Tom Brady will appear in court on the 12th


It may not have been smart for Tom Brady to destroy/dismantle/whatever his phone, but he’ll be doing the smart thing next Wednesday. According to Albert Breer of NFL Media, Brady will appear in court on August 12, for the first of two settlement conferences with Judge Richard M. Berman.

Albert Breer of NFL Media, whose tweets regarding the possibility of Brady participating by phone kicked up a mini-storm of something other than sand, reports that Brady will attend in person and that “was always the plan.”

But if it was always the plan, there should have been no reason for anyone to inquire regarding the procedure for appearing by phone. And there should have been no reason for the NFLPA to explain it would “follow Brady’s guidance.”

Our guess is that the NFLPA poked around about participating by phone because Brady asked to do it that way, and that the NFLPA heard enough to reconfirm the notion that it wouldn’t have been wise to seek permission to not attend.

The wisest move would have been to not even poke around. Merely asking the question can create a question about how committed a litigant is to doing what the judge wants. The best approach in these cases always is to show a full and unconditional commitment to attend whenever and wherever the judge requests.

81 responses to “Tom Brady will appear in court on the 12th

  1. Or perhaps the NFLPA asked because it was not feasible for some of the union employees who were not a major part of the case to go to Washington. This could be paralegals or other relatively low level support staff for whom being involved in the hearing could be a plus, but for whom schlepping from DC to NY might not be so easy. Remember, anyone on the NFL side of the case already works in Manhattan so attending would be no big deal. Not so for Brady and the union, both of whom will need to travel for the conference.

  2. Goodell is pretty ripped for his age..Brady better watch out, lest things get heated and Roger takes care of some business mano-a-mano by putting a whuppin’ on the softy

  3. “But if it was always the plan, there should have been no reason for anyone to inquire regarding the procedure for appearing by phone. And there should have been no reason for the NFLPA to explain it would “follow Brady’s guidance.”

    And it would have saved you from writing that terribly enlightening Lawyerly post 20 minutes ago.

  4. Give him 16 games. This pathetic organization is a joke! Never won before cheating, won’t win after cheating. Belicheat sub .500 coach with a horrible drafting record before the cheating began.

  5. ‘Cause Brady’s been brassing and laughing so long that
    Even Belicheat thinks that his mind is gone

    He’s been spending most his life living in a cheater’s paradise

  6. Brady’s gonna smoke ’em. And then he’s going to throttle every opponent he faces this year. All 19 of them.

  7. Brady has about a 5% chance of winning this case and 5% is being generous. He thought he would be able to do it by phone, why else put that possibility out there? Sorry Tom, you are now wasting taxpayer dollars to feed your silly ego, you owe it to everyone for wasting their time and money. Show up or automatically lose the case, simple enough?

  8. Free Brady I want he set and ready for the super bowl when he has one more Giant loss

    It is a shame that the Pats have to play the JETS and Now the Bills
    The Eagles should go to the AFC East and put the PATs in the NFC East

  9. Tom Brady should show up wearing all four Super Bowl rings.

    Maybe even let the Judge slide one in his pocket as a little Quid Pro Quo.

    Pretty good use of Latin, huh? I like using Latin when I’m talking courtroom and lawyer stuff.

  10. So now NFL Media is joining in the league office’s blatant propaganda effort to release as many random, incomplete bits of info as possible that makes its players & teams look bad?

  11. It really is time to EXPOSE Goodell, and his associates for the fraud they have created….especially Kensil.

    If…somehow…this entire scene comes out in court…many will lose their jobs. This is an absolute scam.

  12. I love how the justice system take months, sometimes years to deal with cases that cripple people’s everyday lives, but when there’s some crybaby argument in the NFL it gets fast-tracked & lands before a federal judge in a matter of days.

  13. Let’s hear Patriot Hater thump their chests again that Brady wouldn’t dare take his case to court 🙂

    Need a good laugh and Patriot Hater is always a good source for that 🙂

  14. Maybe he is afraid Jim McNally and John Jastremski will be there to testify!
    Nope, and if you were paying attention, you’d know that.

  15. And it would have saved you from writing that terribly enlightening Lawyerly post 20 minutes ago.
    Lawyers gonna lawyer. It’s just what they do.

  16. Oh man I’m excited. Can’t wait to see ol’ Rog get his sh!t handed to him on the 12th.


  17. Or Breer just asked the court? Anyone can call the clerk and ask if a party to a matter in front of the judge can appear at a pretrial conference via phone, and the clerk would likely respond that a party could if it had a compelling reason.

    Not sure why the assumption that the inquiry came from Brady or the NFLPA.

  18. Goodell should tell the judge about the time he and his top guys told a reporter the 11 footballs at 10.5 psi story, reaffirmed it to Mort a week later as “right on the number”, made Kraft sign a NDA to get the true numbers, then told Kraft F U when the team begged the NFL to publicly come clean with the true numbers.

  19. actually brady initially desiring to participate via telephone completely sums up his arrogance in this matter.

    he is screwed. can’t wait. only bad thing in all of this is he won’t play vs dall in wk 4.

  20. You’re right, Patriots fans. The judge is simply going to ignore the collective bargaining agreement and completely overturn any and all punishments pertaining to Tom Brady.

    Actually, you are all suffering from a truly hilarious case of tunnel vision.

  21. Oh come on – does anyone believe that nonsense about Brady wanting to appear via phone?! I just can’t with the NFL media anymore. They need to stop with the leaks already. No doubt Brady will be there in the flesh on the 12th. If the court starts at 7am you can bet he’ll be there at 6am. Bank on it.

  22. Phoning it in sums up Brady’s stance on this whole ordeal when it comes to compliance. Mike saved they day with his last write up. Brady must have read it. Now they can compare decoder rings over a glass of Ovaltine.
    In 2011, Ovaltine was banned in Denmark under legislation forbidding the sale of food products with added vitamins.

  23. Wow, Tom Brady continues to make himself look bad. I used to think he was pretty savvy and chill. He’s starting to look very dumb and arrogant. He used to seem like Mr. America to me; now he just seems like another entitled quarterback, and not even the professional kind–just a dude. Enjoy your retirement Tom; your NFL career is just about over.

  24. For Brady’s sake, I hope he’s more prepared to answer the judge than he was answering the media when this story first broke and they asked if Tom Brady is a cheater. After that deer-in-the-headlights performance, I can see why he’d prefer a phone-y “appearance.”

  25. Mundo says:
    Aug 3, 2015 6:07 PM
    That’s what you all said in his first appeal, that it was going to be overturned…how that turn out?


    No one said his first appeal would overturn anything. The consensus was Goodell would hold to 4 because he had no real option.

  26. He’s going just to make a fool of himself, he already did once…I guess all he’s got to go on for himself is his word that his innocent…he destroyed the evidence..smh

  27. steelcurtainn says:
    Aug 3, 2015 5:37 PM

    Not Hating here but Tom Bradys season is toast. Too many destractions to overcome. Mark it down.


    I’m afraid wishful thinking just doesn’t make it so. 🙂

  28. Goodell will probably fake an injury on the courthouse steps and then claim the Patriots put a bounty on him.

  29. Brady is a liar and will lie again in court. Kraft is a phony too. He was in NYC with Goodell today.

  30. Years ago I had left an employer and my new company had a lawsuit with my old company. I had documents in my possession that I produce during discovery and the lawyers for my old company went ape and accused me of stealing documents.

    Of course, there were records of them sending me documents to my home and the best one was when they sent a currier with documents to to me in my wife’s delivery room when she was having a baby.

    Corporate lawyers will say anything when they are attacking employees and former employees who had stellar records, just like Brady. There is always an element of character assassination. Sad that so many of you have fallen for it in regards tot he NFL attacks on Brady.

  31. His approach to the Court Room will resemble that of Clark Kent as he gets closer & closer to kryptonite. His weakness will reveal itself when his ability to hide behind lawyer’s prepared statements disappears & all he is left with is his own words…which we have all have seen are seriously inadequate when he tries to claim innocence.

  32. Tiger, in most trials and scandals, there is always charges of character assination. It goes both ways. In this case, there has been none by the NFL. Tom’s actions and words have spoke for themselves. He has done himself no favors.

  33. I live in Virginia…no dog in the fight. But almost 100% of people I ask about this say Brady is getting railroaded. The vocal minority who have no life and live on poster boards are the only ones who want to see Brady suspended. Intelligent fans see the ridiculousness of this whole thing. In my opinion, Goodell has proven to be very weak and is hurting the league.

  34. Prove to me the NFL didn’t float that idea on Brady’s “behalf”. I know it sounds nefarious, but gee its the NFL we’re talking about. Would it really be beneath them?

    I live in Denver, and its pretty apparent out here that this is a total frame job by Goodell and the NFL.

  35. mark4steelers says:
    Aug 3, 2015 8:01 PM

    His approach to the Court Room will resemble that of Clark Kent as he gets closer & closer to kryptonite. His weakness will reveal itself when his ability to hide behind lawyer’s prepared statements disappears & all he is left with is his own words…which we have all have seen are seriously inadequate when he tries to claim innocence.
    Someone from Pittsburgh would know the drill, as much trouble as “Big Ben” has had to deal with. Thanks for all the good info friend.

  36. Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers will show up on the 12th too. Peyton Manning won’t be there until the 18th. Yeah, I got it.

  37. I’m a transplant living in Boston. Almost 100% of the fans I talk to know that the Pats were caught cheating again but don’t care because they admit cheating is the cornerstone of all Pats success.

    Just saying.

  38. For the record Brady did not have to testify under oath for the appeal hearing but did by choice, thereby subjecting himself to perjury charges if found to be lying. I am sure he will do the same at this hearing.

    This says it all. He knows he is telling the truth.

    Goodell, the known liar (has lied in several situations) is lying to you all again

  39. All you pathetic losers trying to smear Brady because your team can’t win squat….it hurts to not be relevant doesn’t it?

  40. Everyone else needs to learn the rule book; however, it appears he thinks he is too above doing the same….smh…..Arrogance will bite you every time, given enough time 🙂

  41. He doesn’t have a choice. You wanted to take it in front of a federal judge then you kinda have to be there. It sure would be easier to lie over the phone though. Destroying your phone the day it was requested won’t look good there either. Should have just swallowed your medicine and accepted the 4 games…DUMB

  42. More probable than not that Kensil and his keystone kops group of failed framers have again backchannels to place the ‘phone it in’ story to once again, trying make TB look bad. Gee there certainly, hasn’t been ANY recent precedent of that, has there been, Mort? It will be interesting on 12th to see HOW FAR under the bus Goodell throws Kensil, so soon to be EX-Commis at least ensure a more orderly, richer exit, for himself. In Goodell’s best Don Draper imitation (but without the looks): ‘rogue operation, executives cannot expect to be able to monitor EVERY employee 24/7’

  43. Albert Breer of NFL Media

    Apparently, Albert has the same sources as Mort.

    I expect him to be brought on board by ESPN next week.

  44. It’s not unusual for people to participate in hearings by phone if they don’t live in the jurisdiction of the court. Brady is in training camp so it’s no big mystery why the NFLPA inquired about him participating by phone. Yet again, something being made into a much bigger deal than it should be.

  45. When the judge refuses to overturn the suspension will the winey, “you cant prove it!” Patsy fans please shut up?

  46. babygaga19 says: Aug 3, 2015 7:51 PM

    Brady will break Goodell with his own two bare hands. Tom is God!
    Yeah….Brady couldn’t break a pretzel stick with his bare hands. I hear his wife Gizzum, has to open all the pickle jars at home, what with him just having a fresh manicure and all. Biggest girly man I ever saw! and a compulsive liar to boot. The best of both worlds I guess. He should have kept his mouth shut and took the 4 games. Dumbest azz in captivity!

  47. So where did Breer get his information that Brady was even considering doing this by phone. Let me guess; someone with a Park Avenue office in NYC.
    Just like Mortensen and his misinformation, anyone that “trusts” the NFL throughout this whole thing is kidding themselves. This is the same group that claims they never saw the Ray Rice tape.
    Phoning it in would be incredibly dumb. I highly doubt Brady’s attny’s would be OK with him doing that, training camp or no training camp.

  48. lmao You haters really think a few pounds of pressure in 1 ball is the reason the Patriots have been Blowing YOUR team out of the water for the last 15 years.. Patriots OWN the record books and if you think this is going to slow them down, well Im sorry they will spank your team and send you all crying and yelling cheeters again this year.. Sorry your team S**ks .. Id like to see some REAL PROOF not just he said she said .. He more then likely then not blah blah.. Pats SMOKED the COLTS AFTER the balls(BALL) was inflated to regulation 28-0 second half and brady went on to Break the all time passing record in a Superbowl..Brady also set a record for completions in a Super Bowl with 37.. Against Montana the man whos #1 receiver admitted to cheating.. See you on the field losers lol Pats have a big chip

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