Sheldon Richardson won’t be charged for weed, child endangerment


For all the alarming stuff in the police report regarding Sheldon Richardson’s July arrest, it appears he’ll only face misdemeanors and traffic charges.

Via Brian Costello of the New York Post, the local prosecutor said he can’t bring child endangerment or marijuana charges against Richardson even though the report said there was a 12-year-old and the fresh odor of marijuana in a car that was clocked as fast as 143 mph.

“Our role is to take a look at the evidence that we know we have and say, given that, are we going to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this felony?” St. Charles (Mo.) County prosecutor Tim Lohmar said. “The plain and simple answer to you is when we had all the facts in front of us we thought we’re going to have a tough time proving this beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Lohmar said he wasn’t sure he could get a conviction on a felony count of endangering the welfare of the child for several reasons, including the possibility that the family of the child (who has not been identified) might not cooperate.

Likewise, he said the lack of evidence kept him from pursuing drug charges, though that doesn’t mean he thinks Richardson is innocent.

“There were no drugs found in the car, but anybody who takes a look at the situation knows what’s going on there,” Lohmar said. “The odor, according to the officer, was such that it was a fresh odor. The weed had just burned. I think you can reasonably assume that had been taken place while they were driving and somewhere between that and the time they were pulled over whatever was in the car was thrown from the car. We don’t know that, obviously.”

Since Richardson didn’t make it easy on cops by admitting he had just smoked all the weed like Le’Veon Bell did, there’s no basis for the charges.

That won’t necessarily keep the league from acting on it, as they’ve made it clear they’ll investigate things on their own and not be bound by legal schedules under the new personal conduct policy. Richardson is already facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

44 responses to “Sheldon Richardson won’t be charged for weed, child endangerment

  1. Wow he is a very lucky man. Hopefully this will open his eyes and straighten up. He has a lot and I mean a lot of money on the line if he doesn’t.

  2. You can drive 143 MPH with a 12 year old child in the car, and only be charged with a misdemeanor? Wow.

    Maybe the Jets, and Richardson, have dodged a bullet here.

  3. 143 MPH with a kid in the car and that’s won’t be prosecuted as child endangerment? How is the cooperation of the child’s parents relevant in a child endangerment case? If it is, then the law should be changed. The are such unbelievably poor parents out there.

  4. The NFL needs to drug test him (since he’s in the program, he can be tested up to 10 times per month) which he will probably fail, and its a 10 game suspension on top of the 4 games he already has. See you in late December Shelly.

  5. Incredible. I guarantee if it was me or anyone else not playing in the NFL, we would be facing major felony charges…they would find the evidence with no reasonable doubt.

  6. Must be nice to be celeb, any one else would get a couple years for this. I mean here in VA its an automatic day in jail for each mph over 100.

  7. Doesn’t matter to the NFL if he was charged with possession of marijuana or child endangerment because it was more probable than not he was smoking pot and endangering a child.

  8. I was under the impression that there were tests being done just like for alcohol if you are pulled over w/weed and/or the appearance of being under the influence?

  9. Feeling like Josh Gordon 2.0. Big chance he doesn’t play this year and I have zero confidence he stays out of trouble (even if it’s just a failed drug test for weed).

  10. “We don’t know that obviously.” We live in a police state. Highest prison population per capita in the world. If Richardson was poor and couldn’t afford good attorneys, he’d be in jail awaiting arraignment.

  11. I still don’t see him playing at all this year. He will almost assuredly fail his NFL drug test which means 10 games on top of the 4 Already set to serve. The league will get him for the weapons charge, speeding, resisting arrest and failure to report the arrest to the team/league.

  12. ….so he escapes punishment THIS TIME. We all know he’ll do it again & maybe with a horrible outcome. You can’t fix ignorant and entitled, so someone in the future will probably die.

  13. Just suspend him for a few more games now. He’s already done for the first 4 games,
    where is his head?? That’s nice driving with a 12 yr old at that speed. Hope it was his own son.

  14. I bet Rodger thinks going 143 miles an hour (in a car – not a plane) is child endangerment … and he’s gonna suspend his big butt for the entire season.

  15. It’s more likely than not that this typical Jet is a complete moron! He should be suspended for the entire season for violating the integrity of the game.

  16. Too bad he only plays for the Jets. If he played for the Ravens they would drop even more charges.

  17. Get to know County prosecutor Tim Lohmar:
    “Tim is a lifelong resident of St. Charles County. He attended St. Charles West High School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia.”

    Hey, wait a second… didn’t Sheldon go to the University of Missouri – Columbia too???

  18. Well, why would he be? Putting a kids life in mortal danger shouldn’t be a crime now, should it? This is that Ferguson stuff fallout.

  19. You have a car going 143 mph with a 12 year old in it. Add to: 1) He was driving with his lights off; 2) He went through a red light and 3) there was a loaded weapon in the car. No child endangerment? That says a lot about the DA and the attorney general in that state. Hmmm, if we want to commit felonies, but be charged with misdemeanors, let’s move to St. Louis.

  20. Well, that explains a lot of what’s going on in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. You wanted the law to back-off, here you go. This guy is back on your streets.

  21. Was he clocked doing 143 MPH? Was there a 12 year old in the car at the time?

    What’s so hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt?

  22. It’s all good, Pats fans. At least Brady’s suspension was overturned, just like you all said it would be.

  23. The integrity of the shield in NYC! With the Jet’s history of cheating, the NFL should hold the team accountable and take away a 1st and 4th draft pick and a $ 1 million fine should cover it!

  24. What the hell is there to think…for normal adult to be in a car with hidden gun and underaged child, smoking weed while driving 143, avoiding the police…and for police to say he has not been identified and family might not cooporate… I guess the right question is to know: who’s child he was???

  25. Once again another player gets off with a slam on the wrist. Goodall will probably just give a good talking to after all no footballs were touched while he he drove 143 mph with a kid in the car

  26. If he gets suspends for teh entire year, the Jets get to keep the rights to him for longer, so go ahead Rodger, suspend him the rest of the season.
    Lets see How Leonard Williams does.
    Lets see how Mo Wilkerson does without Richardson.

  27. This dirtbag runs from the cops while high with his car reeking of pot and has a 12 year old in the car and he gets off? This braindead clown should be in jail and dumped by the jets. What a fool.

  28. Shouldn’t a prosecutor refrain from speculating to the press? Seems, at the very least, extremely unprofessional.

  29. If this were Josh Gordon, the pee test team would have been at the police station within an hour of release. They saw Gordon’s mug on an airplane bound for Vegas and were in Vegas when he landed. We knew about it right away..Still waiting to hear about Richardson.

    If there was a witch hunt on Gordon, we’ll find out by how they handle this.

  30. He’s a Jet, 1 game sound about right?

    Brandon Spikes got cut for less. Rear ended someone and took off—-Patriots cut him.

  31. Sadly the Jets were already tired of his mouth and were going to trade him, now they won’t be getting much in return. Maybe a deflated football or something.

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