Alameda County wants out of proposals for new Raiders stadium in Oakland

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Oakland officials planned to submit a letter to the Raiders on Wednesday outlining a proposal for a new stadium at the site of Coliseum, but they never handed it over because they couldn’t get Alameda County to sign on to the deal.

Instead, the county wants the city to buy them out of their stake of the Coliseum land that they share with the city. County supervisor Nate Miley said that the county’s exit from the negotiations will make it easier to work toward an agreement on a new building.

“Having a two-headed government agency overseeing the management of a sports and entertainment venue is not necessarily the most effective way for any of the parties to function properly,” Miley said, via the Bay Area News Group.

The county’s exit from talks would be complicated. There’s $100 million in bond debt that needs to be paid back and the city and county would need to come to agreement on a payment plan because, as Miley acknowledged, “the city doesn’t have the money.” That could take time and the clock is already ticking on Oakland’s chances of holding onto the Raiders with plans for a stadium in Los Angeles already in motion.

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  1. I live in the East Bay, and every day it becomes more and more clear that Oakland prefers to keep the A’s. The league keeps asking Oakland “what will you do for us” and the city’s position has long been “nothing”.

  2. About time. Getting the county out of the mix is a good thing, one less political hurdle. Now it all comes down to where will the city get the money to pay for it.

  3. Really, who has it better? How about another 12 players retire off of your roster? Or maybe dismiss a top 3 coach in the league? Yea, so much better. Lol at the mess jed York has made.

  4. ‘…as Miley acknowledged, “the city doesn’t have the money.”’

    The clanking sound you hear is the empty coffers of local governments when billionaire owners, or, as seems to be the case in Boston and the IOC, swaggering mega-event execs who like to think they merit a red carpet merely by knocking on the door.

  5. THIS is exactly why the Los Angeles Coliseum lost UCLA, the Lakers, the Rams, the Clippers and the Raiders. This is why USC negotiated to run the Coliseum exclusively. For decades, the Coliseum Commission was a 3 headed conflagration of City, State and County with 3 members each. With constantly changing members all with different political agendas, it was difficult, if not impossible, to come to agreements with a single mind. Specifically,the key individuals responsible for convincing Al Davis to come to LA, were off of the Commission shortly afterwards, leaving Davis with no support, and broken promises. The less politicians involved, the better.

  6. If they ain’t got the $$$, they ain’t got the $$$. Go ahead and give more money to the Raiders while the city infrastructure continues to crumble.

  7. The NFL made around $7B last year. they could build 2 stadiums a year and still have over $5B to give to the owners.

    time for billionaires to get off welfare.

  8. I’m still a property owner in the East Bay and am STILL paying through property taxes the massive renovations Al Davis demanded the county pay for on the condition he returned from LA.

    a) let the multi billionaires pay for their own lavish palaces.

    b) Keep Alameda County taxpayers out of it. If they built a football only stadium, it would sit empty over 350 days out of the year. How is that cost beneficial? The Raiders don’t want to pay one single cent. Let them pay off the remainder of their first renovations.

  9. The city of Oakland is doing all it can to drive the Raiders out of there.Which in all honesty is a bad idea.Oakland needs the Raiders while a city like San Diego which attracts tourists from all over the world doesn’t really need the Chargers.Its San Francisco that draws people in the Bay Area Oakland is just the glorified crappy suburb.

  10. I’ve always felt that the best place to build the Raiders a brand new stadium is in the Nuffer Resevoir area between Portand and Salem Oregon. They’d need to propse a new off/on ramp off the highway; plenty of land and plenty of people to come to the game.

    It takes funding of course. The infrastructure costs would be high, but the ramp could be used for other new ventures there; like a 6Flags or a huge mall.

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