Eric Mangini: We can’t just replace Aldon Smith


Eric Mangini’s job as 49ers defensive coordinator has gotten progressively tougher since he took the job on the reconfigured coaching staff earlier this year.

The team saw Patrick Willis, Chris Borland and Justin Smith retire over the course of the offseason and they released Aldon Smith last week after his arrest in Santa Clara for DUI, hit and run and vandalism. There have been other, less dramatic departures as well and Mangini’s comments about Aldon Smith’s departure could probably be extended to others on the list of players no longer with the organization.

“He’s not a guy you can just replace; he’s got a unique skill set,” Mangini said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “But one of the things we’ve focused on defensively is building flexibility in terms of what we can play.”

One way the 49ers are doing that is through an increased number of blitzes. Left tackle Joe Staley said that the defense is running more blitzes this summer than “we’ve seen in the previous six combined” and the team’s ability to generate pressure with just four rushers didn’t get any better with Smith’s departure.

Ahmad Brooks, Aaron Lynch, Corey Lemonier and rookie Eli Harold will be the outside linebackers Mangini will be choosing between to implement blitzes and everything else now that Smith is out of the picture.

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  1. Two thoughts…

    1. I had no idea Eric Mangini was the 49ers new defensive coordinator.

    2. I have to believe that deep down, Mangini is thinking to some degree, “I did not sign up for THIS.”

  2. Too bad the way it fell apart, that was a fun D to watch. Guess we will see what the Mangenius has in the creativity tank but those X’s and O’s still need to be implemented by Jimmys and Joes. It’s going to be a long year for a D that won’t get a lot of help from their compatriots on the other side of the ball.

  3. It’s not like he was performing the past couple of years. All those legal troubles, suspensions and rehabs really slowed him down. In the games he managed to start over that time, he pulled in 10.5 sacks.

    That’s decent production. But it wasn’t like his 2011 & 2012 production. And, FWIW, the sack totals in 2012 & 2013 were the same and only four fewer last year when Smith only managed TWO sacks in 7 games.

    So I think the 49ers might, as they demonstrated last year and the year before, be able to do a good job replacing his production. Like they did with Career Special Teamer Dan Skuta who stood in for Smith and had 5 sacks in the first half of the season.

    But, hey, let’s pretend it’s not a team game and the 49ers haven’t, in the past, over-come this adversity with players you’d say “who?” about…

  4. Smith will be a cowboy or redskin by the last week of training camp. neither of those 2 teams value character players. both teams have proven they don’t care what players have done character wise in previous stops.

  5. This off season has been one of the craziest I can remember for any team. After they let jim walk I was ready to hand in my faithful card, but now I feel as though so much has happened beyond the control of the organization I am forced to give them a buy year.

    Very proud that they kicked aldon out the door, I can only hope the loss of MILLIONS gets through to him.

  6. Brooks is good for 8 sacks..lynch in a very limited role managed 6 sacks last year as a rookie..Though these are hardly all pro numbers, I think it will suffice..

  7. You can’t replace Harbaugh, either.

    This team is going to be hot garbage. Their quarterback is one of the most mentally weak players in the league.

  8. Hard to believe the Niners were good enough to put up a fight against the Ravens in NO a couple years ago…The Harbaugh curse continues

  9. We can’t just replace Aldon Smith, but we’ll do the next best thing and replace him with a 40.

  10. Aldon AND Anthony Davis are too much too replace, especially on short notice. Oh well, the roster is still decent. Niners now have cap space and, who knows? Good draft position?
    Go Niners!

  11. The next man up mentality will be put to the test this season. I think the 49ers drafted well to have depth at all positions. The question is whether these players can make an impact immediately. As a 49er life long fan, I hope so!

  12. Aaron Lynch and Tank Carradine are absolute studs. Future Pro Bowlers. Lemonier and Eli Harold are both solid players who will contribute and make plays. The 49ers have lost a lot of players, but they have some good young players waiting in the wings. They’re smart to publicly act like they’re hurting, but they know what they have. They are laying in the weeds. Other teams would be stupid to look past the 49ers.

  13. What coach would be dumb/desperate enough to let this slimy rat anywhere near there football team? O… Ya…. Harbaugh got fired sorry 49 er fans.

  14. eric mangini will forever be known as the man who ignited the flame that took down the mighty & corrupt empire of the new england patriots

  15. Eric the Rat is still in football? San Fran is in dire straights if this disloyal jr. asst. is working for them. Never trust this little boy.

  16. Actually they can just replace him since he was never on the field anyways since he rather serve suspensions these days.

    Also, the 49ers are doomed. Hasn’t Mangini been a DEF COORDINATOR like one year out of his almost 20 year coaching career?

    I’m not saying he can’t do it but given everything that has happened to the 49ers, lol good luck!

  17. Yes we can replace this moron! We will just play faster and harder and surprise all the Seagag fans who have written us off. We have heart and you have GOD. Rather have the heart!

  18. Mangini is surely no genius but probably more suited to his role than Ron Jeremy is as the coach and this season is likely a giant train wreck … But they both would have run the ball…

  19. They didn’t have to release him. They only released him for Public Relations. And they aren’t going to spend any resources getting this guy any help, only to watch him go to another team. All this talk about “family”… A real family doesn’t kick someone to the curb if they really care abbot them. If he’s an alcoholic, that a human condition, and Smith is a human being.

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