Report: Jason Pierre-Paul to continue rehabbing on his own


On Tuesday, Giants co-owner John Mara criticized defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul for not letting Giants officials visit him in the hospital after his July 4 fireworks injuries and said that he doesn’t think Pierre-Paul is “receiving very good advice right now” regarding his lack of communication with the team.

It doesn’t look like Pierre-Paul will be changing his course as a result of those comments, however. Dan Graziano of reports that Pierre-Paul “isn’t likely” to be swayed by the feelings of the man who has been signing his checks the last few years. Per Graziano, Pierre-Paul will continue rehabbing on his own in South Florida.

Those checks are likely at the heart of Pierre-Paul’s desire to heal away from the team. If he signs his franchise tender, the Giants can put him on the non-football injury list and not pay him until he’s activated. The two sides could sign an agreement that guarantees Pierre-Paul his salary, but there’s no sign that’s on the table at this point and, of course, the Giants can still rescind the $14.8 million tag altogether.

If Pierre-Paul continues to stay away from the team, he’ll likely return when doctors tell him he’ll pass a physical that would eliminate the NFI possibility. There’s no timeline for that, although a source told Graziano that Pierre-Paul will be ready to play “sooner than a lot of people think.” Given the uncertainty surrounding his status, it’s hard to know when that might be and that’s probably not going to make Mara or anyone else with the Giants feel any better about the situation.

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  1. Seems like JPP is trying to control when his physical happens to make sure his full cap slot stays open. Or if he is confident he can get back to 100% relatively soon he could be angling to get them to rescind the tag and hit the open market. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. “Seems like JPP is trying to control when his physical happens to make sure his full cap slot stays open. ”

    He has to pass the team physical and be ready to play football. It’s not like he shows up with a note from his doctor … and then checks start rolling in while he parks on the bench.

  3. Remember when Pierre-Paul kept his injuries a secret from the Giants? Remember when he didn’t allow team doctors come in and visit him? Remember when JPP made a medical decision on his own and then decided on his own when he would come back to the team? I do and I’m sure the Giants do too.

  4. If you can’t trust someone that is irresponsible with fireworks, who can you trust?

  5. Can the Giants make him take a physical before he signs the tag? I don’t think they can but it seems to me that the tag was placed on a healthy JPP and then he hurt himself doing something stupid away from the team and the game. Why wouldn’t the guaranteed salary be contingent on his being able to play at the level he could when they tagged him? It doesn’t seem right to me. This is different than him signing the tag and then blowing out an ACL on the practice field.

    Just curious, has anyone confirmed he actually had his finger amputated? (other than a piece of paper that was leaked) I haven’t followed closely. With the level of stupidity and shadiness of some of these guys, I would not be shocked if he paid someone to generate a bogus schedule and leak it, waited for the Giants to rescind the tag due to the uncertainty and his belligerence and then showed up as a UFA with all his fingers. (yes it is very doubtful but I would not be shocked)

  6. He probably doesn’t want the Giants to see how poorly he can shake a hand, let alone fight off blockers. He knows if the Giants see him then they’ll rescind the franchise tag and he’ll likely take the year off.

    The Giants should pull back the franchise tag and just let it roll, I highly doubt this guy will hurt them in the future.

  7. Almost assuredly, Paul’s status as a premier pass rusher is a thing of the past. He will get a fraction of his sacks and I see the Giants dropping him after this season.

  8. The Giants are crazy if they devote a single penny to this clown before he’s inspected thoroughly by team physicians.

  9. Guess nobody here has ever watched a football game where the defender plays with a clubbed hand just fine. Making mountains out of molehills. Just a finger and the least important one at that.

  10. As a lifelong Giants fan I’ve seen a lot, but in my opinion John Mara is an absolute joke…..

    Mr. Mara (Wellington) loved the game, the team, and the fans…

    His son is nothing of the sort….the apple fell far from the tree…

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