Ted Wells didn’t hire Columbia physicists due to leaks

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The 456-page Tom Brady appeal transcript has plenty of fodder for stories to post. And we realize that some of you don’t care. But some of you do.

So here’s our advice for those who don’t: Scroll to the next story.

OK, now that they’re gone, here’s another nugget, via the testimony of “independent” investigator Ted Wells.

Early in the life of #DeflateGate, the New York Times reported that Wells and company had contacted physicists at Columbia to provide assistance in understanding the impact of weather and temperature on football. Columbia was never mentioned again, prompting some (e.g., me) to wonder whether Columbia wasn’t able to conclude what Wells needed them to conclude to justify a finding of tampering with the footballs.

According to Wells, Columbia wasn’t hired because Columbia was too chatty about the assignment.

“Mr. Reisner sent an e-mail to the Physics Department at Columbia asking if they could help us, and I think he may have also talked to somebody,” Wells said. “And he told them this is confidential. To our shock, after he contacted Columbia’s Physics Department, there was an article, either the next day or the day after in the New York Times that [we] had reached to the Columbia Physics Department. And we were, to say the least, outraged that we had reached out in what we thought was a confidential contact and then it was published in the New York Times.”

The irony is obvious. The NFL had leaked damaging and incorrect information to ESPN about the investigation —  information that made an independent investigation inevitable and that put the Patriots on the defensive — and no one with the league office or the firm investigating the situation seemed to care. The Patriots repeatedly asked the NFL to direct Wells to investigate the leaks, and the NFL consistently declined. The Commissioner said in May that Wells had the opportunity to explore the leaks, but Wells obviously chose not to do so.

So Wells was “outraged” when the leaks undermined his efforts, but he was nonchalant when the leaks undermined the Patriots’ interests.

Of course, that’s not the only time Wells was outraged. Stung by criticism of a 243-page report that deserved plenty of it, Wells insisted on a conference call during which he angrily defended his work. The NFL gave him what he wanted.

Which serves only to make the NFL’s failure to act in response to New England’s concerns more glaring.

Which serves only to further undermine public confidence in the game of professional football. Which cries out for the owners to demand significant changes to the way things work.

In the past three years, the Saints and Patriots have seen what can happen. If improvements aren’t made, the real question is which owner’s team is next?

144 responses to “Ted Wells didn’t hire Columbia physicists due to leaks

  1. Not to mention the totally non-indepedent, non-transparent wordsmithing of the report by Pash. What a joke.

  2. How can the NFL be forced to release all transcrips or documents from Bountygate to Bullygate.
    I will like to read more. I don’t trust these guys anymore. Wells appears to be a shady fellow.
    Exponents are shady. You go from Columbia to Exponents, can he explain that logical leap? There are numerous schools with reputations intact.

  3. 1. So, it was a choice between the Columbia University physics department and a total gun-for-hire firm specializing in delivering analysis to corporate clients. Sounds reasonable since absolutely no one else in the country does physics or anything like that.

    2. So, it was obviously critical that the research be conducted in secret. I mean, there’s lots of really good reasons why you wouldn’t want the results to be made public, such as………………………………………

  4. So Ted Wells was more concerned with confidentiality than scientific competency and in the process achieved neither in his investigation. Great work Inspector Clouseau! Goodell did a great job hitching his wagon to yours. I can’t think of 2 bigger bungling idiots.

  5. The craziest part is, so many people come out looking bad in this.

    The NFL look like bumbling idiots.

    Ted Wells is taking a huge hit, and has lost his own private credibility (seriously, who would want to hire him after this)

    And, unfairly, Brady’s reputation and legacy came into question.

    Then again, when the dust settles, I think Brady will recover just fine…even if he doesn’t get that white pool cover.


  6. How do we know Teddy Wells didn’t leak the Columbia inquiry himself?

    Think about it. Exponent had a bad reputation, even before this. If he made it look like he tried to hire truly independent Columbia, then he could point and say that he really did lead an independent investigation, it was just Columbia’s fault that they couldn’t work with him.

    As another commenter said, it’s not like there are only 2 groups in the whole country who work on physics…

  7. They could link the two shows ballers and true detective together. Both current plots are impossible to understand, ballers especially. But that’s not a bad idea I think it would be widely watched.

  8. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the true scandal, and threat to the integrity of the game, is from the NFL league office. In an attempt to unjustly punish the patriots, which would please a vast majority of football fans and help them to save face from the embarrassing cases prior to deflategate, it may be that they have set their own trap.

    Between the colts and ravens seeming to contradict one another, or that the low psi balls were a badly kept secret (though Vincent said there was never a breach before) for years, this is spinning out of their control. They jumped to a conclusion, one they thought would work in their favor, and then started working backwards; bending or picking evidence that fits their conclusion.

    They pushed the narrative in their direction with false leaks that weren’t retracted, and yet Wells claim that he was worried about leaks from Columbia. Propaganda is a useful tool, but only if you control what information gets out.

    So the colts intercept a ball late in the second quarter and illegally check the pressure. Grisson runs to Vincent and Kensil, who decide to test the balls at halftime, which again is against NFL bylaws for league personnel to enter the officials locker and conduct tests that could have been handled better by a high school chemistry class. Not accounting for time, which ball was tested when, the ideal gas law, or using the after game measurements. Vincent and Kensil presumably knew about the rule for psi level off the top of their heads, but not the rules saying the colts couldn’t tamper, nor could they oversee the testing by the officials.

    The NFL leaks the news that Brady destroyed his phone, to see if the masses would be okay with this as a reason for Goodell to uphold the suspension that was originally for integrity of the game (which in fact was an equipment violation of anything at all). He wants to seal the appeal transcript, so that even if people are starting to question Mort’s false report, now they have the destroyed cellphone and no one to dispute that claim if the transcript is sealed.

  9. Brady is no saint in this, but the NFL front office looks real bad right now. I’ve never bought into the “Goodell must go” statements, but it’s time and I’m starting to think it may happen.

    On another note, what year was that picture taken, 1990?

  10. Seems like Wells got what he paid for with exponent and Goodell got what he wanted from Wells. The only ones that got screwed in this whole mess was the Patriots, Brady and Pats fans. If Brady was completely exonerated who’s going to believe it now. I hope the judge get some of the information that is floating around, because this is just absurd. NFL isn’t seeking the truth only what they want to believe.

  11. In the slimy world of sports propoganda, there’s no shortage of facts to twist or overly anxious malable minds to manipulate. And I realize many of you don’t care that your thoughts are being controlled. For those people, the ‘Lotus room’ enterence is at the top of this page. Now for those who retain at least half a brain & ability to think for yourselves, a few reminders:
    1) 11 of thier 12 balls were deflated, significantly more than opposing team’s balls
    2) JJ & JM text messages prove long term conspiracy & Brady’s guilt
    3) Brady’s refusal to cooperate is reason for suspension…act of deflating balls hasn’t been addressed (yet)
    4) Brady destroyed evidence
    5) Patriots block 2nd interviews (afraid)
    6) Patriots conceded there was sufficient evidence proving Brady & accomplices were guilty when they accepted resposibility & punishment for cheating.

    Regardless of the fodder, facts cant be ignored. GUILTY. No reduction

  12. Paul Weiss is truly an elite level law firm. Hard to believe that Wells actually works there. His partners are almost certainly mortified except for the 8 figure annual billing.

  13. If Wells personally worried about leaks, he could have hired Belichick to reprise his mad scientist role. Belichick would have come cheaper than Columbia and there would have been no leaks to the New York Times or anywhere else.

    The media made a lot of jokes about Belichick when he did his Mona Lisa Vito presentation for them, but he was a helluva lot easier for a layman to understand than any of the scientists in the transcript.

    There’s irony there too. Belichick was undoubtedly the guy the League wanted to nail, not a marketing asset like Brady. Belichick has no respect for the people at the League Office and hey know it. But as it turned out, they couldn’t touch him and he scooped them all on the science.

  14. Goodell and the NFL have lost all credibility. They have consistently bungled investigations, leaked erroneous information, refused to retract, and reacted to public opinion instead of sticking to actual facts. How can Goodell keep his job after this latest witch hunt fiasco?

  15. C’mon–were we really expected to take seriously the work of a lawyer who is the spitting image of Salvador Dali?

  16. Wells to Columbia: We need you to rig a study for us. We pay well.

    Columbia: Here call these guys. 1800 exponent.

  17. In some instances, I really can’t stand labor unions. In others, like this, thank God they exist otherwise the employees would get railroaded any chance the employer got a chance to do so. Such a shame. It’s hard to believe that a multi-billion dollar company such as the NFL has some of the dumbest individuals running it.

  18. And Vincent says the balls were wet at half time – didnt Wells say they were mostly dry in his report ?

  19. i will bet you 5 jelly donuts that it was someone in the NFL offices that leaked this information too.

  20. When are people going to wake up and realize that it could be their team next. This was a total frame job from start to finish. Absolutely disgusting.

  21. With all of the demonstrated sloppy and incompetent work Ted Wells has produced just in this case and in the Miami report, how many innocent people do you suppose Ted Wells has FRAMED for crimes they did not commit and are now languishing in prison?

    Ted Wells has proven he is adept in hiding his failures and unethical actions so far. That he was in a related law enforcement position in the past to heap his incompetence on innocent people and push a corrupt agenda to fabricate tainted results and conclusions lends powerful credence to many innocent people railroaded into prison.

  22. Read the transcripts in full… The best was the guy blasting exponents science in regards to not including warming time. He was discreditting it like it was personal.

  23. The same idiot Patriot fans who think that because he is innocent because there is no smoking gun probably think same about Aaron Hernandez. After all there is no smoking gun there either. If you cheat and lie you get punished. Known that since I could walk.

  24. Right now, I would like to apologize to the New Orleans Saints, and all New Orleans Saints fans, for not paying any attention when the league was investigating and punishing the Saints. I don’t know what the facts are, but I am, at this point, quite sure that whatever they were, the league over-reacted, punished dishonestly, and handled it inappropriately.

  25. Outraged eh? My money is on the Wells team doing the actual leaking that they reached out to Columbia so that they could say, “See, we tried to contact actual legitimate scientists but they couldn’t keep their mouths shut and we HAD to use Exponent.”

    The fraud of this whole thing is amazing. It’s ruining my summer.

  26. Ahhh

    I was actually wondering what happened with Columbia, remember they made a big deal about, then the report comes back with “second hand smoke is good for you” science people.

  27. Wikipedia says this about Columbia University:
    Endowment: $9.23 billion.

    I guess the $0.6m wells spent wasn’t able to cover the endowment. Lol

  28. What’s really funny is that it’s the chemistry dept they should have been reaching out to, although anyone with an ounce of brains understands the basic principle…

    Either way the real joy is knowing how tweaked off all the haters are that the Pats won yet another SB and this one in the face of all the lies, leaks, and jealousy.

  29. The path for the owners is clear – if they and the game of football has any integrity now that we have seen how corrupt Goodell is

    Hire a TRULY independent investigation team to investigate the LEAGUE – and yes the OWNERS involvement in FrameGate as well

    Make this open and transparent. No leaks, but full disclosure

    Make the necessary changes (Goodell and his staff no longer have any credibility or integrity) at the League level and make institutional changes to show the NFLPA and the NFL fans that the owners truly ARE concerned about the integrity of the game

    Quite simply, when there is no integrity in the Commissioners office, there is no integrity in the NFL

  30. With each new day this is looking more like the Duke lacrosse team scandal.
    I cant help but feel that in the end Brady will have Goodell by the short ones

  31. Columbia owes the NY Times a big fruit basket or something. Thanks to that article they were saved from having their reputation destroyed by association with this train wreck.

    Also, Wells seems to get enraged at the drop of a hat. Maybe not the best quality for an investigator?

  32. Goodell is like Obama, don’t get his way he’ll going to come after you, he is like South Korea president.

  33. I don’t know Ted Wells from Adam, but I love the photo that you use. I am now going to take a shower!…

  34. They should have just brought in a nascar crew chief. These guys are the true scientists when it comes to air pressure and deflation due to temperature. They work in increments of 1/2 pounds of pressure in tires to make the car perform completely different. They know how track temps will build pressure up in tires and maintain it allow the cars suspension to operate at its peak. They could explain everything scientifically how outside temps will decrease pressure in everything from a hot air balloon to a birthday balloon.

  35. I hope the judge sees through the shady dealings of the NFL and its underlings. They leaked damaging non-truths . They picked and chose what suited them best and never undertook any scientific avenue which could have proved or disproved the ideal gas law . In other words they were after the Pats and Brady no matter what . Goodell has to go . Free Tom Brady !

  36. Nothing came erase the fact that Brady had his boys let air out of the footballs after they were inspected and approved by the officials. That is cheating. For what ever other scientific/legal bungling there may have been the fact that Brady cheated is clear. Heck, cheating is the Patriots M.O.

  37. The football public is starting to feel queasy about roger goodell’s stewardship.

    It’s plain as the nose on your face folks.

    Guy’s gotta go.

    Bounty Gate handling

    Ray rice


    $81 mill salary in 2 years……wow.

  38. The Roger Goodell regime has completely destroyed my love for and interest in pro football

  39. I hope everyone ealizes as long as Belichick is coaching there are going to be cheating scandals and this will continue to happen with the media and all the stories.

  40. I’ve said this in another thread, but the NFL Owners need to press the RESET button. I have no faith in the BFL Exec offices; they all have personal agendas.

    They are not protecting the Shield, the Shield is protecting them.

  41. Judge Berman knows this is a huge national story so it’s my hope he reads these transcripts in depth. And why wouldn’t he? It’s a great read, hysterical at times.

    Exoneration Day is coming!

  42. Goodell may have thought he was safe accepting Brady’s threat about going to court. After all, he could stand behind history that the owner’s had not previously criticized his judgement when a too harsh penalty was imposed. But I don’t think the narcissistic zealot expected this level of detailed analysis, that no matter what side of the Brady argument you stand on, illustrates nothing but repeated gross incompetence by everyone on Goodell’s team. I can’t see any way in which the owner’s can interpret this as beneficial to the image of the league. Goodell is incompetent and needs to be fired.

  43. Not sure why any of this should surprise anyone. Big business has been ignoring basic and well established science for decades in lieu of self interest and profit. This is just football, but the attitudes toward evidence and the willful ignorance of basic knowledge is exactly the same as used by energy companies, by tobacco companies, by chemical companies, by pharmaceutical companies, and by politicians every day to further private agendas at public expense.

  44. Fine them and get this over with. Saints were dragged through the mud with the bounty scandal. Fine/suspend the patriots and let’s move on.

  45. “In the past three years, the Saints and Patriots have seen what can happen. If improvements aren’t made, the real question is which owner’s team is next?”

    Don’t forget about that BS that took valuable cap space from the Redskins because they didn’t participate in the League mandated collusion during the uncapped year.

  46. If the other 31 owners had a brain cell left they would end this right now! End the madness, wipe the slate clean and move on.
    Goodell was lucky to survive the Rice issue last year, he won’t be so lucky this time around.
    There will be a house for sale in Maine in the coming months.
    No way he can keep it once your salary goes from 44 million to zero.

  47. Ted Wells didn’t hire Columbia University because they would’t alter the data to fit his agenda

  48. So let me get this straight. The NFL said this investigation was going to be open and transparent yet they have done everything possible to hide the facts from their paying customers.

    OK, got it now.

  49. Every NFL fan should be concerned this has gone from looking like a Patriots only matter to a wake up call for all fans to realize your team could be next to be victim of the Sham that is the NFL. We should all be asking our teams owners to fire Goodell and clean house at the NFL OFFICES

  50. Wells is not the NFL, he didnt leak the 11 of 12 balls thing. He told the NFL he was not using any information they had gathered and was working completely independently of them. So why is he even being mentioned as being ‘nonchalant’ about the nfl leaking something prior to him even being a part of the investigation? That makes zero sense whatsoever. Columbia leaking info directly affected Wells, the 11 of 12 balls thing was before Wells was ever a part of this. Ridiculous. And for those Pats fans saying he should have went to Columbia still even tho they were leaking info- then thats fine, but dont ever complain about other info being leaked then (11 of 12 footballs 2 psi under). Either you are against leaking info altogether or your ok with it. You cant cherry pick which times benefit you.

  51. He was probably concerned about the truth being leaked, that would contradict the lies being leaked by the League office.

    No one hires Exponent to get real analysis. They’re about as independent as the Wells Report was.

  52. He realized the University would tell the truth and do it publically.

    At that point he knew he couldn’t get the outcome he and the NFL wanted.

    So instead he hired the team he knew would deliver Team-Second-hand-smoke-doesn’t-cause-cancer”

  53. Beyond the irony of being ‘outraged’ about the leak, it is more probable than not that Columbia wasn’t the source of the leak in the first place.

  54. Only a cynic would think that the confidentiality reason is a cover for the one you first inferred, that Columbia couldn’t or wouldn’t come up with an analysis that rubber-stamped the NFL’s presumption in advance of guilt. I’m now a cynic. As with everything else involving the NFL or its hired-gun investigator Wells, lets wait a few days and see what the people at Columbia say. My guess is that Kensil was the source of the leak himself because Columbia wouldn’t ‘play (deflated) ball’.

  55. Trump for commish! LOL

    Keep up the good work, Florio. Exposing both the Patriots and the NFL as liars and hypocrites is some of the best entertainment of the ‘off-season’!

  56. Columbia is not the only American institution of higher learning with a physics department. He could have gone to any one of a thousand other schools. Hell, this analysis is so simple that he could have hired a high school science teacher to perform it. There was no reason to hire back pocket consultants, that is, unless he was looking for a desired outcome

  57. Don’t worry. As long as your team doesn’t get too uppity and knows its place, bows down to Goodell like what he says is the word of God, and plays along with the parity game, you’ll be fine.

  58. This is getting awesome with all the new leaks showing how much of a witch hunt this is against the Pats. Baltimore and the Colts sure like to cry when they lose to the pats and get the league after them.

  59. Apparently there are leaks and then there are leaks.
    I was unaware confidentiality was a one way street. It evidently goes to 345 Park Ave but, like the Ray Rice video, simply disappears on arrival.

    It’s a big drop from Columbia to Exponent. What Bill Nye wasn’t willing to write it out in crayon?

  60. I call bs.

    I am an expert witness. They didn’t pick Columbia because they might show some real independence. They picked a consultant that would give them what they wanted. One of the NFL’s big lie is that their investigation was a search for the truth when, in fact, it was paid consultants and lawyers that supported the conclusion the NFL made the day of the AFCCG.

  61. If Goodell doesn`t get fired after all this the owners deserve what they get.They should expect more for 40m a year.I could`ve ruined up there reputation for half that.

  62. Doesn’t matter, the overwhelming majority know Brady is a cheat and a liar. Patriots hoping to turn this into the OJ trial – errors made during the process used to manipulate the facts. Not going to work. Legacy still tarnished.

  63. That dude looks like Freddy Mercury. Freddy probably would have conducted a far more thorough and competent investigation. RIP.

  64. This is the payback for years of twisting and breaking the rules.

    This is what accountability is.

    Deal with it and stop all the whining!

  65. How much do you want to bet that the NFL ‘leaked’ that Ted Wells had contacted Columbia?

    Actually, not a leak at all, but keeping the press informed of what the NFL was planning to do to help achieve Frame-gate.

  66. Wells is supposedly was independent, yet cited attorney-client privilege…he admitted he never told Brady he’d be punished for non-cooperation…and now this outrage about a leak. #Gold. “The NFL thinks you’re stupid…because THEY are stupid.”

  67. Hmmm Brady’s ball boys admitted they deflated balls and they disappeared into the closet for 1.5 minutes before the game with a bag of balls, Patriots denied second interview , Brady destroyed his phone but hey , OJ had a defense too

  68. The Columbia Physics Department could not be paid off to deliver the evidence to support the results that Wells (at the insistence of Fuhrer Goodell) had already concluded.

    IOW – They have too much impartiality and credibility for Wells to have used them. The non-sense about a leak is just that. I bet that someone from Wells’ office leaked the info to create a reason that they wouldn’t have to use them.

  69. Given all that has happened I wouldn’t be surprised if the Columbia leak originated with the NFL.

    I can see Kessler bragging to someone how they’ve hired Columbia to nail the Patriots and they will finally prove the Patriots weigh the same as a duck.

  70. At least Columbia leaked TRUTHFUL information. The NFL leaks FALSE information.

  71. The NFL lies
    Goodell lies
    Wells lies
    ESPN lies
    Ravens lie
    Colts lie
    And only Tom Brady demanded to be sworn in for his testimony.

  72. The leak to the Times didn’t come from Columbia, though.

    Wells couldn’t even control the leaks from the NFL office when they had an unwanted effect. Someone with the NFL decided that it would “look good if it appears we are taking the science seriously” and contacted the NYT.

  73. So Wells said, no way would I want to work with an organization that leaks.. I have integrity.

    This all makes sense now.

  74. Lets be honest the NFL screwed this up from day one with their Incompetence and Admitted lack of knowledge that cold weather reduces air pressure , so on day one they thought they had a slam dunk and there was NO TURNING BACK.
    Had these idiots ever had to get their hands dirty and work on things that had tires they might have been smarter???

  75. Goodell must resign NOW and the NFLPA needs to force out this mean-spirited, power hungry dictator. Brady also needs to sue him for defamation of character for conducting a biased, prejudiced sting operation in which the FIX was in.

  76. The over/under for the amount of times Wells twisted the end of his mustache and laughed in a sinister fashion throughout this investigation is set at 999,999.5. Hammer the over.

  77. Since no one in the NFL offices had any clue about cold weather reducing air pressure I wonder if none of the early reports by people that had a clue about the weathers impact never happened would that eve been part of the wells report????

  78. Arrogance. That seems to be the most fitting word to describe Goodell and the NFL ownership in their approach to every subject.
    How many times have they been taken to court to have an independant ruling on their decisions? It seems like a pretty high number would apply. How many times have the independant judges or arbitrators found in their favor? I can’t remember an istance.
    They believe that they are so high and mighty in their position(s) that rules don’t apply to them, laws don’t apply to them, standards of ethics and decent behavior don’t apply to them.
    Arrogance. I know that their bottom line continues to grow, but if the owners have any credible concern for or love for the game they have to clean house and redirect their efforts.

  79. The NFL does not investigate things until they determine there is a big problem they need to address. Only after they make up their minds that there is something going on will they look to investigate. Because of that mindset the investigation has a skewed purpose. It is not done to seek truth. It is done to seek proof and often twists facts to fit the predetermined narrative. It happened to the Saints, Dolphins and now the Patriots. The NFL is so fearful of being viewed as corrupt (by not handling things that reach public outcry) that they overreach during their investigative and disciplinary processes. Ironically, the result of that is the league is viewed as corrupt.

    Wells should not be used in an investigation any more because he is too eager to slant the data towards what he believes (or was told) the league wants the outcome to be.

    Roger needs to find someone with integrity to do these things and then he needs to have the integrity to do what is right regardless of what the prevailing winds seem to be.

  80. Telling people not to read inflammatory comments is like telling people you don’t agree with to leave the country. In other words, who wants criticism or opposing views? And who here thinks the author would respond to people telling him not to read their works by not reading their works?

  81. I wonder how Colombia feels about someone like Wells questioning their credibility? Any response from them?

  82. These guys think the world isn’t paying attention.
    #driveforfive #firegoodell #overhaulthe nfl

  83. Another NFL employee caught lying and spreading erroneous info….Judy Battista…NFL.com reporter…July 28, 2015
    “There were settlement talks that might have saved both sides from an ugly battle, but among the sticking points, according to a person familiar with the conversations, was that the NFL Players Association and Brady’s representatives wanted the record of the appeal sealed. That request was interpreted by those on the league side as an attempt to keep the destruction of the cellphone from ever becoming public, because Brady’s representatives surely knew how dubious that decision would look.”

    Last night, Judy denied ever writing this….BUSTED

  84. Hey Mike “OK, now that they’re gone’ seems to have worked, can you do something to make them stay away?!

  85. 1984 all over again with the NFL. Information is what we tell you it is, not to be questioned. The arrogance of absolute power is corrupting them all. Judy Batista is now a proven LIAR!

  86. Looking back, I really have to wonder about some of the things that have been questionable when they occurred but dismissed by Goodell and the league. Things like some of the highly questionable officiating in the playoffs and Blandino exiting the Cowboys party bus appear much more serious after seeing how league officials conduct business. Anyone employed by the leagues front office seem to have immunity from investigations from the super arrogant Goodell. IMHO, if the league wants to be seen as having integrity, it needs to clean house and investigate the conduct of these clowns from day one of Goodells hiring.

  87. This has gotten beyond ridiculous. The league has embarrassed itself and the game of football. Goodell needs fired. Not sure why the Owners are sitting back letting this cluster unfold the way it has.

    So what Brady didn’t turn over his phone. Neither did Farve and he was never suspended. Why haven’t they answered that obvious question of fairness? Is anyone even asking the league these tough yet simple questions?

  88. 1) 11 of thier 12 balls were deflated, significantly more than opposing team’s balls
    2) JJ & JM text messages prove long term conspiracy & Brady’s guilt
    3) Brady’s refusal to cooperate is reason for suspension…act of deflating balls hasn’t been addressed (yet)
    4) Brady destroyed evidence
    5) Patriots block 2nd interviews (afraid)
    6) Patriots conceded there was sufficient evidence proving Brady & accomplices were guilty when they accepted resposibility & punishment for cheating.

    1) the science behind that has been explained ad naseum. continuing to parrot that talking point shows your agenda as someone not interested in facts.

    2) So lets get this straight. There is a long standing scheme to deflate footballs, yet at the Jets game, which was a home game, the balls were found to be OVERINFLATED to 16 PSI. Can’t have it both ways dude.

    3) Brady was under no obligation to hand over his phone. When he realized Goodell was making this about his phone and not really about the footballs (because goodell knew he was screwed with that narrative) he handed over an unprecedented amount of communications. Goodell was too lazy to vet the information he begged for publicly.

    4) They told him they didnt need the phone. Doesn’t matter what he did to the phone at that point. He gave them all the relevant information from the phone and offered to get the phone company involved. Data doesn’t disappear. Sorry you fell for the shiny object like a small mouth bass.

    5) Factually incorrect. They made McNally available by phone for the second interview.

    6) You can take that however you’d like, however, Wells exonerated management and Belichick. They shouldn’t have received the penalty in the first place.


  89. Too bad there aren’t any other universities on the planet. Obviously, his only option was to hire a company on the opposite coast that “proved” asbestos isn’t harmful and secondhand smoke doesn’t cause lung cancer. For $600,000.

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