Kam Chancellor a no-show for start of Seahawks camp

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The Legion of Boom could be a bust, at least for now.

With safety Earl Thomas likely headed for the PUP list and cornerback Richard Sherman still a bit of a question mark after not having surgery on an elbow he dislocated in the NFC title game, safety Kam Chancellor has opted not to show up for the start of camp, due to dissatisfaction with his contract.

Per multiple reports, Chancellor officially will be holding out.

He’ll be subject to a fines of $30,000 per day for each day missed as he tried to get the Seahawks to enhance a contract that runs through 2017. He’s due to make $4.55 million in 2015.

Chancellor is the lone no-show, which means that defensive end Michael Bennett has opted to report, despite dissatisfaction with a contract of his own that runs through 2017. And quarterback Russell Wilson is present and accounted for; a holdout for him was never a possibility, even though as of this posting he doesn’t have a new contract.

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  1. Ridiculous. It’s much more justifiable to hold out with a year left on a contract, but not 3 years. What’s next? Holding out on a future contract while simultaneously holding out on the current contract? #smdh

  2. Seagags are falling apart and everybody is loving it especially everyone in California. You are the number one hated team in the NFL which is crazy since nobody knew you had an NFL team ten years ago.

  3. Well, with the injury rehabs of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, Chancellor certainly is in the best leverage position he can hope for in quite some time.

  4. This guy has 3 years left. Don’t cave and fine him as much as allowed per the CBA. Great player but trying to renegotiate already?

  5. Welcome to the price of success Seahawks fans. Belichick and the Patriots have weathered this for 14 years now. If you guys want to be the next dynasty, you need to know who is expendable.

  6. Jeez, what a classy guy.

    I’m starting to believe the people that say this team is going to succumb to grade.

    Bennett, Chancellor, and Wilson simply are not thankful to live in the world they live in.

  7. Que the “Seahawks are gonna suck this year” comments. Yeah, we heard you last year. The roster is still one of the best in the league. And despite a terrible decision in the Super Bowl last year this coaching staff will get this team together and ready like always. Gonna be a great year. Hopefully ending is Santa Clara playing in front of all the niner fans. That would be sweet. Can’t wait till we see some real football.

  8. Ugh. You never want this kind of thing to happen to your team, but it always does. Pay the man and let Wilson wait. Defense will keep Seattle in the mix and they should take care of Wagner and Chancellor and keep the core of that unit together.

  9. The first time we heard that Kam was disappointed with his contract and might hold out was a day and a half ago. Since management has been focused on Wilson and Wagner, he had to have known there would be no time for management to even formulate a response.

    There is something here that doesn’t quite make sense–something a little more to his complaints. I will be intrigued to see what happens over the next few days with Kam.

  10. How stupid. This clown and his so called agent don’t have the brains they were born with.

  11. Love Kam – but he’s getting terrible advice here. His agent made a comment that he’s not paid like a “top 10 safety”…an erroneous statement as Kam is the #2 paid “strong safety” behind Eric Berry.

    So…his agent wants him to be paid like a free safety?…wanting to be paid like Earl Thomas?…uh….ain’t happening…

  12. Kam is underpaid. 31 other teams would love to have him at SS. Dudes the best big SS since Atwater and lets his play do the talking. You can’t ask for a better player.

  13. Seattle set themselves up for multiple holdouts by doling out huge cash to guys like Harvin. Their own home grown talent has been seeing some huge numbers given out and want a taste. No way do they get Wagner done and pay Russell his. Their good depth has been getting picked clean a piece at a time.

  14. I love Kam this doesn’t change my opinion of him except for how stupid his timing is. He has multiple years left and purposely got a front loaded contract which paid him on par with his peers at the time. Through a combination of play and time and struture of deal it appears he’s underpaid yet he would have been over paid in years previous. Is Kam gonna hold out? Hell no he won’t he might miss a few days but having around 3 years left on a deal and losing 30 k a day will not ease this issue. Same with Bennett..

    I don’t care about people getting their money I take it easy and definitely not personal just stupid circumstances in both Bennett and Kams case. Need better advisors maybe.

  15. GREAT player, deserves to be paid more than Wilson. I really hope Deone Bucannon of the Cardinals, in year 2, can start laying people out like “BAM! BAM!”(Chancellor’s nickname, right?)

    Never, ever a good sign if players hold out or start wanting money. It happens, you can’t be good forever. I feel like it may be the Cardinals year, possibly, with all of this domestic violence PR. The Cardinals have the least criminals out of any team in past years. Now they got a woman intern. And what better way than to have Fitzgerald, out of all African-American players, holding up the Lombardi Trophy? Class act all the way!

    The Seahawks will still be good, but they will take a slight hit. They did lose some contributors and lost some good coaches. They’ll get a wild-card spot. I feel like the Cardinals have waited their turn, after seeing the 49ers & Seahawks in the past 3 Super Bowls. Seeing a healthy Carson Palmer instead of Lindley in year #13……..number 13 could be the charm! Go CARDS! And hopefully Seattle, everyone stays healthy, including you guys.

  16. Remember when he gave ‘little’ Julian Edelman his best shot in the SB and he just popped up and kept running like the energizer bunny? That was awesome.

  17. Kam knows better. I don’t see them renegotiating at all this year. Next year, they may offer to slide money from the last year of the contract, but that will be it. If he still feels strongly enough to lose money over it by missing camp, he must have some serious reasons such as considerations regarding his long-term health.

  18. All we’ve heard from delusional Seahawks fans is how their players are team-first and are gonna take home town discount. The vitriol they spewed before and after Kap’s contract is especially ironic now that their 1-2th man bubble is bursting.

  19. Lose the Super Bowl realize your never going back heck I’d want to get more money too. All those protein bars are expensive

  20. Just here to lol. This is only the beginning and I got my desires set on watching this team crash and burn. Hate em all. When I feel down I watch you tube videos of the fans kids crying after Mr. Malcolm Butler. Last season I had to read hawk fans talking about Davis and Boone and how money was tearing us apart. Life comes at you fast when you revel in a rivals despair. My lol isn’t reveling in hawk pain its simply giving back what we got last season

  21. As a fan of football, I am a bit confused over the “re-doing” of contracts. In the business world I am familiar with, a signed contract is binding, and certainty does not need to renegotiated with three years remaining on the contract.

    “Kam Chancellor has opted not to show up for the start of camp, due to dissatisfaction with his contract”. I strongly believe a player (employee) who falls to honor a contract should be fired on the spot.

    If three of four of these NFL Divas would get te axe there would be a lot of screaming, hollowing and gnashing of teeth.

    After the smoke cleared, the crying stops , the NFL would be in a position of strength to negotiate in good faith with players.

  22. Schooled by Gronk almost every time they matched up one on one in the super bowl.

  23. Have been a Hawks fan for years,but these guys are being so stupid.Wilson can have a franchise tag put on him for the next two years and Chancellor is under contract for the next two years. Come on guys,just play football !!!

  24. pantherpro says:
    Jul 30, 2015 11:09 PM

    Seagags are falling apart and everybody is loving it especially everyone in California.

    Of course.

    That’s because we’ve beaten your team like you stole something.

    Which you probably have.

  25. Their good depth has been getting picked clean a piece at a time.

    And yet more success than any team in the NFL.

    Better hope they quit drafting.

  26. He’ll show up sooner than later and not be fined. They need each other. Better to handle this like adults and I bet they do.

    Besides, they have a better chance to go deep in the playoffs sooner than later.

    One thing is for sure, the narrative of one big happy family of a year ago is gone.

  27. Don’t worry Hawks fans, Pats fans have heard the same lame comments for the last 15 years that you’ve heard the last couple.

    Enjoy it for what it is, the crybaby fans of other teams whining is really a backwards complement.

  28. trade him..get some draft picks’and get tour next stud in the draft..easy way to gain control of your team..get rid of the nonsense..

  29. Seahawks fans calm down. This is about missing few weeks of training camp. He’ll come in and the Seahawks will wave the find. He’s just dready for two a days. He’ll be in

  30. What’s wrong with this picture?
    – You recently signed a new contract that runs thru 2017.
    – You are bitching about wanting more money, yet you are willing to give up $30k/day in fines to make the point you want more money.
    – If Seattle trades you, by holding out you sure have not endeared yourself to any other teams mgmt.
    – Have you had too many head injuries recently or what?

  31. Wow look at all of these hateful and jealous comments. For those living on the moon this is a stunt to get out of camp. The Hawks will roll your team this season with Kam ON the field. Idiots. Go HAWKS

  32. “harrisonhits2 says:
    Jul 31, 2015 9:56 AM
    Don’t worry Hawks fans, Pats fans have heard the same lame comments for the last 15 years that you’ve heard the last couple.

    Enjoy it for what it is, the crybaby fans of other teams whining is really a backwards complement.”

    That’s a bit rich coming from a Pats fan who have single handedly become the worst fan base in all of sports whining incessantly on EVERY single thread on every single sports talk board about Brady and the big bad Goodell is out to “get” the Pats. It’s clear as day to any rationale fan what happened, but you Pats have turned off the reasoning and higher intelligence part of your brains and only hear what you want to hear.

  33. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jul 31, 2015 9:47 AM

    Their good depth has been getting picked clean a piece at a time.

    And yet more success than any team in the NFL.

    Better hope they quit drafting.

    Correction the Patriots have most success over past 15 years. There fixed that for ya

  34. Why are niner fans here talking at all? Seriously, your team was the joke of the NFL last year and will be the bottom of the NFC West this year. You know it’s bad when players in their prime would rather retire than play for your joke of a team and head coach who couldn’t put together a coherent sentence if his life depended on it.

  35. He is definitely underpaid, because there are strong safeties around the league who are paid much more than he is being paid. Examples are Donte Whitner of Cleveland and Antoine Bethea of he 49ers. OTOH, can he afford to pay fines of $30,000 a day? Russell Wilson has agreed to terms with the Sea Squawks. They still need to sign Booby Wagner to an extension. Wagner may be a higher priority than Camp Chancellor because last year Seattle’s offense was bad when Wagner was out with a turf toe.

  36. Chancellor and Thomas might be the greatest safety duo ever. Can’t break that up. They are legendary. Pay the guy. He installs fear in receivers. Remember the broncos receivers? they wouldn’t run within a 10 yard radius of the guy.

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