League hasn’t contacted Patriots about email release, yet

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On Friday, the New England Patriots took their concerns about the league office’s handling of the #DeflateGate controversy to the proverbial next level, releasing a chain of email communications expressing displeasure with leaks from the league office and requesting that the Ted Wells investigation include that topic.

In response to one of the most aggressive tactics taken to date by the Patriots, the NFL has not contacted the team. Yet.

Per a league source, the Patriots assume they’ll hear something at some point from 345 Park Avenue. However, it’s also possible that the NFL will ignore the situation in order to avoid making the story bigger than it is.

Or maybe the league office will simply warn the Patriots. You know, the same way the league office warned the Patriots after the Colts complained about the — wait, never mind.

The Patriots declined comment on whether the NFL has contacted the team regarding the situation. The NFL has not responded to repeated requests for comment regarding the team’s decision to release emails exchanged by Patriots general counsel Robyn Glaser and NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

96 responses to “League hasn’t contacted Patriots about email release, yet

  1. And once again, all of this could have been avoided had the NFL gotten out in front of the initial leaks back in January.

  2. The NFL must be so upset with this act of transparancy. How can they protect the “integrity of the game” while teams are willing to provide the real facts to the public? Their preference is obviosly to release only information that supports their position.

    The NFL should be very upset with the way their employees handled this situation but I don’t expect that to happen given their track record.

  3. Well, all the league had to do was stop lying to everyone and own up to their lies to espn. very simple, the entire thing was up to them and they decided to keep lying.

  4. The NFL has had plenty of time to correct the bad info that was leaked to the public, but has chosen not to. If Kensil had suspicion before the game and never said anything how does that fit with the NFL’s integrity. Things could be different if the NFL had a lick of sense and realize they have no proof, but the Ego’s at Park ave won’t allow the truth to be spoken thus putting them in a bad light. I hope Kraft starts to fight back with everything he has.

  5. Contact away NFL. What more can they do anyway? Take away all the freakin’ draft picks, the Pats will still contend anyway. They’ll find CFL guys if they have to.

  6. I think the judge needs to contact the Patriots, and have a little talk. He should ask them where they get the nerve to release those emails after he requested both the league and the players’ association to chill. And sorry, that weak-sauce “well he didn’t tell the Patriots not to do it” excuse doesn’t wash. The Patriots were well aware of the call for a truce, they just did it because they think the rules don’t apply to them — which is pretty much how they roll in general.

  7. I see we have a few Patriots’ fans commenting. It’s shocking they think their team is innocent… for what, the third time now? I’ve lost count of all the NE cheating scandals.

  8. Kraft played nice. After reading that email communication and knowing what Kraft knew when he accepted those penalties from the league I can only concluded he swallowed that bitter pill for the good of the shield……..just like the Cowboys and Redskins swallowed the bitter pill of a cap penalty in the millions for not colluding instead of pushing it to court and in public…..for protection of the shield…….

    Well Goodell’s office has gone and done it and now it’s on like donkey Kong. The league better settle this and soon because this is about to get uglier than it already has and right now the league has slandered the Patriots and Brady so much they have nothing to lose. Just about anything else that comes out at this time I believe will be much more detrimental to the league and their shady behind the scenes dealings.

  9. The NFL has gotten so full of itself, that they think that they can drag one of the best if not the best QB ever through the mud with zero evidence…. Then lie through their teeth in the meantime…. And this isn’t the first time they’ve been caught lying… Ie Goodell claiming he never had the video of rice…. It’s time Goodell gets fired. Sooner than later

  10. The balls were still under the limit, the texts still talk about deflating them, and the ball boy is still called the deflator. Oh, and Brady still trashed his phone knowing full well that it was the one with evidence on it that the league wanted….and yet he kept the old phone he had before it. And the new phone had been out for six months but according to Brady, he wanted it because it was “new.” Right.

    All of this is why most people believe he was involved in a pretty small misdemeanor but still lied about it and tried to cover it up, a la Nixon. Pride goeth before the fall.

  11. They could have just let it go with a minor penalty. Instead all this work, leaking false information to ESPN, hiring an in-the-bag former FBI man to hire an in-the-bag scientific company with a reputation for giving you any result you’re after, using fame-seeker Stephen A. Smith to mouthpiece your PR spin about Brady destroying evidence, all for what?

  12. The emails are nothing but a Pats lawyer sounding like a whining baby. That is, just like Brady and the rest of the Pats organization.

  13. By now, you’d think the league would be aware of the Pats flair for the fourth quarter comeback. The hail mary “broken phone” attempt is being batted down in the end zone. Brady about to take a knee, to Goodell’s crotch.
    One more thing, you have an all out prize fight, you wait until the fight is over, one guy is left standing. And that’s how you know who won.

  14. rascalmanny says:
    Aug 2, 2015 12:48 AM

    With so many other owners not liking the Patriots, they better be careful.


    Of course the other teams and owners do not like the Patriots, we are in the middle of the second decade of dominance by the Patriots over the NFL…

  15. Appropriate response from NFL:

    “Ooops. We screwed up. No use carrying on with this charade any longer. Brady, you can play. Mr. Kraft, you can have your draft picks back. Sorry for all the inconvenience.”

    Likely response from the NFL:

    500K fine for conduct detrimental to the league.

  16. The league office is crooked!
    THEY fed Mortensen the psi lie and then got angry at the Patriots for demanding that they go public to correct that false ESPN story.
    Mortensen said it was league officials close to the investigation, so Pash needs to zip it.
    Even if the false info didn’t come from the NFL [it did!],
    the right thing to do was to correct it publicly.
    Pash and Goodell chose to allow one of their member clubs get irreparably harmed by a story they knew was not true which proves that the NFL was using it to ride the wave to a guilty verdict.
    I expect they thought Kraft was meek enough to go along with it.
    I hope the Patriots release more emails and then dare the NFL to punish them.
    At least the patriots didn’t release a lie like the league office.

    Some brave reporter should ask Goodell why he’s protecting Kensil, Gardi, Pash, when their actions border on criminality.

  17. Roger Goodell loves to talk about protecting the “Integrity of the Game.”

    But he could care less about protecting the integrity of an investigation.

  18. Instead the Patriots need to release Brady’s text messages with Belichick. There is no way the two ball boys were doing this without the head coach and QB directing it especially in Belichicks tightly run organization.

  19. Laugh at how the team and fans are spinning this to make the poor Patriots victims. Funny how all of these scandals happen to one team.

  20. The longer this goes on the more I am inclined to side with the Patriots.

    Which speaks to how badly the league has handled this given that I do not really like New England.

  21. The NFL front office is being exposed right now.

    This was an elaborate and coordinated effort by the NFL to outright lie, twist facts and tarnish Brady and the Patriots to take the heat off themselves for their own buffoonery in botching issue after issue previous to this charade.

    Patriots were an easy target. Or so they thought. It seems to be blowing up in the collective faces of Goodell, Kensil, Pash, Aiello etc etc

  22. If the NFL responds then it goes against everything I those emails. They backed themselves into a corner here and continue to show they had a personal vendetta against the Pats. TheHets cheated with kicking balls in 2009 in a game against the Patriots and just got a warning. The NFL is biased

  23. It’s obvious that Kraft is livid. Now we know why. The league needs to protect and defend it’s member teams. They actively tried to destroy the Patriots by not correcting the misinformation that alot now believe as true.

    Shame on the NFL.

    Keep it up Kraft.

    The gloves are off!!!

  24. This is simply the Patriots giving the NFL a taste of their own medicine. The failure to correct the woefully inaccurate Mort report that was fed to him by Kensil is the reason this issue grew to the level it’s at now. I believe this helps Brady if he files a defamation suit against this league., it shows that there was malice.

    Kraft isn’t going to stop this. I think the Patriots have even more emails that make the league look even worse.

  25. The league needs to figure out there’s a difference between protecting the shield, and protecting the people that think they’re protecting the shield.

  26. The league doesn’t owe the Patriots a damned thing. Maybe don’t mess with the footballs next time. And if you do, maybe don’t stonewall the investigation and destroy evidence.

    Just trying to help you out…

  27. “Well, all the league had to do was stop lying to everyone and own up to their lies to espn. very simple, the entire thing was up to them and they decided to keep lying.”

    You live in a hilarious fantasy world.

  28. this whole affair is starting to remind me of the DUKE lacrosse player scandal
    That prosecutor ended up with no job and jail time

  29. For all the talk the league spouts off about ‘integrity’ and ‘transparency,’ they should have no problem with the Patriots putting the truth out there.

  30. In regards to the “deflate-gate” debacle NFL fans only need to ask themselves one critical question:

    If the NFL’s case against Tom Brady is so airtight and strong then why not just allow for a truly independent arbitrator to oversee the appeal process? Forget about the CBA for one moment, because Roger Goodell’s decisions have been overturned time and time again in federal court, what makes more sense…… Having Roger oversee the appeal or the NFL bringing in someone from outside the NFL offices to act as a truly independent arbitrator?

    Haha, it’s a simple question. Rationally speaking if the NFL’s case makes sense and they have all of their ducks in a row, which if you believe them this is a slam dunk case, then why in the world would they not allow someone else to oversee the appeal? Wouldn’t that just put an exclamation point on the case? And eliminate any and all argument for bringing this case to federal court?

  31. Kraft has built a monster franchise worth more than any two of the bottom 20 franchises in the league. Now that he knows he has no friends, he could make Al Davis look like a disgruntled parking lot employee……I hope he does

  32. The NFL bylaws may prohibit most legal courses of action by the teams against the league, but I find it hard to believe that when league officials have acted with malice (leaking blatantly false information, in particular), as seems evident, I can’t believe that the Patriots do not have some stronger course of action.

  33. Unlike Goodell’s office there is nothing untrue about that info

    This all started with the Ray Rice fiasco and how badly Roger botched that – he desperately needed to look strong and tough after a US District Court Judge called Goodell a liar in November for stating that he had no idea that Rice hit his wife and that’s why he only suspended him 2 games

    Fans should keep that in mind – if he lied to a Judge why wouldn’t Goodell lie to you and fabricate a scandal for his own benefit??

    Don’t be gullible – look at the facts. This scandal was created by Goodell and Kensil based on a false “11 of 12 balls 2psi under” – heck even 3 of 4 Colts balls were under the minimum but most of you guys just took Goodell’s bait hook line and sinker

    He lied to a judge and then he lied to all of you

    Goodell is a threat to the integrity of the NFL

  34. I’m curious if releasing those emails violated the NFL constitution or bylaws. One would think those private emails would be property of the NFL and the Patriots breached a confidentiality agreement. Regardless, it was a slimey move and nothing more than attempt to dangle a shiny object to distract fans from the fact that they were caught cheating again.
    The Patriots crossed a line with this move.

  35. Maybe if Roger the Dunce hadn’t allowed Kensil and Pash to get out of control, this wouldn’t have become the farce it has. At least Roger the Dunce still has ESPN in his pocket to advance his narratives.

  36. Soon the league will release their rebuttal.

    Of course the rebuttal will not have any more truth in it than the leaking reporting did.

  37. I wonder if the Patriots would consider creating their own football league, similar to what the AFL was years ago.

    How many other owners are REALLY displeased with Goodell but are afraid to say something?

    I am pretty sure those owners wouldn’t just blindly follow Kraft, but they may be interested in creating their own league that protects the players, coaches, owners, and, most importantly, the fans from these types of shenanigans while giving the owners a maximum amount of profits.

  38. NFL fans, you have been used by Roger Goodell. He, Wells and the NFL reps involved in Deflategate have lied and manipulated things so badly, you can’t see the truth. They have played off your collective dislike of Brady & the Pats.

    The Wells Report and Goodell’s appeal ruling are prosecution documents being paraded as judge’s rulings and you bought it because they insisted it was an independent investigation. It is now known, that was a LIE.

    If they are willing to lie about the overall independence of the investigation, I wonder what else they are lying about in those reports?

  39. Roger the Dodger and his Park Avenue Clown Car of a front office can’t help themselves. They’ll come back with some kind of devious, scheming, deceitful and dishonest response – something they’ve been working on all this weekend. They are corrupt and unscrupulous to the core….they can’t let it pass because pettiness is their prime virtue.

  40. All of this is on the NFL office. Plain and simple. Once again, a very poorly orchestrated sting operation has turned into this. And Goodell refuses to try and do any damage control.

    It is pretty obvious this was not a big deal until the league mucked it up.

  41. I’m a skins fan. We don’t hate anyone except our owner. It’s perplexing how much focus has been on a rule/topic given the wide variability of the range to begin with and there has never been so much as a peep about it since its ever been in place. From the sting operation initiated by an ex-Jets employee, to the leaked PSI readings, to assigning guilt based on text conversations no one has read, it just smells rotten and agenda driven.

  42. You can’t start a war and then whine about how your intended victims are fighting it. Kraft should order all employees to wear cameras and record all interactions with league officials. You know they are conspiring with ESPN right now to gin up another batch of lies. Kraft should have started fighting this 10 years ago, but better late than never.

  43. I think it’s funny that wussy teams and their wussy fans think they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the World Champions and NFLs Greatest Dynasty!


  44. Once the suspension is overturned – and it will be – much to the chagrin of wussy teams who aren’t good enough to beat the GOAT QB on the field….. I predict Goodell submits his resignation.

    After this, Rice, Peterson and the other things he screwed up… The emperor has no clothes.

  45. This is just another arrow launched by the Patriots to deflect off the very heart of this matter. And to set the judge up when he upholds the four games. They scream the judge held it against Brady and Pat fans will echo it and say the Judge is a Jet fan and probably a former Jet employee so he is biased.

  46. Robert Kraft may come off as a nice older man…and he is. But he’s also a very smart, very shrewd businessman. He was betrayed by Goodell and the goons down in the league offices. He knows that Goodell–therefore the NFL– cannot speak of this issue because of orders from the judge. So, this is the PERFECT time to release those emails. Let the NFL feel what that’s like. This is only the beginning. Those corrupt New York Jets goons in the league office are going down for their actions. Corruption, lies, attacks…it was an all out concerted effort to bring down the winners. It won’t go unpunished.

  47. Swann, Brady will never give an admission of guilt because he knows this is a huge deal. This not a simple equipment violation. Brady, knowingly breaking a rule to get an unfair advanTage then renders the final score and the stats of that game unreliable. This is a cheating scandal. The NFL would never have gotten away with. A government agency is watching very closely. Don’t forget a lot of money is on the line with every single point and Stat of all games.

  48. There are those who accuse of the Pats of being habitual cheaters. Ok how many times have the Pats actually cheated in the past decade? 2 I say that as we still don’t know what the truth is here as both sides have worked to make the truth the truth. Regarding the other cheats there are several teams who have cheated more. Sorry haters that is the truth.

  49. audio2sell says:
    Aug 2, 2015 8:54 AM
    Soon the league will release their rebuttal.

    Of course the rebuttal will not have any more truth in it than the leaking reporting did.


    I don’t think the NFL can say anything about this issue because they are directly involved in the court case with Tom Brady and the NFLPA. Robert Kraft, however, is not and is free to say what he wants. That’s the genius of Mr. Kraft.

  50. THe NFL front office is filled with ex Jets…let’s look at what has transpired in Patriot -Jet Games recently..a jet equipment employee suspended in 2009 for messing with kicking balls-No player suspension..The Patriots lose a game on a “pushing from behind” call on a last second missed field goal-15 yards and the Jets win..ONLY TIME IT WAS EVER CALLED IN NFL HISTORY… the inflating to 16psi in October of this year by the referees..WHERE WAS THE DEFLATOR On THIS ONE? the only time PSI was mentioned in Any text in the wells report.. THREE blatant attempts at cheating by the Jets against the Patriots in the past 5 years.

  51. Lore, I agree Kraft is a very smart man. However, he was not betrayed by the NFL, he betrayed by Tom Brady. I give the man credit to intense loyalty to Brady and has based his case on Brady’s word alone. I don’t think many of our employers would do the same. From the very beginning the Patriots have called the officials’, NFL Security and certain league employees integrity into question while totally refusing to acknowledge that the three main people involved are the proven liars.

  52. Given that the Patriots are anticipating a response from the league, my bet is that they are *hoping* for such a response and have their next move ready and waiting if the league does.

  53. NFL headquarters is the NY Jets retirement home. It is absolutely PACKED with ex-Jets employees. It has been an ongoing process. When people leave the Jets, other teams laugh at their resumes. There is one place to go and it isn’t far away. Over time, more and more ex-Jets people filled the headquarters ranks until now, they are in control and hire from the Jets almost exlusively.
    Ex-Jets like Mike Kensil, have it out for the NE Patriots and Kensil has used this pathetic PSI carny act as his revenge. In NY Jets fashion, the sting operation was run with the skill of a 1st grade student. It’s all becoming apparent, even to haters, what is really going on. Most importantly is the realization that the NY Jets are the key element in NFL headquarters. They have been able to keep this under the rug for a long time.

  54. this is easy
    just stop watching that sports chanel until Mortensen and S.A. Smith reveal there sources in the NFL that used them to spread bad info
    Cancel the magazine, change the tv and radio stations
    When ad revenue dips, answers will follow.
    WE have the power not them

  55. After this screw job is over, Brady needs to go to Woodward and Bernstein to conduct a full independent investigation on the machinations of the NFL offices, the defamation and premeditated malice, the trail of misinformation and lies, the edited Wells reports, the ties to ESPN, the Ravens and the Colts, the corruption, all of it. We already know who “deep throat” is – Chris Mortenson. Mike Kensil is G. Gordon Liddy, revisited. The book is called “All The Commissioner’s Men.” It’s just another corrupt group of power mad people who have gone over the line into moral turpitude. They will eventually be exposed for who they are and it will be their downfall. It’s an old story. Lord Acton wrote: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  56. limakey says:
    “Swann, Brady will never give an admission of guilt because he knows this is a huge deal. This not a simple equipment violation. Brady, knowingly breaking a rule to get an unfair advanTage then renders the final score and the stats of that game unreliable. This is a cheating scandal. The NFL would never have gotten away with. . . ”

    You’re simply a jealous hater whom very obviously did not actually watch that game.

    It was at HALFTIME that the ball inflations were checked & then they all were re-inflated as needed and then GUARDED like GOLD by the Refs for the remainder of the game: THUS , for the entire 2nd half, the footballs used were “properly inflated”.

    You speak of ‘breaking a rule to get an unfair advanTage’ – total nonsense !!! what advantage: Brady was 10 of 20, with only 1 TD pass , and thru a pick as well, with the “advantageous, less inflated” balls – – – some advantage, huh?, during the 1st half.

    In the 2nd half, using the “properly inflated” footballs, he was 10 of 13, with 2 TDs and 0 picks (I’d say that the “properly inflated” balls gave TB “an unfair advanTage”, to use YOUR own words !!!)

  57. kmkniaz0215 : Good Call . . . “All The Commissioner’s Men.” I got a good chuckle outta that.

    Of course, “Rush To Judgement” would also fit the bill, for those whom remember Mark Lane’s book challenging the Warren Commission findings, presenting case after case of ignored or twisted evidence, to offer a scathing indictment of the Commission’s handling of the assassination of President Kennedy.

    Sounds a lot like the “character assassination”, of both TB and the Patriots in general, which is going on currently with this Deflategate nonsense.

  58. This is a note to everyone posting here who have not taken the time to READ about the Deflategate FACTS and just want to jump on the anti Brady or anti Patriots bandwagon. Please …read and know the facts before you post. And after you have read the facts…(and we assume that some of you actually want a FAIR outcome instead of complaining that the Patriots always beat your team) try and comprehend that the league office and Goodell is POWER CRAZY! The balls at the AFC Championship Game were NOT deflated! ESPN was fed erroneous info from the league. This is FACT!! And…since there were NO deflated balls everything that’s happened since is BS. This should have been a non-story if the league corrected the ESPN story. But they didn’t…they let it grow into this. So these are FACTS. Please stop your immature whining and let’s make sure Goodell gets fired or YOUR team might be next.

  59. Mike your defense of the patriots in this matter borders on the obsessive. Either you firmly believe the Patriots did not deflate footballs or you think that even if they did,my hats the harm traffic ticket move on? While I agree there isn’t a smoking gun, I do believe the texts from the patriots employees is harmful, as there is no way he was called the deflator because he was losing weight. Brady states he routinely destroys his phones, yet he still was able to retrieve data from the phone he owned prior to the one he destroyed? He just skipped destroying that phone ? As for advantage, perhaps it’s only a placebo effect but for whatever reason, in Brady’s mind he feels he plays better when the football is under inflated. Brady feels he has an edge with the footballs under inflated. Movies him extra confidence, just as if he knew the footballs were of legal PSI, it might cause him to lose condfidence. Athletes are head cases. Just look at tigers recent troubles on the gold course, or a catcher, who can’t throw back to the pitcher, or a NBA player who can’t hit a free throw. It’s all mental.

    Just as Aaron Rodgers believes he plays Better with the footballs overinflated. There’s a rule in place. Teams know the rules.tom Brady and Peyton manning lobbied the league to be allowed to use footballs that their teams bring. To believe. A man like Bill belichick who micro manages every aspect of the game would allow Tom Brady to use an under inflated football if BB thought it would harm the rest of the team, he wouldn’t have allowed it. No one player is bigger than the team. Just look how quickly BB distanced himself from Deflategate. So bill uses muddy footballs, wet footballs in practice to prepare, but he doesn’t use over inflated or under inflated footballs? I don’t like Goodell, but this whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. Where was this vigorous defense of the saints, of Ben Roethlisberger, of Ritchie incognito ?

  60. All,of these people,talking about what a genius and shrewd man Kraft is? How much of a genius is he that he agreed to lost draft choices and a huge fine? He agreed because he knew the team did something, and he didn’t want Brady’s legacy called into question. Meh ex pelted favorable treatment from his buddy Goodell just as he got favorable treatment when Goodell destroyed evidence in spygate. Goodell took a bullet for his buddy Kraft in spygate and was in return stabbed in the back with more possible cheating by Kraft and his team. To believe out of the blue Goodell would go after Kraft and try to destroy Tom Brady ( the face of the NFL) for no reason makes zero sense. Just as the patriots believe no one is bigger than the team, the league believes no one player or team is bigger than the shield

  61. what is fact is the balls were under inflated the issue is why were they? They were that way cause TB likes his balls at the very minimum level of inflation. The league was dumb enough to allow the balls to be inflated indoors. Then they were brought outside. The cold finished them. I know what the cold can do to balls as I am male and from an area of this country that has very cold winters

  62. Koe, Kraft took the punishment because he knew it was not a case he could not win. All he had to read were the texts and he knew that JJ and JM as well as Tom Brady were not credible. He may have complete faith in Brady bit JJ and JM, maybe not so much. He is a genius because all the arrows he has launched has people focused on meaningless media links and destroyed cell phones and not on the fact Tom Brady is sitting four games for cheating.

  63. If the league is so concerned about the integrity of the game, why haven’t they terminated Kensil, the director of football operations for feeding the erroneous PSI info to Mortensen?? Now a website is saying Troy Vincent( ? What is his title?) leaked the cell phone info to Smith. If that is infact true,Vincent needs to go too.
    After all the leaks from the league , no wonder Tom didn’t want his phone given to them. Per the CBA , he was under no obligation to give them his phone. All of which Wells had no issues with, after Tom testified .

  64. I really don’t want to address spin from the embellishment on this story. But here goes. NFL will not sit silent and “hope it goes away” They will do so to act civilized as the judge as ordered.

    Why didn’t witch-Kraft do this after caving and then launching some anti wells report website? It comes after a judges order to act respectable. Same as Brady destroying the phone right after a chance to exonerate himself on appeal date.

    Does this judge work on Monday? I’m sure we will be hearing from him over this when he is back to work.

  65. Brady*
    SB wins*

    Hell even my Gillette Razor*

  66. Fanofpft, I think this a direct set up for the judge. Most fans outside of NE see these for they are. Anything to take the focus off Tom Brady being a liar and a cheater. If the judge up holds all four games, Kraft will cry foul, the release of the emails was held against Brady. Pat fans will carry on the rally cry and say the Judge is a former Jet employee. You know how this going to go.

  67. The league had their chance to act when the emails were orginally sent. They missed their chance I guess. They wanted more information released by the patriots. Be careful what you ask for.

  68. Cross, the league was under no obligation to go on a wild goose chase for the Pats. They were in the middle of an investigation and we’re not obligated to tell them anything. Pasha said he didn’t believe the leaks came from his office. This nothing more than the Patriots getting out front on a case they knee they were going to lose. Their PR war machine was already in high gear. And I think it has proven to be a brilliant one.

  69. I hope the league does call them-and is put right through to Bob Kraft. I’d hate to be the one from the front office that draws the short straw.

  70. It’s worth a reminder that the commissioner works for the 32 owners, not the other way around. The other 31 teams were pretty much happy to see the Pats knocked down a peg. That’s understandable after 15 years of beat downs, with a few notable exceptions (Giants and Ravens). They take those guts shots, get off the mat, and keep coming. Every dynasty team in the history of the NFL has had to deal with shadenfreude. As this fiasco goes on the pettiness and ineptitude of the league office is becoming more and more apparent, and it is taking the shine off of the the NFL brand. The poisonous relationship between Goodell and the NFLPA is not good for the league and that problem is on Goodell. His my way or the highway new sheriff in town MO has not worked. Sooner or later the other 31 owners will start questioning the process. Goodell had his chance to make peace with Kraft but he blew it. It will be interesting just how far this goes. Kensil and Mortensen in the news is putting the spotlight back where it belongs. If Goodell digs in his heels it is hard to see this ending well.

  71. Guess losers and haters have no clue how Wells “proved” pats doctored the balls :

    The most direct and easiest way to prove Pats doctored balls is that the psi of Pats was below the expected range. But the psi of Pats balls was within the expected range.

    Wells of course knew it. So, to fit his predetermined conclusion, he had no choice but used the difference between the psi of pats balls and psi of colts balls to prove Pats did something to the balls. As psi of Pats balls lost 1 psi while the psi of Colts balls lost only 0.5 psi, which can’t be explained statistically.

    The problem is that the conclusion was built on the assumption that Colts balls were “normal”, and AEI report gave a perfect explanation why the psi of Colts ball was significantly higher than expected.

    Hence the science part in Wells report is completely debunk, whether the other parts of AEI are right or not.

    Get it?

  72. BTW, McNally called himself “deflator” from lifting room.

    For “needle”, google “ref routinely overinflate footballs.

    McNally was let go, meaning that Pats are not afraid he talks freely to anyone. How do some morons consider as evidence against Pats.

  73. The Patriots lose a game on a “pushing from behind” call on a last second missed field goal-15 yards and the Jets win..ONLY TIME IT WAS EVER CALLED IN NFL HISTORY


    To be fair, this isn’t on the JEST per se; the rule had been tightened either that offseason or the offseason before.

  74. Pats fans, Do your part to help Brady while you can
    Boycot ESPN tv and radio until Steven A Smith and Mortensen come clean about who in the NFL leaked lies and bad information
    If no one is watching, no one will be buying advertiseing
    This will force the truth out and expose this scam

  75. First off those two gents think they are reporters they are not. Messr Smith is an opinionator reports report facts opinionators interpret and make up as needed to make their point Messr Mortensen writes fictiion

  76. Nevermind the fact that they checked the Pats balls immediately upon entering the locker room. Some time passed then the check the colts balls per witness accounts

  77. Knowing full well that the NFL was coming after the Patriots (without cause), maybe it was in Brady’s best interest to not give up his cellphone to Wells/Goddell.

    Who knows what kind of information/mis-information the NFL will leak out to ESPN?

  78. j0esixpack says:
    Aug 2, 2015 8:22 AM

    Don’t be gullible – look at the facts. This scandal was created by Goodell and Kensil based on a false “11 of 12 balls 2psi under” – heck even 3 of 4 Colts balls were under the minimum but most of you guys just took Goodell’s bait hook line and sinker

    You keep saying 3 out of 4 Colts balls were under inflated. Now the truth…. On Blakeman’s gauge, all of the Colts balls were in legal limits. On Prioleau’s gauge, 3 of 4 were below. NONE OF THE PATS BALLS WERE IN LEGAL LIMITS ON EITHER GAUGE !!!

    Watch out for facts, they mess up a good spin line every time.

    Have a nice day!

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