Civil suit against Junior Galette dismissed


Junior Galette is no longer facing a civil suit in Louisiana related to his arrest earlier this year for misdemeanor battery.

The Redskins linebacker was accused of injuring a woman at his house and she later sued on grounds of mental and physical abuse. The criminal charge was later dropped and the civil suit was dismissed on Monday because, per Mike Triplett of, the woman failed to appear in court or hire a new lawyer after her initial one left the case in March.

Galette’s attorney Ralph Whalen said in a statement that he expected this outcome all along.

“From day one, we were confident that the frivolous civil suit and meritless criminal case would be swiftly dismissed,” Whalen said. “The civil suit came only after we flatly rejected her ex-lawyer’s shakedown to pay her $2 million in exchange for their not filing this baseless suit. Now, Junior can focus on football and put this incident, where he did nothing wrong, behind him.”

Galette was released by the Saints last month amid reports that he was a negative presence in the locker room and that the team had tired of off-field issues. He met with the NFL about those and may face league discipline at some point in 2015 even with both the criminal and civil cases off the docket.

19 responses to “Civil suit against Junior Galette dismissed

  1. He probably took the Greg Hardy method and paid her to go away, regardless of what his slimy lawyer says.

  2. The NFL’s witch hunt to avoid bad PR by punishing players who have merely been accused without being yet convicted in a court of law is only going to encourage behavior like this from gold diggers.

  3. Her other lawyer left the case and she couldn’t be bothered to get shorter one? Dude looks innocent to me, but he’s certainly paid for that bs with a bunch of money and his reputation. Being locker room cancer doesn’t automatically make him a woman abuser. People in general, but especially PFT posters and the NFL, need to be a bit less hasty with their conclusions and judgements. Around half of these situations seem to turn out to be crap.

  4. In Scot (with one t) we trust; often the difference between a misunderstood individual navigating difficult circumstances not of there own making, who requires patience, understanding and a structured environment and a psychopath who should be locked away to protect society is the ability to sack the quarterback. Now I am not saying Junior Galette is either or neither and he was added to the roster the last day of July so less than two weeks have gone bye. If he can stay under the radar off the field he has the chance (with Kerrigan getting attention on the other side) to be a play maker on the other side of the formation. Back in the day the veteran leadership in that locker room was easy to spot, Monty Coleman, Darrel Green, Russ Grimm; now? I don’t know who the voice of reason is. Hail.

  5. PegularBucks, there never was case for the beach incident. This was for the civil filed after the police dismissed criminal domestic violence case due to the accuser not being credible. She tried to get Galette to pay her 2 Million to go away or she’d file a civil suit. He called her bluff.

    Muslimponder and Clashpoint are right. This type of thing is going to keep happening due to the NFL’s suspend first ask questions later philosophy. At some point they are going to suspend an innocent man and he’s going sue the NFL and win a large settlement. Only then, will this nonsense cease.

  6. Yeah, he’s a trashy dirty dude!!! Great talented, but always a problem with flat out STUPID choices. *See his homeboy bling video

  7. As far as the beach thing goes, that’s a few seconds taken out of context of something else. Ask yourself: Did you learn nothing from what this story TRULY turned out to be about? Or the several other instances we’ve all seen that turned out to be really about gold digging weasels?

    Slow down there, Shemp. If you’re one who keeps making this same mistake over and over again, YOU are probably part of the problem. Wait until everything comes out before you jump to yet another premature and incorrect conclusion. I doubt we know even half the story about that incident too.

  8. I see Junior cut off the beard. In NOLA he said he wouldn’t cut it until they won the Super Bowl. I guess looking around in Washington he decided it would be no use keeping the beard.

  9. Money talks I guess that’s y football players
    keep getting in trouble because they only gets a slap on the wrist but if I commit a crime I’m facing Jail time.

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