Report: Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith had practice altercation

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Before he was arrested for DUI and cut by the 49ers, Aldon Smith reportedly got into it with quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick and Smith had an altercation requiring players to pull them apart, according to TMZ.

Matt Maiocco of reports that there have been no on-field altercations at any of the 49ers’ five training camp practices, but the media is not allowed to view the team’s morning walk-through practices. So if there was a Smith-Kaepernick confrontation, it apparently happened at a walk-through.

Police say Smith hit a parked car on Thursday evening and at first fled the scene. When he returned, he showed signs of being intoxicated. The 49ers cut him shortly after Smith was released from jail.

77 responses to “Report: Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith had practice altercation

  1. I don’t know. I feel like we should believe tmz over the credible team reporter.

  2. Hard to justify much Aldon Smith has done of late but, IF true, it’s not hard to imagine someone wanting to smack Kaepernick

  3. Whiskey
    Sheesh, I guess all the speculations were right. At least his loss was drafted for. Dude needs help.

  4. Colin Kaepernick. Who wants a QB that involves himself with a teammate’s business to the point of getting physical. CK is a team liability and his days are numbered in the NFL.

  5. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Aug 7, 2015 7:22 PM

    See what happens when the owner lets players run the Team.. And let one of the best Coaches in the League go?
    What does he care he already got his stadium

  6. Not alot is being made nationally about the coaching change & large turnover in player personnel this team has went through this off-season, and the majority of it has not been good. I was thinking this team was gonna hover around. 500, but now I fully expect it to be a complete dumpster fire.

  7. How is does this connect with Smith making a bad decision? I’m not a 49ers fan at all, but they have been hit real hard losing players.

  8. Can someone explain the difference between Steven A. Smith saying he heard something and a web republishing an unsubstantiated TMZ story?

  9. The NFL is very thankful for this!! Roger especially – Thanks to this incident, there is NOT ONE article on the PFT home page right now regarding “deflate gate”. Its been a spell since that could be said!

  10. Make up the news, please everyone lets see how this plays out without the propaganda from the so-called sport press

  11. What a zoo. I said a couple months ago that the 2015 Niners would be the 2014 Bears and nothing I’ve seen since then has refuted that. Tomsula is every bit as out of his depth as Marc Trestman was last year.

  12. twesty85 says:
    Word is Kap has been seeing Smith’s ex girlfriend and that’s what caused the fight.

  13. The sad thing about it is the coach is the first one to blame when the win 4 games and miss the playoffs for the 2nd yr in row……

  14. seahawksfansince2013 says:
    Aug 7, 2015 7:30 PM
    Too bad this didn’t happen during the regular season the week before playing the patriots, at least then this altercation would have been caught on camera.


    Another grungy, over caffeinated fan from the Land of Sasquatch that is susceptible to the sound bites and controlled media narrative, that just does not understand that video taping is legal. It’s all about the location you do it from, and in the turf war between the NY J’s and the Patriots, The Pats were denied a camera location in the Jet’s stadium, due to the fact the Patriots barred the Jets from bringing in an extra cam in the prior game in Foxboro, so they brought the camera out onto the field, which was a no-no, and in direct violation of the rule AND the follow up memo from Goodell. It was viewed at disrespectful to the commissioner, and thus the stiff penalty.

    On a side note, I understand you may be still stinging from that epic Brady come back where he was 37 of 50, for 320 yards, and four touchdowns, 8-14 3rd down efficiency, passer rating of 101.1, with 14 points in the fourth quarter, overcoming the largest Super Bowl deficit ever, to win the game 28-24, when Malcom Butler intercepted a pass at the goal line to seal the deal over The Legion of Goons. That was an amazing Super Bowl. The Patriots controlled almost three quarters and deserved to win that game. While it was hanging in the balance, in the end, the right team won.

    Note: Were it not for a couple of circus catches by Seattle receivers, and Brady throwing an early pick near the goal line, this game would not have been close.

    With that new QB contract, trouble could be coming your way. Your QB was 12 of 21 in the Super Bowl. 3 of 10 on 3rd downs. Were it not for the circus catches, he’s 10 of 21, for less than a buck fifty. 87.6 million, with 60 million guaranteed…..for 10, maybe 12 of 21 in the game of his life. I like Wilson, and he’s got a little TB12 in him, but….he’s not TB12. He can’t carry a team. I don’t see him doing what Brady does. Maybe you start losing players due to his contract, and your running game and defense can’t make up for that…..and maybe you fall behind the Niners and Cards. It could happen….

  15. Wait a minute…. He hit a car and THEN left and came back drunk….
    Good luck to prosecutors trying to prove he was drunk before he hit the parked car… Sober when he crashed ( yes shouldn’t have left) then went and had drinks and came back to his car but didn’t drive… Unless someone SAW him driving into a parked car, the cops have zero evidence he was drunk beforehand. If he has a barely decent attorney, this DUI will not stick.
    I’m sorry, but this DUI will not hold water. Best they can nail him for his MISDEMEANOR hit and run… That’s it!!!
    On a different note… Aldon, grow the hell up dude… I hope this kid gets some help!

  16. 2014 ….. 8-8
    2015 ….. 3-13

    Too much talent gone… SEA, STL, AZ all better….

    Not sure even Belicheck could fix this mess

  17. TMZ last year reported the Kap rape story, that had absolutely no basis in fact. All the Niners’ beat writers have gone on record saying that this story is also baseless.

    Haters are gonna hate. Niners are deep at OLB, with Brooks, Lynch, and the new guy Harold. No idea how the season will play out, but burying them now is a bit premature.

  18. Whatever aldon smith is doing he’s degrading his body just to drink and have fun. But seriously, 3 dui arrests? I’m as poor as they get and calling a taxi would have been no problem

  19. I love the knucklehead pats fan that puts out those Brady stats in the SB. 3 of the 4 starters in the LOB had injuries that they would not have played had it been the SB. Their nickle breaks his arm and tears acl during the early int, so they are down pretty bad. Then their second best pass rusher goes down with a concussion. Thats when Brady threw all those short passes and his teammates gained him all those yards occurred. Not to mention Edleman still played with a concussion. Get all of the facts straight. Had LOB been healthy that would have been a different game, not to mention if not for a boneheaded play call at the end…But what ever makes you feel good about your sketchy team…

  20. This is a dumpster fire that Jed York lit worse owner in NFL he should sell the team back to Carmen. At least Carmen had class Jed has no class whatsoever 49ERS will be in last place in NFC West and back where they were pre-Harbaugh. Aldon Smith needs help 49ERS had to cut him football shouldn’t be on his mind getting help should be what is on Aldon’s mind talented LB but he is throwing it all way with his off field troubles.

  21. Story is true. If you live in the bay area and listen to FM hip hop radio, which blows btw you’ll know who she is. She was a host at WILD 94,9 at times and was always around 49er players at parties. Ness Nitty was always around players at parties in SF, and San Jose. Dated Aldon for a while.

  22. paul963 says:
    Aug 7, 2015 8:51 PM
    Whatever aldon smith is doing he’s degrading his body just to drink and have fun. But seriously, 3 dui arrests? I’m as poor as they get and calling a taxi would have been no problem
    Just to add to that, the players have access to free limousine service.

  23. Perhaps the league could look into whether Aldon was riding on under-inflated tires and then make a giant media circus event out of it.

  24. @ harrisbarton

    And Dez Bryant didn’t have a fight either. Must be Cowboys haters making things up. This altercation must have been imagined too. The role of TMZ is to bring out the dirt you typically would not hear from standard publications. It’s why people read TMZ. They want the dirt.

  25. Damn. If he was just smacking Kaepernick around, he can’t be all bad. We’ll take him up in Seattle if you don’t want him. He’d be super motivated whenever he played vs Kaepy.

  26. Reading many of these comments is like watching the debate the other night. Very entertaining but hardly any substance. I hope this wasn’t a premature decision that comes back to bite them in the arse.

  27. Who cares…really? This is team full of criminals and Kaeperstinks is punk at best, a fake tough guy! What dumpster fire. Where a tsunami when you need one? That town is in serious need of a courtesy flush!

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