Kaepernick disputes report of altercation with Aldon Smith


On Friday, TMZ reported that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and recently-former 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith had an altercation at practice. At least one other website reported that the “vandalism” for which Smith was arrested involved Kaepernick’s Mercedes.

After practice on Friday, Kaepernick and other 49ers players disputed any such talk.

I don’t drive a Mercedes, let’s put it that way,” Kaepernick said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group.

Kaepernick also said that there was no fight at practice with Smith, and teammate Anquan Boldin agreed.

“There was no fight out here,” Boldin said. “I don’t know where that comes from.”

Told it comes from TMZ, Boldin said, “You all listen to TMZ? Boy.”

Whether an altercation did or didn’t happen, Smith is gone for reasons unrelated to his relationship with Kaepernick or any other player. Smith has serious personal issues that he apparently has been unable to solve, even with the assistance of a billion-dollar employer with significant incentive to do whatever it takes to keep him on the field.

27 responses to “Kaepernick disputes report of altercation with Aldon Smith

  1. There making this out to be like that scene from Any Given Sunday with LT and Willie Beamen

  2. They’re*

    I like Boldin’s comment about reporters listening to TMZ. Good stuff.

  3. So did Kap mess around with Smith’s GF or not? Do we have to wait for the next episode of The Bachelor to find out?

  4. Commissioner Goodell will alter league rules and allow Smith back in the league with only a 3 game penalty. The strike-three rule means 3 games.
    In other news, despite a scientifically supported explanation of the Ideal Gas Laws, Goodell has affirmed the 4 game penalty for Tom Brady because of Brady’s refusal to all the NFL to hand over emails to TMZ.
    Goodell stands firm in his position that the NFL holds publishing rights of all player communications. As Goodell stated….”We want our piece”

  5. Dude doth dispute too much.

    I want to see Colon shut his pie hole one time. Just one time.


  6. Actually, TMZ have nailed a lot of stories while other sites have still been putting on their pants.

    Doesn’t mean they are right on this of course, but denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  7. man, let’s just get on with football. I thought Boreland was the straw but I was wrong….Aldon Smith needs help, I hope he get its soon. He could stand to lose millions if he doesn’t right his ship. 49er faithful are tired of all this drama. Time to put the chin strap on and just move forward….Aldon, thanks for what you gave use, get yourself better, hopefully he’ll be back soon, Go Niners

  8. Well, we can always check the police report to see what the vandalism was, can’t we????

  9. I hear that Aldon deflated Kaep’s tires to 11 PSI! Goodell is looking into it.

  10. Spats happen in practice all the time. The few that get reported each offseason are always reported with the intention of making it seem like there’s something more going on.

  11. Smith was to be paid a MILLION dollars per week to play football for about twenty minutes per week. Plus signing and showing up bonuses.
    I am unable to comprehend why pro athletes cannot wait until they retire to hop on the party bus.

  12. Circling the wagons. Noble AND at least all these losers will go down with the ship so in 2016 the Niners can start again from scratch

  13. So a dude losses his GF to the star QB and forgets how to park??? Bring on the games please….

  14. Where does these rumors come from? Kap is about good and healthy living. All he’s interested in is being a good quarterback. I hardly doubt his interest is in girls.

  15. They’re going to miss Aldon. Make him a Seahawk when he’s eligible to play again, otherwise you know Jerruh will be hot on his trail!

  16. One day people are going to learn that TMZ is right about 40% of the time, and they especially have a bad hit rate with their gossip they chat it up with on black celebrities. Maybe they need to get more reliable sources than jumpoffs and scorned lovers to get better at that. The player that’s suing them for the lie they told on him trying to kill his teammate I hope takes them to the cleaners.

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