Brandon Marshall: I was only one to hold Cutler accountable


It has been several months since the Bears traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Jets, but Marshall hasn’t stopped talking about his former team yet.

In particular, he hasn’t stopped talking about quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler recently said that “no one really likes their ex-girlfriend after a breakup” and Marshall gave support to that notion during an appearance on ESPN Thursday. Marshall said that he was the only person in the Bears organization that was willing to hold Cutler accountable.

“I feel like I was the only one in the organization that had the huevos to hold him accountable,” Marshall said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “And it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, and there’s some things I’d probably take back. But I didn’t want to waste any time. You’ve got to think about this: I’m displacing my family, and there’s coaches too. That’s why I’m so passionate about this game, that’s why I give everything when I hit this field. It’s because you don’t just play for yourself, you’re playing for hundreds of people in the organization. Right now, my [former] wide receivers coach is still looking for a job and I don’t think that’s fair. I think when you strap it on and you say I’m going to play for the Chicago Bears, I’m playing for the New York Jets, you give it your all. You’ve got to play for more than the money, you’ve got to play for more than yourself. That’s the only way this thing works. Some of us get it and some of us don’t. And last year, I just felt like we had all the pieces and I just felt like there were a few things that were missing.”

Cutler was benched in favor of Jimmy Clausen last season, so former Bears coach Marc Trestman did find some huevos at some point, but it’s clear that Marshall still harbors some ill feelings for the team and players he left behind in Chicago.

It’s up to offensive coordinator Adam Gase and coach John Fox to deal with Cutler this season while Marshall goes to work with Geno Smith with the Jets. Accountability wasn’t a particular strong suit for the cinephile last season so Marshall may get a chance to break out his tools again this year.

40 responses to “Brandon Marshall: I was only one to hold Cutler accountable

  1. Geno Smith, cinephile. That is great. I’m picturing him breaking down Citizen Kane for the 4th time… just couldn’t tear himself away.

  2. Way to keep it crazy Brandon…you’re like the crazy ex girlfriend who can’t stop talking about her ex at every chance. I don’t care if someone asks you, move on guy, be a pro, which you are not doing, it’s why you were shipped out…again. You run your mouth about everything and everyone, you’re a bus driver, your borderline personality disorder is shining at every moment since your rambling victim blaming press conference last year. The fact that you don’t see it is scary…because you’re speaking calmly, and nobody has to stab you to get you to stop, doesn’t make it any less selfish, or self indulgent.

  3. He’s a really good player who needs to shut up. No GM likes a loud mouth/locker room cancer. The whole world knows the Bears were a mess last year and Marshall does not need to keep yapping about it!!! I wonder what will happen if the Jets QB’s fail to get him the ball as often as he’d like??? Marshall is going to miss Cutler before the year is over!!!

  4. Has everybody forgotten the PFT articles that followed the dysfunction in the Bears organization leading up to the Cutler benching?

    Brandon Marshall is right on. Cutler got paid and gave up. He has no passion in his game and looks to blame everyone but himself.

  5. If I were the Jets I’d be looking to trade him already. At least his first couple years in Chicago he kept the crazy to the minimum and in fact was diplomatic, worked hard, etc…

    But so far since about the middle of last year when he was challenging random people on twitter to come fight him, to getting in fights with the kicker in the locker room, while himself putting up the worst numbers since his rookie year he’s gone off the deep end and seems to still be talking crazy.

    He’s never won. And thus far has been chased out of town everywhere he’s been.. Denver, Miami, and Chicago have all decided that even when he’s being productive he just isn’t worth it.

    Regardless who his QB has been, who his coaches have been, his team tends to struggle (and in fact get worse the longer he’s around) so maybe he needs to look in the mirror and ask himself if his constant talking is a positive or negative.

  6. I wish someone would hold me accountable. Now that Suh is gone I will need to carry the team, but I throw more interceptions than Cutler and my line is horrible so I get sacked a lot. The tough playoff loss was all my fault despite my desperate fan(hyzers) excuses.

  7. @Marshawn Lunch
    The Bears had the 2nd worst defense in the history of the franchise, gave up 50+ points multiple times, in fact did it back to back weeks. Cutler wasn’t great, but he was still basically a 4,000 yard 30 TD passer. He’s simply not good enough to win 50 point shootouts vs Aaron Rodgers, he shouldn’t be among the league leaders in pass attempts, expecting Cutler to be in the same class as Rodgers, Luck, Brady, Manning is simply bad coaching.

    Cutler needs to play better this year, sure but the Bears biggest problem last year was a horrible offensive game plan and a historically bad defense. My guess is the new coaching staff will focus less on Jay Cutler being the end all be all for the Bears where he’s dropping back and throwing every down (because having Cutler do that is dumb, and will eventually lead to turnovers as Cutler trys to singlehandledly keep his team in the game), and more on having a balanced offensive attack and hopefully (if the Bears are going to even be respectable) a defense that doesn’t give up a TD every single offensive possession.

  8. Has anyone introduced him to the Jets QBs? Inside of 2 months Cutler is going to go from being the ex he can’t stop being angry at to the one that got away.

  9. Brandon Marshall has made throwing former teammates under the bus an art form.

    You think Cutler is bad, wait until Geno Smith is the person who has to get you the ball. Try not to drop the third down ones this season over and over.

  10. Oh no! He had to “displace his family”??? I hope he got several extra million for that.

  11. Don’t understand the nitwits fascination with cutler. You’re not a bear anymore let it go

  12. Marshall will blow up the jets locker room very early when the team starts of bad because of geno… Can’t wait

  13. Alright as a Bears fan there is probably some truth to what he says and I can’t stand Cutler anymore either but by all accounts if you listen to the players this year in camp they are really happy that Trestman and Marshall are gone. Trestman is just a joke and Marshall is a cancer. He’s a talented cancer but just wait NY. He got himself booted out of Denver, then Miami, then Chicago and NY will be next. You will cheer him for the start of the season as he goes up and catches TDs for your team but somewhere in the very near future he will start to spread his cancer in that locker room and will have to be removed from that team as well. This guy should be in a mental hospital and probably will be at some point.

  14. Everything runs through the diva receiver, remember that. Let him call the plays everything will be fine.

  15. Right now, my [former] wide receivers coach is still looking for a job and I don’t think that’s fair.

    Actually, Mike Groh, Receivers Coach, is still employed. He was one of two coaches retained by the Bears from the former coaching staff under Trestman.

    I guess he forgot that part of the script.

  16. The truth is what it is. Cutler is what he is. A paid QB who doesn’t perform equal to his paycheck. Brandon, leave it alone already. Focus on beating NE each time you play them.

  17. Dumpster fire. There isn’t a team i’d rather root for less than right now than the Bears.

  18. “And last year, I just felt like we had all the pieces and I just felt like there were a few things that were missing.”

    If you’re trying to not sound crazy, you should probably stop saying things like that.

  19. A guy named pillow porkers doesn’t want to root for the Bears. Well pal we’re deeply hurt that you don’t like us but we Bears fans are a hardy group and we will get by without pillow porkers on our bandwagon

  20. Brandon Marshall = Tool

    Jason Cutler = Dozey-eyed QB

    Me thinks that Cutler made Marshall look better than he was and Marshall made Cutler better than he was.

  21. Marshall should watch what he says; there’s a decent chance Cutler will follow him to his new team also. He’s an upgrade over Geno; warts and all.

  22. Man, does it get any worse than these two babies cutler and Marshall? A couple of below average talents that only make headlines about the dumb things they say. Go lions! Can’t wait for the sweep for the 3rd yr in a row!

  23. It seems to me that Brandon isn’t doing so well with getting booted from the Bears. He sure can’t stop talking about Jay and his former team.

    What I really take from this is the Bears new management actually knows who Brandon really was and I’m impressed they booted him with each new story I hear Brandon running his mouth about Jay and the Bears. Clearly, Pace and Fox knew exactly what they were doing by trading BMarsh, enjoy the Jets Brandon.

  24. Cutler never says anything. Detroit fans talking smack. That’s rich. The only nfl team ever to go 0-16. Fitting for the wonderful metropolis of Detroit

  25. I’m no different than any other loyal football fan of their team. I was ecstatic when we signed Cutler and at the end of each year I’m ready for him to be gone. This year I really think he realizes how bad of a reputation he has but he also knows he’d be a starter on half the other teams in the league. I think this year we will see improvements and if not he’ll be gone. The irony is that if he is traded he could end up as a Jet next year if Geno blows it again. Then all this foreplay Marshall keeps muttering will be a big laugh as part of a new 30 for 30….Cutler…Marshall…Together forever! From the producers who brought you Pearl the Landlord uncensored.

  26. If anyone knows Cutler it is Marshall. Marshall is a headcase but when it comes to the game he is all business. Geno may actually have a better attitude for the game then Cutler does. If he only had more weapons because the JETS are still pretty void on O IMO. They did very little to improve the worst O in the league.

  27. ” I think when you strap it on and you say I’m going to play for the Chicago Bears, I’m playing for the New York Jets, you give it your all. You’ve got to play for more than the money, you’ve got to play for more than yourself.”

    Just like he did in Denver…

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