Percy Harvin: Unlike Seattle, Buffalo teammates accept me

Bills receiver Percy Harvin says he feels at home after just a few months in Buffalo — something he never felt in Seattle.

Appearing on ESPN First Take, Harvin was asked why Buffalo is a good fit for him. Harvin immediately contrasted the Bills with the Seahawks, and said that his teammates in Seattle treated him as an outsider.

“I think most importantly, from this year to Seattle, my teammates accept me a little more,” Harvin said. “What I mean by that I felt when I went to Seattle a lot of the receivers took me as a threat rather than accepting me as a teammate. I always told those guys, I pulled them to the side several times after seeing the comments they were making to the media, I’m like, ‘Hey, guys, I’m here to ball with you, to take us to the next level.’ A lot of guys were looking at they were established and they didn’t need any help. I just took it as I never was kind of accepted in the receiver group by all the members.”

Harvin said he always felt he had to “walk on egg shells” in Seattle, and that he had “several conversations” with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about how he never felt comfortable with his teammates. Harvin singled out Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin as a player who criticized him in the media, which Harvin said bothers him.

There have been several reports about Harvin not getting along with his teammates during his stint with the Seahawks, but these are some of Harvin’s most extensive comments about the matter. He sounds excited to play for the Bills — and happy to be done with the Seahawks.

116 responses to “Percy Harvin: Unlike Seattle, Buffalo teammates accept me

  1. This guy will just never get it. The only common denominator in all of his past drama is him. It will be shocking if he is still on the Bills in two years from now.

  2. From the guy that had to be threatened with injured reserve to get back on the field…..

  3. Percy Harvin, Seattle paid you millions to do a job. Instead you made your job contingent upon something not on the playing field – Being liked.

    Seattle go zero production from you aside from a SB kickoff runback. That was one expensive purchase for Seattle.

    Focus your mind. Grow up. Less ego.

  4. Says the guy who got hurt before camp his first season in Seattle, then rehabbed away from team. You were treated like an outsider because you kept yourself outside…. Not to mention the only game he decided he could play in during that regular season was against his old team that discarded him. What a waste of physical talent this bum is, good luck Bills.

  5. Glad you’re happy with your new team, Percy. BTW ever hear that its not a good idea to trash talk your previous team mates and burn bridges? Just sayin’.

  6. He says that now but wait a few weeks and he’ll be crying about everything and how the players don’t like him and the coach won’t play him…blah blah blah. Oh, I wonder if that will be before or after he has to miss a month because he has a hangnail.

  7. Good. Because unlike in Seattle, you can go golfing with your new Buffalo pals as soon as the regular season ends.

  8. Were there tears running down his cheeks as he was whining about not being “liked” ?

  9. This guy is nothing but problems, he only plays when he feels like it, and has a terrible attitude. I can’t believe the Vikings ignored all those red flags and pulling the trigger on this guy in the first round… the only move sillier than that was the Seahawks paying him all that money but atleast he helped them win a Superbowl all though some would argue they could have won it without him.

  10. He probably realizes how good he had it in Minnesota now, being the focus of the offense and a fan favor for at least the 1st year until he blew it all up with his pouting and whatnot.

  11. I remember when a Seattle and their fans thought they fleeced the Vikings for, Harvin. Remember that guys?

  12. Came out today in Seattle that Percy had an altercation with Baldwin a couple of days before the 4th preseason game last year. Had to be restrained and taken to the parking lot by a coach. A few minutes later he ran back to the locker room and drew blood by punching Baldwin. The Seahawk players made a pact to keep it in house. A couple days later when interviewed by the media, Baldwin had nothing but positive comments about Harvin.

    So, to recap, Doug Baldwins never had issues with any player, at least publicly. Percy, not so much.

    What a waste of talent. The explosiveness he brings to a teams offense is only outdone by the friction he causes to the team.

  13. Isn’t it wonderful when everybody wins! Harvin is happy to be in Buffalo. Seattle is happy that he’s not in Seattle. And Buffalo is happy to have Harvin. There seems to be a trend here. Guys that go to Buffalo like to throw jabs at their former teams. That could mean one of two things. Either they’re not really happier, or they’re just bad character guys. The correct answer might just be all of the above.

  14. If it’s true that sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge, his path is well lit

  15. Thats a helluva testament to the captains on this team that lead by example; Kyle, Mario, Wood. Percy will fit in and so will Shady, Clay, Richie… New owner new coach new team. Welcome aboard Percy lets do this! GO BILLS 2015/6 AFC CHAMPS

  16. Way too much hating on Percy, and Shady for that matter. Lot of fans and teams just jealous is my guess.

  17. Thank God! After being surrounded by trouble-makers and malcontents his entire career, Percy has finally found a team that will just leave him alone and let him be the calm, peace loving, unselfish playmaker that he is.

    (BTW, the Seahawks receivers were right: they didn’t need any help from him.)

  18. It’s more probable then not that he didn’t want to play for a team infested with PED’s. Look at how the hawks acted at the end of Super Bowl like a bunch of roid raged teenagers

  19. Asked for further comment, Harvin said “I’m just glad I got off that hapless Viking dungboat when I did. Have you seen those goofy little pointed hats worn by their fans? Lord knows, I’ve never been much of a scholar but even I know that the real Vikings never wore horned hats.”

  20. The best story is that Col Klink himself (Brad Childress) went down to FLA to interview Percy and pronounced him a solid citizen, the Vikings would have no trouble.

    Well, the Vikings didn’t have any trouble as long as Percy didn’t have a head ache that week and felt like playing. I used to think it was the idiot head coach but now I’m feeling like Percy isn’t someone I would want to have as a teammate.

  21. Yes Percy, people tend to feel threatened when you threaten them. When you physically assault them their reasoning was sound.
    Could be an outstanding weapon.
    Instead, just an uncontrollable tool.

  22. Percy didn’t like it when he discovered that the entire Seahawks offense wasn’t going to revolve around him. Believe it or not the Seahawks’ offense revolves around the point guard Russell Wilson. When they tried to make Percy the biggest part of it, it got everything out of whack (see San Diego and Dallas). They ended up with one more loss 2 days after he left to St Louis and then got on roll and finished the season 12-4. That was no coincidence.

  23. I love Percy Harvin. The man is a elite and special athlete.

    I really wish his run would have lasted longer with the Seahawks. Hopefully the Bills provide the correct atmosphere and circumstances for him to flourish.

    As a Seattle fan, I have nothing but fond memories of Percy Harvin…..because honestly, the only memories of him I choose to hang on to, are from Super Bowl XLVIII. I will always smile when I think of Percy Harvin.


  24. If Harvin plays to his potential that he has, all the haters on here will be first in line to ride his fantasy jock all the way.

  25. I was a big Percy supporter even as he got traded to the Jets I thought he was a world class talent and game changer. He has proven it for his whole career he can’t get his mind to the level of his physical abilities and is a terrible teammate who never takes ownership of any or his faults.

    None of this stuff was leaked from Seattle for two years, the players and organization never said anything of him being what he was a distractuon. Glad Seattle admitted the mistake quickly and moved on. It was fun to watch him in the Super Bowl, ends about there.

  26. Complete diva and drama queen. Always hurt. Yea the recievers were mad you got 12.6 million year, and didn’t earn a tenth of it.
    shut it punk, you got a ring

  27. Maybe it had something to do with you signing with the Seahawks, then suddenly needing surgery on your hip, a procedure that was expected to have you back in time for the regular season. Instead, you took almost the whole year off. Came back for one game against your former team, then claimed you were hurt again. When being threatened to be put on IR before the NFCCG, suddenly fine again and ready to play. And considering you were the highest paid offensive player at the time, yeah I can kinda see why your teammates didn’t respect you.

    Then the following year, you faked injuries during the week so you didn’t have to practice, then just flat out gave up against Dallas. Pulled yourself out of the game and refused to go back in because who knows why… Weren’t getting the ball enough to make you happy? Boo hoo. Good riddance. Takes some nerve to expect anybody to respect you after the garbage you pulled. And did you notice that after the Seahawks dumped you last year is when the team turned it around and starting playing a whole lot better? Amazing what cutting the cancer out of a locker room will do for a team.

    Good luck, Buffalo. You’d think he would have maybe learned something from his past and grown up a little bit. Guess not.

  28. Seahawk super bowl wins with Harvin = 1, Seahawk super bowl wins without Harvin = 0. So maybe they did need him after all.

  29. Seahawk fan here. Yes, Percy is a headcase and we’re happy PC/JC jettison’d his butt for a draft pick and salary cap space. With that said, I will always be thankful for that SB kickoff return. That play sealed the win and took any hope the Broncos thought they had.

    Good luck you nutcase.

  30. As a Bills fan I’ll agree the guy has been a malcontent but he is also a tremendous talent. If one of these 3 QBs can play decent, just decent, not even great football this team could be good and Percy could be a part of that. With Minnesota it was basically just him and AP and he was pretty explosive and could make plays from anywhere. Lets hope the Bills get that Harvin, with him Shady and Watkins you have some big play potential.
    I think he may realize he doesn’t have many chances left and he will need to show he’s matured and just play his part.
    I just hope the Bills are good so we can hear about the team instead of Rex and Percy.


  31. When you’re on your fourth team in the last three calendar years, that’s a good indication that your next interview should be done with the guy in your mirror.

  32. I’m shocked at this.
    Seadderall is filled with such classy players!

    Sherman punking on Crabtree and his perpetual “Look at me” attitude.

    Bruce Irvin throwing a hissy fit at the end of the Superbowl because they lost.

    Doug Baldwin crapping out the Football after he used the Ref as ick in the endzone.

    All class, those PEDhawks

  33. There is an old joke
    A newcomer moves to town and asks the bartender, “What are people like here?” The bartender responds, “Well what was it was it like in your last town?” The newbee says, “well they are nice, honest, kind, upfront, hardworking, friendly.” The Bartender then says, “well that is how you will find it here.”

    Next day another newcomer moves into town and asks the same bartender, “What are people like here?” The bartenders responds, “Well what was it like in your old town?” The newbee says, “well they were two-faced, backstabbing, lazy, mean and down right unfriendly.” The Bartender then says, “well that is how you will find it here.”

  34. Believe me because i have seen it happen. buffalo is so dull next to alot of other cities the players calm down when they get here for better or worse. i am a giants fan.

  35. I wonder what he’s going to say when he leaves Buffalo. We might not have to wait too long to get the answer.

  36. Supreme talent, supreme headcase. The only year he was happy was with Brett Favre was throwing him the ball. Does Buffalo have a QB?…oh ya, that Viking backup guy…hmm, I wonder how long before Percy tears him a new one and Buffalo lets him go too.

  37. Wow!!! Can this be the first article that Vikings and Seahawks fan agree on? I didn’t think this was possible.

    I like Rex Ryan, mainly because he is entertaining, but also because he is the son of the Viking’s defensive line coach under Bud Grant. Buddy was the father of the Purple People Eaters and the 46 defense. He is a major contributor to NFL history. Props!

    Rex, you’ve built a highly volatile team. If you can get this group to the playoffs, then you should be in the running for coach of the year. If not, you should think about being a defensive coordinator. Your dad was a HOF defensive coordinator. He did not achieve that same status as a head coach.

  38. I’ve figured out what team he’s playing for next! Percy Harvin is an anagram for Chirpy Raven. Could that pleeeease be his new nickname?

  39. Doesn’t surprise me at all with Seatlle. It was big news when they traded for Percy. Even when he was out with migraines he still got a fair amount of media attention. We all know how much those Seahawks like to demand attention. Especially Baldwin, not the scrub deserves any of it. He follows Sherman around like a lite puppy. They are a good team, but there antics are disgraceful.

  40. Angry Doug had an issue with the Hawks bringing in a similar player, but it was nothing against you personally. You made yourself an outsider and turned teammates against you with your antics.

    As far as the whole fleeced Minnesota thing, I remember that it was the Viking fans that said they fleeced Seattle. I thought we got a great player for a 1st round pick… a pick in a spot that meant we couldn’t get that type of impact player in the draft. Thought it was a good trade for both teams… at the time. Not so much now, but hindsight is always 20-20

  41. And you felt the need to bring up the past. You would think with your track record, it might be best to let it rest

  42. Everybody under the bus, Wrecks obviously has his usual handle on his team.

    What a circus in Buffalo, nothing to hate, but lots to laugh at.

  43. Percy cried because he got the ball too much in Minnesota, and face it, Ponder was no Brett Favre. He’ll be wishing he’d hung around to play with Teddy B!

  44. Cancer with a capital C. There’s a reason he’s on his 3rd or 4th NFL team and why nobody is ever sorry to see him go. Once his talent slips even a little bit his NFL career is over because he has nothing to offer a team besides that.

  45. And Golden Tate did what to Russell Wilson?? Everyone has to realize that there are two sides ro every story, and the truth is somewhere in between. He has been super at training camp with the fans and teamates.

  46. This kid has ALWAYS been an idiot!! Go back and look at his college issues, to the Vikings and then the Seahawks. It’s always the same and it will be the same in Buffalo…just wait you will see.

  47. Harvin lacks credibility for sure..However every non seagulls fan knows Doug Baldwin is a whining little girl who barely beats the seagulls scout team.

  48. Walking on eggshells? Maybe because they expected you to act like a professional not a whining biotch, which is acceptable in Rex Ryan’s world.

    Good luck with that team Bills fans. In 4 years you’ll be thankful to see the circus leave town.

  49. The “me” at the end of the lead says everything you need to know about Harvin.

  50. I would say Percy is a loser and to keep quiet but Doug Baldwin is just as annoying. Doug Baldwin somehow thinks he is as good as Antonio Brown.

  51. This guy is unbelievable. Everywhere he goes he’s a victim. Coaches don’t understand him or respect him. Teammates don’t make him feel welcome. He’s a spoiled brat looking for an excuse to be less of a player than he claims to be.
    Good luck, buffalo. Princess Percy will find his proverbial pea in your town too. It’s only a matter of time.

  52. And when he doesn’t get what he wants and feels “dissed” the migraines begin again…

    Next stop, the Raiders.

  53. I think a lot of people initially blamed the Vikings (coaching staff) for the split. I think it’s fair enough to say now that it’s Mr Harvin that is the problem. I hope for Buffalo’s sake that he can turn it around…but I wont be holding my breath.

  54. “I can’t believe the Vikings ignored all those red flags and pulling the trigger on this guy in the first round”

    It’s the Viking way and the reason for so many of their Super Bowl victories.

  55. Percy it’s your fourth team so I guess all of them just didn’t accept or understand you brother. It couldn’t be that you are just a lousy and selfish teammate could it?

  56. In fairness to Harvin, the Seahawks locker room is full of ego-maniacs that ‘want to be paid’ lol

  57. Good lord, what did he say that was so wrong? I know, i know. Once you decide dislike a player, everything he says or does after that is taken negatively no matter what, but my goodness. This is actually the side of a football player I want to see. Open and honest, especially about his experiences. You’re too used to the PC NFL. Snap out of it.

  58. How many teams and locker rooms has this guy chased himself out of?

    A few years ago, Percy Harvin forced a trade out of Minnesota apparently because he didn’t think Christian Ponder was a competent quarterback.

    Now he’s stuck in Buffalo, which arguably has the league’s worst collection of QB talent heading into the 2015 season. How long before Harvin starts griping about that? My money’s on mid-October.

  59. I guess we’ll never know the full story, but I think the real problem is that Darrel Bevell, the OC, didn’t know what to do with Harvin. He was essentially treating him as a wingback, and there is just too much speed on opposing defenses to get away with those kinds of running plays week in and week out. Harvin may be moody, but he’s an exceptional talent and I hope Ryan finds a way to work him into the office. I think it was a missed opportunity for the Seahawks, as Harvin would have given the New England secondary some serious problems in the Super Bowl.

  60. Bevell had Harvin in Minnesota, back when he was putting up huge numbers… knowing how to use him was not the problem.

    The problem was that they tried to use him too much. Seattle’s identity is smash mouth, run, run, and run some more… then throw it deep now and then. While dynamic, having Percy actually stalled the offense. After the trade, when they got back to the style that won them the SB, the offense was MUCH better.

  61. heybackatyou says:
    Aug 5, 2015 8:27 PM

    Minnesota. Seattle. New York. Buffalo.
    Percy is staying close to the Canadian border.
    Could the CFL be next?

    No, he just likes being closer to the Canadian Ballet!

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