NFLPA hopes other owners will follow in Kraft’s footsteps


Patriots owner Robert Kraft took an unusual step this week when he publicly criticized the league office, saying Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend Tom Brady and saying that the Patriots were wrong to trust the league office to handle Deflategate appropriately.

Those words were music to the ears of the NFL Players Association.

NFLPA spokesman George Atallah said on Mike & Mike that Kraft was saying many of the same things the union has been saying about the league office doing a poor job of enforcing the league’s own rules. Atallah said he hopes other owners will listen to Kraft and agree to a new disciplinary process.

“It says a lot when you have an owner echo the sentiments of our union. It says a lot when you have someone like Robert Kraft, who is respected around the league and obviously in the league office, say the things that he said with respect to fairness and process and faith in the league office. Those are the things that, frankly, give us a lot of validation for many of the fights that we’ve had over the last several years. Now the hope is that other owners will step up and say, This disciplinary process doesn’t make sense. We need to negotiate a new one with the union.”

Atallah said Kraft is now learning the hard way that someone needs to stand up to Goodell.

“For somebody like him to step up and say that he made a mistake by not fighting the initial discipline against the team, that’s exactly why we fight everything,” he said. “We fight every violation of our players’ due process.”

It’s not often that the players’ union views an owner as an ally, but that’s how the NFLPA now views Kraft. The union and the Patriots have a common enemy in Goodell.

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  1. If the Union is prepared to play footsie under the table with the Patriots, how about they forget about the entire Malcolm Butler issue from a few months ago. Oh… “that’s exactly why we fight everything.”

  2. Kraft is right but I seriously doubt he’ll get Jerrah, the Rooney’s and the Mara’s on his side.

  3. NFLPA, Shut Up! You can make great strides with this one on your own. You may even be able to give up less when you collectively bargain. But even Kraft isn’t going to just give away the store.

    There is no need to play this out in the court of public opinion. Handle it behind closed doors where it belongs.

  4. The owners are reluctant to do anything as long as the money train keeps chugging along.

    You would think though at some point they may step back and take issue with the millions of dollars being spent to constantly try and uphold the loosey-goosey decisions being made by the league office that keep getting over turned in the court of law.

    Or, maybe the owners are happy with the incompetence because it keeps the NFL in the news cycle without realizing at some point people will become fatigued and eventually sick of the ongoing negative stories surrounding the league.

  5. Please. The rest of the league is thrilled about the appeal decision. They’re desperate. There are even reports that some of the player reps from the union are pissed the union is being so aggressive. Players and the other teams in the league WANT Brady suspended. This isn’t even about fighting for Brady. They’re fighting for ammo to have the commissioner’s office striped of appeal power. This is all about the player’s union as it always is.

  6. Really. The NFLPA and Kraft should know that Goodell already has the vast majority of owners behind him or that he wouldn’t have stuck to his guns with regards Brady and the Patriots. Duh.

  7. One lying, whining, arrogant, fraudulent owner is more than enough. Hopefully the other owners will tell the loathsome Rober Graft that his culture of cheating in NE must come to an end.

  8. Do Patriot fans have a cheat sheet sent out by the team of what to say to deflect blame. Key phrases to use fans: Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, cold weather, faulty PSI, framing Tom, normal procedure to destroy memory card and phone. Please refrain from discussing lying, cheating, ball boys, text messages, lack of fumbles, secret bathroom visits, Tom admitting in interview in 2007 he likes his footballs slightly deflated, history of team regarding rules.

  9. Yes, I’m sure the NFLPA hopes other owners criticize the process, and sports talk hosts, politicians, and fans too! I don’t think it’s very likely though.

  10. Wasn’t it wrong of the owners to influence Goodell to uphold the suspension earlier this week? Now it’s ok for them to pressure him to dismiss it? Can’t have it both ways guys, sorry… Also, when you say “someone needs to step up to Goodell”, do you mean his employers? Cause that’s what the owners are… They put him in this position to do exactly what he’s doing, but now he’s out of control? The comissioner runs the league, if you don’t want him to run the league or discipline, maybe you should have voted for it, if there were only a way for that to happen. Oh, wait, there was… The CBA.

  11. well maybe if kraft hadn’t stabbed both snyder and jj in the back, they’d be supporting him instead of godell.

  12. The NFLPA and the owners negotiated and there is a CBA is in place which gives the commissioner the authority to hand out discipline. When you destroy evidence, it’s and admission of guilt. A judge is going to throw this out immediately.

    The players association stating that “Kraft standing up to the commissioner says a lot” is a joke. He’s standing up for his own team. If this happened to a division rival and he stood up to the commissioner that would be a statement. He’s doing nothing but protecting his own assets.

  13. Having a sports commissioner making rulings on societal/criminal matters that are best handled by law enforcement, is questionable at best.


    having a sports commissioner making rulings on sports cheating (and other SPORTS matters) is a good thing for sports (and fans).

    Now is not the time to criticize the league office – they are actually doing work the work they should – ensuring games are fairly contested – which, by the way, is paramount to fan’s faith and support of the sport.

  14. The Ravens beat ’em in 2007-refs cheated. Pandemic. Cheetahs forever-4 asterisks.

  15. “NFLPA hopes other owners will follow in Kraft’s footsteps”

    Translation: NFLPA hopes Kraft will distract the public from the fact that they didn’t bother to fight to take away any of goodell’s oversight when they had the chance

  16. Saints, Redskins, and Cowboys fans are laughing at this, given that the league and its owners screwed them over with the bounty scandal and the infamously phantom uncapped year.

  17. I guess people finally see the light only when it happens to them. Before this Kraft was Goodell’s biggest supporter and thought he was doing a fantastic job. Even as Goodell was violating the CBA and getting his decisions over turned by every truly neutral arbitrator. ……now that the penalties has hit his team and his golden boy hard all of a sudden his tone has changed.

    The NFL is sorely missing an AL Davis in his prime owner who doesn’t stand for any bull from the league.

  18. “The union and the Patriots have a common enemy in Goodell.”

    The NFL hopes football fans don’t realize we all have a common enemy: Goodell.

  19. Awwh poor kraft made an assumption the penalty would be lessened but wasn’t boo hoo. The NFLPA is still whining about the CBA they negotiated. I’m sure most owners are against a team that ruins the integrity of the league by cheating multiple times thats why Goodell stuck to the punishment levied.

  20. Need to negotiate a new what again? Pretty sure Robert Kraft isn’t advocating giving greater power to the Players Union ya friggin moron.

  21. “Wasn’t it wrong of the owners to influence Goodell to uphold the suspension earlier this week? Now it’s ok for them to pressure him to dismiss it? ”

    This is a pretty consistent trend I’ve noticed regarding suspension supporters: they either can’t, or don’t want to, objectively look at the facts and reach their own logical conclusion.

    Here, I’ll explain the difference: Goodell was to be the sole arbitrator during this appeals process, but had owners attempting to sway his opinion behind closed doors; that would be a clear breach of the very CBA that the league kept citing to defend Goodells decision to hear the appeal himself. Robert Kraft waited until the appeals decision was made, then criticized it publicly.

    Not the same thing.

  22. .
    Leaving aside whether you think that Tom Brady is guilty or innocent, would you, as an owner, hire Roger Goodell and pay him 44 million?

    If this is all 44 million buys these days, then our economy is a shambles. You’d be better off investing in what’s inside the burning paper bag that the neighborhood pranksters left on your doorstep.

  23. Kraft tried to pay off the cheating & it kicked him in the balls…. TOO BAD!!! If you & all the owners would have had Goodell fired Kraft & the patsies would still be cheating & would have avoided all the scandal!!! I LOVE IT the patsies are CHEATERS that FINALLY got caught!!!

  24. Robert Kraft held a press conference to appease his fans as well as his own disappointment, but he just cost himself a lot more than the $1M fine and lost draft picks. His comments will be used against him and the league not only in the Brady appeal, but in numerous subsequent union lawsuits and future collective bargaining negotiations. I’d say right now that Robert Kraft’s standing with other owners just took a significant hit. Too bad, he’s been a real asset to the league.

  25. Reality: The majority of the NFL owners will be united with Goodell when it comes to Deflategate. Kraft is persona non grata amongst other owners at this point.

  26. If the NFLPA didn’t like the language in the CBA that stipulated the methods and procedures that were to be used by the commissioner when dealing with player discipline regarding rules violations then why didn’t they make a big stink about it during the CBA proceedings?

    You can’t sign the contract and then come back later and cry that you don’t like it. Next time NFLPA, get better lawyers before you sign it!!!

  27. Kraft won’t even follow in Kraft’s footsteps. We’ll see new pictures of him sharing a romantic moment with Goodell within weeks. There is no money to be made by fighting the league and Bob Kraft will fall back in line sooner rather than later. Just like he did in San Francisco. When is the next owners meeting scheduled for?

  28. Sorry Kraft, but sports world is SICK of you and your franchise. No one, including you had anything negative to say about the Rooneys encouraging the league to suspend Big Ben when he, like Brady, had a SIX game suspension over unproven allegations. He may have been a creep but he acted like a man and apologized for his boorish behavior and apologized to the organization, Steeler fans and everyone else who was negatively affected by his decisions. He took his punishment and moved on. The Steeler organization viewed his alleged behavior as a black eye and wanted to distance themselves and their brand from the scandal…and to let the public see that their tradition was more important than the outcome of the season. Funny how we hear about the wonderful Patriot way of doing things until it comes to paying the price for your underhanded ways. Then you are more than willing to publicly bash the very commissioner you supported until now. The same commissioner who DESTROYED the tapes that proved spy-gate was far more incriminating than you were punished for.

  29. Wow…criticizing the refs usually ends badly – just ask Harbaugh when he complained to the refs for not calling the illegal motion in the playoffs against the Patriots.

    I can’t imagine criticizing the league – this might end badly even if you are the NE Taints.

  30. Patriots have received special treatment for years from Goodell. Coach/player friendly schedule with playing the least amount of teams coming of bye weeks since Goodell took over and other things such as opponents playing tough games in a stretch and the Patriots being the last team in that stretch, etc. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, even after another very nice schedule game placement, Kraft is going to complain, cry, and pout.

  31. Kraft’s position has absolutely nothing to do with fairness in how discipline is applied league wide…..only as it applies to his Pats! The NFLPA is dumber than a box of rocks if it thinks otherwise. If Goodell’s decision says anything, it is that the majority of other NFL owners are sick and tired of the Krafts and Jones of the NFL get preferential treatment and perhaps pressured Goodell to finally do something.

  32. Let’s be clear – Kraft said he was “wrong to put his faith in the League”

    That’s a major slam at Goodell – calling out the Commissioner for being biased an unfair – and Kraft further issued the challenge to have the League come clean about which sources were the ones seeking to slander Brady with the “11 of 12” story that Chris Mortenson has YET to explain how he came to be used as a propoganda tool for those in the League office out to get the Patriots

    Goodell himself lied in the 2nd sentence of his 20 page ruling – stating the NFL was informed of the deflation concerns at HALFTIME

    This is an outright LIE as there is a paper trail that the League was informed WELL before they initiated a sting operation

    It’s a sad day when it’s clear to ALL to see that there is no integrity in the NFL League offices

  33. Read the NFLPA’s brief, it is available on their website. Among other things, they show that the league had no idea about the ideal has law, consequently failed to record key information numerous times, and even Wells’ own paid scientific consultants admitted they did not have clear evidence of tampering and had to make “assumptions” about key evidence. Oh, and the same lawyers that drafted the Wells Report officially represented the NFL at Brady’s hearing, showing that their “independent” report is a sham. Fun reading.

  34. Free Jim McNally and John Jastremski, let them take the oath and give testimony!

  35. Where was Kraft when the Cowboys & Redskins were docked salary cap space? Where was the NFLPA? Oh yeah, the NFLPA signed off on it.

    Or when the Saints were hit with BountyGate? Where were all the crying Pats fans then?

    Saints, Cowboys & Redskins fans must surely be smiling while thinking “not so funny when it happens to you”.

  36. I hope other owners with rings follow in Kraft’s footsteps as well…

    Vlad Putin

  37. I don’t think Kraft has the backing of the other owners at this moment. I’m pretty sure they’ve had enough of his teams shenanigans. Cute of the NFLPA to think that though.

  38. brady at first wanted nothing to do with the union. now he is claiming his privacy rights are protected by his union membership. which included apparently the right to destroy the phone from which information (now evidence with the filing of a lawsuit) was being sought; and to wait until 4 months later at the appeal hearing to provide a spreadheet with 10k lines.

    what a hypocrite for now being a union brother, and what a liar who has now destroyed way more than his phone.

    must be the patriot way….

  39. Potentially having raped two women is miles apart from an unproven allegation that air was potentially let out of footballs. That’s like comparing apples to grenades.

    And for all the people celebrating about this: just wait until it happens to your team. When you’re crying and moaning about how stupid and unfair Goodell is, think about why all Patriots fans are so upset now. It happened to the Saints and now the Patriots. 30 more teams left to screw on Goodell’s list

  40. “What?

    The NFLPA wants all owners to endorse cheating?

    Since when?”

    No they want them to endorse the CBA. No matter what you think Brady did or didn’t do you can’t suspend a player for not turning over a phone nor for equipment violation.

  41. NFLPA would destroy the league if they could it seems, thinking they could make their own and keep all the cash.

  42. Follow in his footsteps? Screw Kraft, you took punishments and screwed over our fanbase to stay buddy buddy with your billionaire clique. Yeah you think Goodell was going to overturn anything he does without a media frenzy calling for his head (ie: Ray Rice) Get real. This shouldnt get the same press as a domestic violence case but it has gotten MORE. You made the organization look bad and it didnt help Brady. This stupid unwarranted witchhunt fiasco should never have dragged out this long. Its all parties at fault. Mostly the NFL and Kraft. You should have appealed from day one, you jerk.

  43. Players start saving your money now. You will need to form your own league. If the NFLPA caves in on 1 demand in 2017 i think it is, then they are dumb.

    The Players will be in the drivers seat

  44. These other owners who were also smashed by Goodell who apparently the NFLPA wants to rally to Kraft’s side? They might not like Roger any more than he does, but they damn well remember Kraft being the “assistant commissioner” and gleefully backing up with support every last decision Goodell made until it was his turn on the NFL Wheel of Justice. Then it’s tantrum time, it’s whining time, it’s suddenly so unfair. Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, might dislike Goodell a great deal, but I don’t think he’s exactly weeping any tears for the guy who stood by Roger calling his team barbarians getting a dose of his own medicine.

  45. Actually, they’d better not hope that Kraft defies Goodell.

    In union matters, whenever management becomes divided, regardless of the issue, it’s only a matter of time before their more conservative voices win the day and become even more entrenched in whatever anti-union stances they’ve assumed.

    Kraft is a minority. You can bet that the majority of owners are in Goodell’s corner on this and Kraft is on an island. That doesn’t bode well at all for the union.

    It’s kind of shocking that they don’t know this, but then again, this is one of the more inept unions I’ve seen, so nothing suggesting their ineptitude shocks me.

  46. I am no fans of the Patriots at all. But people who complain that the Patriots keep getting an easy schedule obviously don’t know what they are talking about.

    The schedule is a formula, You play your division (6 games)

    One division from the AFC, one from the NFC (pre deterimed rotating schedule (8 games)

    The last 2 games are determined by where you finish in your division. 1st place plays the other 1st place teams, 2nd plays 2nd etc…

    The Patriots have been playing in the worst division for almost 2 decades and still have to cheat. They’re schedule doesn’t matter.

  47. Do people really think Brady should admit to doing something he didn’t do and apologize, in the process throwing two equipment guys under the bus because the NFL wants Brady to say those guys deflated footballs?

    I will say it again. Brady’s chances of a fair hearing with Vincent, Kensil, Pash, and Goodell were the same as Tom Robinson’s in that small town Mississippi court in To Kill A Mockingbird. Should Tom Robinson have plead guilty? Would the book be the best seller it has been for over 5o years if Robinson and Atticus Finch submitted to the lies?

    I know it is hard for the Patriots and Brady haters to admit that they support injustice but that’s the reality.

  48. NO!

    The tail (players and their evil union) CANNOT be allowed to wag the dog (the NFL itself).

    If I were the NFL, I would pressure individual players to do what I want them to do, if they don’t then I’ll consider using that fact in the future.

    This is the SAME thing as the NFLPA (the players) pressuring owners to “get with their anti-Goodell/anti-NFL) program or else they will mount a PR campaign that will smear the entire league.

    Time to break the union and show these players that they are merely overcompensated employees.

  49. How many votes in the ownership council does it take to strip an owner of his franchise? I am certain that Kraft does not want to find that out. He certainly knows how many, and, who, pushed for the suspension. He will say a lot of words publicly, but, when push comes to shove, he will tell Brady to cool his jets and drop the case.
    If 17 owners had told Goodell to not suspend Brady, he would not have been suspended. Sounds like a majority of other owners backed the suspension because Goodell is doing exactly what a majority of the owners said they wanted.
    Anyone thinking Goodell went rogue on the majority of the owners in this case is delusional.

  50. Doesn’t the NFLPA also support the players that the patriots cheated against?

    The NFLPA wants more to back kraft,,,,,,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,,,because kraft, tom and bill have been snubbing their nose at the rest of the league and now the nflpa has to defend them.

    The integrity of the game is being laughed at in NE.

    Tom should get a year for cheating in the biggest AFC game of the year.

  51. Dolphins owner Steve Ross said Thursday he supports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the way he’s handled the New England Patriots Deflategate controversy.

    “I have a lot of confidence in Roger and the league offices,” Ross said after the Dolphins’ first training camp practice.

    Dallas owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday he supports Goodell and how he’s handled Deflategate.

  52. “The NFL is sorely missing an AL Davis in his prime owner who doesn’t stand for any bull from the league.”


    Al Davis was born in Brockton, Massachusetts. A stone’s throw from Foxboro.

  53. “Dolphins owner Steve Ross said Thursday he supports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the way he’s handled the New England Patriots Deflategate controversy.

    “I have a lot of confidence in Roger and the league offices,” Ross said after the Dolphins’ first training camp practice.

    Dallas owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday he supports Goodell and how he’s handled Deflategate.”


    Of course the Dolphin’s owner is going to say that. The Patriots constantly mop the floor with his team.

    Of course Jones is going to say that. If his mediocre team has a shot at winning the SB, they will most likely have to go through the Patriots.

  54. Goodell would rather burn the league down one team at a time than ever admit he’s wrong about something.

  55. So the NFLPA wants more team owners to publically admit he tried to bribe the Commissioner by taking a punishment in the attempt to reduce a player’s punishment???

  56. Anyone ever think how much more money the league would make if Goodell wasn’t in charge? The league is making billions in spite of him, not because of him.

  57. And let the fireworks begin!

    Sure Jerrah, Ross, Woody, Irsay, et al love Goodell’s decision. It helps them clear the field of a winning organization. And open up opportunity for perennial losers or chokers. They won’t be so thrilled when the NFLPA casts a very wide net in court on “deflategate” and include them in the sweep. Meaning telephone conversations, and e-mails to the NFL for suspicion of colluding in this witch hunt. They better be ready to give up the phones or defy the inevitable court orders. And that includes the Commish himself.

    This is going to get very ugly before the NFL forces an inevitable settlement upon itself for breaking 100% of its precedents while grotesquely mishandling a simple rules enforcement (including $25,000 fine). All of the other smokescreen stuff about “non cooperation is just pure BS. As will be clearly shown in court during the Arguments about “Precedence”. The NFL better be prepared to explain how Favre got away with a simple $50,000 fine for not cooperating on a much more serious charge. Along with a lot of other mishandled punishments by Goodell. He better be ready to explain how Kraft, Belichick, the coaching staff and Patriots in general were “exonerated” in the Well’s investigation. Yet were punished with excessive fines, loss of 2 draft picks and loss of its franchise QB for a violation the NFL couldn’t actually prove. Especially since the Patriots and Kraft have now gone “Rogue” against him, fellow sycophant owner.conspirators and his incompetent Kangeroo court.

    Like I said, This is gonna get ugly now. And it will cast a huge shadow over the entire 2015 NFL season, before other owners come to their senses. And force Goodell to stand down. Or directly negotiate with Kraft/Brady to cease and desist in exchange for a favorable deal & ruling.

  58. The NFLPA will get its injunction. Brady will play the season. The federal court will rule that Goodell cannot be both the punisher and the aribitrator.

    The court will remand the matter back with instructions for the parties to secure a neutral arbitrator. Then the hearings will all begin anew and Brady and the NFLPA will be able to present their case before a neutral arbitrator.

    At that stage it is possible that All witnesses will be issued a subpeona to testify under oath before the arbitrator at an arbitration hearing. All of them. McNally, Jastremski, Brady, Walt Anderson, Grigson, Vincent, Kensil, Pash, Exponent, etc. and possibly even Wells and Goodell.

    Discovery will be wide open. The NFL will NOT want that. At that stage, watch the league SCREAM “Attorney-Client Privilege”. The NFL will try to protect all of its communications from discovery. Watch. That’s how top-down monolithic organizations work.

    Brady will supply all of the electronic data he can from his phone and will by then attach names to the accounts. He’s in a position to do that.

    The NFLPA will present its experts to try to establish that the footballs were not deflated beyond what would be expected by science. And the NFL will have to justify its right to punish a player for not providing data from a personal cell phone (even though by then the raw data at least will have been provided).

    Once the arbitrator rules, effectively that ends the case. Courts are extremely reluctant to overturn a decision by a neutral arbitrator, whatever that decision is. Courts are not so reluctant to reverse a decision of an arbitrator that has a conflict of interest (i.e. Goodlell) notwithstanding the provisions of the CBA.

    I have no idea what a neutral arbitrator will decide, and neither does anyone else. If someone tells you they know, they are either guessing or lying.

    The long term fall out from this will be that there will now be precedent from a federal court effectively declaring that the commissioner of the NFL cannot be both in charge of punishment and arbitration.

    This will affect not only the NFL, but also possibly MLB, NHL and the NBA, amongst others. Watch for these leagues to ask to intervene with their own amicus briefs at some stage.

    By the way, I am not a Pats fan. I am a Giants fan since the days of Parcells. But I have no axe to grind with the Pats either.

    Although I can’t predict the final outcome, I can say that the NFL should be embarrassed at how it has let this issue explode like this.

    In my judgment, even if Brady had direct knowledge that balls were being slightly deflated (which seems less likely than not) he did nothing wrong.

    The 12.5 to 13.5 psi has nothing to do with competitive advantage; it is a MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATION. Even Wilson (the manufacturer) admits that.

    Think about that for a second.

    The NFL can’t even tell you why 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi is so important. Do you know why? Because it isn’t important.

    The league allows receivers to wear sticky gloves to get a better grip on the ball. QBs can wear the same gloves. Why can’t QBs set the psi to their preference? Why is that so wrong? Why doesn’t the league want QBs to get a good grip on the balls?

    This whole fiasco is about power, and has been for a while now. It is no longer about whether some footballs were slightly deflated and the importance of that. It started out that way, but it evolved into something much larger.

    Some of the less intellectual players will never understand that, but the smarter players will. This is setting up to be a good old fashioned labor vs. management war.

    And it never had to happen. Nobody will win. Brady’s legacy will forever be clouded by this controversy, even if he is exonerated.

    If the league loses control of player discipline, this will be a VERY different league and may cause some (many?) fans to lose interest in the game. And even if the league wins, what exactly has it won? It already had control of player discipline and it bloodied and battered one of its all time great players and teams (regardless of how you personally feel about the Pats, Belichick or Brady). For what? To assuage Goodell’s ego?

    How sad.

  59. “The players don’t support Brady, and the owners don’t support Kraft.



    You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re not on the inside. You draw your opinions from cherry picking points that only support your pre conceived notions and believing only what you want to believe.


  60. Atallah said he hopes other owners will listen to Kraft and agree to a new disciplinary process.

    Yes, because all the other owners support the Patr*ots incessant cheating.

  61. The pats fans / comments in all these threads are just so freaking transparent, its laughable.

    I really feel like the schools must be failing up there for some of y’all to make some of the arguments you’re making to excuse the obvious cheating, obvious destruction of evidence, and obvious arrogance thinking they would never be punished.

  62. @aballinhighgrass

    “The NFLPA will get its injunction. Brady will play the season. The federal court will rule that Goodell cannot be both the punisher and the aribitrator.”

    you lost me and anyone with 1/2 a brain there.

    There won’t be an injunction, nor does this have any legs anymore. its a private sector matter with management interacting with labor under a recently negotiated and ratified agreement. There is no reason for the courts to do anything about this – its a private sector matter, and there is nothing wrong about Goodell being punisher and aribitrator.

    To make this simpler, every days parents are judge, jury, executioner and appeal officers dealing with their children. its a private sector matter, not much different than this.

    The patriots dont’ have a right to have someone other than Goodell decide. or, IF THEY DID, it would be outlined in that CBA. Which it isn’t.

  63. 31 other owners will not support Kraft unless he writes them a check. Kraft is oblivious to the fact that other owners are tired of the Patriots skirting the rules and benefitting from it. I don’t even see him getting Irsay’s support even if he bought him some oxycontin, a couple bottles of whiskey and a prostitute. Okay, if he does that he may get Irsay’s support. JK

  64. is the NFLPA that naive or dumb. do they not realize Goodell had to have at least 24 owners on board with his Brady ban, hell Jerry Jones already came out and applauded Goodell for banning brady.

  65. And whom, exactly, does the NFLPA think Goodell is acting on behalf of if not the other NFL owners? He’s their employee – and he wouldn’t still be working there if they thought he should be doing anything differently.

  66. Where was the NFLPA when the Cowboys, Tedskins and Saints got blasted? Where was Kraft? Oh yeah he was cheering it all on, the only team to stand up was the Raiders and they walked out rather than vote. Now it’s Kraft’s turn at the post and he is crying about it. He is in full display of everything that’s wrong with this country’s culture. Everyone’s got an excuse, a special circumstance and when held accountable it’s deny, deny, deny and then come out swinging. Raft needs to shut and take his medicine like the men and teams before him have…4 games it light compared to what those other teams got especially the Saints and Redskins.

  67. When is the Colts punishment for playing with deflated footballs in the AFCC game?

  68. There are so many immature, irrational posters. This is not about Brady or the Pats. Its about players rights to a fair process. There isn’t a NFL player that doesn’t want that.

    Roger always comes up to that podium and spews how the players need to be transparent and forthright. How these investigations are independent and fair yet the league itself never is what they preach.

    The players are under no obligation per the CBA to hand over any personal devices or records just as Roger and his Keystone cops haven’t in any other league investigation.

    If you’ve taken the time to read the NFLPA petition you’d see that Wells invokes attorney client privelage when he was called as a witness, his partner Weiss was the NFLs lead attorney cross examining all witnesses and the NFL had everyone sign NDAs as to not releasing the transcripts publicly. Why, so they could use the word “Destroy” as it pertained to TB phone in order to rouse NFL fans and take the heat off the Wells Report itself.

    Fans should open their eyes to how the NFL has spewed misinformation throughout this investigation and say to yourself, this can happen to any player on any team.

  69. restoreintegritytonfl says:
    Jul 30, 2015 10:23 AM
    Having a sports commissioner making rulings on societal/criminal matters that are best handled by law enforcement, is questionable at best.


    having a sports commissioner making rulings on sports cheating (and other SPORTS matters) is a good thing for sports (and fans).

    Now is not the time to criticize the league office – they are actually doing work the work they should – ensuring games are fairly contested – which, by the way, is paramount to fan’s faith and support of the sport.


    Shouldn’t the sports commissioner or someone prove some actual cheating occurred before handing out punishment for said cheating? This think is a kangaroo court that rivals any banana republic in the southern hemisphere

  70. ” It says a lot when you have someone like Robert Kraft, who is respected around the league and obviously in the league office, say the things that he said with respect to fairness and process…”

    That made me laugh out loud.

    If Bob Kraft had any respect for fairness and process he would have fired Belicheat after Spygate.

    Instead he continues to enable the Patriots’ cheating ways, becoming the team’s de facto head cheer- er, I mean cheat-leader.

  71. @flaccotoboldin

    With respect to Goodell acting as both arbiter and punisher, may I please direct your attention to a recent decision by the Missouri Supreme Court stating that Goodell cannot assume both roles within that state.

    Although the ruling only pertains to the Chiefs and Rams, it does set a precedent for other venues.

  72. Remember when the Steelers were the ONLY team to veto the last CBA that gave Goddell all the power?!?! Maybe the other teams should have listened.

  73. feckyerlife says:
    Jul 30, 2015 2:33 PM

    is the NFLPA that naive or dumb. do they not realize Goodell had to have at least 24 owners on board with his Brady ban, hell Jerry Jones already came out and applauded Goodell for banning brady.

    Why yes, yes they are.

  74. Well as I stated above, the Mara family supports Goodell in this. Kraft needs to realize that the Commissioner works for 31 other billionaires as well, not just him.

  75. Pats are finished! Billy and Tommy stole the keys and drove the car straight off the cliff. It will be years before the Pats recover. The other owners cant wait to kick the hell out of Kraft.

  76. I can’t wait for the season to start. I dying to see how the officials will call the Pats games.
    Hopefully they get some Raider phantom calls and lose some games by bad calls.

  77. rickc402 says:
    Jul 30, 2015 2:39 PM
    Where was the NFLPA when the Cowboys, Tedskins and Saints got blasted?…

    The Cowboys and ‘skins had cap space removed, no players were suspended. The NFLPA is, obviously, a players union that goes to bat for the players, not the individual teams. The union is contesting Brady’s suspension, not the penalties the Pats organization had to pay for the NFL management’s lies.

    The NFLPA did go to bat for the Saints players impacted by the bounty debacle.

    All Goodell delivers is debacles.

  78. Kraft rallied the troops(team),and that is all.The union making it a bigger issue is asinine.He had to do something to pump his team up,good move but let’s call it what it is,nothing more.

  79. mrbiggstuff says:
    Jul 30, 2015 10:07 AM
    Why does a billionaire like Bob Kraft only own one shirt and one tie?
    Kraft has dozens of shirts and ties. It’s just that they’re all the same!

  80. Oh, are they happy The Owner of a team, whose franchise quarter back is suspended 4 games is coming to them for help?

    Wow! Imagine what that will do to influence the rest of the league owners? Nothing. Kraft is the ‘butt of jokes’ in The NFL at this point. He stands up, then sits down. He gets up and will get knocked back down.

    Why would any of the owners want to support this guy whose team has been cheating them for the past 15 years?
    How many support him will tell you what the league thinks of his organization’s ethics

  81. I’m a Vikings fan so I really couldn’t care less what happens to the Patriots. At the same time, I do have to point out that Roger Goodell has once again created a total cluster-bleep out of the situation.

    Roger Goodell needs to be replaced. Get rid of this buffoon!

  82. The NFLPA doesn’t think any player should ever be suspended for anything. You can beat someone until they are unconscious, you can cheat, you can used banned substances, you can beat a small child, you can hit helmet-to-helmet. It doesn’t matter.

    The NFLPA wants a no-fine, no suspension league, and that’s the direction that things are moving.

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