DeMarco Murray doesn’t know why he didn’t practice on first day of camp


The rivalry Cowboys and Eagles reached new heights this year when Philadelphia pilfered the 2014 NFL rushing champion from Dallas. Which puts plenty of pressure on tailback DeMarco Murray to do the things for his new team that he did last year for his old one.

So, on the first day of training camp, Murray . . . didn’t practice at all.

He addressed the situation on Monday (when he did indeed practice), but Murray had no explanation for his absence from the prior day.

Via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Murray said he wasn’t injured, and that the absence was the coach’s decision.

“You’re always upset when you don’t get the chance to go out there and compete and take the pressure off the other guys,” Murray said. “Obviously, as a competitor I want to be out there, but it didn’t happen.”

While there surely is a reason, Murray doesn’t know, because he didn’t ask coach Chip Kelly or running backs coach Duce Staley.

“I just do what I’m told,” Murray said.

It’s possible Murray was a little banged up from offseason workouts or working out on his own, and that the Eagles wanted to go easy with him out of the gates without inviting critics to say, “That’s what you get for signing a guy who couldn’t stay healthy until he was in a contract year.”

Practice or no practice on Sunday, that continues to be the biggest question for Murray: Can he stay healthy when not chasing a contract?

The Eagles were willing to bet that he can; the Cowboys weren’t.

47 responses to “DeMarco Murray doesn’t know why he didn’t practice on first day of camp

  1. “Can he stay healthy while not chasing a new contract”

    And therein lies the question. A lot of people seem to forget that Murray had a habit of injury or running out of bounds too early, prior to last season. He did well, but he was earning money. This year he doesn’t have that motivator anymore and he doesn’t have the best line in football to run behind. Murray is going to shock some people, including the Eagles front office, when he doesn’t live up to expectations.

  2. He had 449 touches last year. Every running back that has approached that number of touches has fallen off significantly the next year. If they want to get anything out of him, the Eagles will probably have to do some things that are pretty unorthodox. Looks like Kelly is pretty good at that.

  3. Better watch questioning the Smoothie King…he will be cut by the start of regular season..

  4. We’ll find out what Murray really thinks the day after he’s off the team a few years from now. Wouldn’t surprise if it is similar to what we’ve been hearing from others. Kelly is not a player’s coach, that’s for sure. Nothing wrong with that.

    Kelly likes talent less than he likes his sacred culture. I think that will bite him in the butt before long.

  5. “So, on the first day of training camp, Murray . . . didn’t practice at all.”

    Not true. He participated in all of the individual drills but was held out of the team drills.

  6. @medialovesthecowboys

    Pro Football Focus went ahead and did their analysis of offensive lines. While the Cowboys were rated #1 overall, the Eagles were rated #2. Those ratings are amalgams of pass and run blocking metrics and penalty metrics. In run blocking alone, the Eagles were #1 and Cowboys were #2.

    DeMarco Murray is not likely to be lacking solid blocking in front of him this year. Even with the subtraction of Mathis and Herremans.

  7. Chip knows the physiology of sports. He is managing perfectly.
    –DeSean Jackson is talking smack these days at an embarrassing clip . We had our TO. And he’s no TO.
    Shady is a slappy. We certainly upgraded the position.?
    and Brandon Boykin was a toast-able D-back on a horrible defensive secondary. He is irrelevant talent wise.
    Clearly the Eagles are going to run away with this division.

  8. According Mike Golic Chip Kelly is Chip Kelly and we as fans aren’t allowed to have an opinion as why he does things the way he does. We just have to go along with it. Even if it’s not common practice or conducive to team morale

  9. Again, why don’t teams operate under the same framework as the New England Patriots. Allowing players to give opinions to the media just creates distractions and unnecessary firestorms.
    Simple rule:Give the media NOTHING. The inner thoughts of players is completely irrelevant to winning on the field. Shut up and do your job.
    The Belichick formula is tried and tested.

  10. 1 . He did practice some day 1.
    2. Anyone who heard the comments as opposed to just reading them knows there is nothing to this, no concern or bitterness.
    3. He had too many touches last year. A blind man can see that they are going to take it easy on him in August.

  11. If Murray gets hurt in practice, Chip is an idiot. If Murray sits in practice, Chip is an idiot. Seems like a familiar refrain with the fans. Coach’s decision….get over it!

  12. demarco not starting in training camp & speaking to the media about it? that better stop or he’ll be traded or released. no player opinions or speaking out of line is allowed in chip’s world.

  13. I am a GIANTS fan, and it always makes me happy to see the Cowboys or Eagles implode a little bit (I just have sympathy for the ‘skins), but really, this is a non-story guys.

    Chip Kelly is a very good coach.

    Holding a RB out of drills who had as many touches, and gets bang up like Murray is actually the smart thing to do.

    And don’t forget, it’s not a democracy, it’s a Football team, and Chip is the guy in charge.

  14. Heyyon… If you paid attention, the pro football focus rank of the eagirls oline was done before the loss of their two starters and pro bowler…the NEW pff ranks them at 16th! Demarco doesn’t have even close to the line that he had in big D… He doesn’t have the WR’S to draw attention… His QB is no longer Tony Romo, who is 10x the QB than anything filthadelphia has…he no longer will benefit from a defense that forced the 2nd most turnovers in the league, giving the ball back to the offense. Demarco Murray is a good back…but he was made great by his surroundings in Dallas..DC4L!!✭

  15. “According Mike Golic Chip Kelly is Chip Kelly and we as fans aren’t allowed to have an opinion as why he does things the way he does. We just have to go along with it. Even if it’s not common practice or conducive to team morale”

    Newsflash. Every coach does what he does and the fans have to go along with it. I don’t know of any coach alters what he does because the fans don’t agree, not any good coaches anyway.

    And yes you are allowed to have one opinion. If you really don’t like it, don’t spend money going to the games, don’t watch the games on TV, find something else to do thus depriving the team of any income it might get from you.

  16. Just another Kelly head game. Demarco will have to get used to it just like he’ll have to get used to getting zero yards per attempt trying to run behind a woeful offensive line.

  17. Starting already !!! lmao. He is the sorriest person in America for leaving Dallas, he’s homesick ! 9 million dollar waste of money.

  18. Maybe ask Stephen A. I’m sure he’ll have the answer and it won’t be inflammatory hyperbolic rhetoric either (maybe)

  19. He got paid, and he was worked hard last year.

    Neither of those bode well for Murray this year. Aside from the two games against Dallas, I hope he does well this year.

    But I don’t hold out hope that he will. we have seen what happens when a RB is pushed as hard as Murray was last year.
    I still say that if not for the contract or hopes to beat Smiths franchise record, Murray would not have played with a broken hand. Now that he has the money, the nagging injuries will sideline him again.

  20. That’s what you get for signing a guy who couldn’t stay healthy until he was in a contract year.”

    He didn’t make it through his contract year injury free. Broke his hand remember? Now that hes been paid don’t expect him to keep playing through injury…as he didn’t his previous seasons.

  21. The question was asked at today’s Chip Kelly news conference and he said that Murray was held out on Sunday because his hydration level was not to an acceptable level for him to practice and that he sat as a precautionary measure to minimize risk of injury which has proven to be higher when hydration levels are low… sports science makes sense to me

  22. Come on guys! Over pay for the NFL’s leading rusher. then not practice him and not tell him why – it’s genius!!

  23. You watch Joseph Randle burst through a hole and sprint into the secondary here, and it makes you immediately aware of two things.

    One is that this is training camp and the defense is only bumping into backs, not tackling them. So it makes it easier to run like DeMarco Murray.

    The second is that Randle just looks faster than DeMarco Murray.

  24. Apparently he was over hydrated and that supposedly increases the risk of injury. It’s science. Keep hating stuff you don’t understand, it’s amusing.

  25. Really? That comment was worth deleting? Can’t handle ANY criticism? That sensitive?? Sooooo Sad!

  26. The guy played with a broken hand last yr and didn’t fumble the ball…..he could play for my team anytime…expecting a football player not to get injured is moronic….its not if but when you get injured these guys play hurt all the time…Chip is right not exposing him to contact to early and limiting his snaps….A RB takes to much contact during the season and Demarco is a physical running back on top of that….nothing to see here…

  27. “I just do what I’m told,” Murray said.
    And get use to it Murray, that’s life under your new coach. Chip Kelly the control freak poster child.

    Whether Murray should have been held out or not can be debated I suppose, but as the player, he should be aware of why he is being held out.

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