Geno Smith “sucker punched” in Jets’ locker room, out 6-10 weeks


Jets quarterback Geno Smith has been injured in a fight in the team’s locker room and will likely miss the start of the regular season.

In a stunning announcement today, Jets coach Todd Bowles said that Smith suffered a broken jaw when he was “sucker punched” by Jets linebacker IK Enemkpali. The Jets have cut Enemkpali as a result.

Smith is expected to miss 6-10 weeks. The Jets’ opener is less than five weeks away, so Smith will almost certainly miss some time to start the regular season.

Training camp fights are common, but those fights are usually on the practice field, when players are in full pads. For a player to seriously injure a teammate in the locker room is very rare. And for a player to seriously injure his team’s starting quarterback is completely shocking.

For Smith and the Jets, it’s a major setback. And it’s a story that will raise serious questions around the NFL, about whether the league needs to crack down harder on fights between teammates.

400 responses to “Geno Smith “sucker punched” in Jets’ locker room, out 6-10 weeks

  1. This clearly isn’t a fight between teammates, there are serious, serious issues between these two that caused this.

    It’s wrong to compare this to anything that happens on the field.

  2. Hopefully the policy will get involved – A crime was committed – has nothing to do with football.

  3. Wow.

    When I read this headline I thought it was some type of joke.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    This actually will most likely help the Jets win more games to be honest.

  4. Holy crap this is bad, I’m no Jets fan but I am a Todd Bowles fan and this sucks. What kind of idiot sucker punches the QB?

  5. From the NFL’s previous precedent any team signing the LB would most likely not have him for 2 games due to suspension.

  6. Finally, a little non-deflategate news of some significance. Hate the Jets, but obviously I don’t wish this on anyone.

  7. Damn.. As a Jets fan, this is disappointing. Here’s to a speedy recovery for Geno, and Fitzpatrick taking every advantage of this opportunity.

  8. There was always a 100% chance Fitzpatrick would start at least one game for the Jets this year.

  9. A lot of that going around. Cam Newton sucker punched by Josh Norton. Tom Brady sucker punched by Roger Goodell. Now this. This epidemic needs to STOP!

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me. How stupid could IK be? Even if Smith wasn’t injured, he had to know he’d be cut and probably never get another job in the NFL for punching a starting QB

  11. And it’s a story that will raise serious questions around the NFL, about whether the league needs to crack down harder on fights between teammates.

    What? No. Maybe the Commissioner will overstep his bounds again but I can’t imagine a majority of teams wanting the league in their locker room affairs.

  12. Wow!

    I understand the scuffles that happen during training camps but you keep it between the white lines. Once you step off the field your teammates again. This is crazy.

  13. 210th pick in the draft “destined for practice squad” takes out starting QB for 2 months.

  14. Sry i did find the headline funny. In actuality Jets fans should be thanking Enemkpali for taking Smith out. The guy is godawful.

  15. too much pressure in BIG CITIES for sports teams to succeed:

    LA sports teams suck

    Chicago sports teams really suck (hockey does not count as a sport)

    New York sports teams are awful

    Team is out of control – hiring Bowles did nothing to change the culture

  16. To heck with cutting the guy – he should be charged with assault, and the Jets should sue him to recover Smith’s pay for the games he’ll miss.

  17. steps on soap box…

    I literally HATE when people in this blog seem to revel in someone getting hurt, stating the team is “better off” or whatever…that is ridiculous…dude has a broken jaw and that’s not a joke and inexcusable…I’ve heard he was making some progress, sad.

    exits soap box…back in my cubicle now

  18. First Making the US military pay to be “guests,”. Them sheldon Richardson, and now this!


    Seriously why hasnt his franchise been demoted to the CFL?

  19. This has to go pretty deep for him to do that, wouldn’t you say? Unless the guy is just a complete head case, but why would you bring someone like that into your locker room? Otherwise, it had to be pretty personal, I’d say.

  20. Most appalling was that it was a “sucker punch.” He punched a guy while he wasn’t looking. Cowardly.

    What a piece of garbage. Glad the Jets flushed that turd into his new life in the sewer.

  21. And you wonder why the N.E. Cheaters have such an easy road to the postseason most years since the early ’00s – the other dopey AFC East teams can’t get their act together…

    That said…

    “It’s Bryce Petty Jelly time!

    Bryce Petty Jelly Time!

    Bryce Petty Jelly Time!

    Brycepettyjelly Brycepettyjelly Brycepettyjelly with a baseball bat!”

  22. Reason number 1 why you should not be reading PFT during a meeting, litter ally had to excuse myself from the room because I couldn’t stop laughing….

  23. To the people that are saying this helps the Jets, if you actually believe that, you are morons.

  24. Hey, where’s that guy that said Geno would have a better season than Teddy? That didn’t last long.


    Bold prediction sure…. but no way to foresee a rookie LB sucker-punching & breaking the jaw of the starting QB. Wow, just… wow.

  25. There is a difference between overblown and not overblown. The Cam Newton incident was vastly overblown. That kind of stuff happens at every training camp. They got in a little scuffle and moved on. This on the other hand, is not overblown. This is WAY WAY WAY more serious than some training camp on field scuffle. This is downright assault and should be looked into even further.

  26. Turn the other cheek, Geno. Take your mental reps and keep your weight on. Do your 6-8 weeks like a man that has something to prove. Then on the first play back, run straight into your RG’s keister.

  27. Really? You guys come here to rail on Geno after he gets blindsided. Guys act like he came to the league with All-Pro WRs and TEs or even RBs. The Jets talent level has not helped the QB out at all

  28. Jets fans spent the entire offseason rubbing their hands together with glee over the Pats’ Deflatgate woes. How’s karma taste?

  29. I don’t think this is funny. First of all, Geno was sucker punched which means he didn’t have an opportunity to defend himself. That doesn’t make this linebacker a great guy or real man.

    Goodell spent millions of dollars to investigate deflate gate which now we know was much to do about nothing.

    Let’s see if he spends two cents or even 10 minutes on this issue.

  30. still not as bad as getting clocked in the face by your right guard’s posterior.

  31. Apparently Enemkpali was arrested in college for disturbing the peace and assaulting a police officer.

    I am all for giving a guy a second chance but it sucks when that guy turns around and breaks the jaw of your starting QB.

  32. Jets Insiders say Todd Bowles asked IK to do it privately, so they could start Fitzpatrick…

    Someone call Ted Wells, get the cell phones…

  33. This sounds like a clever plan to use IK as hitman. I bet it’s from a Harvard man…

  34. Geno Smith – 6’3′ / 221
    IK Enemkpali – 6’1′ / 261

    Someone’s tadpole ass got clocked for running his bullfrog mouth…..The Jets fans should be cheering Enemkpali because they were going nowhere with Geno Smith at quarterback….

  35. I thought this was a joke headline. This actually happened?!?!?!?!?!? LOL I thought it was some troll post made via a disgruntled writer who quit. We’ve found a team worse than the 49ers lol.

  36. Hey, I live in Canada, and we don’t want the Jets in the CFL either. Look, we’re really sorry about Bieber and Celine Dion, but you don’t have to go to extremes here…

  37. Maybe they can move Ik to Jets front office then on to the Goodell’s staff with all the other ex jet employees that can’T keep a job

  38. Quick Mr. Commissioner get IK Enemkpali’s phone. He might of called Brady or Belichick.
    Who might be generally aware that this was going to happen.

  39. I can’t even… They really are cursed. The only difference is that Rex wouldn’t have cut the culprit. Amazing.

  40. longsufferingkcfan says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:36 PM

    Geno Smith and the Jets were looking poised to take a big step forward this year and now this happens.

    The only reason they could move forward is there was no more room to move backwards.

  41. Hey Roger, karma’s a bitch!

    The football gods will ensure that the Jets remain cursed until the Pats get their draft picks back.

  42. Good grief! I thought this was a joke at first. Even for the J-E-T-S, this is over-the-top dysfunctional.

    I’m no fan of Geno Smith, but the guy that punched him should be done playing football. Period. End of story.

  43. Don’t hate the Jets or Geno, don’t really care about either but there HAS to be more to this story and it’ll likely be coming out soon.

  44. Agreed SparkyGump, why is this guy not in jail? If someone breaks your jaw at your workplace…it’s called assault.

    I am not a Jets fan, but the fact several of you on this post think it “awesome” is downright disgusting. You really are so invested in the NFL that you want someone to be hospitalized? I suggest you see what your mental health coverage is with your employer…seems like you might need it.

  45. All this talk about how Bowles ran this much tighter ship than Rex did and blah blah blah. Funny, I never read about this happening under Rex when he was still there…

  46. When a team respects its QB, NOBODY touches him. Sucks for Geno, but he’s obviously not respected in the locker room.

  47. It’s nice that the Jets cut Enemkpali and all, but shouldn’t they have also called the police. I mean, this pretty much textbook assault & battery, is it not?

  48. bangithard says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:38 PM
    too much pressure in BIG CITIES for sports teams to succeed:

    LA sports teams suck

    Chicago sports teams really suck (hockey does not count as a sport)

    New York sports teams are awful

    Team is out of control – hiring Bowles did nothing to change the culture
    Really? Dodgers and Clippers are championship contenders. Lakers are down at the moment but historically great. Angels are damn solid too.

    Bulls are a playoff team most years.

    Yankees were in 1st place last time I checked and have a ton of championships. Rangers are always solid, Giants are often pretty damn good as well.

  49. NFL Career over…

    Embarrassed your family…

    Threw years of work for that one shot at your dream down the drain…

    I don’t even have a wise crack. That is just a really really stupid person. Wow…bet his parents are sitting at home 4 months after their baby got drafted just proud as can be that he stood up for himself like that.

    What a moron.

  50. wha? a player whacks his own starting QB so hard he knocks him out for 6-10 weeks?

    Gotta wonder about NFL player sanity


    if the Jets want Flynn they better work hard on it… BB is pulling this obvious, lets cut a guy to get him 30% cheaper

  51. Belichick must have done it. That is why the Patriots always win, it can’t be that they are better than everyone else.

  52. This story right here is why the NFL’s Uber Popularity is where it’s at. From this type of Reality Showesque daily NFL news feed, not the game anymore. I think Cuban is more right than sheeplike NFL Fan wants to admit.

    The game has been pretty mediocre since 2004 when the rules committee started to favor offense over defense thx to Old 5-Head & Tommy Baby.

    1) The on field play is 80% god awful (mostly EVERY Thursday Night Football game was crap last year – except for the Raiders vs. Chefs)

    2) Not enough good to great QB’s across the league. This is a big issue. NFL Europe type farm system needed again.

    3) Terrible “favor all offense” rule changes.

    4) Awful part time refs that screw calls left and right. Technology should be used over human error (like laser trackers in the ball and on the goal line, 1st down markers etc)

    5) Games are a chore to sit through – commercials, US Military propaganda, commercials, punt, five more commercials, micromanaging coaches etc etc etc

    6) and again…not enough QB’s for true parity.

  53. if Geno was waving his finger in IK’s face… then that’s not much of a sucker-punch

    It does prove that Geno still can’t read the defense.

  54. “When I look back on my career, I want to watch film and say, ‘Damn, I did that?'” – IK Enemkpali

    He can start looking back tonight.

  55. Given the way the rest of the year has gone, I’m surprised this didn’t happen in the Niner’s camp.

  56. I thought it was Rex’s fault that it was such a circus over there, that’s all we’ve been hearing since he came over here!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a bills fan I was slightly nervous that there was some truth to that, it’s nice to have your worries put to rest, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I could totally see this happening to Kaepernick in the Niners locker room. Wow! If this guy turns up in Buffalo’s camp I will start saying conspiracy. This dude IK is going to get sued by Geno Smith and the Jets who have to pay his contract as I am sure his contact is guaranteed against injury.

  58. This is really a bad sign for a team that was looking to create a different culture under a new coach and GM, it’s time to get rid off all the bad baggage from the Rex years and bring in people of good character. That’s the first step in bringing this team back to a level of respectability.

  59. Did he punch him with a cement brick? How did a single punch shatter his jaw like that?

  60. Even with Rex gone the clown show continues. For 31 other team’s fans it’s “Whoo hoo football is back” for Jets fans its “Oh great the circus is back in town”

  61. So…did any of the players have Geno’s back and go after IK? Seems like there may be an even bigger problem besides what was going on between Geno and IK.

  62. This is a blessing in disguise for the Jets. Geno stinks anyway. Bowles probably duked the guy who punched him a few extra bucks to do the hit.

  63. It takes a real coward to sucker punch someone, what a weak ass LB, square up bro and go… Glad he is done with the Jets and the NFL in general, regardless of how you feel about Geno, this was uncalled for and unacceptable anywhere in modern society.

  64. Come down harder??? The guy got fired…that’s a pretty typical response from an employer. So, does Geno get fired? Because I’m sure he did NOTHING to inspire the punch (sarcasm). “Sucker Punched” is just a euphemism for “way too slow to block the swing”.

  65. That’s horrible.

    Whatever your opinion is of Smith’s on field performance, I’m sure he has worked hard to try and get better.

  66. We’ve had the “Curse of the Bambino” and the “Curse of the Billygoat”

    Can we start calling this the “Curse of the Tape”?

    Ever since the Jets ratted out the Patriots, their organization has been a never ending cavalcade of disasters.

  67. Hey Rodger, This is Ted, We really need an independent investigation into this altercation that caused this. I am available with my outside experts to completely get to the bottom of this.

  68. Question 2. Does this qualify for the domestic violence policy? I mean it is a man hitting a woman.

  69. bertilfox says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:36 PM
    A lot of that going around. Cam Newton sucker punched by Josh Norton. Tom Brady sucker punched by Roger Goodell. Now this. This epidemic needs to STOP!



  70. I actually read that Geno threw the first punch… but it was intercepted.

    I’m here all week folks – please tip your waitresses.

  71. stealthjunk says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:37 PM
    Unbelievable. I hope IK Enemkpali never plays another down in the NFL.

    NEVER PLAYS…hell jets will build statue of him next to Namath as their 2nd most popular player …all time.

    jets not an NFL franchise…geno not an NFL player…neither could compete in CFL

  72. Enemkpali thought it was a fan trying to gain access to the locker room by pretending to be a QB.

  73. I think the NY media should be required to broadcast all Jets training camp highlights with the Benny Hill music playing in the background.

  74. While I think Genos personality makes him a very desirable person to hit in the face, this is ridiculous.

    They Jets are one of those NFL teams that I have just never cared about, in a positive or negative way.

    They are irrelevant each year just like the Redskins, but without the delusional fanbase/owner.

  75. whywerule says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:40 PM

    Nothing funny about this and it is pathetic that there are some fans that find this situation something to mock.

    Pats Fan.
    That’s right it should be dead serious to you. Because now this team has a better chance to beat those pathetic cheater filth.

  76. Sadly this is only good news for Jets fans. He is the worst qb in the league and opposing fans would pay to have him be and keep being the Jets qb for years to come.

  77. rexdarteskimospy says:
    Aug 11, 2015 2:00 PM

    Did he punch him with a cement brick? How did a single punch shatter his jaw like that?

    Enemkpali weighs 261 pounds. Maybe you should have him punch you in the face without warning and see how your jaw does.

  78. This has got to be an April Fools joke but it’s August. I mean come on now yesterday it was Cam Newton in a brawl and today this. Something is just not right in the NFL way too much violence.


    Whiny jealous haters are STILL crying over #framegate, trying to continue the myth that NE cheats.

    GUESS WHAT haters, You have NOTHING!!!

    The NEW York GINATS were caught on camera cheating by faking injuries. Where’s the investigation? Where’s the $5 mill “independent” investigation into the Cheating New York Ginats?

    ***** New York Giants****** will be forever known as CHEATERS : Camera Don’t LIE

  80. Rumor has it that Rex just signed Enemkpali to solve his little QB problem up in Buffalo.

  81. I’m a Bills fan and I gotta say this is upsetting news because I’m more concerned with what Fitz will do with that offense rather than Geno…what an idiot that linebacker is though jesus

  82. A LOCKERROOM sucker punch, well planted, is far too personal for an on field incident retaliation.

    Do not be surprised if there is, in some way, a woman in this story.

  83. Wow. The AFCE is such a mess. This Jets disaster, Cheating Patriots, Buffalo being Buffalo and Miami with the Martin fiasco.

    What a cluster.

    Still more SBs in 15 years than your whole pathetic division has all time!

    Even with the Jests, Bills and Phins the Vikings would be in dead last in the AFCE every year. And that’s saying something

  84. Best case scenario:

    Miami wins the AFC East. Belichick quits in a hooded little hissy fit. Brady is replace by Janeane Garolfolo, and order is restored to the universe.

  85. Animal. By all means kick him out of the NFL and back into the regular population. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  86. Well there goes any QB controversy in J-E-T-S land.

    1969 and counting, might as well add 2015.

    Have a blast being The Man Darrelle.

  87. class is in session:
    it’s not assault its battery when you hit someone

    Assault and Battery
    Two separate offenses against the person that when used in one expression may be defined as any unlawful and unpermitted touching of another.

    Assault is an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact. The act consists of a threat of harm accompanied by an apparent, present ability to carry out the threat.

    Battery is a harmful or offensive touching of another.

  88. Aaron Hernandez. Ok then. Oh I’m sorry he only kills people off the field. I’m still trying to figure out how this is a Devastating blow if he’s the worst QB in league? Geno becomes the low pressure savior if Fitzpatrick can’t get it done. perfect.

  89. Lol…hilarious. Smiff was an entitled overrated garbage qb from the get go. Petty is 10times better than him and now he will benefit from additional reps in the preseason.

    All of you morons who think smith was taking a step in the right direction thought the same thing last year. He is in over his head mentally, is mediocre physically, cannot make reads to save his life.

  90. Why doesn’t this surprise me? I was indifferent towards these circus clowns until they came into Lambeau Field and started up a brawl after we scored on their a*** -punches thrown and everything with that ringleader chunk, Wilkerson. Now I just laugh at these punks when I hear about their idiocy. This is just typical Jets behavior as usual, nothing new hear here…

  91. from the little I know of Geno Smith is 1. he probably provoked it and deserved it and 2. Fitzpatrick is a definite upgrade!!

  92. This is, without a doubt, the Jets-est thing that ever Jets’ed in Jets history. As much as LOLmets was a thing two weeks ago as Wilmer Flores was weeping, my Mets have nothing whatsoever on the Same Old Jets.

  93. I have not been the biggest Geno Smith fan because of his play, but what EK did should blackball him all locker rooms.

    I think EK just got himself forever blackballed.

  94. Was the guy who punched Geno related to Steve Smith Sr. the “sucker punch” king? Now that’s a guy I ‘ll be glad to see retire from the league next season.

  95. I was saving my popcorn for Deflate/Framegate…but this is worthy of opening a bag!

    GENO 911 was going to be the name of my fantasy team. It still may be!

  96. I’m actually amazed at how stupid most of these posters are. I shouldn’t be, but I am. First year Head Coach and General Manager dealing with the leftovers of previous regime. Rome was definitely not built in a day.

  97. It was just yesterday Florio blasted Norman for fighting with his QB, Cam Newton, yet PFT readers were all over Florio. “Training camp fights are GOOOOOOOOOD for the team”, they said. Uh huh.

  98. “For Smith and the Jets, it’s a major setback. And it’s a story that will raise serious questions around the NFL, about whether the league needs to crack down harder on fights between teammates.”

    Why would it? The league has more important stuff to deal with. Ya’ know, like a leaky football.

  99. We’re talking about the quarterback who noshowed QB meetings last year in San Diego to go to a movie instead

    Geno probably said something worthy of getting his jaw broken and there wasn’t a single person in that locker room who had is back.

    Probably had it coming

  100. For all you posters called Geno Smith a franchise QB or starting Qb, those are simply names assigned to Smith, not a reflection of reality on the Jets team.

    I’m not one prone to conspiracy theories but I wonder if the head coach, GM or both went to IK Enemkpali and told him he would be cut and here’s a little cash to cushion your unemployment if you agree to take Geno Smith out for a few games.

  101. As much as I dislike the Jets classless and clueless organization, I do not revel in the injustice done to Geno Smith, he does not deserve this to happen to him. On an organizational level, this is a little bit of karma kicking in. In the Revis tampering case, had Johnson’s and Kraft’s role been reversed, there would gave been major fines and loss of a draft pick leveled against the Patriots. Goodell and the league office being an extension of the Jets front office is why there were no penalties consistent with past similar violations against other teams. Mostly, this is karma biting the Jets/NFL cartel in the ass for the whole Deflategate framing of the Patriots. Beginning with Kensil’s first involvement, through every action of Goodell right up until today, we are talking virtual total dishonesty at every turn. Have fun watching your clown show on Sundays, Jets management Johnson, Goodell and Kensil et al.

  102. Down in flames before the season even starts. Just wow. If the reports of Geno having his finger in the dude’s face when it happened, the “sucker punch” statement is just the Jets trying to save face.

  103. The ringmaster left for Buffalo but the clowns stayed in NY… or is it NJ? Doesn’t really matter.

  104. Rex was the major problem. Can’t change 100% in just one year. Enemkpali was drafted under Rex.

    Oh yeah, and the Bills will move and the Patriots are cheaters.

    J-E-T-S will be fine

  105. Being a Bills fan i love this

    Jets fans you’re about to love you some Ryan Fitzpatrick…he’s like Vinny Testaverde only with a more epic beard….you’ll love him the first month and then the arm starts to get tired, and Fitzy still thinks he can thread the needle into double coverage late in the 4th and…..pick 6, game over.

  106. Rumor going around that someone paid him top dollar to do this (250k) so that the door would be wide open for Fitzpatrick. IK was told he was going to be cut loose, and then was offered to go Tonya Harding for a nice pay day before exiting.

  107. This in from Mike Kensil…

    “We (the League) are investigating any possible connection to the Patriots Organization and Tom Brady and in Particular that they were at least “generally aware” and it is “More than Probable” they had something to do with this.

    ESPN has been called to break the story tomorrow morning.

  108. Apparently this guy was arrested during college for battery of a police officers…Jets drafted him anyways….Looks like the Jets asked for this, this is THEIR mistake.

  109. I’ve never cared for Geno Smith but you guys cracking on him is nothing but classless.

  110. I just got off the phone with my uncle, Chris Mortenson of ESPN. He just told me that a league source has informed him that IK was paid by Kraft and Brady to take out Smith and an independent investigation will begin within the week.

    Stay tuned for further news.

  111. Just when you think the Jets can’t possibly out-Jets themselves, this happens.

    New York Jets. The gift that keeps on giving!

  112. It makes no sense. I have held off bashing the Jets simply because every preseason any team (including mine) has the opportunity to reset/restore talent and just move into the regular season. With His Rexiness gone and a lot of pieces moved around, I actually thought they might have a chance this year. Apparently I was wrong – same old Jets.

    The haters may hate now and that is all.

  113. Suckerpunching his first string QB in the lockerroom? I wonder if IK stands for Immature Knucklehead.

  114. And it’s a story that will raise serious questions around the NFL, about whether the league needs to crack down harder on fights between teammates.
    Only absolute fools or media personalities (arguably the same thing,) wanting a new 27/7 reality TV scandal want the NFL offices sticking their noses in yet another issue.

    The guy is fired, which is exactly what would happen to any other person who pulled this at work. Go find something else for Big Brother to intervene in.

  115. Feel bad for Todd Bowles because he seems like a classy guy. It can’t be easy inheriting somebody else’s locker room.

  116. Am I missing something?

    Football is a tough game, played by tough men.

    However, an adult male has seriously assaulted another adult male at work. As a result, Geno Smith might lose his job. He, presumably, is likely to lose some of his income potential, either in this season, or in the future.

    I have heard various commentators discussing ‘next man up’, locker room culture problems etc.

    The Jets have sacked the perpetrator of the assult.

    Has anyone actually called the police yet????

    Surely, if someone is attacked and seriously injured at work (or anywhere else) and there are witnesses (including Geno Smith), this should be a police matter.

    I accept that, maybe, if this had happened in a game or on the practice field, maybe dealing with it internally MIGHT be acceptable, but an assault like this, happening away from the field should at the very least merit a police investigation.

    Maybe Geno Smith feels that, as he is a football player, it would not be the right thing to inform the police that he has been seriously assaulted and, presumably, been hospitalised. I should imagine that he may well be concussed and not yet thinking clearly.

    However, when the head coach seems to downplay the incident as something akin to a sixth-grade argument, his moral compass is massively in need of recalibration.

    If Mike Florio was attacked in his office by a work colleague and had his jaw broken as a result, surely someone would have reported this to the authorities rather than his boss simply dismissing it as a childish argument, and then rushing off to an editorial conference to discuss whether they need to sign someone else to cover his absence.

    Why, in this case, when it is not part of an adrenaline fueled game (and possibly even if it was), should no further action be taken, apart from firing the assailant?

    PS. Maybe Ted Wells could provide the Jets/NFL with a multi-million dollar, independent report on what should happen next!

  117. pftony says:
    Aug 11, 2015 4:15 PM
    I’ve never cared for Geno Smith but you guys cracking on him is nothing but classless.


    Actually it’s hilarious, but let’s not pretend like Geno is entirely innocent here. Players don’t just throw a haymaker into a teammates jaw for no reason, there is something Geno did to provoke it.

  118. 1964bclions says:
    Aug 11, 2015 2:19 PM

    A LOCKERROOM sucker punch, well planted, is far too personal for an on field incident retaliation.

    Do not be surprised if there is, in some way, a woman in this story.

    Suzy Kolber?

  119. fishyinalittledishy says:
    Aug 11, 2015 2:39 PM
    I see some of the Patriots fans were quick of the mark here. True class, I would have thought you people would have enough to worry about. Dolphin fan.

    Well we Pats fans certainly don’t have to spend any time worrying about the Dolphins! Enjoy last place.

  120. Actually 23rdusernameused, maybe you need to attend a different class

    Thanks to SB Nation,

    Here’s how New Jersey statutes define simple assault.

    2C:12-1. Assault. a. Simple assault. A person is guilty of assault if he:

    (1) Attempts to cause or purposely, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another; or

    (2) Negligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon; or

    (3) Attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

    Simple assault is a disorderly persons offense unless committed in a fight or scuffle entered into by mutual consent, in which case it is a petty disorderly persons offense.

    Bullet point (1) applies most readily to Enemkpali. Assuming Smith didn’t provoke Enemkpali and couldn’t conceivably be considered to have entered into the altercation on mutual terms, it certainly seems that Enemkpali acted “purposely, knowingly or recklessly.”

    If found guilty he would face a relatively light punishment of a fine no more than $1,000 and no less than $500. That’s assuming Enemkpali isn’t charged with aggravated assault, however. Here’s the key bit from New Jersey statue:

    b. Aggravated assault. A person is guilty of aggravated assault if he:

    (1) Attempts to cause serious bodily injury to another, or causes such injury purposely or knowingly or under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life recklessly causes such injury.

  121. dondelusion says:
    Aug 11, 2015 2:03 PM

    Glaaaaasssss Jooooooooooe
    That’s Glass Jaw …….what a Dolt!
    Jets will never be anything, they exist to share rent with the real NY Team the Giants.
    3-13? you think they will win 3?

  122. LOL

    Even in a story unrelated to football on the field and certainly unrelated to the Pats, the Pats fans pull out their victim cards.


    “We keep getting caught cheating and it’s not fair!!!!!!”


  123. This may be the first instance where a player that was cut before the season (Mr. Enemkpali) winds up winning the team MVP award.

  124. LMAO! Couldn’t have happened to a better team! You know I’m starting to think Rex Ryan was not the main problem in that Jets locker room…

  125. iloveagoodnap says:
    Aug 11, 2015 3:10 PM
    Still think it was Rex’s fault the team was a circus?

    Umm Hello? These were Rex/Idzik players. Now go back to sleep. Please…

  126. The jokes are too easy here. They write themselves.

    All that aside, a sucker punch when a guy isn’t looking is just the act of a coward. It doesn’t matter what Smith said to him, if you wanna fight, square off with him like a man. A LB vs. a QB, I’d take the LB.

    Also, by all accounts, Smith has been having a nice training camp. Regardless of any preconceptions of him, he would have likely starter the season as the starter. How is a rookie gonna sucker punch the starting QB an injure him to the point he’s gonna miss game and expect to stay in the league. How is any team gonna sign this guy knowing that he has know problem injuring the starting QB? If this was some other team with a Pro Bowl QB, this wouldn’t have been a joke to so many. If it was a Manning, Brees, Rodgers, or even Tannehill, Wilson, Romo or Flacco, this would have been the biggest story of the year

  127. “However, when the head coach seems to downplay the incident as something akin to a sixth-grade argument, his moral compass is massively in need of calibration.”

    Bowles said that the REASON the incident occurred was akin to sixth grade behavior. If you weren’t in such a hurry to type your bloated post you might’ve picked up on that.

  128. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Aug 11, 2015 5:32 PM
    dondelusion says:
    Aug 11, 2015 2:03 PM

    Glaaaaasssss Jooooooooooe
    That’s Glass Jaw …….what a Dolt!
    Jets will never be anything, they exist to share rent with the real NY Team the Giants.
    3-13? you think they will win 3?

    He’s referring to Punch Out. Don’t insult the guy if you’re too old, too stupid or both to understand.

  129. We’ve had the “Curse of the Bambino” and the “Curse of the Billygoat”

    Can we start calling this the “Curse of the Tape”?

    Ever since the Jets ratted out the Patriots, their organization has been a never ending cavalcade of disasters.
    So true. Very insightful.

  130. I think it’s just something with the AFC east.

    Nothing good has come from it lately. 3 clown shows and cheatyface.

    How about we demote the entire AFC east and replace it with 4 teams from the SEC?

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