Adam Gase not ready to say if he can bring best out of Jay Cutler


It’s August, and everyone in the NFL is undefeated. That equals optimism, sometimes warranted and sometimes not.

That’s why it was interesting to see Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase being rather equivocal when asked if he was going to be the guy to tap into all that talent we’ve been hearing that quarterback Jay Cutler possesses.

“Right now, time will tell,” Gase said, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “If I knew what was going to happen, I’d play the lottery. Right now I don’t know.”

OK, then.

This came after a day of collapsing pockets and batted passes for Cutler, so perhaps it wasn’t the best time to judge. And with first-round wide receiver Kevin White still not out there practicing, it’s hard to get a full idea of what the offense might look like. Still, you sort of expect more than a shrug when a new coach is asked about an expensive quarterback.

Cutler has said he feels like he can communicate well with Gase, which seems natural given there’s only five years difference in their ages. And Gase was complimentary of Cutler’s athleticism and ability to make plays while rolling out, suggesting that was something they’d do more of.

“We all know that his athletic ability for a guy his size is pretty unique,” Gase said. “There are not a lot of guys like him. . . . With his ability to move outside the pocket, we really like what he has done so far and we will keep growing that package.”

And hopefully, they can build some confidence along the way.

26 responses to “Adam Gase not ready to say if he can bring best out of Jay Cutler

  1. Why is it the job of every head coach and O Coordinator to finally “get the best out of Jay Cutler?” He’s not only a veteran player but is actually getting to the age where you’d ssume that those outrageous physical talents are soon to go into a decline and positive results would be expected to come from the player’s esperience and feel for the game.

    Every year, and virtually every story written about him, seems like we are talking about a rookie or 2nd year player.
    When is it time for Cutler be a pro and get the most possible out of the O Coordinator and the scheme he has set in place?

  2. Adam Gase is wise. His non-answers present a level of accurate awareness of Cutler’s baggage without directly saying the truth that “NOBODY knows how to bring out the best of Jay Cutler”.

  3. The Bears offense should look good right now. After all they’re playing against the Bears defense.

  4. Here’s the full Adam Gase quote that he started the q&a with:

    “His intelligence is way better than what I thought,” Gase said. “His ability to communicate with his teammates [is impressive] because he’s further ahead than everybody else. He’s able to get our wideouts on the same page.”

  5. “…and we will keep growing that package.”

    Let his wife do that in the privacy of their home.

  6. At 37, Adam Gase has been an OC twice, once for Denver where the QB was P Manning and now with Chicago where the QB is Cutler. Manning made it easy for Gase. The burden is on Gase to prove his worth in pay and title by bringing out the best in Cutler.

  7. Cutler is a dead man walking. His contract from the previous regime is the only thing preventing him from getting cut (CAP HIT).

    He will be the scapegoat and will be on the bench by mid year. After the season he will be cut. BOOK IT.

    The Bears will be the worst team in Football. Kinda makes you wish Lovie was still here.

  8. The only people who can bring out the best in Jay Culter, are the fine folks at Philip Morris International.

  9. Cutler’s physical ability has never been his problem. He’s in an elite category there.

    Cutler’s mental ability to grasp an offense has never been his problem. He’s more than capable there.

    Unfortunately, there’s something intangible missing from Jay Cutler that stops his physical and mental gifts from translating into success at an elite level in the NFL.

    He seems like a middle manager who’s happy to show up, do his job, stroll off to his Taurus at the end of the day and come back and do it again M-F every week. There’s no passion. There’s no inspiration. There’s no leadership. Just acceptable performance that gets the job done, no less and no more.

    And all of that if fine when you’re one of 50 middle managers bringing home a steady paycheck with nice benefits. It’s NOT ok when you’re the highest paid QB in the NFL.

  10. I think its hilarious that people talk about jay cutler like he is some freshly drafted unknown… The dude has been in the league FOR YEARS, and has been a disappointment. And wasn’t the last coach supposed to be a qb guru and he couldn’t do anything with him? Some people have all the talent in the world but just don’t know what to do with it. How many years will the NFL continue to hype him up before people realize he will not take the next step because he doesn’t want to

  11. Jay will be fine, the Bears will cut him loose if he doesn’t play decent and if he does what does that prove? remains to be seen with our new management.

    At this point we just need our defense back and that’s all I’m looking for. I still have faith in Jay because he is the Bears best option and still has a ridiculous arm that defenses prepare for every week, so hate on him all you want. When Jeffery reaches up and grabs a TD catch over your corners, Bears fans will be smiling, win or lose…

  12. The Bears organization screwed the team and the fans when they gave him a deal he did not deserve. The damage has been done so they should stop digging the hole deeper and begin the process of recovery. Making a daily excuse for this player is just sticking your head in the sand.

  13. Cutler is a pouty, whiny, me first coach killer with an inability to ever show any decency as a person.

    Hoping he gets cut at the end of the year and is never heard from again. The classic case of “failing up” in the NFL.
    No matter how many times you fail, you are back again and with a better contract. Usually happens with coaches like Norv Turner, Dave Wannstedt, the bounty guy and Jim Haslett, among others.

  14. That may be the most honest answer given by a coach in the history of the NFL — most every other one would have tried blowing smoke up our collective posteriors.

  15. purpleguy says:
    Aug 6, 2015 1:03 PM
    That may be the most honest answer given by a coach in the history of the NFL — most every other one would have tried blowing smoke up our collective posteriors.

    True P G! In Cutler’s case it’s literally blowing smoke. As a cigarette smoker he’s the guy that tells you to go F..K yourself then flick the cigarette butt in your face.

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