Texans no closer to naming a starting quarterback


Nearly two months ago, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he could be picking a starting quarterback “very soon.” He’s apparently no closer to making a decision.

“Eventually I will tell you who it is,” O’Brien told reporters on Monday, via comments distributed by the team. “I am not going to keep it a secret. When we are ready to make a decision, I will tell you who it is.”

Those remarks came a day after O’Brien denied the rumor that he already has settled on Brian Hoyer.

“That would be absolutely untrue,” O’Brien said Sunday. “Every play, every day is evaluated. These guys are very even. No decisions have been made.”

Hoyer, who went through a quarterback competition last yearn Cleveland, is widely believed to have the edge. But Ryan Mallett looked good on Sunday, when he got his shot with the first-team offense.

So this back-and-forth could continue, giving both guys a chance to win the job — but giving the guy who wins it fewer opportunities to be fully prepared for it.

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  1. In other words the Texans don’t have a starting Quarterback. Sure, someone, probably more than one will be starting this season, however they will still be without a starting QB. If Bridgewater wouldn’t have had that bad pro day he would probably be their QB today. However they blew it by letting that turn them off.

  2. The first thing they need to do is get at least one actual quarterback first. Then they can decide on a starter.

  3. Mallett and Hoyer? Wow. Slim pickings. Texans better get a QB soon or coach will be unemployed.

  4. Doesn’t matter, the cows will have JJ killing people on defense and still end up 5-11 when it’s all said and done, their days of dominance are past.

  5. Goodell would rather burn the league down one team at a time than admit he’s wrong.

    Brady admittedly liked his balls inflated to the minimum 12.5 after an incident when balls were overinflated. Science says the balls would be about 1lb lower due to the outdoor temperature. The average inflation of the balls at halftime, using the gauge the official stated he used before the game, was 11.49. The obvious conclusion would seem to be that deflation was most likely due to natural causes.

    Deflategate provided an easy way to change the subject from domestic violence. Just like Bountygate provided a way to change the subject from concussions. Which team will be next?

  6. The Texans have to have a QB in camp before they can name one. Mallet, and Hoyer, aren’t bad people, they just can’t play pro-QB. Here we go in Houston with one more debacle.

  7. Mallet should win, he has a rocket arm just needs to get more accurate. hoyer has a noodle arm that wont get any better with age/hits but he is more mobile/accurate atm (that seems to change as the season goes on for hoyer)

  8. Those are two terrible options at qb..should at least kick the tires on Vick.

  9. I’m thinking neither wants the job out of fear they’d have to wear one of those dunb ‘letterman’ jackets…

  10. They say if you have No QB you have No Team. The lack of a quality starting qb will be the one weakness the Texans will be unable to overcome this season.

  11. Fun fact of the day: the Browns have had over 19 different starting QBs since 2004 and only one of them left with a winning record. His name is Brian Hoyer.

  12. Hoyer, who went through a quarterback competition last yearn Cleveland,


  13. Tough to name the starting QB when he is not on the roster yet. The NFL has a term for that…its called “tampering”.

  14. Hoyer vs Mallett… yeesh

    That is why, for all of his faults, Andy Dalton still has a job.

  15. This team went 9-7 without a “real” QB last year. The defense is said to be improved this year. Why would some of you predict 6-10, 5-11, etc?

  16. Ryan Mallet has the arm strength that you can’t teach guys to have. Accuracy obviously is hard to learn, but can be sured’ up a bit with footwork. Hoyer is a decent QB, he will get you 275 and 2 tds and 1 int on a good day, but he is not the starter! Idk why teams keep doing this, Mallet is young and has been groomed by Brady. Just give the young kid a shot. If he fails, you draft and let Hoyer finish the season. No 29 years old will be your answer for the future

  17. Hoyer collapses at random intervals, Mallett can’t aim, and Savage is an even more statuesque Mallett.

    If this team wasn’t in the damned AFC South, they’d get murdered. Can the Titans and Jags get good? Please?

    The best thing that could happen to Houston would be for them to collapse and go 2-14 again, so the owner would have no choice but to clear the front office, including Rick Smith.

    A new regime that doesn’t neglect offense while still keeping defense strong would be great.

  18. Give any QB time in the NFL and they will pick you apart. . .

    With Foster going down. . . . teams are not going to worry about the run. . .the only running we will see is our QB running for his life. . .

    This could be a very very tough season. . . expectations are for more wins than 9. . . when we start 1-4. . .which is a real possibility. . . I think O’Brien may be running with the QB.

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