Mike Pettine: Browns have discussed signing Ray Rice, but we’re not at that point

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The Browns are openly disappointed in their running backs, but not so disappointed that they’re ready to sign the NFL’s most controversial free agent running back.

That’s the word from Browns coach Mike Pettine, who told SI.com that the Browns have discussed signing Ray Rice but aren’t ready to do so.

“We’ve talked about it, but I don’t think we’re there at this point,” Pettine said.

Pettine noted that he and Browns running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery both know Rice.

“Of course it’s a natural question here because of Wilbert, and because I was with Ray when he was a Ravens rookie [in 2008] and know a lot of people in Baltimore,” Pettine said. “Obviously Wilbert was his position coach for Ray’s first six years in the league [2008–13]. I’m not going to say it didn’t come up in discussion, but at this point we’re not there yet.”

The combination of Rice becoming the poster boy for America’s domestic violence problem with the fact that Rice had a bad year in his last season with the Ravens means he’s not generating any interest around the league, even though he has said he’s staying in shape and hoping for a second chance. Pettine’s comments suggest that the Browns are at least open to the possibility of giving Rice that chance. Perhaps these comments are a trial balloon designed to see what the public reaction is to the possibility of Rice landing in Cleveland.

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  1. How much more obvious could this possibly be? He’s simply trying to see what kind of backlash he’ll receive before pulling the trigger. You’re a coward, Coach. Do it, and live with it, or don’t.

  2. You know what they about Ray Rice…

    If you need 2 yards…he gets you 3.

    If you need 3 yards…he gets you 3.

    If you need 5 yards…he gets you 3.

  3. Assuming he can still play I think Rice deserves a second chance and I commend any team willing to extend themselves from a PR standpoint to give it to him.

    And no this does not mean that I support his actions or that I am unaware of the seriousness of domestic violence. Judge not…..

  4. “I’m not going to say it didn’t come up in discussion, but at this point we’re not there yet. We also discussed eating glass but we are not there yet either”

    If you were not damn close to signing him why would you make this public? Pettine should be a little more discrete than this

  5. If the Patriots are such a disgusting team who have cheated for years, ( just sour grapes from many losing teams) then why don’t they sign a guy like Ray Rice? If winning is all they care about isn’t Rice just as good, if not better than any back the Pats have? If a portion of the country is going to hate on them no matter what, if they keep winning and winning, might as well give Rice a contract and maybe win another Super Bowl, next year. But we all know, they will never do that and that is the reason you haters are all wrong and always will be about the Patriots. The Dallas Cowboys are thinking about it right now. Free Tom Brady get rid of organized crime behavior from the front office of the NFL. It’s nauseating!

  6. thepftpoet says:
    Aug 11, 2015 5:42 PM
    You know what they about Ray Rice…

    If you need 2 yards…he gets you 3.

    If you need 3 yards…he gets you 3.

    If you need 5 yards…he gets you 3.

    And if you need to convert 4th & 29, he gets you 1st down.

  7. “Why wouldn’t you sign ray rice and the browns need a back……” Do I really need to explain it to you? SMH

  8. If Ray Rice could still play NFL quality football he would already be on a team. The Browns are just trying to motivate their RBs by floating this story through the media. If the coaches need to light a fire under somebody’s rear end to give the effort they’re looking for, they need to speak to the GM about going after some higher character guys. Crowell has talent, but Wilbert Montgomery doesn’t want to go to battle with guys that don’t give 100%.

  9. Everyone in life deserves a second chance. Watch his interview from ESPN. He seems to understand the magnitude of what he did, pretty well. Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and AP all got a second chance. AP hit a kid. Everyone does grow up the same, and it takes something so awful as to hit a woman, to realize it for some.

  10. Makes perfect sense. The Browns need him and he deserves a 2nd chance. His wife still married him and thats all that matters.

    Who cares about the PR standpoint from the Browns. Their record since 1999 is a joke. They cant damage their PR any more than it already is by their incompetence.

  11. He made a terrible mistake, and has admitted it, many times. He’s now doing the best he can to promote non-violence against women, or against anyone. I think it’s time the kid should be given a chance to play again somewhere. I expect he’d be super-motivated to redeem his worth. I’m a big Pats and Redskins (by marriage) fan, but am all for giving Rice another chance. “Yet ye among you,” etc., etc…..

  12. “Sure looking at Rice is risky. On the other hand there’s another NYJ clown show happening as we speak and the commish is about to be de-panted by a federal judge. Maybe it’s not all that bad a time for a trial balloon. Go ahead and text Pettine to throw it out there”

    Said Haslam to Farmer

  13. It is NEVER acceptable to hit a woman, but I’m sure there was alcohol involved and the video did show her slap him before he popped her. There was a provocation by the woman, and I’m sure what she was saying didn’t help either. Why is Rice vilified so much more than AP? Cuz it was on video? Cuz Rice isn’t as good of a back?

  14. Bring on Rice and while your at it pick up Enemkapali on the cheap….think of the “Punch” it gives your team on both the offense and defense…..The Jimmy Haslam “Clown Car” football team from the city of Cleveland just keeps rolling along……how long until the lease is up on this rendition of the Browns so they can move to San Antonio or Omaha????????

    Honey I can’t figure out what is wrong with this team…..

  15. All the internet expert scouts say he can’t play, as they nurse their beers and gulp down Doritos.

    Preseason is precisely the time to find out what he can do.

    Alternatively, you could wait until season end and find you are trying to plug Ben Tate in a critical game with no prep.

    We all know the reason he`s not being called in for a tryout. Like someone above said, it’s cowardice.

  16. Whoever gives him a 2nd chance will get rewarded. The 3 yards per carry garbage is old & stale. Injured hip that year & the worst O line in football. That = 3 YPC. Looked like a new dude in camp the following year & was ready to light it up until he made the mistake. This man deserves a 2nd chance & I still think Dallas will be his landing spot. Heck, they signed Hardy, why not Rice? The good Lord knows they want to & need to.

  17. Homeless guy says sign him! Don’t make this a knock down drag out decision! There pulling their hair out trying to keep RB’s on the roster, let little Ray give it his best shot!

  18. Are you kidding? Did you see his last year in B-More? He stunk! He’s done. You don’t give a guy a second chance if he’s no good at football anymore. Smh

  19. Now all Jimmy Haslem needs is a homeless guy to tell him to sign Ray Rice to get him on the team! /sarcasm

    Look. 3.1 YPG 2 years ago, and not looking so hot doing it. Out of the league last year. That means his last, meaningful production was nearly THREE years ago.

    Not to mention, RB plug-and-play has been much more successful then paying big money or draft picks (Trent Richardson, CJK2, come on down!).

    The ONLY way Rice is getting a chance is if big names go down. And that’s only AFTER Pierre Thomas is signed first.

  20. Lots of issues here. That video-recording surely has been the defining event in determining Ray’s future. Imagine that there had been a recording of AP striking his son, causing bleeding in a way that causes most of us to cringe. AP would be banned for life, IF things went the way most of us believed. In Ray’s case, he married the person he abused (there is no other word for it), but there is nothing to make us believe that she didn’t totally forgive him. If she can, I think all of us should, but then … is he truly worth taking the chance on? For any team with a solid #1 RB, probably not. But for the teams who could use a difference maker?

  21. Don’t want to have to face him. Upside: at least he’ll punish the Steelers for releasing that tape the week before the 26-6 beatdown.

  22. Give him a chance for his wife. His wife doesn’t need to suffer. It is clear they made up as she is still with him.

  23. How fitting it would be if the final curtain came down on Rice’s career at the Factory of Sadness. Note to Browns players: if you loan Ray any money, be sure to pay him back.

  24. thepftpoet says:
    Aug 11, 2015 5:41 PM

    Browns really need to sign Ray Rice and IK Enemkapali.

    It will add a little extra punch to the Offense and Defense.
    if they break McClown and Minizel’s jaws it’ll be a better team, just like the Jets are without Geno.

  25. Servicable running backs are a dime a dozen–the position is thought of as a commodity now. No reason to take a massive PR hit on an older, washed-up back. Pick one of the guys who emerges in camp and he’ll be better than Rice is now, and you don’t have to explain to everyone why you hire people who beat women in elevators.

  26. Sign him. Give the man a chance. He’s done so much for the city, children, and fans. There was no pattern of foolishness or bad behavior. One mistake.

  27. Wilbert Montgomery was his ex-RB coach and Pettine was in Baltimore in 2008 when Rice was a 2nd year player.

    They need him. They have nothing to lose because, with Manziel, they’re already losing.

  28. r8trsfan
    I’m not against him getting a second chance but you making excuses like there was alcohol involved, she slapped him & probably said something to set him off is shameful. I don’t care if your girlfriend throws a glass at you cause she’s drunk or she hits you first there is never a justifiable excuse to hit a woman.

  29. Why does this guy deserve anything? Why is his second chance tied to playing football? His wife has already given him a massive second chance. The nfl is a buisness, and if they don’t want him that is their right. He can live a perfectly good life with a wife that forgived him. He can go find another job like 99% of the population. Football has zero to do with what he did, and it certainly has nothing to do with his forgiveness

  30. Some of you have really bought into the Ray Rice PR machine that’s been running SINCE THE NIGHT HE KNOCKED OUT HIS THEN-FIANCE. How many WEEKS was it before he addressed the press to take responsibility for his actions? And when he finally DID hold a press conference, he never even apologized to his WIFE. Go back and look at the presser. He apologized to the organization, the fans, but NOT his wife. This is just so much 21st century PR BS. Get a clue.

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