Michael Irvin said he had to talk Kevin White “off the ledge”


Bears first-rounder Kevin White still hasn’t practiced, and he’s only going to start running next week after battling shin splints.

And as the rookie wide receiver waits, he’s getting antsy, but had a Hall of Famer in his ear this week offering advice.

According to John Mullin of CSNChicago.com, Michael Irvin spent time talking to White, and reminding him of the importance of taking the long view.

I have to talk him off the ledge right now,” Irvin said. “People look at you and wonder why you aren’t on the field. Do you know how much this kid wants to be out there?

“He’s missing things, sure. You can’t say he’s not missing things being out here running full speed and getting a sense of timing. That’s important. Getting a sense of timing, and also getting Jay [Cutler]’s confidence. That’s what he’s missing right now.”

Irvin said he reminded White of his own injury issues, from an ankle injury during his rookie training camp that set him behind. But he cautioned the No.  7-overall pick that he had to be patient.

“I’m trying to make sure that Kevin’s spirit stays in the right place,” Irvin said. “This a great kid, a great kid. I talked with him quite a bit, and it hurts me so much to see him going through this. He talks about it, working so hard to be a first-round draft choice, then drafted by a great organization like the Bears, the draft is in Chicago, and ‘I can’t even get on the field,’ he says.

“I love hearing that. All these things are revelatory. That’s what you want in a kid. But I have to tell him, ‘Listen, I understand, but this is not West Virginia.’ I tell them I want them to understand what it’s really like I the NFL. Because they have whole families now that are going to forego family vacations in order to go to games, because they love this. But if you do the wrong thing, you’ll play this season for 15-16 games. If you do the right thing, you can play for 15 years. You want to play 15 years.”

White has shown the ability to do amazing things in college, so there’s naturally a high degree of expectation for him. When he starts running on the ground (instead of a pool) next week, there will be a better indication of when we might see some of that potential.

12 responses to “Michael Irvin said he had to talk Kevin White “off the ledge”

  1. I sure hope the Chicago Media reads these comments by Irvin….granted, he likes to hear himself talk, but this time it’s spot on – get well, play longer.

    The Bears aren’t competing for anything this year besides Pride….who cares that he’s not at Training camp yet.

  2. This kid looks like the real deal. I want him to be patient. I’d honestly rather him miss more time than comeback early and re-injure himself.

    I just really hope he’s an even better version of Alshon and not a David Terrell.

  3. Honestly, I wouldn’t want our new first rounder WR to be mentored by Irvin. But this time he’s just said all the right things, and hopefully this will make Kevin feel better. Agree with Malek. We need another Jeffery, not another Terrell.

    And BTW, Alshon missed several games in his rookie season too. And since he was finally able to stay on the field, he has been showing consistently what he’s capable of. I would love if the same could happen to Marquess Wilson. That kid has great potential too, and he will have to make the most of the opportunity of showcasing his talent in these days, with White sidelined.

  4. Irvin has made some mistakes, BUT I don’t think he’s a bad guy and, as a 50 year Bear fan I believe he said all the right things to White and I thank him for trying to help!!!!

  5. So Amari is way better than White already without even a preseason game. I see the Kool Aid is already in every street in Oakland. Unlike the Raiders the Bears have two former Probowl WRs on the roster. NO reason to rush a WR back too soon in ChiTown. In Oakland….there’s a rookie WR and crybaby Crabtree. Good luck. You better hope Amari is the second coming of HOF Tim Brown. If not it wouldn’t matter if he plays or not, cuz there isn’t enough around him to matter.

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