Eagles lose Travis Long to torn ACL for second straight year

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Eagles linebacker Travis Long missed the entire season last year with a torn left ACL suffered in August. And now he’ll miss his second straight season after tearing the same ACL today.

The Eagles have confirmed that Long tore his left ACL in practice again today and will not play this season.

It’s obviously devastating news for a young man who now has to to be wondering if he’ll ever get to realize his dream of playing in the NFL. And it’s bad news for the Eagles, as well. Although Long wasn’t expected to be a big part of the defense, the Eagles don’t have a lot of depth at outside linebacker and thought Long could be a contributor there, and on special teams.

Long also tore his right ACL in 2012 at Washington State.

24 responses to “Eagles lose Travis Long to torn ACL for second straight year

  1. Three torn ACL’s now? I hate to see someone’s dreams coming to an end but I sure hope he used his time at Wash St to earn a degree, he’s going to need to start using it.

    Get well soon.

  2. Sad news for this kid. Hope he can come back and make the team next year. Saying that, out of all the players on the Eagles that are coming back from ligament tears this year…

    and now we all get a better opportunity to see if Marcus Smith has improved at all in the offseason. Any contribution would be an improvement.

  3. greenbaychicksarefat says:
    Aug 3, 2015 6:43 PM
    Now Beagle fans will use this as their excuse for missing the playoffs, again
    yep, you got it. If we don’t make the playoffs this year I’m sure this entire city will be wondering what could have been had Travis Long been there to back up our backups.

  4. I’m predicting a total of 17 healthy knees on the Eagles 53 man roster at the start of the season.

  5. Remember Eagle runningback Buckhalter came back after 3 acl’s to have a fairly productive career. Takes a ton of work and desire but it has been fine.

  6. That’s why Eagles loaded up at LB. depth so they don’t end up like last yr, when their nickel corner ended up playing essentially LB. lend ricks can play outside too. Hicks the rookie 3rd rounder too

  7. Not an Eagle fan but I hate to see guys go down with injuries– 3 acls in as many years just isn’t fair somehow–GODS speed.

  8. Long is still young, 24 or 25. I would rehab then come back again next year. If not, like a poster said above, I hope he can put his degree to use.

  9. Will happen to at least one player on practically every team this pre-season. Unfortunately it’s part of the sport. Hope these Neanderthals making the jokes have it happen to them some day soon – not to a player of their favorite team, but actually TO THEM.

  10. “Remember Eagle runningback Buckhalter came back after 3 acl’s to have a fairly productive career. Takes a ton of work and desire but it has been fine.”

    actually it was either 1 ACL and 2 patellar tendons, or 2 and 1, but yes he beat the odds…but he was also a pretty high draft pick and had a good rookie season before getting hurt.

  11. I find it so hysterical that clowns, losers, and internet heroes have the gaul to mock the team about this kid’s injury. You lowlifes can say what you want on other articles but can you save it for an article not focused on a kid that has more talent, integrity, intelligence, and drive in his pinky than you losers sitting here mocking him do in all your sad lives. What is it about people getting such a kick out of celebrating other people’s misery? Wait till theres another article misrepresenting anything Chip does so you clown haters can use your God given talent of ignoring how pathetic your life is to then comment on a super successful person’s comments. Those who can’t, talk smack like tough guys on the web.

  12. …..get well soon. The amount of dissapointment this man feels has got to be pretty intense. I hope his body heals and allows him a fair chance to actual play a few seasons in the NFL.

  13. He didn’t tear his ACL again. Kelly says there is only like a 10% chance of that happening, and we all know Kelly is a genius. So it’s likely that he just pulled a muscle or something.

    Can’t be an ACL – Kelly said so.

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