2009 Jets-Patriots incident becomes issue in Brady case

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From SpyGate to #DeflateGate to tampering allegations to two (and sometimes three) games per season, the Jets and Patriots have had a combustible relationship in recent years. Fittingly, a previously unknown chapter in the rivalry has made its way into the Tom Brady suspension litigation.

Paragraph 111 of the 54-page lawsuit filed Wednesday by the NFLPA elaborates on a point briefly addressed in the ruling from Commissioner Roger Goodell upholding the Brady discipline. In 2009, the NFL suspended a member of the Jets’ equipment for attempting “to use unapproved equipment to prep the K[icking] Balls” before a game against the Patriots.

As the NFLPA points out, the NFL did not investigate or discipline the Jets kicker for “general awareness” or specific involvement, even though the Jets kicker (like Brady in this case) was the player most likely to benefit from the behavior and, in turn, the player most likely to be aware of the conduct.

The NFLPA explains in its lawsuit that the decision not to investigate or discipline the Jets kicker “was perfectly consistent with the Competitive Integrity Policy’s application to Clubs, not players.”

So why suspend Brady under a policy that applies to teams and not players? At paragraph 108 of the lawsuit, the NFLPA claims that “a fine would not have quenched other NFL owners’ thirst for a more draconian penalty.”

The 54-page filing says nothing more about owners wanting a “more draconian penalty,” and no specific owners are named. Given the history between the Jets and Patriots, the NFLPA probably believes that one of them was Woody Johnson.

98 responses to “2009 Jets-Patriots incident becomes issue in Brady case

  1. Wait, what? The Jets cheated? I want draft picks, a million dollars, the kicker suspended, and Woody Johnson has to test to see if the No More Tears shampoo really works on national TV at halftime of the first Monday Night game this year.

  2. The process is unfair. It’s clear as day.

    But I am not surprised. The NFL league office has been making it up as they go for years now. Same old same old.

  3. So add to this leniency for the Jets player, along with the leniency given to Jets QB Brett Favre for not giving up his phone, and it is clear that contrary to popular belief, the Commish is not in the back pocket of Kraft. This is twice now that a Jets player and a Patriots player are accused of the exact same “crime”, and both times the Patriots were punished 100 fold harder

  4. I have a feeling if there had been: 1) a series of complaints leading up to that suspension from various teams; 2) a string of text messages between the Jet’s equipment team talking about being the “deflator” and how pissed that’s Jets kicker would be if he didn’t deflate the balls; we would have had a suspension of that kicker as well. But sure Florio, please frame this article to support your obvious bias and agenda.

  5. Is anyone really surprised that the Jets are so favored by the league office? A number of high level office positions are filled by former Jets employees and it only seems to make sense that Woody Johnson is one of the owners most in Goodell’s ear.

  6. I have to give it to the NFLPA though, they have done their homework. They seems to be a well run ship compared to the NFL. The NFL appears to be a bunch of High Schoolers out to get their pound of flesh than doing what is thorough and right. Nobody believed the NFL when it said it never saw the Ray Rice tape, yet everybody believes the NFL when they are sticking it to the Patriots? Beware, the object of life is not tobe on the side of the majority but to escape finding yourself in the ranks of the insane.

  7. The Jets have “New York” in their team name.
    ’nuff said.
    Any team that complains about them will be the team getting punished.

  8. Shocking! The cadre of former Jets executives in the NFL front office didn’t spend millions of dollars and endless man hours investigating this horrendous scandal?

    If this information had come out now and it was the Patriots messing with the K balls how many haters would use it as evidence of a culture of cheating. But it’s the Jets (or the Vikings or the Panthers or the Chargers…) so it’s no big deal.

    The NFL should never utter the phrase “integrity of the game” again without a goofy slide whistle sound effect immediately after and a pause for laughter.

  9. Uh because Tom didn’t cooperate witth the investigation. You guys are the laziest, most irresponsible, or most inept people on the Internet.

  10. Absolutely a smoking gun. Nice job by the NFLPA digging this fact out. This is an equipment violation, nothing more. No player suspension.

  11. Incorrect communication on PSI. In a Jan. 19 letter to the club the day after the AFC Championship Game, senior vice president T. David Gardi wrote that an investigation was starting and one of the footballs measured at 10.1 psi. In the letter, Gardi wrote that each Colts football that was inspected met the requirements. That information was incorrect or incomplete; no football measured at 10.1, and three of the four Colts balls measured below regulation on one gauge.

  12. The more high profile you are the more attention you get. The jets should have been reprimanded – but not as much as the Pats. There are levels of cheating. The kicking balls are involved in how many plays during a game? 8? 9? Now how many offensive plays are affected by Tom messing with the balls? 50? 70? Both are wrong and should be punished, but one is MUCH worse. You cant compare affecting less than 10 plays per game to every single offensive snap. And the NFL was clear that it gets lots of complaints and not all are investigated- the Ravens complained about the pats and nothing was done. It wasnt until a colts player brought a patriots ball to them and said “this is deflated” that they looked into it. Pats fans can say it sucks to be caught, but u cant complain for being punished for cheating.

  13. If the Patriots truly believe they did nothing wrong, why were the ball boys fired? Remember them? The source of incriminating texts? Oh…THAT must be why they were fired – not destroying evidence like their commander-in-chief Brady. Jets did not cover up, deny, accuse or throw fits. As far as I know they took their discipline and moved on. It was handled…the end

  14. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how Steven Gotskowski did not hand over his cell phone, yet received no suspension or punishment?

    If obstruction is why Brady was suspended, why nothing for the kicker, who’s role is defined by how well he kicks the football?

    Because taking away the kicker doesn’t give the other 31 teams an advantage over the Patriots, but taking away Brady does.

    The league has said for years that it’s all about parity…..

  15. This shows the nfl double standard when the Pats are involved.

    other teams do something, no big deal.

    Pats do something suddenly its a massive cheating scandal.

  16. The Jets can’t even cheat properly. At this point I honestly feel sorry for them; at team dinners the forks probably all have corks on the ends.

  17. Nice job, Florio. I wasn’t a fan of you at first when delfate-gate broke, but it seems like you are interested in looking at both sides of the matter and exposing the hypocrisy of the NFL league office.

  18. Suggest reading the NFLPA filing it’s online and clearly shows the complete unfairness of this entire process to Brady. This fact is just one of the powerful examples in the filing.

  19. Clearly this is the smoking gun the NFL wishes it had for its case. Even as equipment violations go a $1M fine and 2 lost draft picks is beyond excessive.

  20. Problem is the Jets don’t have a prior offense like the Patroits did. An egregious offense trying to cheat at the leagues Championship Game. With that offense the Patroits organization was put on call – NO More of this BS. Period. That is why the std of proof was lowered to “more probable than not” for the Pats. Liars don’t tell the truth. So we don’t believe them. Ask Pete Rose.

  21. 7.5 months of talking about slightly deflated footballs, LMAO at how ridiculous Roger and his goons are. Stick um, roids, HGH, wife beating, DUI, rape, murder…Yeah, um, OK

  22. They are reaching back to something happening in 2009? Things change in 6 years. Ray Rice probably could have mention some domestic violence issue that the league did nothing about back in the 80’s and 90’s. Things change!!

    Also, how many people are convinced that the Patriots have been cheating with spygate, deflategate, etc.? That has a BIG impact on the integrity of the game….how people perceive the Patriots and would they have won SB’s otherwise.

  23. Presumably this is an equipment violation, but for the Pats it has to be changed to be a player infraction. Typical double dealing by the NFL to let the Jets gets off. Cheating cheating Jets, and double dealing by Goodall. He’s obviously having his strings pulled by Irsay and Bisciotta in the deflagate inquiry, and they only care about the Pats.

  24. Im glad Mike Florio as an Attorney can point out the Problems with the NFL’s Case.

    Have you ever met someone who was stupid and knew they were stupid???

    Well if you think its ok to warn and fine some for the same actions then im talking about you.

    Now if the NFL had a brain they would develop a list of violations and the punishments get it in the CBA and apply it to EVERYONE!

  25. They should go pay Wells to investigate if Jet players were generally aware that one of their coaches would trip an opposing player during a game.

  26. NE is a repeat offender. pretty simple why punitive level was increased.

    brady is a whiny little beeatch. sure he is a great. hall of fame QB. but off the field he is an elitist, entitled spoiled brat.

    he and Sydney Crosby should hang out together.

  27. What is ironic about this story is that ESPN ran an outside the lines story claiming the Patriots tried to introduce a non approved kicking ball into the Colts game. All the crygaters here were in an uproar after hearing the story. And just like the Mort report, it was proven to be wrong but the haters continue to believe everything they are fed that makes them feel better and fits their agenda.

  28. Man does the NFL look bad or what.

    Someone will have to be fired over this..if this was a private sector company they would have been…LOONNGGG ago.

    The defamation by the media has been deafening leading the sheep along the way.

    how embarrassing for the League…

  29. 1, kickers don’t have much impact on the game. We only notice them when they miss FGs under 40 yards.
    2. These are all red herrings until someone can explain a guy referring to himself as “the deflator” – and no, it had nothing to do with weight loss.
    3. The phone was a known sticking point and the aw shucks QB thought it ok to destroy it.

    That is all

  30. This thing has gone on long enough with a lot of extraneous information coming out every day. What’s next? Darrelle Revis was on both those teams. Only reasonable to assume he’s the “deflator”, right??

  31. Ya but, as stated by so many, the jets haven’t dominated the league for 15 years. do that and the witch hunt will be ON.

    Pats dominate our thoughts…and our teams…

    -colts fan

  32. The difference is it’s a kicker getting an advantage for kickoffs compared to a high profile quarterback getting an advantage for every pass attempt.

    No one can argue that a number of individuals within the NFL have ties to the Jets, but I see 0 evidence of favoritism towards them, so any suggestion of a bias is really just general hatred towards the Jets.

  33. If Tom Brady destroyed his phone by beating Giselle into unconciousness in an elevator with it, it would only have been a two game suspension, and that is with a security tape of the infraction.

  34. Wow…. the league looks worse and worse. How far does the corruption go? What else has the league done to cover up Jet cheating? We know they covered up the taping at Foxboro. This league is filthy!

  35. So Jets using unapproved equipment to prep balls. Kicker was “More Probable than not” to be aware of this- Let’s Suspend the Ball Attendant.

    Vikings and Panthers use a heater to warm balls on side lines in cold temps.- Let’s give them a verbal warning

    Chargers use a towel with stickum on it, deny said charges- We will fine em $20,000

    Bret Favre doesn’t hand over cell phone in Jenn Sterger dick pic gate- Let’s fine him $50,000.

    Ray Lewis obstructs justice in a murder trial- We will fine him $250,000

    Pats are alleged to let some air out of balls, deny said charges, league spends 5 Million on an investigation and find out it’s “More probable than not” the QB knew about it, yet exonerates team and coach from any wrong doing- We are going to fine them 1 Million, take a 1st Round Pick, make them suspend one full time employee and 1 game day employee and suspend the QB 4 games.

    The NFL is a complete joke. They constantly botch things when it comes to player discipline and just make things up as they go along in an attempt to cover their own ass which gets handed to them on a regular basis when push comes to shove.

  36. Here’s how many legitimate Super Bowls the Patriots have won BEFORE Spygate: 3.

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Jets have won since 2009TamperGate: 0.

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Redskins have won since Joe Gibbs returned to the league: 0

  37. The phone is a red herring

    Brady supplied Goodell with records from his carrier containing a list of all numbers he communicated with by phone and text. They are tied to 28 known individuals in the league. Brady suggested Goodell contact them for the texts.

    Goodell refused, opting for the PR value of a broken cellphone.

  38. The most public tampering with the league’s most marquee corner back during a high stakes contract renegotiation with the Patriots netted Johnson only a $100,000 fine. Integrity of the game is out the window at that point.

  39. Why werent the refs investigated and suspended and fined when they inflated the footballs to 16 psi when the Jets played the Patriots and still lost.

    Typical Goodell no rhyme or reason to his punishments. This clown needed to be fired a long time ago.

    I hope Brady and Kessler take this punk down. He needs to be sued for $1 billion to make sure this pubk never sees an NFL office ever again

  40. Here’s how many times the jests have MADE IT to the Superbowl since man landed on the moon: 0

    This whole carny act is pure gold. Please go on forever. Fans of losing teams endlessly weeping is just too good.

  41. Just wait until Goodell is done with this, if he professionally survives it.

    Because he’s coming after your team next.

    ..and he doesn’t need a lick of hard evidence. A lawyer with evidence on a warpath.

    He’ll be judge, jury, and executioner, and all on a whim.

    But that’s what fans will deserve after cheering on such lawlessness. You’ve unleashed a fascist monster with incredible power.

    Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

    …and if you supported this witch hunt, then YOU will deserve it.

  42. Who knows…that’s the point. There’s no consistency in this league in regards to sanctions. Why did Sean Payton get a season…Belicheck not a single game?

  43. Not even a Pats fan but…seriously? For everyone saying that it’s not as bad when it involves the kicker because it doesn’t give THAT much of an advantage? Hasn’t it already been pretty well proven that letting less than a breath of air out of the ball provides next to no advantage as well?

    And the phone? It’s been said for MONTHS now that he wasn’t giving his phone under any circumstances so what does it matter that it was destroyed? It’s not like the NFL has subpoena powers.

    This has turned into a legit circus at this point.

  44. Further evidence that there are two sets of standards in the NFL. 31 teams are allowed to ‘cheat’ and ‘practice gamesmanship’ as Aaron Rodgers admitted when he said he played with over-inflated footballs. But with the Patriots, it becomes a federal case and we must take them down and embarrass and humiliate them because they’re too good and everyone hates them.

  45. Did the kicker specifically instruct the Jets equipment team how to doctor the ball? Was the kicker involved or have any input at all? The NFL thinks that Brady did. Also, I think worse the they infraction itself was Brady’s refusal to cooperate and possibly even cover it up. Therein lies Brady’s four game suspension…..

  46. So, none of you read Goodell’s ruling, huh? Makes you wonder why they didn’t bother to mention that this was already covered by that (and before the NFL PA ever put it in their appeal)…

    The conduct at issue here is also very different from the incident involving the Jets’ equipment staff member who ”attempted to use” unapproved equipment in plain view of the officials to prepare kicking balls prior to a 2009 game against the Patriots. There was no evidence of any player involvement. However, it bears mention that the Jets’ employee was suspended from his regular game-day duties for a period longer than the suspension under review here.

  47. Brady was suspended for not fully cooperating with an investigation and the destruction of evidence. Maybe the kicker fully cooperated and didn’t order possible evidence destroyed the first day of said investigation.

  48. I will remind the haters that in the AFCCG, the Colts played thee whole second half with balls below the required psi and the Patriots played with balls above the required psi. The second half score was Patriots 28, Colts 0. Please explain the advantage of lower psi again because I must be missing something.

  49. To those who said his destruction of the phone doesn’t matter because the NFL doesn’t have subpoena powers- well, the federal government does have those powers and Brady is smart enough to know mobile phone carriers only save text messages for a very short period of time – therefore, no phone – no texts.

  50. So if this offense was from 2009, thats more recent than anything the Pats have been involved in, yet they are currently being punished as “repeat offenders” b/c of Spygate. The Jets tampering charge should be revisited! Thats 3-4 incidents in 5 years in you include the Alosi cheating!

  51. Everyone must realize that the NFL baboons wanted to Frame the Pats, they know where their checks come from, the Jets helped by a bribe from the Colts.

  52. It’s gotten to the point where if I read an article here and there’s an obvious pro-Patriots bias, I don’t have to even read the byline to know it’s Florio.
    1) In 2009 the league was operating under a different CBA. The players had the current CBA shoved down their throats in exchange for not losing a bigger piece of the pie and the current one allows for further discretion and power to the Commissioner.
    2) There was no lame attempts to cover things up, like ‘Deflator’ is his nickname because he’s losing weight and ‘I always destroy my phones when I am getting a new one, BUT here’s the one I had before that one that somehow I didn’t destroy, but has no bearing on the case…’ Add to that the ‘Well, now that we’ve talked to person B and C, we have more questions for person A…’ Sorry..we already gave you your time with person A, you’re not getting any more.
    \All of this lead to the increase in severity of the punishment, which was, by the newer CBA, under the discretion of the commish.
    If they want to change that, by all means, strike, don’t get paid and force the NFL to come to the table to renegotiate the CBA. You’re all close to millionaires if you’ve been in the league for a couple years, you should be able to survive a short time without pay. (I still remember Sam Adams saying he couldn’t stay with the Ravens for 1 million dollars a year because ‘he had to feed his family’)

  53. And the same guy that snuck the pats game balls into the bathroom had a incident were he tried to use practice balls for game play back around this same time.

    Not only did he get off back then. It wasn’t included to form punishment now as a repeat offender.

    Where as the Jets employee was suspended from his regular game-day duties for a period longer than the suspension under review here.

  54. Of course it is one of the many things referenced in the filing brief. Among the basic tenets of any argument pertaining to a dispute involving a CBA is law of the shop. Past precedence, consistency and procedure loom very large as factors to be weighed by the judge.

  55. It’ a shame how unfair this whole thing has been. We’re talking about a rule that has never, in the history of the NFL, been enforced until someone suspected Brady. An infinitesimal amount of air that may have possibly been intentionally let out of the footballs on Brady’s command…maybe. Since then, there has been a systematic dismantling of Tom Brady’s character from the beginning with the false reports of 11 of 12 balls a full 2 PSI low. No one has been able to explain why it took so long to correct that information. The Wells report was a whole lot of speculation and interpretation of texts sent during the offseason. The punishment is way overblown and Goodell’s refusal to recuse himself and allow a neutral arbiter to hear Brady’s appeal was a draconian move. No texts were found from Brady’s phone on any of the phones that they had access to, but that was not enough in their opinion. They wanted access to Tom Brady’s personal cell phone so they could find incriminating evidence which most likely never existed in the first place. So far, everything has been spun to make Brady look guilty, so why would he trust Ted Wells to look objectively through his text messages? It’s not about guilt or innocence, it’s about perception of guilt or innocence. Ted Wells played like a prosecutor instead of a neutral fact finding investigator like Goodell claimed, and he has sufficiently manipulated the public’s perception of Brady. With all the people shouting “cheater!” it’s easy to forget that this is something that no one cared about before now. The most frustrating thing is that Goodell could have easily fined the team $25,000 for each low football and ended it two weeks before the Super Bowl. That would have been more in line with every other punishment, such as using a sticky substance on the ball and heating the balls during a game. I don’t recall any $5,000,000 investigation into those scandals.

  56. Good points, Florio

    You should have Michael McCann on as a guest. His layout of thelegal landscape and your league insights would make for a fascinating conversation.

  57. Another thing that doesn’t really add up for me is the fact that Walt Anderson and several other refs were interviewed by Wells, and all of them were asked if they ever remember McNally leaving with the footballs without permission, and all of them said “no”. If McNally has been always deflating footballs per Brady’s orders, how was he able to do it with a ref accompanying him to the field? Anyone care to take a stab at that one?

  58. The NFLPA will get its injunction. Brady will play the season. The federal court will rule that Goodell cannot be both the punisher and the aribitrator.

    The court will remand the matter back with instructions for the parties to secure a neutral arbitrator. Then the hearings will all begin anew and Brady and the NFLPA will be able to present their case before a neutral arbitrator.

    At that stage it is possible that All witnesses will be issued a subpeona to testify under oath before the arbitrator at an arbitration hearing. All of them. McNally, Jastremski, Brady, Walt Anderson, Grigson, Vincent, Kensil, Pash, Exponent, etc. and possibly even Wells and Goodell.

    Discovery will be wide open. The NFL will NOT want that. At that stage, watch the league SCREAM “Attorney-Client Privilege”. The NFL will try to protect all of its communications from discovery. Watch. That’s how top-down monolithic organizations work.

    Brady will supply all of the electronic data he can from his phone and will by then attach names to the accounts. He’s in a position to do that.

    The NFLPA will present its experts to try to establish that the footballs were not deflated beyond what would be expected by science. And the NFL will have to justify its right to punish a player for not providing data from a personal cell phone (even though by then the raw data at least will have been provided).

    Once the arbitrator rules, effectively that ends the case. Courts are extremely reluctant to overturn a decision by a neutral arbitrator, whatever that decision is. Courts are not so reluctant to reverse a decision of an arbitrator that has a conflict of interest (i.e. Goodlell) notwithstanding the provisions of the CBA.

    I have no idea what a neutral arbitrator will decide, and neither does anyone else. If someone tells you they know, they are either guessing or lying.

    The long term fall out from this will be that there will now be precedent from a federal court effectively declaring that the commissioner of the NFL cannot be both in charge of punishment and arbitration.

    This will affect not only the NFL, but also possibly MLB, NHL and the NBA, amongst others. Watch for these leagues to ask to intervene with their own amicus briefs at some stage.

    By the way, I am not a Pats fan. I am a Giants fan since the days of Parcells. But I have no axe to grind with the Pats either.

    Although I can’t predict the final outcome, I can say that the NFL should be embarrassed at how it has let this issue explode like this.

    In my judgment, even if Brady had direct knowledge that balls were being slightly deflated (which seems less likely than not) he did nothing wrong.

    The 12.5 to 13.5 psi has nothing to do with competitive advantage; it is a MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATION. Even Wilson (the manufacturer) admits that.

    Think about that for a second.

    The NFL can’t even tell you why 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi is so important. Do you know why? Because it isn’t important.

    The league allows receivers to wear sticky gloves to get a better grip on the ball. QBs can wear the same gloves. Why can’t QBs set the psi to their preference? Why is that so wrong? Why doesn’t the league want QBs to get a good grip on the balls?

    This whole fiasco is about power, and has been for a while now. It is no longer about whether some footballs were slightly deflated and the importance of that. It started out that way, but it evolved into something much larger.

    Some of the less intellectual players will never understand that, but the smarter players will. This is setting up to be a good old fashioned labor vs. management war.

    And it never had to happen. Nobody will win. Brady’s legacy will forever be clouded by this controversy, even if he is exonerated.

    If the league loses control of player discipline, this will be a VERY different league and may cause some (many?) fans to lose interest in the game. And even if the league wins, what exactly has it won? It already had control of player discipline and it bloodied and battered one of its all time great players and teams (regardless of how you personally feel about the Pats, Belichick or Brady). For what? To assuage Goodell’s ego?

    How sad.

  59. This is Goodell’s Watergate and Waterloo rolled up into one

    There’s a trail of public breadloaves showing the following

    1.) Goodell and other former Jets executives were informed of allegations BEFORE the championship game but chose to conduct a sting operation
    1.) Goodell and the NFL purposefully leaked false information to create a false scandal
    2.) Goodell and Wells had to do major sommersaults of logic even to find that “maybe” Brady knew something about something that “maybe” happened regarding footballs which don’t appear to have been deflated

    All of this demonstrates that Goodell himself presents a threat to the integrity of the NFL and has tarnished the Shield by continuing an effort to unfairly frame and slander Brady

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

    This will not end well for Goodell – that’s for sure

  60. dagcity says: The difference is the kicker didn’t go out of his way to destroy his phone and lie about everything

    Wow – good detective work – he didn’t impede an investigation THAT NEVER HAPPENED

    Did you really miss the entire point of this article?

  61. boisestatewhodat says:
    Jul 30, 2015 11:41 AM
    Who knows…that’s the point. There’s no consistency in this league in regards to sanctions. Why did Sean Payton get a season…Belicheck not a single game?


    I am pretty the league had Saints’ internal emails showing that this was going on. Whereas there was nothing on NE and therefore could not suspend Belichick

  62. Here’s my conspiracy theory:

    Kraft and Goodell meet. Kraft backs down. Goodall goes full throttle and upholds the suspension but he (league offices) purposely spells out out the reasoning in such a way that it can be picked apart in court by the NFLPA. Kraft gets to rail against the league to win back any support he lost. Goodall placates the other owner. The entire thing gets tossed back to a neutral arbitrator.

    There is no way the Commissioner’s office could mess up a disciplinary matter again, right?

  63. Great post that shows the ridiculous inconsitencies of NFL discipline

    PLEASE DONT FORGET that SPYGATE started in 2006 AFC wildcard playoffs, when a Jets Team Employee was kicked out of the Lighthouse concourse at Gillette Stadium for filming the Patriots sideline

  64. If LetsgoBuffalo has ever actually watched a football game, he would know that SPECIAL TEAMS is a huge part of game and that a made or missed field goal or two can swing a whole game

    Also there is still no actual evidence that Brady or Pats did anything, whereas this is concrete and incontravertable

  65. The DOLTS saying the Jets are not repeat offenders were probably not even aware that the Jets were caught taping the Patriots in the 2006 AFC Wildcard game at Gillette Stadium

    It just wasn’t made a big deal because of moron Goodell and his double standards, duplicity and dishonesty

  66. The NFL staff are the one who tried to pass a non-official kickball to the referee. He gave it to the Pats ball boy to hand it to the referee during the Colts game. Probably trying to frame the Pats right there. Gostkowski did not turn over his phone, rightly so.

    Of course the Jets gets special treatment. Tampering? No big deal, when they should have lost a draft pick.

    So now Brady gets suspended not for probable than not generally aware of the boys deflating the footballs but for replacing his private phone. I guess the air vanished in more ways than one.

    Seriously, Goodell and his ex- Jets minions has to go. They corrupted that office to go after the Patriots on top of being generally being incompetent.

  67. The difference is the kicker didn’t go out of his way to destroy his phone and lie about everything

    The kicker didn’t get investigated. BTW, Gostkowski didn’t get investigated either, nor did he give up his phone. Even though there were K-Balls that were illegally introduced into the same AFCCG.

  68. Hey Jets fans, enough trying to justify that it was just a kicker and it doesn’t matter… Not like anyone could kick a softer ball through the end zone or anything or like a guy like Nick Folk needs to add distance to kicks. I mean the guy is automatic from 45 out and never has any issues kicking it over the line…. Hahahahaha, sucks when the shoes on the other foot. As a Bills fan I’m loving this. At least the Pats win championships!!!

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