Geno Smith “laughed” at poll calling him worst QB in league


ESPN recently took their annual poll of NFL coaches and talent evaluators to determine a ranking of the league’s quarterbacks and the result at the bottom of the list was the same as it was in 2014.

Jets quarterback Geno Smith brings up the rear again after a 4-12 season that saw him briefly benched in favor of Michael Vick. Smith said he “laughed” when he saw the results of the “hilarious” poll, which was also a repeat from last year.

“It was hilarious last year, too,” Smith said, via the New York Post. “It doesn’t matter at this point. We’ve got to work on us as a team. That’s why I hate to talk about individual stuff because it’s a team game. No matter what they rate me, wherever we finish at the end of the year is most important.”

Smith’s not wrong about the poll not amounting to a hill of beans when it comes to what happens on the field, but it’s not like he was ranked out of thin air. Smith has completed 57.5 percent of his passes and turned the ball over 41 times over two years in the NFL, which is why coach Todd Bowles isn’t shy about talking about potentially pulling him from the lineup during the 2015 season. Should that happen, Smith won’t be ranked at all in a list of starting quarterbacks in 2016 and probably won’t be laughing about it either.

42 responses to “Geno Smith “laughed” at poll calling him worst QB in league

  1. Kid says the right things. With the teammates around him, and an offensive coordinator who will play to his strengths, the kid could be average this year. Average should be enough for the Jets to make some noise.

  2. Good answer, but laughing and then repeating being the so called “worst” starter doesn’t sound too intriguing

  3. Worse than Manziel lol now Mort is really tripping, anyhow who believes this nonsense anyway. He is not a world beater by any stretch, but his last game i think he played really well.

  4. In other news, Hillary Clinton “laughed” at a poll caller her “untrustworthy” and Donald Trump “laughed” at a poll saying he had a bad comb over.

  5. I’m a Bills fan and honestly the Jets improved a ton this offseason…they signed 3 starting cornerbacks 2 of which started as a tandem there before…another perfect for the slot…they got Brandon marshall who loves catching td’s…zac stacy is prob the best rb they’ve had in a few years….they drafted leonard Williams to add to that already psychotic D line…I would have to say that w/ 0 run game, and one capable receiving target since hes been there, I don’t hope for it but it only seems natural that Geno will be a lot better off w/ the roster he has now compared to his past situations. #GoBillsTho!

  6. Wasn’t Geno the guy who said that if he wasn’t selected in the first round he was going to go home? And now he’s laughing at a poll that shows he’s the worst QB in the NFL? What happened between then and now?

  7. Geno is garbage. Even if he is average this year, they will be on the bottom of the AFC East.

  8. Smith is the worst starting QB – if Ginger Roger Griffin of the Redskins was as stupid as Smith, Ginger would have been the worst. But Ginger is at least intelligent – he’s still incompetent and a pretender but at least he has more than 2 functional braincells.

  9. Yeah I take that back. If this doesn’t include starting qbs, manziel is hands down the worst. He should be banished from the position after his game against the bengals.

  10. He would no even make the roster for the pats or Dolphins

    Why not? The Dolphins just resigned Josh Freeman. Not much difference between the two.

  11. He would no even make the roster for the pats or Dolphins

    Why not? The Dolphins just resigned Josh Freeman. Not much difference between the two.


    Freeman is 4th on their depth chart and is only being used as a ‘camp arm’.

    Fins will only have 2 QB’s on their roster – with the back up being Matt Moore (who, incidentally, is better than Geno).

  12. Says a lot about his work ethic and skill level. He has the ignorance to “laugh off” how NFL coaches and evaluators view him………not too smart Geno!

  13. If given a chance , Mat Moore would be better then Tannehill. Cannot believe Josh McCown is going to be a starting QB. Is the QB position really that void of talent ?

  14. I laugh when I watch him play. There’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t know he sucks and acts like an elite player.

  15. Freeman is 4th on their depth chart and is only being used as a ‘camp arm’.
    Oh now, lets not get defensive here. I was just responding to a comment.

    If anything, I would rather have Geno than Josh even if it for a camp arm. Josh has had 4-5 years to prove himself and hasn’t done so.

  16. Geno is not great, but he is absolutely not the worst QB in the NFL. I mean, let’s be grown ups here.

  17. As long as RG Knees and Butt Fumble are in the league, Geno shouldn’t worry about being last.

  18. Geno showed some promise last year. I would actually take him over QBs like McCown, Cassel, Fitzpatrick, and other QBS who have somehow lingered around as journeyman starters that you know will never do anything for you. Without Rex Ryan and some new weapons like Brandon Marshall on the outside I see Geno making good strides this year.

  19. That truth is that the Pats may currently have the three best QBs in the AFC East on their roster.
    Not a Pats fan but I still think its going to be pretty funny when they win the AFCE and once again go deep into the playoffs. Although it does look like the Dolphins have a decent team this year. They should also make the playoffs.

  20. So dumb, when you’ve got Blake Bortles, and that guy who’s not even on the Top 10 List of best LSU QBs of all time, Mettenberger (yes, JaMarcus Russell is on that list), among others active QBs in the league. Y-A-W-N. . .

  21. Jets defense looks great on paper and they have Bowles at HC. I’d start Fitzpatrick because I think he can manage a game plan better during the week and during the game.

  22. Geno (and some comenters here) needs to remember that this isn’t a poll of fans or other players but of the coaches and personnel men in the NFL that may or may not decide to bring him to their teams should the Jets part ways.

    Geno may laugh at it but in the end – these are opinions that DO matter and they’re the same guys who didn’t see him as a first rounder like Geno thought he would be.

    So far – they’re all right and the laughing man isn’t. Not by a LONG shot.

  23. It was probably a nervous laugh, but if I was about to loose my job I don’t think I’d be laughing. Jet’s have a short by-week this season, if he doesn’t have his act together by then Fitz will start. And after watching Geno play for 2 seasons, I’d rather see Fitz control himself with the ball.

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