Tim Jennings pleads guilty to reckless driving to resolve DWI case

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When Bears cornerback Tim Jennings was arrested early this year on a drunk driving charge, he admitted he was driving too fast but denied he was drunk. The authorities are apparently willing to accept that.

Jennings has pleaded guilty to reckless driving to resolve the DWI case, TMZ reports.

Police said Jennings was driving almost 100 miles an hour on a Georgia interstate. After the arrest, Jennings explained that he had been speeding because he was running late to a parent-teacher conference at his kid’s school.

Jennings will serve 12 months of probation, pay a fine, do 40 hours of community service and participate in a drunk driving program as part of his sentence.

A projected starter this year, Jennings was not at the first day of practice of Bears camp, presumably because he was dealing with his legal matters. There is no word yet on whether he will face league discipline as a result of the incident.

9 responses to “Tim Jennings pleads guilty to reckless driving to resolve DWI case

  1. No, I didn’t. Honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locus. It wasn’t my fault. I swear to god!

  2. (In best Patriots fan voice)
    OMG!! Take away draft picks, fine the team $2MM, suspend him, suspend the coach, Make the McKlaskeys sell the team. Brady is innocent.

  3. I am still puzzled and can’t understand exactly why this guy deserved to stay and Tillman was let go. It’s true that Peanut has had serious injuries in the last two seasons, but he is and will ever be a great human being, great leader and true Bear. I also do believe that Jennings had a couple of excellent seasons with the Bears, but last two seasons he was subpar (to be generous). And now you have this distraction, that everyone was aware of when the coaching and front office regime changed, since it is an incident dating back to January.
    He might deserve the benefit of the doubt, though, because a Tucker-coordinated defense, in a team coached by Trestman, would probably make a linebacker trio with Urlacher, Singletary and Butkus look like the heart of a junior college defense. Still, I have little doubt that I would have definitely kept Peanut, let Jennings go and looked for help in the FA/draft.

  4. They call this a “wet reckless” and it doesn’t mean he wasn’t drinking. But lets hope that he wasn’t drinking and/or wasn’t really going to a parent teacher conference.

    More importantly lets hope that he gets back to pro bowl form and that Kyle Fuller steps up his game and the Bears should have one of the better CB tandems in the league. We can all drink to that.

  5. Fed whence you really can’t understand why they let Tillman go? He is made of glass. He could get injured in the film room. Just because he used to be great is no reason to keep him. My God, why not sign Gayle Sayers too

  6. Tillman was the best CB ever to put a Bears uniform on and it was time to move on from him although he needs to retire a Bear.

    Jennings is younger, but is coming off a terrible year and I hope Alan Ball starts over him opposite Fuller.

  7. Or, more likely than not, in the parlance or day. The prosecutor is allowed to reduce the charge to reckless driving, with Jennings agreement to plea guilty. The mandatory participation in the DUI program as part of the sentence, as well as the probationary period, would indicate that most likely it’s Jennings first offense. Any alcohol related incidents in the probationary period and the reckless driving is converted to DUI. Any future alcohol related driving infractions will be considered a second offense.

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