Report: Arian Foster expected to go on injured reserve/return

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We learned Tuesday that the Texans will be without running back Arian Foster for some time after suffering a groin injury that will require surgery and now we’re getting an idea of just how long he will be out.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Foster will be placed on injured reserve with the designation to return before the start of the regular season. Foster would not be eligible to play for the first eight weeks of the season in that event, although he can resume practicing with the team after six weeks if he’s healthy enough. The Texans have a bye in Week Nine, which would give Foster an additional week to prepare for his return without extending his stay on the list.

McClain reports that Foster will have his surgery on Friday in Philadelphia with Dr. William Meyers, who has been the go-to doctor for sports hernia surgeries in recent years.

The Texans and Pierre Thomas weren’t able to come to terms on a contract after a Wednesday visit and coach Bill O’Brien said, via, the team is looking for “someone that can do a little bit of everything” to help fill in for Foster. Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, Jonathan Grimes and Kenny Hilliard are the in-house options.

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  1. If McClain said surgery Friday but he didn’t say which Friday. McClain is always WRONG. His theme song “Froggy went a courtin'”

  2. smartanis says:Aug 5, 2015 3:17 PM

    Report: Texans’ offense expected to go in the toilet


    Correction: stay in the toilet.


  3. That sucks. Hate to see any player of his caliber lose time. The game will be a little less without him.

    Hope he gets back to full fitness soon.

  4. I don’t think this team will be a disaster. I think their defense will be a lot better with Wilfork and a healthy Clowney on the d-line with Watt. Joseph is still a good CB. However, they have no QB, no RB, no TEs and one good WR in Hopkins. I don’t think they’ll be a disaster, especially with teams like the Titans and Jaguars in their division, but they aren’t going anywhere. I’ll say 8-8 and still in the wild card race in early December. No playoffs, though.

  5. I always enjoy his running, its like he is gliding, will miss him in fantasy, kinda not surprised since he has been suffering from these soft tissue injuries lately. Get well.

  6. This is just an HBO provided story line to help make an otherwise boring Texans Hard Knocks season a little more interesting.

  7. Texans might as well put JJ Watt in the backfield it would at least make them a slightly entertaining offense to watch

  8. For those of us not succumbing to the “quarterback-driven league” drivel, and who actually think defense is kind of important, it’d sure be nice to see a healthy Clowney. This defense could be fun to watch.

  9. They should sign Ray Rice. He’s been blackballed long enough and the dropoff from Foster would be minimal.

  10. I’m not giving up on this team yet. Bill O’Brien was able to make chicken salad out of last years chicken “S–T” QB’s who’s to say he can’t do the same thing with these young RB’s. Maybe (this is a HUGE stretch) with decent coaching and a decent offensive system Hoyer can be ok. Cleveland sucked across the board. they had no WR’s and no RB’s and Hoyer still managed to throw for over 3,000 yards and double digit TD’s.

    I’ll hold onto hope until all hope is gone.

  11. @loumann – I wouldn’t trade Hopkins. He has a knack for catching the “weird and wonderful”. Look at what he did for Fitzpatrick. I would’t use him every week but against weaker teams like J’ville and Tenn he can give you some numbers. That’s 4 games right there two of them during the fantasy playoffs.

  12. Keep Hopkins…and you people are going to look like dumbasses when you see how good our QB situation actually is. Hoyer actually did quite well with the Browns despite their horrible management and mediocre talent. You saw just how bad that team was when Manziel stepped in there. And Mallett is the great unknown. I hope he gets the starting nod and comes out and shuts you pessimistic Houston fans up. Our defense is going to put the offense in good positions constantly, Blue has been training hard this offseason with Peterson from the Vikings so we should see a new and improved version of Blue, and the O-Line should be improved with XSF becoming more acclimated to the offensive system, Brown being healthy, and Newton continuing to get better. Brooks is a stud and Ben Jones is going to perform Winston-esque so the Oline is squared away. The receiving core has more talent than you think. Shorts was not successful in Jacksonville, relative to pro-bowl caliber receivers, but he was playing in Jacksonville…enough said. With a QB that is actually worth his salt by NFL standards, he could be a surprise. A positive spin isn’t so bad right?

  13. Things right on schedule- So let’s see, no qb and no running game, but hey, everybody just goes to see Jadaveon loaf, right? – 7 wins will be a miracle. JJ Watt is their new Andre Johnson – All Pro held hostage on a horrible team.

  14. I thought you couldn’t be placed on IR/return until after the 53 man roster is set for week one. Has that changed?

  15. #ShawnAlexander2.0 #soft

    I feel most bad for Jj watt in all of this. This team does a great job squandering great talent.

  16. He might be out longer. NFL network reported that they are going to go in there and try to fix all the issues with his groin (since he’s had other issues with it in the past), so in a sense this might be 2-3 surgeries in one.

    I have to think this may mean it might take longer then if they were going in to fix one specific issue. We’ll see.

  17. I love competition. Right now, the competition for the #1 pick in the 2016 draft has to be between Cleveland, NY Jets and Houston. But for Lesean McCoy and a kick butt defense, Buffalo would right in this competition.

  18. Losing Foster is hard to swallow; maybe they’d like some Rice with that. Ray might fit in the Houston market. They should sign Thomas right now, though!

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