Eric Berry kept working out, gained weight during chemo


The Chiefs delivered some great news on Tuesday night when they announced that safety Eric Berry has been cleared to practice with the team less than a year after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and his approach to chemotherapy appears to have helped him make such a quick return to football activities.

On Wednesday, Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder said that Berry opted to have IVs during each chemotherapy session so that he could continue to work out while receiving treatment and that he emerged from his final round in May weighing a pound more than when he went into the grueling process. Burkholder said that Berry “sailed” through all of the tests that the team gave him and coach Andy Reid said all went well for Berry on the field.

“He looked pretty good out here,” Reid said, via B.J. Kissel of the team’s website.

Even though he kept in good shape while undergoing treatment, Berry will probably need some time before he’s back to full speed on the field given the length of his layoff. Assuming that process goes smoothly, it seems like a good bet that we’ll see Berry back on the field when the season gets underway and it will be hard to imagine a fan of any team will be rooting against that outcome.

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  1. It’s almost like he took on the poison of chemotherapy as a training handicap – like adding extra weight on a leg press.


  2. Chemo is no joke, for him to still stay in shape durring that time period just shows how bad ass Eric Berry really is.

    much respect for him, and this coming from a Raider fan.

    I now have one person on the chiefs to root for.

  3. love how the team rallied around berry after he was diagnosed… even houston put 29 on his undershirt and exposed it after each of his 22 sacks.

    kc never went after any of his salary or asked him to take a pay cut from his high cap number… i hope he appreciates it and stays a chief for a long time.

    berry, t branch, r parker and h abdullah form one of the best safety groups in the nfl

  4. I’m no professional athlete, but I did do 3 rounds of chemo and was able to workout the entire time. And I ended up weighing more than when I started. It affects everyone differently. If you don’t get the nausea, you can keep weight on, but you do lose some cardiovascular endurance during the process.

    Congrats to Berry!

  5. I’m a Raiders fan, but I lost my mom to lymphoma. Anyone who can stick it to The Beast is my hero; God bless you, Eric and May you live a long healthy life.

  6. Good news all around, especially to his family. As far as football goes, you Chiefs fans be pretty happy to have back on the team.

  7. Forget about his talent, Berry has so much heart and passion for the game. It’s just incredible how hard he fought and refused to let this beat him. Back on the field in less than a year….there’s your roll model.

  8. Everybody, please accept my apologies. I really tried hard to NOT do this but

    “there’s your roll model.”

    Uhh, you do you mean “role”?

  9. I give him the utmost credit. 4 years ago during chemo I told my wife after the 4th round of chemo I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to just die. She told me should would drag me there and put the needle in me herself if she had too. People who have not been through it don’t understand the mental toll it puts on you as well as physical. I will watch Berry this year with great interest and hope that he plays well after what he has been through.

  10. Pretty amazing. I didn’t think he’d play again. I wasn’t sure he’d even survive. Awesome.

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