John Harbaugh: “Not real optimistic” about Matt Elam’s condition


The biceps injury suffered by Ravens safety Matt Elam Saturday appears to be a big one.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are still waiting for full results of an MRI, but they’re “not counting on Elam to play this season.”

That likely means he suffered a full tear, which would require surgery and months of rehabilitation.

“I haven’t heard on the MRI yet, but I’m not real optimistic right now,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “I haven’t heard a final word, but it wasn’t very optimistic [Saturday] talking to the doctors. He was reaching, the receiver ran by him and kind of reached for him and caught him.”

Elam hadn’t shown the Ravens much in his first two seasons, but had impressed coaches after being challenged this offseason.

“I’m sure it’s very disappointing for him, and he told me that,” Harbaugh said. “Here’s a guy who came back with a renewed attitude. He had a better approach than he’d had the first two years. He just had grown up a lot. He’s very serious and he was in tremendous shape, and then he gets a fluke injury. That’s disappointing.”

If he’s going to make an impact for the Ravens now, it’s going to take even more work.

14 responses to “John Harbaugh: “Not real optimistic” about Matt Elam’s condition

  1. He’s on the right team to make a fast recovery… Look at how quickly Suggs returned a couple of years ago from an injury that would normally have ended a player’s season.

  2. Well @ least we won’t have to hear about how this was gonna be a “breakout” year for this 1st round BUST!
    Nice work Newsome, nailed another one!

  3. Will Hill the job is now fully yours. Don’t screw it up. I feel bad for Matt but one less position battle to talk about. Pretty much the only story is the receivers now.

  4. Sure hope they had planned on him coming off the bench in the first place. There are at least 3 games where he could legitimately be blamed for the loss on horrible fundamental mistakes like simply not wrapping up on a receiver. I get it, smaller DBs won’t be able to easily take down legarrette Blount 1 on 1… but this guy couldn’t even tackle a smaller receiver.

    And we have yet to see his big hit mentality from his college days at Florida. Can’t cover at all, so he’s a lability there as well.

    I hope he recovers from injury, but if it keeps him off the field… it’s probably a good thing for the Ravens as far as wins and losses.

  5. Sorry Matt & hope you recover fully & quickly. This should not be much of a setback to the secondary as he has yet to earn anything he’s been paid up to this point. they were saying he was doing well so far this offseason, so who knows………could be back next year. Cheap.

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