Rams, Nick Foles agree to two-year contract extension


The Rams said when they traded for Nick Foles that they wanted him to be their long-term answer at quarterback, and today they’ve taken a step toward ensuring that: Foles and the Rams have agreed on a two-year contract extension.

The two years are added to the one year remaining the deal Foles originally signed as a rookie with the Eagles, so he’s now under contract to St. Louis through 2017.

Foles arrived this offseason in a surprise trade, with the Rams sending Sam Bradford to the Eagles to get Foles and a second-round draft pick.

In 2013, Foles had one of the best statistical seasons in NFL history, throwing 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions, and finishing the year with a passer rating of 119.2. In 2014 he was less impressive, missing eight games and having a passer rating of just 81.4. It’s unrealistic to think he’s going to have the kind of numbers he had in 2013 again, but the Rams believe Foles is a quality NFL starter, and will be in St. Louis for at least three seasons.

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  1. Solid move for the Rams, they are in no position to land a top 5 QB anytime soon so having a mid tier that has show he can get it done is the next best thing and they then have cap to spend on other position because it still is a team sport.

  2. andyreidsbossoms says:
    Aug 7, 2015 8:49 PM
    Dude threw a ton of picks in philly I’m sure that will double in St Louis


    Foles career stats

    GMS 28 TD 46 Int 17

    Those are solid numbers for what he will be asked to do in LA I mean St. Louis

  3. @ great
    just philly fans being philly fans….foles was gonna be Montana just as chip is going to be walsh. overreaction is the norm in philly.

    right, now he threw a ton of picks in philly. as he set an nfl record for only 2 ints over a whole season.

    same fans that called sanchez every name in the book when he was a jet now he’s chip’s new gem in philly. ya gotta love eagle fans. gl to foles & I hope 2015 is chiefs vs rams in the sb.

  4. 2 years 24.5 million put Foles as the 20th highest paid quarterback still making less than Bradford, but it’s really a 3 years 26 million when counting this season salary also Rams could void the last year of deal. So I’ll say that is a smart deal to make on the Rams part.

  5. As long as the term$ are reasonable it seems like a smart move for both the team and player. The Rams have to realize with the current state of quarterbacking in the league if he went to free agency someone would back the money truck up to his door. From Foles’ standpoint only the Rams could pay him more this year and it minimizes the impact an injury this year could have had on his next contract.

  6. He provides stability which is what the Rams need. The problem I would have is that he could be under seige behind that o line and he is no longer under the offensive mind of Chip Kelly where he had much better weapons then he will have in St.Louis.

  7. The Foles for Bradford trade should cost Chip his job as GM… He got straight up suckered on that deal and it WILL set Philly back. He won’t fire himself and seems to have a monopoly of power in that franchise right now, but once Bradford goes down in Week whatever, it’ll be hot seat time in Philly. Owner might love Chip, but those fans are already smelling a sham with this guy and they won’t stand for a 6-10 type season!

  8. Can anyone imagine the Rams with a real full time QB?

    Those guys should be a pretty scary bunch now.
    And he decade is half over now. Isn’t Jeff Fisher due to get back in the playoffs?

    The smart money is on the Rams this year.

  9. I agree with this contract extension versus what the Eagles are trying to do in extending Bradford. I think Bradford has been injured 40% of the games he was eligible to play in.

  10. Not a bad deal for the rams, their defense can keep them in games and by having foles, that gives them the second best qb in the division behind Palmer.

  11. Solid upgrade from overpaid and over-injured Bradford. Probably the most lopsided trade of the last 10 years.

  12. St. Louis got the better end of the trade on this one.
    Foles is a keeper, he just needs to settle down and throw strikes. Hopefully he’ll get some good pass protection. I think Bradford is a swing and a miss…

  13. andyreidsbossoms says:
    Aug 7, 2015 8:49 PM
    Dude threw a ton of picks in philly I’m sure that will double in St Louis



    Peyton’s career INT % is 2.6% and that ties him for 18th best all time.

    Tom Brady’s career INT% is only 2.0% and he’s the 2nd best all time with that number.

    Foles hasn’t played long enough to qualify for this career stat, but right now his career INT% is only 1.9%

    A QB needs 1,500 pass attempts to qualify for this career stat.

    Oh, and if you meant just last season that he threw a lot of picks, his INT% last season was 3.2%

    How “bad” is 3.2% for a season? Well, John Elway’s career INT% is 3.1% and since that’s his career average, he had plenty of seasons above that mark to average out at 3.1%

    Carson Palmer’s career INT% is 3.2%

    Kurt Warner’s career INT% is 3.1%

    Eli Manning’s career INT% is 3.3%

    So, out of Foles 3 seasons, his worst so far is the 3.2%

    Last season, Foles had the SAME INT% as Philip Rivers did.

    One can’t really say that in Foles time in Philly, he threw a lot of INT’s… not compared to the other QB’s in the NFL he didn’t.

  14. Foles will show well, if can stay heathy he has not yet seen the ceiling. Not 27-2 numbers but with that D and young running back the needle exchange is up for the LA Rams

  15. Foles career stats

    GMS 28 TD 46 Int 17

    Those are solid numbers for what he will be asked to do in LA I mean St. Louis

    80 12
    Outside of that one fluke season in Chip Kelly’s first year, Foles has 19 TD-15 INT. He’s a decent starter, but mediocre at best, especially without guys such as McCoy/Jackson/Maclin/Ertz/etc. The numbers don’t lie. He’s average outside of that one season.

  16. Foles is a decent QB but he’s essentially Matt Schaub 2.0… A 6’6 guy with decent accuracy but unimpressive arm strength. He just doesn’t have the zip to make some of the throws pro bowl QBs have to make. Obviously I’m an Eagles fan and he was great in 2013 but he had so much good luck it was amazing. Defenders were falling down (see Oakland) and somehow allowing TDs on what should’ve been easy INTs. He forced so many passes that somehow found their way to Riley Cooper that a higher power, like Tebow, must’ve had a hand it. This past season he had no such luck. He was seeing ghosts, constantly back peddling and throwing off his back foot, which he doesn’t have the arm to do successfully.

    Foles can win you some games and put up solid stats but he just doesn’t have the skills to put a team over the top. Remember Matt Schaub won 12 games one season so it can work, but the Texans weren’t really legitimate contenders that season. The Rams have a great defense but unless they put some real weapons and a good Oline around Foles they’ll never be better than 8-8 with him at the helm.

  17. The LOB is licking their chops and can’t wait for Week #1 to get here.

    Oh, and sorry your new RB won’t be playing that day so you’ll be back in the pocket pretty much by yourself.

    St Louis can get ready for another 4-12 season. But you may not be the worst team in the division this year as the 49’ers sure look like they’re going to race the Rams to the bottom.

  18. Philly trades a QB who got them to the playoffs and was on track to do so again the following year for a QB who has never managed a winning record, let alone gotten anywhere near the playoffs, and has rarely finished a season without major injury.

    Kelly strikes me as a guy really into his analytical method, to the point where the forest can get lost behind the trees.

    Meanwhile, the Rams have a playoff-caliber QB now.

  19. The dude did nothing but win football games. He’ll go on to have a successful career. Good luck in St. Louis.

  20. Great Caesar’s Ghost says:
    Aug 7, 2015 8:42 PM
    Remember when Eagles fans thought he was Joe Montana?

    When did Eagles fans think that? I am one, and I know many. We were never totally sold on Foles. I said in last year’s preseason that he didn’t look right, that he looked slower and the ball was coming out without zip. Sanchez looked better in the preseason. That pretty much continued as the season went on, though he often made plays when he needed to.

    Folks is a good QB if he has a good line. If that line is questionable this year, it’s going to be a long season.

  21. Teams are so worried about securing the confidence of mediocre quarterbacks. You just lost your leverage Rams if he truly was just a chip Kelly system player.

  22. sportsfan18 you can get all the stats you want, what I’m saying is that philly has playmakers all over the field and a system that is far superior to what the Rams have. He was leading the league in turnovers in a great system with weapons all over the place. He’s now on a team with no o-line, no receivers, a running back coming off a torn acl, a division with great defences. It’s going to be way tougher for him and that’s a fact so look for him to throw more picks…in my opinion that’s clearly what’s going to happen:

  23. Foles will be solid. He’s worse than 2013 and better than 2014. I think he’ll be a solid starter who makes a few pro-bowls. Even with his poor last year he’s well over 2:1 TD:INT.

    One thing I really like about him is he’s pretty cool in crunch time. No one remembers the 4th qt drive in the playoff game against NO that put them ahead because the D couldn’t hold but he did a very nice job.. He’s certainly more clutch than McNabb and nothing seems to bother him.

    St. Louis is going to like this guy.

  24. Nick Foles played 35 regular season games in 3 years at Arizona:

    He completed 933 passes of 1396 for a 66.8 completion %.

    He passed for 1oo11 yards, 67 touchdowns and 33 interceptions with a rating of 138.1

    This was before Rich Rodriguez came to Arizona.

    He is a lot more than just Chip Kelly’s flavor of the month. Kelly made the move with Foles thinking he was going to find a way to get Mariotta. Now he is stuck with Sam Bradford who is good when healthy but then again, how often is he healthy?

  25. I think they got a solid QB for fairly cheap. Kudos to Jeff & Les for making the trade in the first place. Sometimes yah need a different atmosphere to get better results and the trade did well for both of the QB’s involved

  26. I’ve been an Eagles fan for more than 50 years and I don’t recall anyone thinking Foles was Montana. In fact, he got just as much unwarranted criticism from Eagles fans as he did unwarranted praise. For the most part, Eagles fans think his true abilities and potential fall somewhere in between his 2013 and 2014 performances.

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