Chip Kelly: I don’t know why Brandon Boykin would say that

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly sounds shocked that Brandon Boykin, who was traded from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh yesterday, is suggesting racial motivations in the decision to trade him.

“I don’t know. In talking to him last night I think he was stunned, he was disappointed. He really liked it here,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that when he informed Boykin he had been traded, Boykin took it like a pro and didn’t express any hard feelings.

“When he left here last night he shook my hand and gave me a hug, didn’t say anything,” he said. “I like Brandon. I just don’t know. I really don’t know.”

Kelly said the Steelers, who gave up a 2016 draft pick for Boykin, have been calling the Eagles for months about acquiring him in a trade. The Steelers recently upped their offer to either a fourth-round pick or a fifth-round pick, depending on Boykin’s playing time, and that was the offer the Eagles accepted.

“They actively pursued him. They wanted to trade for him at the draft and we turned it down,” Kelly said.

Kelly also said he would have liked to keep Boykin, but the Eagles think they have more good cornerbacks than they’ll be able to keep on the 53-player roster. So if they can get a draft pick for one of those cornerbacks, they’re going to do it.

“It more speaks to what our depth was at the position,” Kelly said. “We’re going to have to make some tough decisions at corner and we’re not going to be able to keep them all.”

Despite Boykin’s comments, Kelly said he still likes Boykin.

“I’ve always been a Brandon Boykin fan. I think he did an unbelievable job in the two and a half years I was with him and I wish him nothing but success,” Kelly said.

The feeling does not appear to be mutual.

89 responses to “Chip Kelly: I don’t know why Brandon Boykin would say that

  1. This is not the first time we have heard this type of comments. I wonder why? Maybe because czar Kelly doesn’t want to be questioned about his illogical decisions. Like he’s some sort of Grand Master, with a pro football reputation for putting successful teams together for decades. Or just fumbling around like most other teams trying to get the right bunch of players on same page.

  2. While i didn’t feel the Eagles were going to threaten for the division… Now I’m not even sure they will threaten for 5 wins.

    I have no idea what Chip Kelly is doing… but it seems like way too much going out the door and not enough coming back. Then again, if I didn’t think they were going to compete to begin with… Maybe this house cleaning is exactly what they needed. Is Tebow still on the roster? That would be fun!

  3. “Now I’m not saying Chip Kelly is a racist. What I am saying is this; What color is Brandon Boykin’s skin?”

    Stephen A. Smith

  4. It’s kind of ironic. The person venting about how he hates when a matter is about race, is the only who considers the matter about race.

    In other words, of Chip or Boykin – who is the one who really has the racial hang-ups?

  5. C’mon Brandon. Be a professional. This “Chip Kelly is a racist” rhetoric has gotten really tiresome really quickly.

  6. Boykin should feel like an idiot. Not many coaches go out of their way to be so supportive & appreciative of a guy who is stabbing them in the back. Speaks to the character of both of these guys (Boykin=weak; Kelly=solid).

  7. So how many black players are with the Eagles currently? I’m going to guess it’s enough to safely assume Chip would be out of a job if he started trading all of them.

  8. When Boykin made his comments, he was going through the anger phase of coping with loss, clearly. Once he reaches the acceptance phase, he’ll apologize.

    No doubt, Screamin A will do his best to keep Boykin mired in anger, however.

  9. Kelly kept Riley the racist on the roster and then resigned him. I’m sure like everything else it was a football move but it would seem to gave created a deep seated resentment on the roster that the players feel the need to express. Not sure how to shake the label off now..

  10. Im tired of these guys saying this about Kelly. Did they not pay attention when they signed Demarco Murray and the dozens of other African Americans……Kudos to Kelly for not taking the bait…….

  11. It’s pretty simple – if Kelly is not a racist (I do not think he is one) then Boykin would need to come to the realization that he is not as good a player as he thinks he is.

  12. Race issues in the NFL are all but gone, and I sure don’t see it here with Kelly. Remember the Riley Cooper thing and how he handled that? It’s just not there. In fact, here in Tampa. we just had a circumstance where our (white) GM and (blac) HC (shhh, don’t tell anyone) had initial disagreements over whether to draft Jameis or Marcus at #1 overall. What were the positions? Lovie Smith liked Marcus better, but Jason Licht preferred Jameis…they picked Jameis…and it was probably the best choice. I never once heard a peep out of anyone about color, even when they finally spoke of the deliberations. This isn’t the 60s, and a guy who makes millions who was traded for clear business reasons should not bring it up. I’m not an Eagles fan, but I admire the position Kelly took on this.

  13. This doesn’t make any sense. If Kelly’s motivation is racist, then what would his plan be? Is he going to get rid of all the black cornerbacks and only keep the white ones?

  14. I think, depending on what he means by “grown men of our culture”, that Boykin is the racist one here. Now Chip my be racist too, but when a player of one race is replaced by another of the same race, you better find some other evidence. Are Murray, Graham, and Ryans not grown men? By his “grown men of our culture” comment Boykin is defining whichever personality traits he possesses that didn’t sit well with Chip as the traits “grown (African American) men” must possess. I think that is pretty offensive. Seems Chip, for better or worse, is trying to clear the locker room of players who don’t fit his style of football, or who question his authority. He already cleared the front office of the latter.

    As Bear Bryant figured out, a coach who builds his roster based on race over talent won’t win games. This league is so close that if someone chooses even a slightly less talented player because of race, the resulting roster will be unable to compete. Unless Kelly treated complaining players of different races differently, Boykin needs to shut up.

  15. Why would Boykin say that ???????
    Probably because he’s a stupid ashhole.
    He’s a follower. He’s just repeating what his idols (McCoy and Jackson) said not realizing those 2 are stupid ashholes too !

  16. I know exactly why he said it.

    1. He’s stupid.

    2. He buys into the Barack Obama/Al Sharpton narrative that all white people are inherently racist (see #1).

  17. Chip Kelly wants all his players to have college boy attitudes. Yes sir, yes, coach, you just tell me what to do and I’ll do it, we are all in this for the team first. Some pro athletes express those sentiments, but certainly not all of them. Kelly has 10 former Ducks on his roster, moved heaven and earth to get Mariotta out of Tennessee, and has by far the highest percentage of white players in the NFL–close to half. But it’s about attitude, not color, and the crucible test of his philosophy is coming.

  18. Brandon, The Steelers are happy to have you! Welcome aboard! Now for the team rules:
    1) Leave your drama at the door
    2) When in doubt, refer to rule 1

  19. I really think some players in the Eagles locker room feel like this. He might feel that a flashy black player that is outspoken is not a fit for his system. He brings in quite back guys to replace them. Those flashy outspoken players notice this. The flashy guys are usually from the inner cities where the quiet guys are from the south & went to big name schools where their coaches had absolute control & couldn’t afford to be outspoken. Those players that get moved feel like Kelly doesn’t like black culture whereas Kelly doesn’t like that type of personality.

  20. Sounds to me like nothing but a few hurt egos being shipped outta Philly. It’s a business and the guys traded or cut that are crying racial bs to the public – easy to imagine them as players who may be cancerous to a locker room.

  21. “”“Now I’m not saying Chip Kelly is a racist. What I am saying is this; What color is Brandon Boykin’s skin?”

    Stephen A. Smith””

    And what color will the skin of his replacement be?

  22. The Eagles will need to cut a lot of players to get down to the 53 player limit. How big of a racist is he going to be after that. That is going to be a lot players getting dropped from this team. Many of them are going to be black. Will he have to defend himself from those players as we’ll.

  23. Bottom line.its chips team now.he can do whatever he wants.hes cleaned house.he now has his kind of players he wants.all I gotta say is chip you better put up some
    wins because this isn’t college football where you can dodge scrutiny.eagles fans are gonna be all over you if this this thing goes south

  24. Whether chips is a racist or not who knows. Chip is going to play the rebuilding card if he fails or since heaven and earth movement did not get Mariotta maybe he moves to Titans ?

  25. As an Eagles fan in Seattle, I panicked when I saw the trades and cuts happening, but it’s all starting to make sense. It’s the same thing that the Seahawks did a few years back…

    1) They brought in Matt Flynn as a franchise QB from Green Bay. Flynn lost the starting job to Wilson before he even had a chance to blink.

    2) They cut ‘star’ players and took a few chances on free agents that reaped huge benefits (Marshawn Lynch, Redd Bryant, etc…)

    3) Continued to weed out the drama players (Harvin, Blackmon, Tate, etc…) even though they performed well on the field because they didn’t mesh well with others.

    In Philly we have the same thing right now. Kelly is thinking chemistry and who has something to prove. Bradford, Tebow, Murray, they are all out to make people pay this year. On paper, the Eagles are a pretty fierce team. If (and it’s a big if) they can stay healthy, I could see an NFC Championship run from them. I don’t think they can take down GB or Seattle for #1 in the league, but they would definitely be a top 10 team.

    If they can’t stay healthy and the line doesn’t develop quickly, the grunting and groaning will start pretty quickly – led by Murray and friends. Remember, Boykin was an extra, not a key piece. As long as they don’t get burned on the off corner, the offense should have enough power to throw up enough points to win most of the games.

  26. I guess when Boykins is broke and working at T-Mobile, a few years after his NFL career is over, he will blame the white devil too.

  27. Obviously there is something going on behind the scenes in Philly that we don’t know about. Other teams cut and trade black players all the time, those players haven’t been claiming it has anything to do with their race. The guys in Philly obviously have some reason for feeling that Chip is a racist.

    Now is Chip Kelly a racist? Couldn’t tell, I have never met the guy. But, I can tell you if this keeps growing and he is perceived around the league as racist the Eagles are going to have a hard time landing free agents down the road.

  28. I think it’s kind of interesting that this keeps coming up and so many people automatically dismiss it. There is always more to these stories than what we are given.

  29. I’m surprised no current African American Eagles players have taken offense to all these comments. Is Demarco Murray an “Uncle Tom”? Byron Maxewell a sellout? Jason Peters an enabler? Idk anymore

  30. It’s strange that the only people saying that it’s impossible for racism to be a factor are white people who don’t deal with racism. I suppose men can accurately opine on the status of sexism as well. Chip might simply be oblivious to the way he acts, would not be the first time.

  31. While it is clear that the whole organization is happy to ignore racism (including the african american players who joined the defense of Riley Cooper,) it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and put Chip in touch with some rights groups to broaden his worldview and maybe these claims wouldn’t be coming out multiple times a year. Then again he is in Philly, so more likely he is just lucky to be clinging to any semblance of humanity.

  32. Grown men of a ‘me first’ culture…, what an idiot to not be able to relate

  33. A lot of you here perceive the black man as liars, theives etc etc. I never heard any Black player criticize Andy Reid in Philadelphia. Before all of you call out Boyken, you need to honestly look at the relationship between coach Kelly and his players. For whatever your reasons some of you Just don’t look at the whole picture of relationships. So if your girl friend or wife accused you of cheating is she a idiot( a word thrown around a lot these days by some)? Start looking beyond race as a crutch to form opinions. Take each case individually and stop judging a book by it’s cover and look into the character of the heart.

  34. All this nonsense with former Eagle players claiming “racism” is a factor in being released/traded is getting
    out of hand already.

    They were forgiving with Riley Cooper using the “N” word
    but now all of a sudden their coach is racist for trading or
    releasing them? Whatever.

  35. From what I read, Andy Reid gave players a lot more leeway in how they did their job. Chip Kelly has a very specific way he wants the job done. That could be a difficult transition for players. I suspect that’s a big part of these sentiments.

  36. There are a disproportionate number of black men in the NFL. Shouldn’t white people be outraged? There are also a disproportionate number of black men in the prison population. Because of this, the prison culture trickles down into the general population, and finds its way into the NFL. The baggy pants, the gangster music. That’s all prison stuff. Maybe Chip Kelly doesn’t want it on his football team. I know I wouldn’t want it in my company, whether you’re white, black, or red. Pull your pants up guys.

  37. No matter how many ex-players say it, this so obviously is never about race. Most of the time, their replaced by another black guy.

    But hey, any excuse to riot, right?

  38. And Chip Kelly will replace Boykin with…you guessed it, another black player.

    What a racist.

  39. all these guys are sour grapes. slighted. thought they played well enough to stay.

    fact of the matter is, Kelly doesn’t like black guys who are:

    1. pint sized diva WRs who are highly paid but can’t take a hit and go across the middle
    2. diva RBs who are highly paid but avoid contact, have poor ball security and carry the ball like a loaf of bread
    3. CBs who are too small

  40. No coach in today’s NFL cares what color a player’s skin is or where he comes from or how he talks or what religion or non religion he is or anything cept winning.
    If a guy, or girl for that matter, can play that person (being?) could be from MARS or the dark side of the MOON or from PLUTO and it don’t make no difference, none.

  41. These players need to man up and say what he did that was racist. Its BS to throw allegations into the media like that. Sounds like his butt is hurt. Also, being uncomfortable is NOT racism. Ive been around black people who say the N word and that makes me uncomfortable. Am I racist?

  42. @ luther6 who said “Chip Kelly has more integrity than the people taking cheap shots at him”.

    Agreed. When Victor Cruz of the rival Giants and with “that” pigment got hurt with a possible career ending injury at the Linc last year, Chip went to visit him the next day and offered his support for him.

    What a racist jerk.

  43. Racism exists among every race. Boykin & McCoy need to examine their own hearts before pointing fingers.

  44. You gotta love the mental midgets that call out players for having lack of character, which is absolutely correct, but ruin the message by whining and blaming it on Obama. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

  45. White self loathing liberals in media have also helped perpetuate this hysterical crying over nonexistent racism by convincing blacks that there’s racism around every corner and that they’re borderline slaves. It’s part of the cultural rot that emanates from the democrats.

  46. For all you clueless bubbas polluting this site with your ignorance, most racism occurs because of a bias guys like you don’t even realize you have. You may or may not be bad people, but it happens.

  47. Who are the real racists? I’ve seen BET television and nobody says a word. Imagine the outcry over a station called WET?

    The fact of the matter is, every time black people yell “racism” all the liberals are there to bow down and kiss their feet.

    A white guy assays a black guy and its front page and tried as a hate crime. Black guy attacks a white guy and nobody sneezes and it’s a misdemeanor.

  48. Not an Eagles fan but am absolutely shocked to see how the team has been blown up by Kelly. Wish the Eagles the best this season but my gut feel is that Eagles fans will soon be longing for the Andy Reid days the way this is going…

  49. I find it hard to believe this guy is a racist. But facts are that he has let go of some really good talent. And replaced it with injury plagued players with equal or lesser talent. My feeling is the the guy is an eccentric ego maniac that has compulsive control freak disorder. Back in college sooner than later, unless he escapes the body bag when eagle fans are done with him.

  50. As long as that racist Riley Cooper is on roster the chip kelly racist talks not gonna stop.

  51. It’s interesting that all of the big time black players Kelly has cut/traded are acting like cry babies & think it’s ok to use race as an excuse. If you are an Eagles fan this trade has been coming for a long time. Chip has a specific type he like at CB, tall, rangy & physical, Boykin is definitely not tall or rangy. Boykin was in the last year of his contract & many believed he would be gone next season. Boykin has been on the trading block since before the draft. It’s frustrates & saddens me that because one player implied it, it now becomes a catch all for every black player in Philly that gets cut/traded.

  52. Boykins excuse for Kelly not feeling comfortable with grown men of his culture is because he didn’t talk to him in the hallway one day?!
    Boykin grow up its not all about you…he’s a coach for an NFL team maybe he had other things on his mind other than socializing with you that day. You sound like an insecure school kid. Maybe, you’re uncomfortable around men of a certain culture.

  53. I bleed green through and through, but some posters are correct in stating, real or not, perception for some is reality. I want Chip to focus on the team and its direction, but a little PR support from Spuds, Lurie, could go a long way.

  54. When new head coaches or GM are hired, players are cut and traded by the dozens. It happens every year. What doesn’t happen is those players suggesting that the decision-maker was racially motivated. Something’s up.

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