NFL uses Julian Edelman in Super Bowl as evidence for medical timeout

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Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has refused to talk about whether he should have been on the field in the Super Bowl after taking a hit from Kam Chancellor that left him stumbling and apparently woozy.

But the NFL made changes to its rules this offseason that might have taken him off the field, perhaps before he caught the go-ahead touchdown. And with a medical spotter in the press box designated to be able to stop play for an injury, a player in a hurry-up situation might not be able to continue, as Edelman did in the Super Bowl.

While the league said the change wasn’t a response to one play, that one play is clearly the type they want to monitor more closely.

“The issue is at the time of the injury,” Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, co-chair of the NFL’s head, neck and spine committee said Wednesday, via the Associated Press. “That’s a place where we think we have an opportunity to do better.”

The league gave a presentation about its new safety rules Wednesday, and NFL senior vice president of health and safety policy Jeff Miller also spoke to the Edelman play specifically.

“It was a hurry-up offense. There was no incomplete pass; there’s no huddle,” Miller said. “There was no obvious time in which somebody could intervene.”

Now they can, with the spotter given the ability to stop the game so a player in Edelman’s situation can be tested. The Patriots wideout was eventually tested for a concussion and the results were negative, but Ellenbogen said that in 90 percent of concussions, symptoms can clear within minutes.

“It is very possible for a person to play, come out and then test normal,” he said. “We’re trying to get ahead of that.”

Of course, the Patriots were trying to get ahead of the Seahawks at the moment, which is why Edelman was out there to begin with.

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  1. The league confirmed that he passed the sideline concussion test. And according to about 70% of the country this offseason: the league would never lie.

  2. Cue the “cheater” talk – somehow the Haters will craft a conspiracy theory of Belichick playing Jedi mind tricks on the officials to have them approve Edelman fit to continue playing

    The cheater talk is really getting old – Spygate was about camera placement – nothing more – and given Mike Kensil’s involvement in FrameGate even that infraction needs to be re-evaluated.

    Goodell acted as if signal filming was abhorrent back then, deluding ignorant fans who don’t seem to notice that coordinators STILL cover their mouths today

    Every action by Goodell in the past now has to be looked at with the knowledge of just how corrupt and unethical he and the owners who empower him are

  3. A medical spotter in the press box? I hope they are not recording because they might get sight of some opposing coaching signals, and then… oh, never mind!

  4. He was screened not only by the Patriots staff, but by a separate league doctor. Not concussed. The league’s selective memory remains hilarious, I’m sure the entire Patriots offensive line will need to be yanked at a key moment in the playoffs this year. WWE at least has the dignity to be transparent about their scripted ways.

  5. So the NFL didn’t care when Kam knocked himself out at the beginning of the game in the Super Bowl before and later went on to have a great game…is it because it’s an offensive player or a patriot

  6. I’m just ready for this year to start. Good on Malcolm butler for making that play. I will say there’s gonna be a lot of medical timeouts when Kam is out there roaming.

  7. If someone gets concussed and is still able to run 10 yards IMMEDIATELY after being “concussed” without falling into a heap on the ground; I think they should be allowed to continue playing. This exact scenario has been occurring in most games since the first game of the AFL-NFL merger 45 years ago. Cliff Avril in the SB was ruled out with a concussion but he fell down immediately with an obvious problem. Edelman on the other hand was able to regain balance on th play in question without completely falling down and then he ran for 10 additional yards that were called back because his elbow touched. – but 4 plays after that Edelman had a critical 3rd down conversion that pushed the Pats from outside the 20 to inside the 5. HUGE. Imagine if you take warriors like that out of the game… Do you really want a bunch of backups deciding the Super Bowl!?

  8. Personally I feel these guys chose this profession with knowing the risks. The NFL wants to control play now I just get the feeling the NFL will abuse this rule to stop drives of teams they don’t like. I no longer trust the NFL, Goodell or any of his ex Jet cronies

  9. Of course he would have been taken out of the game. But the question would have then been – does Kam Chancellor get subsequently flagged for a blow to the head? How else would he have been concussed?

  10. Edelman was fine. Just more piling on the Pats after the fact. They win with a legal trick play, change the rules, other teams do the same thing, fine the Pats, Rodgers over inflates balls, punish Brady. A Pat star gets a hard hit but tested ok, should have taken him out before the winning td. This is getting disgusting.
    I hope Kraft is finally paying attention. The Current Nfl and the other owners are NOT YOUR FRIENDS.

  11. I admire what they are trying to do here, but these better be some REALLY independent spotters that pull a player out when a team is marching in a no huddle.

  12. You know Belichick is already thinking, “ok if a team is doing no huddle against us and we want to stop momentum, ill have a weaker defensive player pretend he got hit in the head, then the “spotter” will stop the game for us” Seeing that it will be considered a medical timeout and not charged to the team.

  13. If he was not concussed then he found a way to get sloppy drunk mid game . Either way it’s a problem that needs to be resolved

  14. 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the SB, down by only 10 points? C’mon.
    It’s nice to see that the league is trying to cover their butts from future lawsuits, though. Nice try, Rog. Can’t wait for August 12th.

  15. Edelman WAS given the protocol test and WAS cleared.

    So no he wouldn’t have come out. 🙂

  16. Brady sat down vs Jets at critical time.

    NFL front office concurs.

    Concussion spotter believed to have large wager on Jets. Refuses to give up personal cellphone.

    And that is the 7 o’clock news.

  17. Ahh, goodell setting up another way they can screw over the teams they want to for parity, pull random players in the middle of games. “whoa, 1st and goal at the 4.. brady looks woozy after throwing that 45 yarder to gronkowski, must be a concussion, get him out of there”.

  18. Not sure if you’re trying to imply it’s a bad thing by mentioning how paramount the speed was to Patriots scoring and how he scored a TD right after.

    I think most people would agree that a big chunk, a big big chunk, of NFL players have very poor long term plans for themselves either financially or physically and as a result of their highly competitive nature they would destroy their own bodies in the heat of the moment and suffer the consequences the rest of their lives.

    Even though rules like this do kind of ruin the moment, we have to learn to accept it as a good thing the way people learned to except helmets in the first place.

  19. I’m glad this new rule was not put in place before the start of the 2014 season.

    Super Bowl Champs baby! Eat it Goodell!

  20. THIS isn’t going create any issues is it? Maybe if another league, not as completely trustworthy as the NFL, tried this it might. But the NFL, now with the ability to stop a game and pull players whenever it wants? What could go wrong?

  21. Wasn’t that the play where Kam gave him his best shot, fell to the ground, and watched as Edelman barely slowed down, almost kept his knee from touching down at all, and ran down the field for another 30 yards?!

    He didn’t looked nearly as dazed as Kam did to me…

  22. The results were negative. I repeat, the results were negative. The Patriots made the right call. Edelman wasn’t witholding anything about a concussion, he doesn’t talk about any injury or rumored injury ever. He takes BBs rules seriously.

  23. Edelman was obviously fine…he kept playing, made more 1st downs and scored the go ahead touchdown…If you cant frame them before the game, pull one of their best players in the 4th quarter!

  24. I am starting to wonder when the NFL will institute a rule that after scoring a touchdown, the score will not count until after the season.

  25. This is getting out of hand PATS can’t do anything Kam Chancellor looked more concussed than Edelman and let’s not forget about Wilson the week before

  26. Any other team except the Patriots, the Refs would have blown a time out forcing a medical examiner to review Edelman’s condition. Since it was the Patriots and no way they win that game without Edelman, they left them play.

    This is just another version of the illegal formation of the Ravens.

    Anybody else they stop play, the Patriots is play on if it helps them win.

    Different Rules,

  27. What..No Way…..A precedent was set by the NFL, but it wasn’t followed that helped Tom Brady? It can’t be true. You mean he cheated and he was helped to win a Super Bowl?

  28. I can only imagine the potential controversies here when some overzealous or potentially biased spotter yanks a guy off the field in a key game and he turns out not to have a concussion.

  29. Perhaps they should use it as evidence the refs were cheating against the Pats again since no 15 yard penalty was called.

  30. How come Kam Chancellor and Seattle have never been scrutinized for Kam staying in the game? First of all, Chancellor launched himself into Edelman. Should have been a penalty. Second, replays show Chancellor was very woozy after play as well. Per usual, the Patriots are the target.

  31. He made the catch and ran another 10 yards.

    Most people knocked out don’t do that.

    I wouldn’t trust the NFL to make any football related decisions.

    Stick with PR

  32. Chancellor should have been off the field too. Edelman rocked his azz on that hit and Chancellor was walking around goofy for about a minute there. Serves Chancellor right; trying to play dirty and line up Edelman for a head shot and he gets his own bell rung. Edelman is 10x tougher than anyone in that defeated backfield. 28-24.

  33. AFC Divisional game vs. Ravens, the Patriots use new deceptive formations. The league bans them this offseason.

    AFC Championship game vs Colts, the Patriots are attacked with a sting operation. The NFL comes up empty but changes the pre-game ball inspection measures and will randomly check balls throughout the season.

    Super Bowl vs Seahawks, the Patriots are driving for the win and Edelman takes a hard hit and stumbles around. The NFL sets up a new rule to be able to take that player out to be tested.

    Three rule changes as a result of each Patriots playoff win. Everyone is obsessed with the Patriots.

  34. They should use someone else for an example, they have already porked the Patriots enough.

  35. The best part about all this?

    He was checked and cleared, by the independant medical guy that was on the sidelines.

    But I guess because it’s the Pats, the rules now need to be changed?

  36. Once again the ex Jets in the front office are using the patriots to change rules. How about enforce the rules of shots to the head I saw about 4 in the Super Bowl that were never called

  37. Perhaps if a player has to leave a game for concussion symptoms caused by a malicious (and penalty ridden) hit, the player doing the hitting shouldn’t just be penalized but should also have to sit out the same amount of time as the concussed player? Seems a personal foul & fine are small potatoes compared to taking out one of the opposing teams better players.

  38. more ways to controversially have the clock stop during an important time that could cost somebody the game. At the same time you need to keep your players safe too. It’s just kinda like what do you do? that stoppage in play could be huge and give somebody who wouldn’t normally have time to put a field goal unit on to do so if there player catches a ball and takes a big hit and maybe sells the hit afterward. You could look at games like Vikings-Packers game on Christmas eve where somebody on the Packers was “hurt” and that injury timeout let the Packers get their field goal unit on the field before time expired.

  39. Next year new rule:

    For the Patriots to play in the SB:
    1st: must win AFC championship
    2nd: must defeat all 5 NFC teams which made the playoffs but did not make it to the SB.
    If the Patriots lose any or 1 of these games, the Colts or Ravens will represent the AFC in the SB.

    To determine which team will represent the AFC, the Colts will play a 2 quater game against the Ravens. The Winer will represent the AFC.

    In the event that the Patriots win the SB, the SB will automatically be rewarded to the Jets.

    This is the only way we can make ensure parity in the NFL. We cannot tolerate the Patriots culture of winning.

  40. You know, there would have been a perfectly good opportunity to halt the game after that play, actually…had Chancellor been flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver, as he should have.

    I’m not saying I like the rule and the way it’s being applied, but Edelman was in the air with full crossing momentum one way, and Chancellor lowered his shoulder and let’er rip. It makes sense that Edelman should have been checked for a concussion, because he just took what the NFL has deemed to be an “illegal” hit. And yet, somehow, the officials let it go.

    If the NFL’s new spotter stops play immediately after a receiver is hit while catching the ball, it should be an automatic penalty against the defense, as literally the ONLY way a receiver can be concussed when hit during the act of making a catch is if the defender hit a defenseless receiver. The offense is going to lose a player for some time if the spotter comes into play, whether the player insists he is okay or not, so as a tradeoff defenses should *know* that they are going to lose some yardage if they cause these kinds (not the other, random ones) of concussions.

  41. The NFL really, really hates the Pats. They should be using the Russell Wilson – Clay Matthews train wreck from the NFC Championship game as the example because it involved a QB, which this new rule is really going to blow games up with.

  42. I’ve watched the video over and over, and I’m still trying to see the part where he was concussed at all, especially since he instantly turned and ran upfield with the ball after he was hit, and played the rest of the game in an outstanding performance.

    Since it was a Patriots player though, and they won the game, the national anti-Patriot mafia will somehow try to tie this trivial non-occurrence to rule-breaking, the Lufthansa heist, or the Kennedy assassination.

  43. Here come the whiners. Let me guess, just like substitutions, and the tuck rule, etc, this is just another example of the Patriots taking advantage of the rules and cheating, right?

    Waah, the Pats wouldn’t have won if Edelman had come out of the game, waah.

  44. I think the NFL should open another investigation into whether Julian Edelman was generally aware if he had a concussion or not. Its obvious the Patriots have cheated in yet another way…I mean, Edelman won’t talk about it. If he was innocent he would defend himself…

  45. Just another way the NFL (31 teams) try to compensate for their losing to the PATRIOTS..
    If you can’t figure it out, and you fail when you try to copy it…then lets change the rules. Just like harbaugh peeing his pants claiming a “foul” for the PATS substitutions,,,,huge tears and acting like a 10 yr old,,only to find out it was 1000% legal and correct,,,so lets change the rules because crappy coaches like harbaugh etc,,are out classed and outplayed.

  46. Is this the same Jeff Miller that servers as “Director of Strategic Strategy”, essentially the NFL’s Security Chief?

    The same Jeff Miller that was reported by a law enforcement officer sent the Ray Rice knockout video to the NFL offices with attention to him?

    If this is true why would a former comissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police with degrees in criminal justice and public administration and no backround in the medical field now be the “NFL senior vice president of health and safety policy”?

    Or is this the Jeff Miller, the Leagues VP of Government Relations and Public Policy, essentially the league’s main Washington lobbyist serving as the staff director for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee?

    Either way, neither of them have any backround in the medical and health fields.

    And of course, yet again, the league squares it’s bullseye on yet another Patriot to use as an example in an unabshed attempt to slow down this juggernaut and return parity to the game.

  47. This is bogus. Edelman was accessed by sideline medical personnel after this play and was deemed not to be concussed, and allowed to continue playing. Right after that he scores a touchdown

    Now we are going to have people sitting in a booth far above the field who are going to determine when they can force players to take a seat? Yeah, great idea. That way we can have people not even on the field who can determine the outcome of the game. You know… so those damn Pats can be stopped from winning so much.


  48. What a game he had, big play after big play. On the first TD drive 3d and 9 slant over the middle for the first was huge. He was laghfing at the LOB after 3 of them tackled him “I love getting hit” it’s on sound FX.

  49. Chancellor should have been called for a helmet to helmet hit on that play. I agree with “letting them play” in the SB, but that hit was vicious.

  50. You can bet your last dollar that the Patri*ts will be the first team to be found guilty of faking a concussion to get a desperately needed timeout they don’t have.

    If there isn’t an automatic 10 second run-off attached to this rule there certainly should be.

    It doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics to figure out that the Patri*ts will likely lead the league in “suspected” concussion symptoms only to see the player back on the field and perfectly normal within a few plays.

    It’s just how they roll.

  51. Just remember, everyone: if you change the rules because you hate the Patriots, eventually those rules will eventually come ’round to bite you all, too.

  52. Do “competitive advantages” work both ways?
    For instance if say……john harbaugh was completely baffled by a formation and to slow to react creating his franchises demise. Is that a “competitive advantage” to the Opposing Team (in this case The 4X Super Bowl Champion Patriots)

    I think it is. #discuss

  53. Do they think they are playing touch football out there? That was one of the most exciting plays of the game. I thought he was gonna cough it up, a la Steven Ridley, after absorbing that hit. But that’s what makes Edelman great, the Welker-like toughness that he brings to every single play.

  54. Chancellor should have gotten flagged on that hit, clearly launched himself into defenseless receiver, and targeted the head. Turned out okay, though.

  55. And yet Hawks took Avril out despite Brady’s QB rating of 22 for the game while he was in.

    Hawks = classy and care for their players.

    Patri*ts, not so much.

  56. Wait…”the Patriots wideout was eventually tested for a concussion and the results were negative…”

    “negative” as in…the results were very bad and the player clearly had a concussion.

  57. Yet they refuse to discuss the illegal contact, defenseless receiver or H to H. Perhaps they should use this case as more evidence of referee ineptitude and league denial.

  58. Pretty sure this was cheating. Right? Isn’t it cheating? I mean, anything the Patriots do that helps them win is really just cheating.

    Because my team sucks and can’t beat them…so I re-direct from our flaws, join the mob and yet “Cheaters.” I am a mental midget. I am insecure. I can’t think for myself.

  59. It is hard to trust the NFL now. Will one of their ‘spotters’ remove a key player for a team that they want to lose by stopping play disrupting momentum and removing the player at their sole discretion? It is important to protect player health but the league office has lost all credibility.

  60. It’s interesting that they use a Patriot in the Super Bowl as an example. NFL vs Pats is going to be an ongoing saga.

  61. It was the Super Bowl. If I’m Edlemen, I don’t come out of that game as long as I can stand.

  62. Pretty smart move; yeah it may screw up the tempo of a hurry up offense but in those criticial moments the coaches are thinking about the score and not the player’s health.

  63. No Edelman did not refuse to talk about the hit. He went through concussion protocol and passed.

    He also had a hip injury which was why he was crawling briefly after one hit.

    Keep propagating the myth he never went through the protocol though.

  64. Has the NFL implemented any rule change to account for a commissioner that is stumbling and woozy while acting as an “independent” arbiter?

  65. So, let’s see, NFL made 2 rule changes to keep Belichick from devising plays that are legal but stump cry-baby coaches (yes, I’m referring to Harbaugh. They’ve been on a witchhunt against Brady. Now they’re going to put a spotter in press box to keep Edelman (& other Pats receivers). What next?

    Hear they are considering a rule that gives any team playing the Patriots +7 at start of game.

  66. And yet Hawks took Avril out despite Brady’s QB rating of 22 for the game while he was in.

    Did you see the replay on that? Avril was knocked out cold and laying on the ground.

  67. IMO, there should be no concussion protocol in the playoffs. Imagine how Avril feels? Unless you’re a Patriot, getting to the Superbowl is a once and a lifetime thing for these guys. Playing through a concussion in the Superbowl is worth the risk for a once in a lifetime game…

  68. The league has to avoid the purposeful headshot that takes a guy out for a series. People might trade a 15 yard penalty in the opponents end of the field for no Calvin Johnson in the game for example. There has to be a play stoppage by the ref and a quick test to decide whether to sideline the player for further testing. If they just stop on every hard hit and bench the player for testing it will not be good at all.

  69. You can cite 50 more examples of Pats cheating and their fans will still be in denial…ridiculous. I bet they don’t support their own kids this much.
    Serial cheaters…*

  70. Why do they need spotters in a booth above the field.

    What’s wrong with the seven on-field zebras that are actually standing on the field, roaming the area near where the big hit takes place?

    They already had the ability to stop play and send a player to the sidelines if they believe a player is concussed. Don’t you suppose they might be in a better position to determine if there is a chance a guy is hurt?

    Why do they need some mystery official hidden away in a booth making this call?

    Ridiculous. It’s just more lunacy from the NFL.

  71. Notice how Pat’s fans always mention other examples of cheating from other teams when they get caught. Using their rationale, no one would ever get a ticket because everyone else was speeding.
    And in reference to the plays against Baltimore, that rule was not meant to be used in the way Belicheat used it. Yes, he found a loophole and I have no problem with him running play, but now the rule has changed, so deal with it. It was a bush league play to begin with and it’s not that other teams weren’t aware of it, they just wouldn’t do it.
    When did Edelman got through the tests? It certainly wasn’t right after that hit!
    Patriots are cheaters…stop making excuses and see your team for who they really are.

  72. NFL just wants greater power to stop games and influence the outcome. There is a reason why endzone cameras aren’t instituted. It’s not because they cost money. There is a reason why balls don’t have tracking chips in them. There is a reason why P.I. penalties are not reviewable. Draw your own conclusions but I have a general idea as to why.

  73. You know – the tapes were a bad thing. No doubt. And they were punished.

    But – honestly – as a Bears fan, I look at the way the league seems to endlessly chase the Pats with disdain.

    This concussion thing – AFTER HE WAS CLEARED ON THE SIDELINES – the gross misunderstanding of PSI (and, honestly, we were talking about air pressure in a football), the eligible receiver issue…guys, seriously. Just stop.

  74. New rules for this season,

    Pats play with 8 players (total for the entire team), only get 3 downs,Brady must wear a blindfold and gronk must have his hands zip tied behind his back.

    Will that make it fair for everyone else?

    Where was the flag on the Kam hit to the head? Must have been a fine after the game right? Any time a Pats player comes near a helmet it’s 15 and a fine.

    So sure, let’s put a spotter out there. It’s the only way the to make it fair. Stop every drive, slow down the hurry up, give the other team time to draw up new plays.

    Pats will still win.

  75. As someone else already said.

    There will be a key opponent questionably forced out of a game at Gillette before the year is out.

    Just like keeping Addledman in the game after he was lit up and was on queer street, Pats can’t be trusted to follow the rules.

    Notice the Hawks took Avril out and kept him out despite it allowing Tammy to go off. (His QB rating at that point was a whopping 22)

    They never have followed the rules since Belicheat and Tammy arrived, and this is simply one more opportunity to cheat and then play the victim card when caught.


  76. New rules proposed by Irsay, Grigson, Kensil and Goodell –

    1. If the Patriots score a touchdown they must immediately reset to their own 1 yard line and score another TD for them to receive the points of a single score.

    2. if the Pats score a field goal they must them re-kick it from the 60 yard line and score again to receive the points for a single FG.

  77. Why isn’t this called the Big Ben Rule? Or did everyone forget the Wildcard Round already? And at least then a concussion would have occurred, AP reported Edelman passed his test.

  78. The focus on Edelman is odd. Why not focus on Chancellor? It was a helmet to helmet hit; each helmet hits the other with the same force. Any rule that would pause to evaluate Edelman would have to do the same for Chancellor.

    Of course it wouldn’t be the first time the NFL didn’t grasp physics. (psi)

  79. This rule is bogus! Can you imagine being AT a game, in the stands, paying attention to the game, and just have the whistle blow for apparently no reason?! So stupid. And then to hear that 90% of concussions just GO AWAY after a couple minutes?!?

    Obviously, we don’t want anyone injured. And we don’t want them to sustain and brain damage. But, let’s be real here. This is football. People are going to get injured. If the PLAYER chooses to ignore concussion symptoms and continues to play, then so be it!!!

  80. Pats have a paranoid victim mentality and think the NFL is out to get them. And they brought it on themselves by their cheating. But no, even that is someone else’s fault. Percy Harvin would have felt right at home with NE as he feels it’s always someone else’s fault too.

  81. Independent. The NFL keeps using that word. It doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    So we can expect kensil as our independent concussion determiner at Pats games?

  82. This can and will really swing in a negative direction for close, hard fought games. Wowsa, this is what John Harbaugh needs, some Baltimore Colts playing weevily wobbly for an extra time out. The game can’t get any more agreeable for him now, especially after the other new rule.

  83. The NFL is continually vilifying the Patriots so that they can make up new rules to stop the Patriots and give other teams more reasons to cry to daddy Goodell because they were ‘cheated’.

    Will Coaches be able to throw the Red Flag to challenge the opposing teams play because they believe someone was concussed and should not of been on the field?

    Who will the ‘Spotter’ be? Who will be watching for the ‘concussed player’? Will it be Kensil during a Jets/Patriots game?

    Will the ‘Spotter’ have a direct phone line to Goodell or some other Nefarious NFL person with an axe to grind against the Patriots?

    The Anuual Cycle of ‘Get the Patriots’ continues.

  84. This is just another way for the NFL to influence the outcome of a game.

    It is corrupt to the core.

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