Report: Mike Kensil was Mortensen’s “main source”

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It’s unlikely that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was going to out the source(s) of the blatantly false report from January that 11 of 12 Patriots footballs were a full two pounds under the 12.5 PSI minimum during a Friday appearance on WEEI. (That likelihood became even smaller once Mortensen canceled.)

John Dennis of WEEI reports, via Tom Curran of, that one of Mortensen’s “main sources” for the false report was NFL V.P. of game operations Mike Kensil.

Curran reported more than six months ago that Kensil, a former Jets employee whose father once was the team’s president, was the “driving force” behind the investigation.

During a Thursday appearance on WEEI, Adam Schefter of ESPN seemed to suggest that Mortensen had multiple sources. Regardless of the total number, the information was false — and the report caused #DeflateGate to morph from a curiosity to, eventually, a federal case.

Before it became a federal case, it became a supposedly independent investigation. However independent the investigation was (or wasn’t), it wasn’t sufficiently independent to prompt Ted Wells to turn the focus back against the league for its potentially dissemination of false information to ESPN — and for its failure to immediately correct the information.

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  1. File this under the no …., fill in the rest…. rumor monger Mort and his pals are BSPN are all the PR mouth of the NFL and Lebron…

  2. Thank you Florio. You KNOW ESPN and NFLN were never going to let this see the light of day, at least there are still SOME impartial media outlets.

    Kensil should have been fired years ago, btw. You can’t hold a position like that if you are going to abuse your powers to wage personal vendettas.

  3. Not too many places where Kensil would keep his job. He lucked out. The NFL office working for Roger Goodell is one of them.

  4. Time for Kensil to turn over his phone so we can learn more about his sting & smear campaign against Brady and the Patriots.

  5. Shocking how long it took for the the truth to come forth…

    It is no coincidence that only after the Investigation and the subsequent appeal process was out of the league’s hands does the facts start to surface!!!

    Witch hunt…


  6. Well, this makes sense. A very strong anti- Patriot bias exists within the NFL offices. So much corruption.

  7. Much as I generally believe the NFL has acted abominably throughout this entire fiasco, I am curious about the source of this “report.” Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the fact that John Dennis of WEEI radio says that Kensil was involved doesn’t make it so. Is Dennis actually “reporting” this based on interviews he’s done? Or is he reporting it based on the fact that many who follow the story believe that Kensil is a likely culprit?

  8. It is beyond the pall that the NFL never corrected that information. Why not correct it immediately? They allowed the Patriots to be slow-roasted over bad information for four months. Why? Who’s agenda did that serve? How can anyone in the league office be trusted over anything at this point? I believe it is “more probable than not” that this whole witch hunt has largely served the purpose of obscuring the fact that the NFL didn’t understand the laws of physics in relation to PSI, over-reacted when they thought they had something, and have since been too cowardly to admit they don’t have any evidence of wrong-doing. Or, did Tom Brady mastermind a conspiracy involving a part-time employee to remove .1 to .4 PSI from some of his footballs? Which of these two scenarios seems more likely?

  9. Time for his to face the same consequences any of us would if we did this. He should be forced to pay for the accrued fees, penalties and investigation….

    ***Before it became a federal case, it became a supposedly independent investigation. ***

    read Tom Currans current column that details how fraudulant the leagues investigation of this has been. Absolutely amazing how corrupt they are.
    What’s NFL hiding behind sealed Deflategate records?
    July 31, 2015, 12:15 pm

  10. I find it completely laughable that the leaking of false PSI information and lack of controls around pre-game ball check procedures (and the fact that two gauges were used to check PSI, each showing differing results) were not part of the “independent” investigation. Oh wait, this is the “independent” investigation co-led by NFL Counsel Jeff Pash…

    Independent my butt. What a joke the NFL is…

  11. When is it standard practice for a reporter become involved in a nationwide fiasco, and refuse to give up his source despite that incident being a centerpiece of this all?

    I can’t comprehend how this hasn’t been addressed.

    But then I remember, ESPN pays the NFL 1.9 billion a year for Monday Night football, the highest rated show on cable television.

  12. Kensil should be fried immediately. It was he who was forewarned that maybe something might happen to the footballs and he did nothing in order to effect a sting operation. It was he who purposely leaked false information. We know that since he was at Gillette that day and was in charge and he knew that the footballs were around .5 PSI less, not a whopping 2 PSI less. Kensil is a long-time Jets employee with a well-known hated for the Pats. Add the fact that Caesar himself is a former Jets’ employee and the whole thing smells worst than a New York sewer. There is one hell of a story waiting here to be uncovered!

  13. So the league office is now incompetent and dirty. Many of us have been saying this for a while. This is a multi-billion dollar operation and deserves professional management. Goodell just doesn’t have the experience in running a business this big. His qualifications are a college degree from Washington & Jefferson and that his father was a US Senator. Seriously, is that the best the NFL could do? This was Robert Kraft’s “guy” and also someone he sold out Tom Brady for? Yeah, how’s that working out for you Bob?

  14. This is virtually a criminal act spreading false information. I realize it is not a criminal act but certainly a tort. It is not like the stage is a school playground but a multi-billion dollar business. Defamation of character has ramifications.

  15. There won’t be one second of this report on TV, it’s amazing how a NFL VP can say this but drag Brady through the mud for “integrity”

  16. Mike Kensil is the same guy who was yelling at Patriots equipment personal at half time. Mike Kensil is a former NY Jets employee. He was personally involved in Bill Belichick’s spurning of the Jets to join the New England Patriots. Mike Kensil has a well documented distaste for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

    NEVER in the history of the NFL has a player been suspended for not cooperating in an NFL investigation. NEVER in the history of the NFL has a player been suspended for an equipment violation.

    These are facts not opinions. How much longer can the national media and the fans of the NFL (outside of New England) ignore them?

  17. Kensil should have been fired by Goodell at the start of this process, but Goodell is a spineless and pathetic excuse for a commissioner. Turned the NFL into WWF. NFL has NO integrity. #kensilgate

  18. I’m on Team Brady at this point.

    I will say I think Brady knew of something. I mean, really, who doesn’t? Do I think it was some grand scheme? No. Do I think if it was a grand scheme it would be worth endless money on an investigation, 6 months of deliberation, a $1 million dollar fine, 2 picks lost and 4 games suspended for team and player? Um, no, it’s no where near worthy of that punishment.

    That said…the actions the league has taken throughout this process are just disgusting. They’re gonna lose in court and I think it’ll be pretty ugly.

    Once this clown gets questioned, once the complete waste of money Wells report get’s dissected, once the court realizes that the punishment for this was $25,000 before all this mess that the league created and once the cases like this that led to slaps on the wrist for the TEAM and not the player are reviewed Brady is gonna skate.

    I hope proof of Goodells failings are highlighted in the same way they attempted to throw Brady under the bus with no proof and this ends his run as commish.

    The future of the NFL needs him and large parts of the front office gone NOW.

    I’ve been a fan of the NFL for a LONG TIME. Roger’s version of the NFL is losing me at a rapid rate. They don’t want to lose lifers like me but they are and it’s over non sense like this.

  19. Witchhunt from the start…this proves it. How can an NFL employee blatantly lie to the press? and just to get public sentiment swayed his way. Unreal….

  20. “Deflating the Golden Goose: The Roger Goodell Story”

    Foreword by Mark Cuban

  21. Just confirms what all the Pats fans and the few without an agenda already knew. The NFL offices are corrupt and they need a purge there.
    The NFL is toast so they might as well do a mea culpa sooner rather than later.

  22. this just in; Chris Mortensen reports that his NFL sources have notified him that Tom Brady will soon be investigated for TB12’s role in the killing of Cecil the lion……..

  23. I get that the NFL has a stranglehold on ESPN and that Mort would lose his job if he reports the source, but

    It’s this simple:

    As long as sources of false information are protected, there will be sources of false information

  24. Schefter claims he’s never had an in-depth conversation about the leak with Mortensen. Even so, he infers multiple sources of false information, suggesting that he and Mortensen have to drink from the same NFL water cooler.

    If he’s really trying to help out his ‘pioneering’ buddy who made the whole Insider business a career path, I’m not sure it’s working. He keeps popping up in awkward places.

  25. Maybe Kensil was right all along. He went to “weigh” the balls (his words) and they were 12.5 psi. Then he stuck a needle in all of them to get them to “2 pounds below the limit”. Wouldn’t surprise me at this point. Sounds like something a former Jets employee would do.

  26. So a Pats homer gets mad someone cancelled an interview on their radio station and then makes up an accusation supported by zero facts or admissions by the people in question. Why should I believe this?

  27. I said he was the source 4 months ago. It wasnt rocket science he was the one. He was the one screaming” you guys are in big f’ing trouble now”

    Of course it was the hack Mike Kensil.

  28. Kudos to Mike Florio for posting this. Even though this is the real scandal of deflategate, it will most likely be ignored by the rest of the national media.

  29. Wow are former Jet employees now in the NFL League office a bunch of bitter lieing hacks. They all need to be fired today. Goodell, Pash, Kensil, Bincent, Harold Henderson. All of them need to go.

    They are a bunch of corrupt, lieing scumbags

  30. Much as I generally believe the NFL has acted abominably throughout this entire fiasco, I am curious about the source of this “report.” Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the fact that John Dennis of WEEI radio says that Kensil was involved doesn’t make it so. Is Dennis actually “reporting” this based on interviews he’s done? Or is he reporting it based on the fact that many who follow the story believe that Kensil is a likely culprit?
    I’m gonna spitball here, and say Mort told him while they were setting up the interview. Dennis would want to know what Mort was going to say before he puts him on the air, right?

  31. Is this the bozo that said the intercepted football was weighed, as in literally put on a scale?

  32. The reaction to this report shows just how uninformed so many people commenting on Deflategate are about the facts. To “delusional” Pats fans, who have actually read the information I. The Wells Report and Wells Contect site, this isn’t anything new. The Pats weren’t even told the actual PSI’s until March 23. Who did people think leaked the false info to Mort?? NFL reps were the ONLY people who knew the PSI’s!

    This whole thing is a disgusting frame job and smear campaign. Can anyone give me an explanation why the NFL would allow one of it’s 32 member teams to be dragged through the mud with false information for months? Bad people lie for their own benefit. True scumbags lie to ruin someone else’s reputation. F Goodell. F the NFL office. They are compete scumbags!

  33. Pathetic…..find anyone in the front office with Jet ties and link him to the false information lol…..this story can’t go away fast enough for me….

  34. Sad thing is the league office tried to tear down the integrity and legacy of one of its greatest all time players. Literally
    the face of the league. I don’t get it.

    People who have worked for specific teams should NEVER
    be allowed to work for the league office.

    Does any one else see the potential problem with this
    setup ?

    It INVITES disaster.

  35. Totally agree with smasonsmith…
    Who are WEEI’s and Curran’s sources?
    Mortensen wouldn’t give up his source, So Kensil was the easy target.
    WeeI and Curran are no better than Mortensen here. Just more heresay.

  36. Soooooo, NE fans don’t like being cheated. That’s interesting, since your QB conspired with the deflator, and who knows who else for how many games, to not follow the rules and when caught lied about his involvement. Your reactions ar laughable. Every cheating one of them.

  37. Nice to see all the haters standing up for what is right and defending Goodell and his minions as we know they have such a stellar track record.

    Instead of hiding behind the “Integrity of the Game” line that Goodell continues to use, he needs to look in the mirror and check on the “Integrity of the League Office”

  38. Totally agree with smasonsmith…
    Who are WEEI’s and Curran’s sources?
    Mortensen wouldn’t give up his source, So Kensil was the easy target.
    WeeI and Curran are no better than Mortensen here. Just more heresay.
    Then you don’t agree with me, but that’s OK.

    Basically: I think Mort told Dennis who his source was when he was setting up the interview. That would make Dennis’s source on Mort’s source Mort.

    Got it? Good. I – of course – have nothing to base that on, which was why I said I was spitballing – or guesssing.

  39. How much more corruption in the NFL front office has to occur before Congress gets involves and investigates whether the NFL should lose their anti-trust status!

  40. And Godell is suspending this player and that player for integrity of the Game well what about your house Godell,make sure your closets are clean before you go after others. I brlieve that these guys breaking the law left and right need to be suspended but look at the fire storm this guy started by giving false statements to the press

  41. Why was this only on the front page for an hour? Is there any bigger news possible than the league getting caught lying and setting up a sting? I dont understand the criteria for “front page news”…. Brady wipes a phone that was not needed in the investigation according to Wells and its on the front page for an entire day…

  42. I hope the NFL is sued and some of these scumbags have to testify under oath. We will only then begin to see how corrupt thr NFL offices are

  43. Look, let’s just throw-out the whole “Jets” angle here for a moment and consider this from a completely different one.

    Mike Kensil, V.P. of Football Operations. Now what do you think this guy has as a “goal” in his head.. career wise?

    Right! The job of the guy just ahead of him.. Commissioner of the NFL. Think that pays? Think that it has “exposure” to the media? How many times have you seen the V.P. of Football Operations on national television?

    Now consider the possibilty that Roger Goodell DID NOT KNOW that Kensil was working with one or possibly two franchises to “sting” the Patriots. Honestly, it’s no big secret that Goodell and Mr. Kraft are personal friends; and what are the chances that Roger “might give them a heads-up?”

    Review the Wells Report and read all the names of the NFL officers that were present during the AFCCG. Here are two that everyone just seems to “overlook.” The Director of Compliance; Akil Coad, and the Director of Investigative Services; John Raucci. Really?

    Anyhow, back to Roger. So what does a beleaguered Commissioner do when someone under his “watch” goes renegade? He looks like a complete fool if says “well, I had no idea.” The guy is already on thin-ice; it would be the same as telling the owners that he is, most definately, incompetent.. and we haven’t even gotten around to telling them that a couple million dollars of their money was spent on a frivilous “report.” The only play is to double-down. He now MUST support the uprising that happened on his watch to protect his own neck.

    The NFL offices in New York need a good dose of “sunshine,” plain and simple. I’d recommend starting with Goodell and Kensil’s records.

  44. NE, no matter what way you slice it, put themselves in this position, and not because they’ve dominated the AFC East for a decade. Their reputation for trying to gain a competitive advantage, no matter the means, put them in that position.

  45. Amazing how the trolls have bought every story and rumor hook line and sinker since the beginning but now that stuff is coming out to show what a sham this has all been they’re all like “yea who are these sources I want proof or I won’t believe it!!!”

    Hate it or not but Brady won’t miss a single game. CryBaby Nation’s collective heads are about to explode. And it will be magnificent

  46. It’s so easy as an interested observer to jump on the bandwagon and convict Kensil of this. After all his demeanor throughout deflategate makes that easy and many on both sides of the issue e.g., pro or con Brady, are anxious for actual proof.
    However, without confirming details, that’s what got us here in the first place. So I think we are better off being patient, insisting that before we form our opinions, the reporters who provide the information must all but guarantee that their sources are impecable. We have to make it clear that although we may be partial to one side of the argument or the other, we will not be driven into a frenzy by the slightest hint of a scoop. Let’s just do what’s done in science. Throw out the outliers ie the news reports claiming to be breaking news and treat their authors with extreme skepticism. And when facts are verified by three or more different reporters using different sources, then we should begin the debates. Otherwise we are all a part of the problem.
    Let’s give Kensil the benefit of the doubt. If he is guilty, it will be established soon enough and he will pay the price. It’s up to us to end this farce and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  47. All of this is foolish. Who the hell cares how it was found out that the Pats were letting air out of the footballs or that Brady was involved. The fact is they were circumventing the rules! Anyone who sees the texts from the “Deflator” knows it was cheating.

  48. I see where you are coming from root, but why would Mort have ANY reason to believe his source in the NFL offices wasn’t impeccable? Especially, if it is true that it was the V.P. of Football Operations? The same office, I might add, that Grigson said he emailed “during the week leading up to the AFCCG.” Specifically, the Wells Report states on pages 44-45 that he sent the email to David Gardi and Mike Kensil.

    You see, with all that has transpired over the past several months the majority of the media has failed to re-examine the events leading up to the AFCCG and place them in the new context of their importance (based on what we know now).

    Frankly, the league compromised the integrity of the game so as to catch the Patriots “red handed.” If they didn’t, they would’ve immediately gone to the second bag of approved footballs when they realized the first one (that McNally had) had disappeared.

    The one person I would like to hear from is Walt Anderson. On page 48 of the Wells Report there is this:
    “At some point on Sunday morning, Anderson also had a brief conversation with
    Alberto Riveron (Senior Director of Officiating, NFL). Without explaining the concerns raised by the Colts in detail, Riveron
    mentioned that concerns had been raised about the game balls, and that Anderson should be sure
    to follow proper pre-game procedures.”

    How sure are we that Riveron didn’t “explain the concerns raised by the Colts in detail?” Wouldn’t Walt Anderson be able to put some context to the “sting” talk? Why not ask him about the conversation?

  49. Thank you for finally reporting this story. Why the Wells report did not obtain this information and publish it is a good question.

    Why was Kensil not fired or reprimanded for leaking? Was the leak approved up the ladder?

    Why was Kensil not fired or reprimanded for leaking a lie? Was the leak approved up the ladder?

    When did Kensil’s superiors first learn about the leak?

    Why didn’t Kensil’s superiors correct the record?

    Why is this news coming to light six months later and through an unverified source?

    Why wasn’t Kensil deposed as to these facts by Brady counsel and if he was will his deposition be made public?

    Kensil had discussions with various people about the Patriots balls prior to the AFCCG. Who? When? What was the substance of those conversations?

    On a redirect of Wells, does he want to retract his testimony that the NFL did not take seriously the Colts ball deflation speculation prior to the AFCCG and that was no “sting”?

    Who is Kensil’s direct report in the NFL?

    I could go on but you get the drift.

  50. The integrity of the game LOL. This was a Mike Kensil inspired witch hunt.
    buried in the WELLS REPORT::::

    Pg. 228 sect 13: in sum, the data did not provide a basis for us to determine with absolute certainty whether there was or was not tampering as the analysis of such data ultimately is dependent upon assumptions and information that is not certain.

    So these jealous losers from the JETS want to destroy Brady over: We are not certain tampering even OCCURRED!!!!!!!!!

  51. It is odd that Dennis and Callahan would land this info and expect Mort to talk. The might have told Mort they were going to run with the story but wanted to give him a chance to tell what happen. Mort agreed but was later shut down by superiors at ESPN. Sounds like the truth might have been in sealed records and someone decided the NFL’s dirty trick about destroying the phone needed a response. Curran’s reference to “What’s NFL hiding behind sealed Deflategate records” indicates he was let in on the secret and likely gave his friend Florio enough comfort it was true to run with the story.

    All you need is someone in Well’s firm or the NFL that think this whole thing smells to get it on a thumb drive and mail it to someone they know will run with it.

  52. It is interesting to speculate but let’s reserve judgement until the story is verified.

  53. People with affinities to one NFL team like Kensil should not be employed in positions of influence in the League. If it comes out that he did indeed tell Mortensen that the balls were underinflated, then he should be summarily dismissed.

  54. Time for Kraft to bring legal action against him. It’s definitely a tort if Kensil knew it was false.

  55. Just when I thought My respect for Mort couldn’t drop any lower, he bails on a scheduled radio appearance. To the NFL network and ESPN, I won’t be watching your pre or post game shows.

  56. @dumbaseinstien

    If Brady is guilty of what the Wells report says then he should be suspended.

    Given how much of a fight he has put up he would be close to Lance Armstrong.

    Many of us did NOT defend him at first. But over time it’s become more and more clear that this was a hit job, the evidence in the Wells report has been discredited and Goodell falls back on personal smears, the latest being the red herring nonsense that “Brady destroyed his cell phone”.

    The facts of that matter are as follows: Brady destroyed his cell phone immediately prior to a meeting with the NFL.


    With me so far. Yes that happened.

    But what Goodell did NOT mention was that Brady and the NFL had negotiated that Brady would give up his phone records to the NFL but not the actual device. Through the PHONE COMPANY the NFL could request individual text messages AND information on each phone call. But they would NOT under any circumstances give up the physical phone – except a court order. Reason? once someone ELSE has *physical possession* of a smart phone they can tamper with it. Plus load (LOOOOADS) of private data having nothing to do with deflategate could be lifted.

    So instead of turning over the phone, Brady offered his PHONE RECORDS.

    After informing the NFL that he would not turn over his physical phone – but would turn over his phone RECORDS he destroyed his phone.

    So how manipulative and disingenuous Goodell was on this? The whole objective here was to get the misleading headline “Brady destroyed his cell phone immediately prior to NFL meeting” out there.

    The whole case has been like this. The WHOLE bloody case is just one manipulation after another.

    That being said if Brady is in fact guilty he indeed must go down.

    Many us are sincerely interested in what is fair but strongly suspect at that point that the whole thing is a set-up job.

  57. tigerlilac says:
    Jul 31, 2015 7:07 PM

    It is interesting to speculate but let’s reserve judgement until the story is verified.



    Said one of the biggest Patriots trash talkers ever!

    You want to reserve judgement now? But ram your fist down their throat over any piece of flimsy propaganda that comes along?

    Come on man!

  58. IF this turns out to be true, which I suspect it will, tell me again how this was NEVER a witch hunt against Brady and the Pats?

  59. Yep, your hometown homer station is the sole source for this alleged “report” but all the chowds seize on it like it’s proven fact. Kensil is assumed guilty! This from the fan base that whines about people assuming things about Brady, based off rumor and unconfirmed fact. Typical.

  60. It’s unconfirmed but quite telling if correct. Kensil was president of the Jets when Belichick left him empty handed. Apparently he has always bore a grudge as is evident by his halftime tirade at the AFC Championship.

  61. Does this surprise anyone? The question is if Goodell has enough integrity to handle this and penalive this liar Kensil. Doubtful.

  62. I think Kensil has something on Goodell otherwise why would he keep him around making Roger look worse than the perception of him that existed prior to Jan. 18.

  63. If roger goodell ever gets under oath I would ask him if he directed mike kensil to give false information to chris Mortensen.

    If mike kensil is ever under oath I would ask him if he provided the lies to chris Mortensen either way the above two questions are answered I think someone is getting fired and pats are getting draft picks back.

  64. Mike Kensil must have died a little inside when Butler caught that interception. All his hard work for nothing….

    Belichick’s going to win again Kensil.

  65. Mortenson needs to be fired. We can no longer listen to a guy who now knows he was used, lied to and refuses to name names. Thus he is just as guilty. How can any fan or any sports venue have him in the mix now.

    He can honorably (in his mind) not name names and do so from the privacy of his home. Lets keep him off tv. Hey you know when you’ve been used.

  66. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Aug 1, 2015 1:50 PM
    Yep, your hometown homer station is the sole source for this alleged “report” but all the chowds seize on it like it’s proven fact. Kensil is assumed guilty! This from the fan base that whines about people assuming things about Brady, based off rumor and unconfirmed fact. Typical.


    Yes but this fills in a lot of gaps. You know when there’s that story that goes on and on and on and never really makes sense or adds up. Then there’s that one piece of information where you think “oh yeah, now all of it make sense.”?

    If true, this could be that info. Why were the Pats targeted? Why were false ball pressure readings leaked from the NFL office? Who was pressuring Rog to pursue this, in the absence of anything definitive (assuming he he had the actual readings?) Why did the NFL keep changing the goal line on the Pats in terms of cooperation?

    Oh, there was a Jets fan in the NFL office who had it out for Belichick and the Pats? Now all this makes sense.

    Someone from the NFL front office leaked the false info right? Who else would it have been? WEEI has been after this since the beginning, and they seem to be onto something. By getting this out there, they’re advancing the conversation. If this is true, you should agree that the Pats were railroaded. They probably cheated with the ball pressure, but what is wrong with the NFL office? How did this go on for so long?

    Mike Kensil explains everything.

  67. I’m not a Patriots fan.

    It’s completely hypocritical for haters to jump all over the “11 of 12” report for months, but now want to disregard the fact that 1) it was entirely false and 2) should have been corrected once the truth was known. If there was anything vaguely approaching “integrity” from the NFL it would’ve been corrected much sooner than the issuance of the Wells report.

    I will also add that the assumption that this was some long-standing grand scheme to get the balls to some illegal psi per Brady’s orders, what explains the tweets from the equipment guys about the balls being at 16 psi following a Jets game? How does that fit into the grand conspiracy? Oh, I forgot, “the deflator” nickname proves everything…

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