Santa Clara PD: Aldon Smith damaged parked car, displayed symptoms of intoxication


The 49ers have released linebacker Aldon Smith after a Thursday night arrest for DUI, hit and run and vandalism that Santa Clara police say started when Smith hit a parked car while trying to park his own vehicle.

According to a police report released on Friday, police responded to a report of a collision at 8:46 p.m. on Thursday night. The report alleges Smith collided with another car while trying to park, further damaged it when he opened his door to get out of his car and then left without reporting the accident or leaving information.

Smith later returned to the area and officers dispatched to the scene found that he “displayed objective symptoms of being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.” Smith took a field sobriety test before being arrested and transported to jail. The report states Smith gave a sample for alcohol screening, but the department’s policy is not to release the results.

Smith denied driving under the influence of alcohol after his release from custody on Friday while apologizing for a situation that “could have been handled differently.”

Assuming prosecutors file charges, Smith is due in court for arraignment on October 6.

92 responses to “Santa Clara PD: Aldon Smith damaged parked car, displayed symptoms of intoxication

  1. The good news is you can go to the NFL Shop and get a discount on his jersey.

  2. Sounds like if he had reported the accident before walking to wherever he was going instead of waiting to come out he might not have recd the DUI.

  3. Poor guy….I hope another team sees his potential and gives him a chance to fix this.

  4. Good. He may have talent, but he’s going to be suspended for a long, long time at this point.

    And, frankly, the 49ers don’t need his headaches any longer.

  5. So…
    1.) He was already drunk at 8:45. (What time did practice get out?)


    2.) He was sober and incapable of parking a car while sober, also banged his door into another car which just makes him a jerk, then went to get drunk and came back to his car. (How long was he gone?)

    Either one is bad, but I suspect his lawyer will be selling option 2.

  6. All he had to damn do was leave a note that said sorry I hit your car, put down his tag a phone number and call his insurance and he would have been home free. But the moron thought he was getting away with something.

  7. Aren’t they in camp? How is he drunk by 8:30 on a Thursday night? I thought they practiced at 4:30? Things aren’t adding up…..if he got drunk from the time he left the stadium at say 7 pm and was drunk by 8:30 he got bigger problems than I thought…..

  8. It’s not the news blowing it out of proportion it’s the fact that he continues to make bad decisions and it finally caught up to him. A great future that is now going to be part of the past!

  9. sounds like misdemeanor hit and run (no injuries)…and the blood test will show who is right. Either way, he should have went out of his way to at least leave a note on the car with his info or his agents info. That would have sufficed. smh another waste of talent

  10. jvw1982 says:
    Aug 7, 2015 4:28 PM

    Aren’t they in camp? How is he drunk by 8:30 on a Thursday night? I thought they practiced at 4:30? Things aren’t adding up…..if he got drunk from the time he left the stadium at say 7 pm and was drunk by 8:30 he got bigger problems than I thought…..

    Takes about 2 minutes to get high

  11. Aldon, McDonald… and that’s just on the DL. Add Vernon Davis, Crabtree et al and you realize that maybe 1 in 100 coaches at the highest level could have even held that team together, much less won games. Harbaugh was the alpha-alpha personality who could do it, and the fact that the wheels have completely come off since he was pushed out surprises me not one iota.

  12. Now we know the basis for his statement. He wasn’t actually driving drunk. He was just parking drunk. It’s like Robin William’s joke about getting a DUI in his cul-de-sac.

  13. “displayed symptoms of intoxication?”
    They could simply do a breath test or blood test to confirm yes or no about DUI. Did they do those tests? Pot use? Maybe he was just exhausted? They should reveal if he had a positive blood alcohol level or not. The 49ers have had a worse run of luck than the Pats this offseason. Good thing they have a new coach. He seems like a good man to guide them out of this mess. Good luck 49ers.

  14. Guilty until proven innocent in the laws of Godell . Hope he gets off with no DUI and goes to Seattle. Then destroys the niners every time he plays them.

  15. What exactly goes on in the Missouri football locker room ???
    I don’t think PFT allows enough characters to name all players that come out of there with drug and or alchohol problems

  16. There is a technical term for his condition : it’s called being a serious jerkoff

  17. Sad truth is the the PD will not be able to prove that he was behind the wheel while intoxicated. All his lawyers will say is the he hit a car while parking… went in to his home, had a drink or two and decided to come back out to make contact with the owner of the damaged vehicle. charges will be leaving the scene… that’s it. But the NFL will probably suspend under the league substance abuse program because he was suppose to be 100 percent alc free. 20 plus years of LE exp talking.

  18. cliverush says:
    Aug 7, 2015 4:43 PM

    Reminds me of the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

    With Aldon Smith playing both parts.

  19. Hard case to prove. Doesnt DUI require you to be behind the wheel when cited? From this report, it sounds like the police came some time after the incident when he wasnt in the car then he returned seemingly under the influence. Question is, what kind of time are we talking here? 5 mins or 1 hour? Even still, he wasnt in the car when they tested him so is it DUI or misdemeanor public intoxication? As for the hit and run, well, there they may be able to prove the case but even that isnt a slam dunk.
    49ers may have just given away one phenomenal player on a knee jerk reaction of, “Oh no, not again?!”.

  20. Forget the one year suspension from the nfl, I think its a mandatory year in county for 3 dui s within 7 years

  21. Well his statement says it all “Alcohol was not involved” Now all you have to do is figure out which little pill he took before he parked his car.

  22. So the 49ers knew he was trouble, and are wrong for hanging onto him this long. Dallas is wrong for signing scum like Hardy. But if Chip Kelly had Hardy and Aldon Smith and got rid of them, then he’s an idiot?

    It’s like being a Browns fan, you just can’t win.

  23. Did he leave his car there the whole time and then return to his vehicle? Where did he go between the time of accident and the arrest? Talented, but definitely a fool…

  24. He went back the to scene? More like he went back to the parking lot of the liquor store ( which is where the accident happened) to get more juice!

  25. O.k. I read a different news story which explained that he was parking at the condominium complex where he lives. I’m no lawyer, but I’d think it would be hard to get a DUI conviction when any alcohol in his system could have been consumed after he had stopped driving.

  26. Smith denies being intoxicated. Police don’t arrest people for DUI if they are not intoxicated. Smith has a serious alcohol problem.

  27. No way they can prove DUI without an admission. His history says it is likely though and he still has the damage/leaving the scene of an accident. Hit and run seems questionable too depending on what the elements are for that in CA. Regardless, it was not a mistake to cut this moron.

  28. More probable than not that he took some shots of Cuervo…..
    The report in offseason of him being in a dinner party with $1200 wine bill on their tab makes me think he wasn’t drinking the lemonade on the same tab that night……….

  29. Some people have implied he’s coming to Indy, he’s not. Even owner got punished for acting like a clown. Besides the team already has a pass-rusher. You might know him, a mister Robert Mathis, all time NFL leader in strip-sacks (or sack fumbles).

  30. Hoes ain’t worth fighting over….but I guess he wanted his respect in the skreets and the skrip club and was keepin it real

  31. SF screwedoin all fronts. They stood by him 2 other times and got heat. He blows it yet again they have to cut him at this point then other teams get the “flier” on him…yeah sounds fair

  32. This is the time he got caught, how many others without causing damage and getting caught? Suspend his license, get him into a long term rehab and maybe then he can come back.

  33. Yes DUI, maybe. But how about reporting the whole story, how he and Kaepernick had a fight at training camp and had to be pulled apart because Colin supposedly took his girlfriend. The vandalism is him scratching a park car while attempting to park. Isn’t vandalism a willful act I’m not defending the dude but he needs rehab and understanding that it’s not worth fighting over a girl. Colin should know better.

  34. This doesn’t feel right… He shouldn’t have been cut for this! They have stuck with the guy this far and now to drop him for this??? I don’t like it. NE, Dallas, Oakland, Buffalo……I don’t who, but, SOMEONE is gonna pick him up and they SHOULD, because this stuff happens everyday to all sorts of people in different walks of life.

  35. Hate to be THAT 49er fan but someone will pick him up even with all his issues and they’ll be resolved with probation, etc., and he’ll be a hell of a player for another team.

    We’ll miss you bud, but you brought this on yourself….

  36. Who gets credit for this disaster. Mike Singletary got none for helping to build that team. His strong persona held that thing together. Jim Harbaugh screwed it up because he himself is a nut job. They need to clean house. Find out who wants to be there and trade or release everyone else.. From the tattooed QB on down. Either that or bring back THE ZOO KEEPER / LOIN TAMER who gathered that crop of misfits. It’s not surprising at all to see all the GOOD players jumping ship.

  37. I still can’t fathom why these guys drive themselves anywhere at all. They don’t need to.

  38. I would love to see the damage to the other car and his car before I say anything. I know people all the time when I am at Costco or somewhere nick the paint on my Suburban with their car doors or shopping and they don’t get arrested.

    All I am saying if their is very little damage, could it have been just possible that he did not know hit the other car. Plus if he was not DUI , and little to no damage to either car…not even sure if they can prosecute.

  39. ————————————–

    Takes about 2 minutes to get high


    Not if you got good weed!!

  40. In California, you’re allowed to buy your way out of a misdemeanor hit and run.

    Penal Code 1377 provides that certain misdemeanor offenses, such as hit and run involving an accident with property damage, can be resolved with a civil settlement in lieu of criminal punishment.

  41. theneedforspeeed says:
    Aug 7, 2015 8:35 PM

    In California, you’re allowed to buy your way out of a misdemeanor hit and run.

    Penal Code 1377 provides that certain misdemeanor offenses, such as hit and run involving an accident with property damage, can be resolved with a civil settlement in lieu of criminal punishment.

    Most states have that law, but that doesn’t negate a police report/charges being filed first. The first step to any action is a police report to document it.

  42. He must have been trying to parallel park an English car with the steering wheel on the right side if he opened his door and hit a car. Unless he double parked on the wrong side of the road which this fool is possible of doing.

  43. Now that the facts are coming out, it doesn’t seem like the “crime” here is all that serious. People are acting like he’s a raging alcoholic or something.

  44. With ALL his money, would it have been a major issue to retain a limousine ?? Hell, they even have mini bars to “set it off” if need be. He would have possibly been able to write it off his taxes. My gawd man, wake UP !!!

  45. A lot of judging going on here. Let’s keep in mind this is a kid, with real problems. He needs help and never had a father. So before you joke or make s negative comment, just think what you would be like if you didn’t have guidance from your mother or father…. Exactly! You have no clue

  46. to those saying he shouldn’t be judged or that people should feel sorry for this guy because he had a hard upbringing…

    The world is a hard, cruel place. Lots of people have problems. This idiot is one of the few lucky people given the tools and opportunity to make a huge improvement in their situation, and he’s done his absolute best to ruin it. I loathe the team but I have at least some sympathy for the fan base, having to see their top-notch team unravel in about 9 months (going back to Thanksgiving day game) – I have zero sympathy for grown men who can’t get their life together with the help and support of millions of dollars and a billion-dollar employer’s resources. Come to think of it, I have no sympathy for any able-bodied man who can’t sort out his own problems. If life is too hard, well, that’s why God invented suicide.

  47. DUI or not, the fact this guy is even being mentioned in ANY type of criminal activity is enough that he be told to hit the road. To once again putting himself in the situation show he can’t be trusted.

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