Jordan Reed says he’ll be able to play all 16 games this year

Getty Images

When Jordan Reed has been healthy in his first two NFL seasons, he’s shown signs of being a productive receiver at tight end.

The problem for Reed and the Redskins has been that Reed isn’t healthy often enough. He’s missed 12 games due to a variety of injuries and was hampered by a knee problem this spring and Reed’s aware that all his other abilities don’t matter much if he can’t check the availability box.

Reed says he’s changed his diet — no bread, no fried foods — and that he’s stretching more than he did in the past in hopes of doing everything he can to stop the cycle of injuries.

“Anything can happen on any play,” Reed said, via “But it is in my control to make sure I’m doing extra to make sure I can stop the nagging injuries from getting worse. … I’m excited, I feel it will be a good year for me. I’ll be able to play all 16 games.”

If Reed, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon are all healthy for Washington this season, Robert Griffin III will have a good group of targets to work with as he tries to improve on the last two seasons and solidify his spot on the team in 2016.