there’s enough media distrust of Goodell that they’re not going to buy into his narrative without some deep reflection. Most adhere to the ” fool me once” doctrine

    Whatever the outcome, NFL owners in neutral cities better get used to the idea of sharing your market with the Patriots. The media will shadow Brady throughout the season and your team will become less important.

    It’s hard to believe that not one of the other 31 owners stood up and said, ” this is your classic lose – lose scenario. Even if we win in court, all we did was appease the anti Patriots segment while doing irreparable harm to the image of the league. After the crazies are appeased and Brady’s suspension ends , then what’s left? The stench of a sham investigation that will hang over the league for decades. Every future discipline case will be looked at through the Brady prism . Why are we pursuing something that hurts us all? To assuage Roger Goodell’s ego? Gentlemen, we’ve been had. ”

  66. Werent these team issued cell phones? Not personal ones, so the notion that Tom wanted the new iphone 6 like the rest of the world and upgraded is ridiculous. This is just months of formulated lawyer talk and all this really goes to show that the patriot culture is full of themselves and unwilling to shine any light on their true colors. I for one believe they have been doing both large and minor things like this for years now.

  67. I’m sure if the suspension was based on the lack of cooperation with the investigation than it is warranted. Maybe Don Yee’s gotta get out the rulebook and figure it out.


  68. So, by sheer coincidence, Brady can’t locate a phone that he “cycled” through during the majority of the season and playoffs and was a central point in the Wells report b/c he wouldn’t give it up, but he can locate the one prior to that? Hmmm seems a little odd. I could probably buy into that if I was a Pats fan tho!

  69. Yee is giving pretty specific information here. Who, what and when of calls and txts. Shouldn’t be too hard for the NFL to discredit, if he is lying.

  70. Right… so Tom Brady doesn’t have to surrender his cell phone.. but 28 other league employees should be compelled to do so because shortly after the league requested his cell phone information. Tom destroyed his cell phone.

  71. So now we’re babbling about a broken cell phone as if it has anything to do with this sham? My god people how are you this dumb? I love football but it’s getting harder every day to pay attention to the NFL. The league is an absolute train wreck.

  72. Yeah, Tommy was in such a hurry to get the new iPhone he waited until March to do so, even though the phone was launched Sept 9 (the plus came out on the 19th).

    The NFL has botched this though, through and through. While I believe Brady was involved, I don’t believe the NFL has done a good job of handling this. An one or two game suspension would have been plenty and the loss of a mid round draft pick and a smaller fine would have been enough for the team. This likely would have gone all away by now. But instead we have endless wrangling with Pats fans sweating nothing happened (only they believe that) and non-Pats fans believing it’s the worst thing that has ever happened (only they believe that).

    Let’s get back to football. I’m done with conspiracy theories.

  73. Why is it so hard for the media to find fired Patriots employees Jastrzemski and McNally and ask some basic question like .. ‘why did you refer to yourself as the deflator?’ .. ‘what were you threatening to go to ESPN about?’ and ‘why was Tom giving you free swag?’ Given that these guys are both unemployed, you’d think they’d jump at the opportunity to cash in on this situation. Unless they have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Pats… which in itself would still be an interesting development.

  74. At what point does the “general public” start to hold their nose at the stink of the “integrity” of the league office?

    The repugnant part is that many have done exactly what the league has done; abandon the junk science and now latch on to the junk phone angle to arrive at the conclusion they want to arrive at.

    The league, and these phoney people, disgust me.

  75. Goodell and his PR minions are lowlifes. This isn’t about justice, this is only about “winning the court of public opinion.” Goodell will go down as the worst commissioner ever. What a clown.

    Pete Rozelle is rolling in his grave.

  76. “Brady should have retained the data card.” First of all, what do you mean by “data card” since that term is not used for phones. Do you mean the sim card? Text messages aren’t stored on sim cards. Do you mean external (micro)SD card? Text messages aren’t stored on these either (unless you move them to it). So where are they stored? On the phone….which he “recycled”.

  77. In fairness, there usually isn’t a “data card” that retains text messages/call history/emails on smartphones. Sure, you could maybe back up some of that data, the method of doing so differs device to device, and if the phone was already “broken”, as alleged by Brady, the data would likely be irretrievable by any reasonable means (short of trying to remove the flash memory hardware from the device and attempt forensic data recovery).

    What I don’t understand is that previously the league has said that they didn’t even request the phone itself. They just wanted the information. So why the sudden focus on the device itself?

  78. The level of corruption in the NFL offices is staggering. If people don’t see how out of control Goodell is, then it’s only because they hate Brady more than the commissioner.

  79. I’m sure he just dropped in in the kiddie pool while playing with his kids. Happens to the best of us.

  80. This is going to get even uglier before it gets resolved.

    Pete Rozelle would have nipped this one in the budd, would have called Kraft directly before the AFC Championship game and said: ‘Hey, I have had two complaints about under-inflated Footballs. I will have someone up there to monitor the process. Make sure everything is buttoned up.’

    Goodell sets up a damn sting operation.

    The Pats don;t get benefit of the doubt, but a good commissioner would have taken care of this internally.

  81. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP! Whether your a fan of tome brady or you hate him THE NFL is trying to set a precedent. Players of a UNION DO NOT have to turn over there cell phones! I understand its tom brady and the patriots and you hate them and they have a history but COME ON I GUARANTEE ALL THE PLAYERS IN THE NFL RESPECT TOM BRADY FOR NOT TURNING HIS CELL PHONE OVER. Keep in mind someday this could be you team/quarterback.
    All the leaks in the NFL would you really give up your phone?

  82. Not giving the cell phone to Wells was the best thing for both part in this story.

    NFL can suspend Brady for not cooperating.

    Patriots and Brady can claim innocence and not lose face because there is no direct evidence.

  83. “Tom destroyed his phone” – only guilty men would do that!

    “Tom changed his phone and did not keep the old one” – we all do that!

    See what I did there, public ?

  84. more lies.

    everyone knows that iMessages don’t show up on your phone bill, and there is NO way to retrieve them once deleted.

  85. They focused on the cell phone for a very good reason. Brady had something to hide and obstructed the investigation. Any investigator whether, Ted Wells, the FBI, NSA, CIA, local prosecutor would have done the EXACT same thing. Yee’s reference to “junk science” is laughable. The science is not “junk”. It was the Patriots and their fans’ deliberate misinterpretation of science.

  86. So if the Pats/Brady take this to court. Can the NFL subpoena his phone records? Doesn’t whatever cell carrier you have still have records of calls/texts that were made from your phone number?

    Just curious.

    Obviously there is some stuff on there he doesn’t want known or else he wouldn’t have destroyed the phone.

  87. I imagine Yee is only to happy to have all these distractions moving focus away from the early facts which lit this up in the first place: For instance, Jim McNally – the self-proclaimed “Deflator”.

    I feel for the judge. There’s a lot of BS obscuring this whole ordeal – which boils down to a few pounds of PSI being used as a power struggle between the NFL and NFLPA. You would think those balls were Helen of Troy.

  88. I get it… America hates the Patriots. I get it America hates Tom Brady… You all want to see them crushed.

    This legal and purposeful crushing of the Patriots by the NFL is wrong. What they are doing goes against every principle this country was founded on. It goes against the basic rights that have and relate to due process and “innocent until proven guilty” and an individuals constitutional rights!

    What the league did is convicted the Patriots first in the court of public opinion with false information, got you all riled up and wanting blood , then investigated under the presumption of guilt and made sure to control all aspects of the process so their side would prevail and convicted the Patriots with “generalities and assumptions”. Then controlled all aspects of the appeals process to make sure their decision could NOT be overturned.

    All I want to know is why is that fair? Isn’t this America, the greatest democracy in the world???

    This isn’t supposed to happen here!!!
    Its disgraceful!

  89. This guy is on my radio just yammering lies. The PSI is in the papers the NFL just filed.

  90. The word deflator was used ONCE in the text BEFORE the season started but exploited extravagantly by Wells. As for the use of deflator for losing weight as being far fetched how about this text, ” Deflate. Give somebody that jkt” ( jacket). Wells did not expound on that as referring to footballs, did he? How convenient. This is how NFL operates in deflategate. Ignore info that would not jive with their narrative and refuse co-operation that would do the same. Now they are fixated with the phone because the real issue, PSI has no legs. This whole scandal is not about justice; it’s about malice. Pure malice.

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