Even though Robert Kraft doesn’t, Jerry Jones backs Roger Goodell


Patriots owner Robert Kraft changed his tune this week, going from a conciliatory shrug to defiance, saying: “I was wrong to put my faith in the league.”

But another owner who has had his share of punishment from the NFL said he thinks commissioner Roger Goodell is still doing a good job.

He’s got obviously a very tough job,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com. “Now I see some people doing that, that’s that old violin that’s not feeling too sorry for him because that’s why you pay the big bucks is to deal with the big problems. But he’s doing an outstanding job. I can tell you firsthand that in his spot you have to with people that you are counting on to help build and to help excel as far as the National Football League, I’m talking about the owners, you have to know that you’re going to make some decisions that are very unpopular with that particular group. This is the case.

“I can speak to that because on a personal basis as well as for my franchise and our Dallas Cowboys franchise, we’ve had that happen to us. I’m sitting there living with the result of the commissioner’s decision still today that I didn’t agree with when it happened. And so some of the very people sometimes that have the biggest complaints, they’re the ones who give you a phone call and say, ‘Hey let’s be a team player now and let’s all get in here and realize that this happens to everybody and let’s go on and compete. We’ve got a great league and a great game.'”

Kraft had previously been a team player, saying it was best for the league for him to drop any complaints over the team’s #DeflateGate penalties. But when Goodell upheld quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, Kraft lost it, and went back on the offensive against the league in general.

While the $1 million fine and loss of a first- and fourth-round pick is harsh, so was Jones losing $10 million of salary cap space for taking advantage of the uncapped year.

“He has to make hard calls,” Jones said of the commissioner, “and more often than not, you’re going to have a season or you’re going to have a period of time where those go against you as an owner in the NFL.”

Of course, Jones’ pro-Goodell stance (and those are getting fewer and farther between) might be helped by the fact a four-game suspension keeps Brady out of a game against the Cowboys.

Much like Kraft, Jones knows that what’s good for him is still what’s best for him.


41 responses to “Even though Robert Kraft doesn’t, Jerry Jones backs Roger Goodell

  1. I understand the sentiment but losing 10 mil in cap space is nothing compared to a first round pick, 4th round pick and your starting quarterback for 4 weeks.

  2. And no mention of the Redskins losing 36 million(18 mil spread out in 2 years)
    And people wonder why the skins struggled to put a consistent winner on the field. It’s always something.. But the NFLPA gave goodell this power, now they must live with it.

  3. “He has a tough job. He made a decision we didn’t agree with but we still think he’s doing a fine job.”

    Verbatim what Kraft said a year ago when the Ray Rice scandal highlighted Goodell’s incompetence and willingness to lie and cover up the truth. Lots of good that statement did Kraft in the long run.

    The truth is Goodell does have a tough job, and sometimes you have to wonder just what people want from him. But the nonstop lying, the hypocrisy, the obsession with his image as “the enforcer” while still letting some off the hook for cheating & harboring criminals and coming down on others to make pointless examples… that’s all Goodell the megalomaniac. He can’t not make a mess out of things and has an army of cronies to make sure it happens.

  4. In other words, Jerry thinks he has a better chance of winning a game, so Roger’s actions are all good…

  5. Um, Jerruh, it’s easy for you to back Gooddell despite being punished for salary cap violations, because you were GUILTY!!!!!!

    Kraft has every right to be pissed at Gooddell because the NFL’s $5 million investigation couldn’t prove that the Patriots did a single thing wrong, and the league has changed this from being about deflated footballs, to being about a cellphone.

  6. Bob Kraft has to have wondered whether or not that this league is for him anymore. And is Roger Goodell still the right guy to lead the league anymore? This hasn’t been handled correctly since its inception. Good luck to Goodell, he’s making enemies now.

  7. Jerry Jones payed his way out of court,what about the problem he had with a female.Goodell and Jerry belong with each other.

  8. The reality is “what’s best” for individual billionaires, does not always align. Shocking I know.

    Look at what happened in the NBA. One secretly recorded conversation by a mistress caused a billionaire to lose his team even though it was illegally recorded and he said nothing illegal.

    All because the mistress wasn’t going to keep her expensive car and apartment.

    He got convicted in the court of public opinion and the rest is history.

  9. Maybe he agrees because it keeps Brady out of their game.

    Or maybe all the other 31 billionaires have grown tired of being team players for the NFL by watching Kraft and the Pats repeatedly and brazenly cheat to win, and letting them getnaway with it with slaps on the wrist.

    From Spygate to talking to Brady when not allowed to cutting communications for the opponent to not reporting to the refs during games and then gloating about it deflategate along with reduced fumbles to all the other things we all know they’re doing but haven’t yet been caught for…

    There’s a reason many in the NFL wanted an 8 game suspension and the fact the Patr*ots continue to whine shows they think, like many entitled athletes, that being allowed to cheat so long equates to the rules not applying.

  10. Not surprised at all consider the response to the ruling. From where I sit it looks like 31 other owners, 31 other fan bases and most media other than PFT believe Brady cheated, got what he deserved and for them it is time to move on. If Brady wants to torture his team, continue to feign innocence when even the most undereducated Patriots fan understands the evidence clearly points to his guilt, then his act is falling on deaf ears. Even Boston media has resigned themselves to this fact. Quite frankly, I doubt that Brady will appear in an opposing stadium and not be greeted with stadium wide chants of “cheater”. The suspension will stick, he may get an injunction but who is to say that by game 16 of the season the ruling comes and at this point does anyone think Goodell would relent and allow him to serve it the next year. Not after all Brady has done and the mud that he and Yee has slung. Brady and the Patriots are going to get medicine that all other owners and fan bases believe is long overdue.

  11. ain’t it curious… now that Kraft knows (or at least believes) that the cellphone – and it’s contents – has been destroyed.. he SUDDENLY jumps full-square into backing Brady…
    Certainly, Goodell upholding the suspension wasn’t a surprise to Kraft and this was, after all the same man who so strenuously denied that his accepting of the NFL punishment against his team had NOTHING to do with the Brady negotiation.
    I know this much – if TB actually DID give his phone to an assistant to be destroyed, I’d demand to see the wreckage – if I were him.
    Sooner or later, the two Moes and, very possibly, this mysterious assistant will doubtless be called to testify under oath… and I’m not so sure that any of them are gonna risk a perjury charge just for their own personal Gipper….

  12. Before all the uninformed nitwits respond please take note that the Cowboy’s and Redskin’s were effectively “crippled” for two years by Goodell for something much less than what Brady**** did.

  13. Your team gains a competitive advantage by Brady not playing against them, so yeah Jerry we get why you stand by Goodell.

    It’s not too difficult for us average people to see. I wonder what your response would be if the suspension had been reduced by 1 game and Brady plays against Dallas. Still stand behind Roger then?

  14. This senile old phart never passes up a chance to blab more drivel into a microphone. He’s as much of a publicity hound as Trump. So tiring…. sigh….

  15. How’s it feel, Robert Kraft, after you screwed the Redskins and Cowboys, to be on the receiving end?
    It’s long overdue, that you be the receiver rather than Goodell’s mouthpiece !

  16. .
    Jones may be happy about Brady missing the game at Dallas, but I would bet that many Cowboys fans will be bitterly disappointed. The hardcore fan has the ” bring it on” attitude. They’re not depending one suspensions and injuries to help them win. They want the Super Bowl Champions at full strength in their house and let the best team win.

  17. Kraft can whine all he wants, but the exclusive club he’s in has 32 members. And those other 31 members aren’t supporting him on this one.

  18. Mr. Kraft,

    I’m hoping that some day you’ll understand why DeflateGate has become the polarizing event it has evolved into.

    It has very little to do with Brady’s guilt or innocence. It has everything to do with the actions of the people you employ.

    In too many of the scandals the Patriots have been involved in recently a rule change has closely followed. At the time of the scandal the Patriots were within the letter of the rules but in many instances they were not within the intent of the rules.

    Legally speaking, the Patriots did nothing wrong.

    However, legality and public perception sometimes have very little to do with each other.

    You of all people should be well aware of that.

    Shame on you for allowing it to continue the way it has.

    After all is said and done Mr. Kraft it is you and you alone who has brought the current situation on your franchise and caused irreparable harm to what should have been a proud legacy.

  19. Yeeeeee,hawwww, lets all get some glory hole! Is it me or is Jerry’s mind turning to mush?
    I think Stevie boy needs to pull the reins back on dear old dad before he makes a fool out of himself again.

  20. The Patriots have an embarrassment of riches. A highly profitable team, a HOF QB, multiple SB’s and the winner of the most recent one……

    Dont you think theyd just quit while they are ahead? Why be greedy? Take your punishment like a grown up like every other team would.

  21. I find it somewhat ironic that those commenting on Jones’ motive for supporting Goodell is based on a deduction. Yet most of those same people cannot deduce that Brady should have been aware of the balls being deflated and either participated or simply stood by and let it happen.

  22. Wineshard says:
    Jul 30, 2015 11:06 AM
    I find it somewhat ironic that those commenting on Jones’ motive for supporting Goodell is based on a deduction. Yet most of those same people cannot deduce that Brady should have been aware of the balls being deflated and either participated or simply stood by and let it happen.


    Good old Mara was backed by the owners to reduce my Boys’ salary cap due to a contract (Miles Austin) in a supposedly uncapped year 🙁 It put us in salary cap HELL for a long time! Course Mara the snake, only did it to his division rivals….lol….However, what goes around, comes around, and the Giants have done horribly since..:D 😀 Even through that, JJ did not agree, but did not go off on a rant like Kraft!!! He still supports Goodell. Kraft looks like a fool, just like he did when this all broke, and he DEMANDED an apology from the NFL. 31 other teams are sick and tired of the Pats total belief that the rules do not apply to them…Surprise!!! I am so glad that Goodell held his ground and keeping my fingers crossed that court agrees!!!

  23. You reduced Greg Hardys suspension from 10 games to 2. Oh Roger, thank you. You’re doing a wonderful job and I have your back.
    Your bff

  24. Goodell’s legalistic, conservative persona is ridiculous and I’m not quite sure what purpose it serves other than making it seem okay for him to make inconsistent decisions regarding the actions of league employees and players, with complete disregard for similar situations from the league’s past which could have provided templates for consistency. If I ever see him, I’ll probably tell him I don’t like him.

  25. I think Tom Brady should just get a slap on the wrist, or better yet Goodell could have Adrian Peterson take him to the woodshed and whoop him with a hickory stick. That will teach him a lesson.

  26. Let’s see how much support Jerruh throws the Commish’s way after he slaps the Broncos and Cowboys with penalties for collusion.

  27. There are a few land mines remaining this year. Decisions on relocation to LA (San Antonio perhaps) could have Kroenke, Spanos, Davis & JJ in the same mood as Kraft.

  28. “Of course, Jones’ pro-Goodell stance (and those are getting fewer and farther between) might be helped by the fact a four-game suspension keeps Brady out of a game against the Cowboys.”

    Good old Gantt — where he constantly assumes that every single human’s opinion is based on pure self-interest.

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