Bernard Pollard says he’s healthy and ready to play

Getty Images

When safety Bernard Pollard requested his release from the Titans early in the offseason,  the Titans gave him what he wanted but no one else has signed the veteran to their roster for the 2015 season.

The big reason for that is likely the torn Achilles that Pollard suffered in Week Five of the 2014 season. Pollard says that he’s spoken to five or six teams and says that he understands their concern about his health, but says that everything has healed to the point that he’s ready to play.

“I’m only 30 — I’ve played this game at a high level and I can still play at a high level,” Pollard said, via the Tennessean. “Plenty of NFL teams are telling me that they’re really, really looking at me, but they’re like, `How’s the injury?’ I’m like, `It’s good. Yes, the injury happened, but I’m perfectly fine.'”

Pollard hasn’t visited any teams yet, although he says he’s had conversations with clubs about what he’s looking for and what they are willing to offer. Now that teams are in camp, those conversations could pick up with clubs that aren’t satisfied by their current safety options.