Belichick doesn’t rule out bringing back Matt Flynn


The Patriots have parted ways with quarterback Matt Flynn not because of anything he did but because of everything he couldn’t do.

“Matt never passed physical,” coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Monday.

Belichick also left the door open for Flynn to return.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Belichick said. “I wouldn’t rule it out. We’ve brought back plenty of players who were here, then weren’t here, then came back here. I know he worked hard. It was frustrating he couldn’t get out there, we couldn’t see him out there, so it’s the way it was.”

And so Ryan Lindley now has a chance to show that he can be the backup to Jimmy Garoppolo, if Tom Brady misses games due to suspension. We’ll know more about whether Brady will still be facing that suspension this week; on Wednesday, Judge Richard M. Berman will try to broker a settlement.

16 responses to “Belichick doesn’t rule out bringing back Matt Flynn

  1. He had no shot to make the team anyway…Brady not going to miss any games…But Goodell just might.

    Roger would need an army for security opening night @ Gillette is he dares to try and attend…Going to get the Ralph Sampson treatment…would not be pretty.

  2. Simple statement regarding inconsequential roster moves but the sheep/will make sure it gets all kinds of attention.

    Please read and compare the transcript and the arbitration ruling folks. You have been lied to and the proof is right there in a court filed document for all to see.

  3. In 2013, Flynn was cut by two teams (Raiders and Bills) after failing to beat out an undrafted rookie free agent (Matt McGloin and Jeff Tuel). That seems like it must be some kind of record.

  4. They only signed Flynn to drill him for as much info as they can get on the Packers before his eventual release. They only did this because it’s the most likely SB match up this year & the cheaters will try anything to see if there was just one more crumb of info they may not have had yet. They’ll stow away those nuggets for a few months. Or I could just be talking out of my 😊

  5. mistrezzrachael says:

    Brady not going to miss any games

    Except for the first four for cheating and hindering an investigation.

  6. Jimmy G. looked better in practice today compared to last week. He hit some nice red zone throws and his timing seemed to improve. From the look of some negative comments concerning the witch hunt the conclusion is the short bus has added WiFi.

  7. Trolls….trolls…trolls.

    Remember when these articles used to incite people to comment on the subject at hand? Now it’s like every Patriot post is just an excuse for a dozen 12 year olds to spew trash talk about deflategate, or cheating.

    Flynn had nothing to do with that and yet no one wants to discuss his situation. I seem to recall him putting on a pretty good show in Aaron’s absence a few years back. It’s a shame he couldn’t make the Pats roster this time around.
    He’s a good guy, and I wish him well.

    PS-Suck it Goodell.

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