Aldon Smith arrested for DUI, hit and run and vandalism


News broke that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on Friday morning, but there weren’t any details about what led him to Santa Clara County Jail.

The Santa Clara Police Department has now offered up those details. They announced via Twitter that Smith was arrested for hit and run, DUI and vandalism on Thursday night. No further information about the incident that led to the arrest was released, but a press release is expected later this morning.

Smith’s no stranger to DUI as he’s been arrested on those charges twice before. He went to rehab after his second arrest in September 2013, which led to a stay in rehab and five missed games during the 2013 season. If he’s guilty of these charges and isn’t in prison, more help should be the least of the stipulations mandated as a way to protect the rest of the population.

He missed nine more games while serving a suspension for those arrests and other off-field trouble last season. Should these charges stick, Smith will be looking at another suspension and there’s a good chance it will also mark the end of his time with the 49ers.

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  1. Aldon that warm feeling running down your leg is your career running away from you… 3 DUI’s in 5 yrs, time to say goodbye to the NFL for at least 8 games if not more.
    what a dummy, does this while trying to renegotiate his deal and get more money.

  2. I’m not a 49ers fan, but man do I feel bad for this team with the offseason they’ve had. They lost their top notch coach, Gore, Crabtree, Willis, Borland, Justin Smith, Iupati, Anthony Davis, Lee on special teams, and now Aldon Smith (who was suspended for 9 games last year) who will probably miss most of the regular season, if not the whole season now.

    If we go by PFF’s metrics, for opening day all they have is two, yes, only two elite level players left on the team: Joe Staley on offense and Navorro Bowman on defense.

    Time to rebuild. And I’d even consider trading Staley or Bowman for picks. Kap will be the starting QB for a long time, so they could afford a complete rebuilding of the team.

  3. Guy just doesn’t get it. He will be out of the league soon, if not now. Also, ostensibly, another 9ers player gone from their recent run of dominance.

  4. Well, it’s a good thing he wasn’t doing anything bad like deflating footballs.

    More seriously, when do these guys learn? DUI is a tiny step from assault with a dangerous weapon (car) or worse. And there is a ride service free for NFL players!

    As Ron White said, “you can’t fix stupid”…….

  5. And the Niners continue their cavalcade of attrition. At the rate they’re going, they won’t have enough players to actually field a team in September. I can’t remember when I’ve seen one team lose so many people, especially starters, over the course of one off season. It’s almost unbelievable. I don’t know how anyone can expect Jim Tomsula to win games when he doesn’t have players to do it. Wow, how the Niners have imploded!

  6. How many more chances does this guy get? He’s talented, I get it, but at some point enough is enough.

  7. I’ve said from day one this guy is a TOTAL ASSCLOWN-so long NFL career, no team will bother putting up with you ever again, things will be looking up for your next job-just practice saying “would you like fries with that”!

  8. At first I thought this was just a dumb immature kid, now I think this is a young man with a very bad problem and hope he can get the help he needs.

  9. Good lord, I don’t know what black magic god the 49ers pissed off, but they’ll be lucky to field a 52 man roster by September…

  10. Bye Bye Aldon!

    With the 1st pick in the 2016 Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select….

  11. Although he plays for my favorite team, this goes farther than football. The Niners will no doubt release him, but he needs help off the field and I hope he gets it. Good luck, Aldon.

  12. Aldon is an alcoholic. Tragic. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    And to think the 49ers were negotiating with him on a new contract.


    Time to move on.

  13. Vandalism??? Itll be interesting to hear the whole story but as it stands now Id like to think he hit another car while drinking and driving then got out and spraypainted “Westside boyz” on the car he hit before speeding off.

  14. Luckily, no one got hurt.

    As for Smith, former first-round pick, Pro Bowler, fastest player to record 30 sacks, etc. — and he does this (and he’s still only 25). Sucks he’s throwing it away, but that’s his choice.

  15. Wow… Just throw this piece of trash under the jail. What a waste of life… Pathetic…

  16. The real question is, did the police find any ball needles on his person or in his car? Cuz the NFL will be very concerned if it is more probable than not that he was out drinking, and deflating footballs in the Sporting Goods section of Walmart (destruction of property?)

  17. Wow. Just……….wow. Can’t even begin to understand something like this, unless the young man is battling a lot of demons. Hope he gets help.

  18. God alcoholism is a real career killer. His best hope now is to step away for a year plus which he may not have any choice as a significant suspension is definitely coming. He needs to get his life together before he kills himself or someone else.

  19. Smith is an immensely talented though obviously troubled player. Here’s hoping he can find a way to beat his disease.

  20. Like Curly Bill Brocius would say Well,Bye.Seriously though it’s a shame Aldon Smith ruined his career like this he was great.

  21. He should be in prison. A third DUI? That should be major jail time. Driving while drunk or high needs to have an even bigger penalty so people stop doing this crap. Morons.

  22. He has a problem, I hate to say it but kick him off the team. I am as biased as they come for the Niners, but sick and tired of negative news. bye Felicia

  23. Idiots doing stupid stuff off the field, I care about one second. Arrogant idiots cheating on the field, I care about it until it gets fixed so it never happens again.

  24. Well, Aaron Lynch will be starting for sure, good thing we restructured his contract to include 2 roster bonuses, now he wont get a damn thing! I feel sorry for him. He is obviously an alcoholic!

  25. Taxi’s, limo’s, team services, these guys can easily afford a night out done safely.

    Instead they ignore reality and walk down the path with the sign that says “most stupid possible option this way”.

  26. I don’t blame the kid. The 49ers have been drafting guys that other teams didn’t want because of character issues. This is a trend. The 49ers need to get someone in their personnel department that is better at evaluating character. It all starts at the top.

  27. packmangamble says:
    Aug 7, 2015 10:50 AM

    It’ll also mark the end of his time in pro football. No other team will even think about touching this guy.
    The same was said about Greg Hardy and he was out of work for what, a week? When he get’s out of jail, serves his suspension, again, it only takes one team to believe they can fix him if they feel he still has the talent to help their team.

  28. Honestly, I would normally laugh at the Niners but this makes me sad.

    He obviously has serious issues and will not only have problems landing a job in the NFL but may have problems staying out of prison.


  29. I don’t understand why teams don’t put a clause in the players contract about arrests/dui’s etc. Hold them accountable. Cut this man and set the tone for the rest of the team.

  30. Wow, I had predicted the Niners going 6-10 this year. That’s starting to look crazy optimistic.

  31. Offseason just keeps getting worse for the 49ers.

    And to think this guy was fooling us on getting his act together.

    This guys needs help.

  32. No more chances for this guy. He needs real help/ some prison time before he kills an innocent person and that’s more important than him being on any football field.

  33. Race down to Reno and bet the under on 9ers win total before it goes any lower. Glad no one is hurt. After hearing he was part of a dinner party that charged up $1500 in wine I figured it was just a matter of time……..

  34. 4 -game suspension….million dollar fine……loss of 1st round pick and 4th round pick….

    Oh wait that only happens when someone with out any proof says you deflated footballs

    This guy will get hand holding and be allowed back after yet an other rehab…….
    Mean while the greatest QB to play the game is accused of something with no proof and he denies doing it….

  35. How is it that he still had a driver’s license after his last fiasco? He is a known menace and threat to the community he resides and is employed in.

  36. xrz0119 says:
    Aug 7, 2015 11:10 AM
    I don’t understand why teams don’t put a clause in the players contract about arrests/dui’s etc. Hold them accountable. Cut this man and set the tone for the rest of the team.


    No guaranteed contracts in the NFL, so they can cut him regardless – they don’t need a clause.

    Recovering any signing bonus/ guaranteed money could be a sticking point though.

  37. The guy has had problems since before he was drafted, and the bet was he would get straight and grow up. It did not happen, and football is over. The only question now is how to get him off the street before he kills an innocent person. The niners had a fist full of high picks from years of bad coaching, Harbaugh timed it right, made a splash for a few years, (would have one at least one title if they kept their first pick QB) and headed for the door before the implosion set in…..

  38. Goodell’s fault right?

    Oh wait, no it was the NFL’s fault?

    No, no it was the 49ers fault right?

    Simple solution:

    Using the liberals favorite policy…a ZERO tolerance policy for breaking the law.

    Institute this in the NFL. Any player who breaks a local, state, or federal law, is immediately suspended without pay for 1 season. No appeals allowed.

    Maybe, just maybe, with this policy in place NFL players will think twice before they do something stupid.

  39. I wanted the Texans to draft this loser. The 9ers picked him and a few picks later we took Watt… I’m so glad it didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

  40. Sad. The NFL which I have followed since the 60’s has deteriorated.

    The NFL can start to restore the damaged image and put some sense into these juggleheads with a policy of one arrest and you are out of the league permanently.

    But, it won’t happen. Why? Because it’s not the politically correct thing to do.

  41. Wasn’t Santa Clara’s GM just quoted boasting on how “mature” All Done Smith had become in the last year?

    Santa Clara………it’s just too easy….

    Best Regards

  42. Dear career, I think it’s time for us to separate. I don’t enjoy getting paid millions of dollars as much as I like being drunk and risking other people’s lives. It was good while it lasted, but I think I’m going to be a used car salesman or a fast food worker instead. I get more thrills that way. Take care, Aldon “Boozin’ N’ Cruzin'” Smith

  43. now he can hang out with Justin Blackmon all year. definitely getting suspended for the season.

  44. Hey Niner fans, take a page out of Patriot fans’ book!

    It’s a conspiracy!!

    All the facts are irrelevant!!!

    We won’t accept the facts we don’t agree with!!!!

    We’re victims!!!!!!!

    Aldon wasn’t really caught previously, it was also a set up!!!!!!!!!!

    Goodell better not suspend him because Goodell doesn’t have the right!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Why is this a surprise or shouldn’t happen at all? Football players are prone to DUIs just like regular folks, even more so. What? DUIs are reserved for the poor?

  46. He obviously needs a lot of medical help to exorcise his demons. Can’t put the public in danger because he won’t stop doing this. Rock bottom is the only way he’ll learn.

  47. “….. stipulations mandated as a way to protect the rest of the population.”

    Who wrote this? J. Edgar Hoover?

  48. From 2 days ago

    “Aldon’s like any young player,” Baalke said, via “He’s growing up, he’s maturing. You see that with a lot of these guys. Some of them get themselves in a few more situations that you wish they didn’t … [but I’m] really pleased with the way he’s handled things, the way he’s working both personally and professionally. I think he’s doing an outstanding job. He’s always been a great teammate. He’s always had an excellent work ethic. Those are things he’s even stepped up.”

  49. First off Aldon, you don’t want to stop drinking, thats your business. Just stop driving when you do, you dick. You have enough money for a driver. Now it’s over for you. You need help. Do you HAVE to kill someone to see that?

  50. This guy is obviously suffering from a mental illness and needs help before his life spirals completed out of control. Football should now be the last thing on his mind.

  51. So where are all the “nooooobody has it better than us” fans who are constantly making excuses for the team behavior?

    Can’t wish this one away.

  52. He does not deserve the privilege of being an NFL player.

    He does deserve correctional time to understand the consequences of his actions.

    Hopefully he realizes this and can turn things around to be a positive influence in this world.

  53. Allegedly dui, vandalism, and hit and run. He is still innocent. So he may have allegedly been falsley arrested. Free Aldon.

  54. He’s going to be Justin Blackmon 2.0. He will probably get an indefinite suspension which will last at least a year. During that time he will have to stay out of trouble–something he’s been unable to do. Given his history of making ridiculously bad choices, I’d say his time in the NFL is over so he can drink and drive all he wants until they finally put him in prison. Hopefully that will be before he kills an innocent person.

  55. I’m just at a loss for words… these guys have anyone in their lives that care about them? Can someone try to get these guys some help before they get in trouble with the law? 2 DUI, 9 missed games for suspension, rehab and he still can’t leave the alcohol and driving alone…

  56. I guess Baalke knew something, Eli Harold pick seems genius now, I could see Brooks starting again, glad we kept him a real workhouse, and now Lynch and Harold can rotate.

  57. Forthcoming:
    “I want to apologize to anyone whom I might have offended………lawyers got to earn their money y’know.

  58. This will be the cherry on top situation for the 49er organization’s full meltdown since they ran Harbaugh out.

    When the 49ers go 4-12 or 3-13, they get a real dose of NFL reality when you run a top 5 coach off your team.

    Smith is a loser and he will be out the league now. Good riddance to trash like him.

  59. Niners fan here. Cut this fool. Hope the courts take away his driver’s license for good.

    PS, here’s hoping Eddie DeBartolo petitions the league to get his team back from his incompetent and bumbling fool of an egomaniac Jeb York. The NFL still has Irsay, Ross, and Haslam as owners of teams.

  60. “Aldon’s like any young player,” Baalke said, via “He’s growing up, he’s maturing.”

    This must mean he went from fruity drinks to scotch.

  61. Sad… and unfortunately it is over for him in SF.

    He is still only 25-26 yrs old hopefully he gets the help he needs and can come back otherwise the only thing we are going to be hearing from Aldon is “Would you like fries with that shake sir ?” if he is lucky… Addiction is no joke..

  62. I’d say that without much doubt, this was/is the worst offseason for a pro football team ever.

    People with that much ability, and money, make me sick, how they blow opportunity after opportunity.

    This guy probably had multiple handlers, or was at least offered such help, at the very least he could have paid someone to keep him on a leash, but he still f’d up numerous times.

    What a freaking waste.

  63. Sheldon Richardson, and now Aldon Smith again, yet another Mizzou grad in trouble with the law. What a surprise. You should be so proud Gary Pinky. All that crapola about teaching these guys character and life lessons and preparing them for the NFL. What a bunch of BS. You are putting out th ugs in an out of control th ug program, living up to those high SEC criminal expectations, and obviously you have done nothing to help these guys deal with life. Great job coach, are you pitching these guys to your new recruits as standard bearers of your th ug program?

  64. Drunk Drivers don’t deserve a space in our society. 1st strike, mandatory alcohol counseling. 2nd strike, lock them up and throw away the key.

  65. “Football players are prone to DUIs just like regular folks, even more so. What? DUIs are reserved for the poor?”

    Because the NFL provides free taxi service to these clowns that most people cannot get. That’s the difference. Aldon Smith is an idiot, plain and simple. Stop making excuses for these guys.

  66. Team allegiances aside, it’s painful to watch anyone with a one-in-a-million opportunity do their best to piss it all away.

  67. Temtingo, has had ample chances. SF has taken apt of heat because of this guy and this is how he continues to repay it. Clearly he’s ill and need help…but maybe losing your career will get his head right

  68. cri33 says:
    Aug 5, 2015 12:01 PM
    Smith will mess up again during the season.

    Close, but you should go play the lottery, well played.

  69. Is this how you “win with class,” Jed? I’m sure this will be blamed on Harbaugh, too.

    Sell the team to somebody who knows what they are doing.

  70. This guy just doesn’t get it!! It’s obvious he needs help but he’s already been suspended and he’s already been to rehab and he just still doesn’t get it! Dude needs to spend some time in jail. If not for his own good then for the good of the other people in the area. It’s just a matter of time before the guy kills someone.

  71. He better hope no one was injured in the hit and run, hit and run with injury allows the state to file felony charges. That along with it being his third DUI in 5 years will make not doing jail time almost impossible. Who knows where the vandalism charge came from, perhaps kicking the police car or something equally as bright. I’m thinking that the NFL won’t have to worry about suspending Smith, he may be too old to play by the time California gets done with him.

  72. Get help before you kill others with your narcissistic destructive behavior Mr. Smith…

    *sidenote: Alcohol is no bueno, especially if you abuse it, a real killer (slow or fast, young or old). Putting fermented flammable “juice” mixes in your body that alters behavior (mostly in a negative aggressive nature) while breaking down your bodies internal organs in numerous ways. Yet it continues to be given free reign in sports advertising.


  73. I’ve met some substance abusers in my life and they didn’t commit hit and runs, wave guns, commit vandalism, or act menacing in an airport. Aldon needs years of therapy. 21 days in a rehab facility isn’t the fix.

  74. Yes, I know leaving San Francisco for Santa Clara has nothing to do with it, but why has there been so much trouble for this team since they left the confines of Candlestick for Silicon Valley?

  75. Goodell must be overjoyed. Something to take away the burning fires of transparency in deflatgate for a couple days.

    I wonder if TMZSPN is reporting the crap out of this as well?

  76. If his is found guilty he should actually, ya know, spend some time in prison like the rest of us would. But he makes a lot of money and pays a lot of taxes.

  77. I was a bit harsh with my words for Aldon in an ealier comment. He needs to let go of his ego, thank God for what he does have (an NFL job and money), and be grateful. We cannot live our lives as if we are 8 or 9 years old any more. Time to grow up. Time to be responsible. This may become a real tragedy when it doesn’t have to be. You lead one life. If you are going to drink, do it at home, don’t go out. It’s cheaper and usually safer.

  78. Two DUI’s and it’s jailtime, no drivers licence, probation and AA meetings everyday. How has he got away with this for so long. He’s had more than 2 DUI’s.
    It’s time for the 49ers to finish with him, in fact his career should be over, it’s sad, but true. He needs help again.

  79. I’d give him a pass on this one.
    He’s committed several infractions and been punished.

    Time to step back and acknowledge that “boys will be boys” and let this kid have some fun.
    Give him a lecture and a warning and let him play.

    I’d give him a new contract with a large signing bonus too.


    How many of us, if given a chance to play in the NFL, for the veterans minimum, as a bench player, wouldn’t love that? If you could be on your favorite team, but had to give up alcohol while on the team, would you do it?
    I would.

  80. This young man has not been able to overcome his demons and possibly never will…really sad. Too, his best performances were playing behind Justin Smith so I’m not sure how big a hit this will be.

  81. The way of York winning football, sooooo “classy”

    A platinum spoon fed organization with absolutely no clue what’s going on

    Aldon is like Levis stadium, looks great – totally disfunctional

  82. There was no DUI… Because when I crashed my car I ran before they could show up to administer the breathalyzer. Justice will be served! Damn skippy!

  83. There’s a much larger problem lingering for Aldon Smith now. This is no longer about the NFL or protecting the “Brand”, 3 DUI’s in 10 years or less in California is a felony and often comes with jail time! Forget about playing in the league, he now has to go the “Michael Vick route” and spend some time in the BigHouse for a while. That will cure those urges to be under the influence of some drug or alcohol. Let alone all the $$$ he just threw out the window. What an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!! Better to get sober now Aldon before you go in……….

  84. Just in, 9ers will release smith.

    Please get help young man. I’ll go to a meeting with you if no one else will.

    friend of bill

  85. This should mean jail time. If you don’t sentence someone to jail after 3 DUIs in 5 years, the law is a joke. I know money tends to buy justice, but it would be wrong for him not to face the consequences that anyone else in that position would.

  86. At least he won’t have to worry about a job keeping him from keeping it real.

    Major street cred, Homie Slice Dawg Bro (or whatever the current terminology is)

  87. I’m glad he didn’t play for the Pat’s. We would have to listen to the fans talk about how the NFL is out to get him.

  88. troy43mvp says:
    Aug 7, 2015 4:44 PM

    I’m glad he didn’t play for the Pat’s. We would have to listen to the fans talk about how the NFL is out to get him.

    Same thing they said about Hernandez until recently.

  89. oreo51 says:
    Aug 7, 2015 10:51 AM

    The Niners are having a terrible off season. I see them going 6-10 this year.


    I think 6-10 for the Niners this season is being way too generous.

  90. To everyone that just bash’s the guy alcoholism is a real serious problem he needs some real help yes his NFL carrier might be over but if he doesn’t get help his life will be over also. I hope he can get some help to get his life cleaned up and make something of it wish him luck

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