Dolphins interested in Evan Mathis, if his price comes down

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The Dolphins could use an upgrade at guard, and Evan Mathis is by far the best player available. But that doesn’t mean the Dolphins and Mathis are close to a deal.

The Miami Herald reports that dialogue is ongoing between the Dolphins and Mathis, but the Dolphins aren’t interested at the price Mathis wants, which is a $5.5 million salary.

It’s no surprise that the Dolphins don’t want to pay Mathis that kind of money. That’s what he was scheduled to make on his contract with the Eagles, and the Eagles didn’t want to pay it, either. Mathis is a good player, but he was the oldest starting guard in the NFL last year, and at age 33 he’s unlikely to garner the kind of contract he had when he was in Philadelphia.

At least, not yet. Perhaps some team will get desperate to sign Mathis when a starting guard suffers an injury. Or perhaps the Dolphins’ offensive line will struggle in the preseason, and Miami will decide to pay Mathis the money he wants. But for now, the Dolphins aren’t going to pay Mathis’s price, and Mathis is going to remain without a team.

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  1. From what I understand, the issue is that he wants more than one year averaging at least $5.5m. The Phins could absorb that this year, but next year with Suh’s contract, there is no way it would work. I wouldn’t be surprised to see two year, $8m this year (with roster bonus), $3m next.

  2. Wait until a decent vet gets cut somewhere. Spending money on Mathis is risky because he is aging and was injured. They need as much of that extra cap money as they can to push into next year or key guys will need to be cut including Mathis if he is signed. The Dolphins do not need great or even very good guards. They just need a guy that is dependable and won’t be manhandled every play. Maybe that guy is already on the roster but maybe not. If they sign somebody then a utility lineman makes more sense to me than Mathis.

  3. Yeah, we need a solid guard badly, but we also need one that we can count on for awhile. That kind of scratch for a 33yr old player is definitely pushing it.

  4. Sign Mathis and let the youngsters compete for the RG spot. Give Tannehill a clean pocket and they become a serious challenger.

  5. Mathis has the phins in a good spot with Thomas going down. Phins need to work it out they really don’t have a choice. Apparently Drew Rosenhaus has been at dolphins camp last couple of days.

  6. Chip Kelly said it best a few weeks ago. “If no one will trade for you with your salary and we then cut you and no one will sign you at that price then you are overpaid”.
    Mathis needs to get this in his head and come down on the salary requirements. You are only worth what someone is willing to pay you.

  7. Hey Evan, it starts with you and you ego. Humble yourself.
    Next step fire Drew. He doesn’t care about you or any other clients. Its his ego and greed that have killed careers. Including yours.
    Last but not least. Realize Evan. You were never as good as your press clippings. All us Philly Phans know that playing between the best LT in the NFL and one of ( imo the best) the best Centers enhanced your career by them making you look better then you really were.

  8. And the Eagles were actually OK with keeping him at that price. He wanted them to fork over even more money and years.

  9. I keep reading all of these comments about Mathis’ age! 33 in not really that old as far as OL are concerned! If you look at the history of this game, you will find a whole lot of players who played at an older age than 33 & played at very high levels! The team has a 100 million dollar investment in Ryan Tannehill! Isn’t a 3 year 15 million dollar contract worth keeping your QB up-right? Mathis would also give the team 3 pro-bowlers on the OL! With 3 kids to fight over one last position on the OL!!!(Razor58)GO PHINS UP!!!??

  10. So to save a few million the Dolphins are going with Dallas Thomas & Turner? Yuck!

  11. First Mathis should be upset with himself for making a statement likely costing him 2.5 million this year, and whatever he was to make next.

    Second, his agent should have talked some sense into him. He should have said, ‘You’re 33, coming off an injury, and not a tackle… celebrate the 5.5!’

  12. So where’s DEN in all this? Lord knows they could seriously use some quality experience on their O-line…..3 – 3.5mil a year would be reasonable for both sides!

  13. Not true that the Eagles weren’t willing to pay him 5.5 mil. The problem was that he wanted more.

  14. @Jchipwood…Rosenhaus is pretty much at every Fin practice he lives down there I used to see h at practice working like 4 cell phones ,it was more entertaining than watching practice & I’m sure drew wants him in Miami

  15. Wow has this guy over-estimated his value . . . it is rare to see this big of a miss. He had a contract for $5.5 mil in2015 and $6.0 mil in 2016. Also there were rumors that the Eagles had offered a bump to that last year that the guy turned down.

    His best move would be to go back to Philadelphia, the only place he really thrived, with hat in hand and offer to sign at about $4mil/year for 2 years. H3ll it isn’t like $8 million is chump change and he would be going into a system he knows. Going into a new system late into pre-season is a great recipe for disaster that might lead to one year, being cut and career over.

  16. He “held out” of “voluntary” OTAs. Let it not be said that these sessions are really voluntary.

  17. The Eagles were more than willing to pay him the 5.5 he was set to make this year. However, he complained that he wanted more money, and more years. Just like he did last year, and the year before that.

    Eagles finally got to a point where they felt it was clear that he was more concerned with his contract than he was with football. Considering he was already one of the best paid for his position, they decided he was no longer worth the headache. With his age, and how much time he has missed over the past few years, it’s a justified decision

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