Bob McNair: Seems like Arian Foster has a soft tissue injury every year


Word out of Houston is that Texans running back Arian Foster is heading for injured reserve with the designation to return after having groin surgery to repair an injury he picked up in practice earlier this week.

The loss is a big one for Houston’s offense, but it wasn’t one that caught one important member of the organization off guard. Foster missed time with a hamstring injury last year and Owner Bob McNair seemed to have that and other aches from over the years in mind when he heard this week’s bad news.

“Can’t say I’m surprised, McNair said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “It seems like every year he’s had a soft tissue injury. We keep our fingers crossed. He seems to be vulnerable to those types of things. We believe he’ll come back this season and help us.

Foster has remained productive when he’s healthy, but if he does spend time on I.R. this year it will be the second time in three seasons that he’s missed at least half the year. He’s signed for next season at $6.5 million and McNair might wonder why he’s paying that much for a player who he feels is injured every year.

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  1. Man this is not gonna be good for my Arian Foster stock…still a better purchase than packer stock tho

  2. Arian Foster making $6.5 million is a bargain.

    In baseball, an all-star, league leading veteran position player easily gets $15 million a season.

    And we get it if they can’t play. Sure, it sucks, but to consider this a waste of money is just insulting someone for becoming injured in the first place.

    I mean, this is the sport that plays gladiator music before and after each commercial break.

  3. You know the saying – the best ability is availability. It’s hard to see guys with oodles of talent not be able to stay on the field. It also makes you expendable.

  4. Foster is a workhorse beast when healthy. He can do it all. Run, catch, pass protect…..but as been said in the NFL the best ability is availability and once a player starts missing time the team starts figuring out ways to move on and make due without him. Not anyone’s fault it’s just business.

    Get your money up front players.

  5. Hmm, throwing the cog the makes the offense go, under the bus? I wish he was more outspoken about this team’s lack of drafting or developing a quality young quarterback, instead of blasting your most consistent & productive player the last 4 season besides Andre Johnson.

  6. McNair isn’t clueless, like several NFL owners are on some of these guys. Foster has had so many injuries the last few years, it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Might be time for the Texans to move on. Not sure moving on should include Ray Rice, but to move on.

  7. Maybe they should’ve worked a little harder in the offseason to draft/sign a legitimate back up if they were so certain this was going to happen. Bad management.

  8. Anybody know how Foster spends his offseason? It seems like a good idea for others to know so they know what doesn’t work.

  9. He’s not wrong really, but it’s just strange that he would take the opportunity to call it out. Despite his soft tissue injuries this guy was a pro bowler for you 4 out of the past 5 years.

  10. He’s nearing the end. They rode him like a mule for too many years. What did you think was going to happen? This isn’t ol’ #7 here….. Eeeee aaaaaaa

  11. This just in from Bob McNair, the Summer is warmer than the winter. Thanks Captain obvious, my question is how long did it take him to realized this.

  12. No chance they keep this guy at that salary next year…that’s even if he makes it through this year.

  13. Brilliant Bob! you finally caught on!

    finzfan49 says:
    Aug 6, 2015 12:18 PM

    No chance they keep this guy at that salary next year…that’s even if he makes it through this year.

    If they put Foster on IR/Return that is week 8 miminum.. then he milks it thru the bye and game 9 and 10 then participates in 6 games.
    should make it LOL!

  14. Two people need to be really nervous when an owner says something like this about a team’s star player. One is the player himself, and the other is the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

  15. Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, and Jonathan Grimes are going to have to step up to the plate big time. With the uncertainty at QB, an effective running game is vital to the success of this team. The loss of Foster and an effective running game is one of things that contributed to the offensive collapse during the Texan’s 2-14 campaign in 2013.

  16. @kd75 says:
    Aug 6, 2015 11:56 AM

    Isn’t that why he fell in the draft? He was ALWAYS injured at Tenn.
    He went undrafted. And fumbling on the 1 in the Florida game made him difficult to like. Add his bowing, not eating meat, his silly act by not speaking to reports only makes things worse. Just ask his owner.

    Just the same, a beast when he can play healthy.

  17. As opposed to McNair, who’s soft in the head.

    I can’t wait for the other only steady player on our offense gets tossed out on his ass so he can go to the Colts.

    Everyone who leaves the Texans does great afterward. Just watch, Andre Johnson will look like he did five years ago with Luck throwing to him.

  18. The Texans don’t draft well. Sure, there’s a Johnson, Foster, or Watt sprinkled here and there throughout the years. But I mean, Clowney number 1, when you already have JJ but no QB?

  19. Hey I feel for the owner. Just as a fan it’s super frustrating when a player you really like is perennially injured. We hoped McFadden was going to be the next Barry Sanders here in Oakland and he just couldn’t beat the injury bug. It was a drag. Some players are just snakebit like that. And to make it worse, the owner is on the hook for millions. I can completely understand his frustration. Best of luck foster. Try some reiki or something.

  20. There is no substitute for protein derived from an animal. Man was meant to eat meat. That is a fact that may not jibe with the most hopeful fantasies of the food nazis, but it is consistent with Reality non-the-less…

  21. this owner is stupid. this is football, one of the most violent sports out there. injuries are a PART of the sport .. he is miffed that injuries happen? what a dope

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