Eric Berry on fighting cancer: Fear nothing, attack everything

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Chiefs safety Eric Berry met the media after his return to practice on Wednesday and sent a message of determination that explains why he’s back to work less than a year after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Berry was flanked by his parents, who he thanked along with the Chiefs, his teammates and many others for supporting him during his fight, and said that keeping a positive mindset was crucial to dealing with the disease. Part of that positive mindset became a motto of sorts for Berry over the last eight months.

“Fear nothing, attack everything,” Berry said.

It wasn’t always easy to do that. Berry talked about the fear he had that he would die in his sleep and how he had to set a goal of getting out of bed some days because of the toll that the treatment was taking on him. He also talked about the difficulties of working out and staying in shape while going through chemotherapy.

“There would be times I would work out and just end up crying after the workout because, first of all, I couldn’t believe that I made it through the workout, I couldn’t believe it was that hard,” Berry said. “I was trying to push myself to the limit, I couldn’t push myself how I wanted to. I had to break it down to really embracing the process and understand that everything wasn’t going to come back overnight. When you add chemo into something like this, that’s a whole different monster because it literally feels like you’re dying.”

Berry said the last eight months were a “battle every day” to get back to the spot he found himself in on Wednesday. Berry fought that battle very well and we wish him continued health and success for years and years to come.

49 responses to “Eric Berry on fighting cancer: Fear nothing, attack everything

  1. Who would have ever thought it would take clownish antics from Tom Brady to make Goodell the good guy.

  2. Reason to cheer for the Chiefs.
    Even better reason to cheer for Berry; the role model the NFL has needed for years.
    Never give up, always look forward, work hard, play hard, etc….

  3. I’ve known far too many people in my life who bravely fought cancer only to lose to it. So proud of you, Eric, and so happy you kicked cancer’s butt! Welcome back to the Kingdom #29!!

  4. Way to go sir from one Non Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor to another. You are an inspiration to us all. Especially since it seems only the bad apples are in the news….

  5. Probably should give the doctors and nurses exemptions…
    But seriously, best of luck to him.

  6. Welcome back, Berry! Looking forward to a couple of great games against you this season, glad you’re doing so much better.

    +Broncos fan+

  7. I didn’t have NHL as Eric did, but man, I just recently finished my last chemo treatment for what I had earlier this month. A lot of what he’s saying resonated with me. That first mile back I ran this month was the hardest I’ve ever done. But it gets better. At least I’m hoping so.

    Best of luck to Eric.

  8. Who would have ever thought it would take clownish antics from Tom Brady to make Goodell the good guy.
    Here is the headline for you:
    “Eric Berry on fighting cancer: Fear nothing, attack everything”

  9. That is the attitude needed to fight this disease. Keep the Negs way and focus on the good things you have, fight for them.

    I had cancer too, real treat to read what winners keep doing.

    Lovin in Prague Cz.

    Respect to Eric and his family and the Chiefs.

    From a Saints fan, You dat baby,

  10. Good luck, Mr. Berry.

    This story helps keep things in perspective. On a day when the Brady suspension, and Brady’s response to it, are soaking up all the news, this story deserves a lot more attention than that one. I’ll take courage over whining any day of the week.

  11. Eric Berry’s story is huuuuge. On so many levels. Absolutely awesome! So was Lauren Hill’s.

    And yet we have a 65 year old man be awarded with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage in Sports. Despite the award being fundamentally grounded in Sports, the award winner has been irrelevant for several decades.

    His/her most recent relevance was killing a motorist while he/she was distracted – and then making excuses and showing no true concern about anything other than transforming himself into a woman.

    Apparently, a 65 year old man wanting to wear make-up, lipstick, eyeliner and dresses is what ESPN considers more worthy of an award in sports for courage.


  12. Too bad Americans love scandals too much, otherwise this truly inspirational story that can be applied to many aspects of life would get more coverage in the media.


  13. nothing short of inspiring & amazing, great story

    if he can live by this motto & play by it this year, good grief the chiefs defense will be sick

  14. This guy is awesome. I don’t look forward my team facing him twice a year. But this is epic! Truly amazing story. I hope he never has to face a battle like this again.

  15. Congratulations! Hopefully you are also taking a long, hard look at WHY and therefore taking the right steps to avoid a recurrence down the road.

  16. It is going too be Epic when he runs out of that tunnel for the Thursday night home opener against Denver in week 2. #Berrystrong

  17. Once again, to those morally bankrupt soulless subhumans giving Thumbs Down to a human being defeating cancer…may karma visit you soon.

  18. @PhD
    What cancer patient / survivor can take “a long, hard look at WHY and therefore taking the right steps to avoid a recurrence down the road”? Do you know any cancer patients that volunteered to get cancer? How many cancer patients (except for maybe lung cancer / smokers) know why they got cancer? Your statement makes it sound like he has lived his life wrong and needs to analyze it. SMH.

  19. Well done big dog. Keep on trucking.
    Watch what you eat people. Half of our food supply is poison but it profits. Educate yourself.

  20. Always glad to hear about a successful fight against cancer.

    Next time one of you idiots is tempted to type in, “such-and-such is a cancer in the locker room,” remember that cancer is a very real threat to many of us. And there is no comparison possible between cancer and some ill-behaved athlete in the locker room. Always remember that.

  21. This guy isn’t just a top 3 Saftey when healthy, but a Great Role Model off the field -KC and fans(along with E.Berry fans) should all be proud to say this guy is one of “Their guys”
    Great Atitude Eric, congrats&keep working so we can watch you ball out again soon.

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