Michael Crabtree is the early “star” of Raiders camp


In crossing the bay (not really, anymore), Michael Crabtree has gone from “third option” to potential superstar.

Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the former 49er has been the early “star” of camp for the Raiders.

There’s a long way to go until Crabtree becomes a star during games that count. Drops and limited opportunities punctuated his last season in San Francisco, which ended with 68 catches for 698 yards.

In six seasons with the 49ers, the 2009 top-10 pick had only one 1,000 yard receiving season, cracking the barrier with 1,105 in 2012. Once he became a free agent, Crabtree generated little interest, eventually signing a one-year, $3.2 million contract with the Raiders.

It could end up being the best money the Raiders have spent in free agency in a long, long time.

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  1. I sure hope so, but it really doesn’t sound good when the 49ers bust is beating out our #1 pick. Reclamation projects are the Raider way, tho. Would be nice to have Crabtree at a level thr 49ers never did just so we could laugh at them.

  2. Lets hold off on the parade.. We got the weakest secondary in the league.. a 2nd year, 7th round pick and a 2nd year, 4th round pick are the starters.. followed by D.J Hayden who hasn’t wowed anybody ever.. I’ll get excited if we can move the chains against other teams DBs.

  3. He might be on the upswing from still improving after his Achilles tear in 2013. Takes a while to get better.

  4. @ raider jhon
    You think Crab is going to show out. Wait until things don’t go his way. A whining pouting girl is what he becomes. Also when Deion starts talking on NFL network about in house Raider business just towards Michelle Crabtree. I was a huge fan of his outta Texas Tech. Yet he quit on plays wouldn’t fight for the ball and was scared of Seattle. That alone turned me on him the rest was icing on the cake.

  5. So we are worried that the seasoned vet with past production and something to prove is beating our #1 pick 3 days into camp? By all accounts Coop has been just as spot on but Crabtree is making the over the top plays at the moment.

    I wasn’t that excited when we signed him but I quickly started to grow into the idea. Now I’m pumped. He got those stats posted in the article coming off an injury year and with sKaepershot under center.

    I honestly think he’ll really surprise some people this year.

  6. I have no argument that the deal that the Raiders signed Crabtree to was a no-risk proposition to the team and may reap benefits since he’ll be playing to get a good contract in 2016.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that the Raiders shouldn’t have cut James Jones.

  7. Cooper is coming along fine. Watched a short vid of him at camp taking a db to school with a sick double move. The db was nowhere in sight when the ball arrived. Memories of the vast openness of Cooper catching the ball with ‘bama.

    It’s a great thing to have Crabtree standing out at camp. If the Raiders protection schemes can give Carr the time, both Cooper and Crabtree have excellent ability to find the open spots, with Cooper having the better speed to take it to the house.

    The Raiders have the beginnings of a very promising nucleus of young offensive players… Carr, Cooper, Murray, Wilford.

    Time will tell what JDR and Musgrave cook up … but the ingredients are all there for the first time in years.

  8. Its okay to be carefully pessimistic, take things with a grain of salt. That said, we do not have as bad of a secondary as you think we do. McGill is about to break out, and Woodson is still better than most. Hayden hasn’t shown up yet, but this could be the year he does.

  9. He’s a legend in his own mind. Maybe he was a product of the system at Texas Tech because those numbers certainly haven’t translated to the NFL. Granted, Kaepernick is a terrible passer but Crabtree has shown times where he hasn’t been willing to give 100% effort on plays. Let’s see what happens when it counts. The Raiders may have indeed gotten a bargain for one year at $3.2M because Crabtree (who thought he was worth more than double what he signed for) will be playing for a big money deal. Still, if I were a GM I’m not sure I’d even consider signing him, especially after seeing how the Mike Wallace signing worked out for the Dolphins.

  10. It’s possible that Crabtree’s free agency debacle has humbled him a little. So far he seems more mature and by all accounts, a good team mate. He has always had ability even though he was slowed by the Achilles rupture. He has great hands and runs good routes so if he has even decent speed he could be a steal as long as he keeps the pouting and complaining in check. The Raiders have a much better lockerroom than the South Bay Boys so it may never surface as a problem. Carr thinks he is a great guy. All is good so far.

  11. I saw an interview of Crabtree on the Raiders website from the first day of camp. I was surprised to hear him say of Derek Carr “I’d do anything for him.” That is certainly not diva language, and they must’ve formed a quick connection because they haven’t known each other long. I’m pretty sure Crab never said anything close to that about C. Sackorpick in Santa Clara.

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